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Metabo HPT MultiVolt 18-volt 1/2-in Keyless Brushless Cordless Drill (2 Li-ion Batteries Included and Charger Included)

17 Reviews
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Only 1.9 lbs (2.7lbs with battery) for less user fatigue
  • POWER: Produces up to 485 in-lbs of torque and 1700 max RPM
  • INCLUDES: Compact Cordless Drill, (2) 1.5Ah Batteries, (1) charger, (1) #2 Phillips Bit, and (1) Carrying Bag


The Metabo HPT 18v subcompact cordless drill (DS18DDX) is an ideal tool for a contractor, homeowner, DIY project, or any home repair job. The brushless motor ensures lighter weight, more power, and longer tool life. This cordless subcompact drill features a keyless 1/2” chuck which ensures fast and easy bit replacement and that there is no bit slippage while in use. In addition, this cordless drill comes with a bright LED, ergonomic grip, center-balance design, and a 20+1 position clutch to elevate the work experience to the next level. The DS18DDX is compatible with all Metabo HPT 18V and 36V lithium ion slide batteries and the tool itself is warrantied from manufacturing defects for a lifetime!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Only 1.9 lbs (2.7lbs with battery) for less user fatigue
  • POWER: Produces up to 485 in-lbs of torque and 1700 max RPM
  • INCLUDES: Compact Cordless Drill, (2) 1.5Ah Batteries, (1) charger, (1) #2 Phillips Bit, and (1) Carrying Bag
  • CHUCK: Keyless 1/2 inch chuck to ensure strong grip on the bit and easy bit replacements
  • TRIGGER: Responsive variable speed trigger provides complete control during operation
  • LED LIGHT: Trigger actuated to illuminate the workspace when used in darker areas
  • BATTERY: Li ion battery technology for fade free power and lightweight
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime Li-ion tool warranty, 2-year battery warranty, 1-year charger warranty
  • BRUSHLESS: Technology for higher efficiency, increased run time and longer tool life
Weight 7.3 lbs
Dimensions 15.1 × 11.4 × 4.2 in

Latest reviews

  1. Jakestahl

    It’s amazing how far metabo HPT has gotten through the years. As you can see in the pictures we have a way older model of metabo HPT back when it was called hitachi . The size of the newer drill let alone its power, compared to the older model is tremendously noticeable!! This drill is tiny, light, and powerful. This drill will be awesome to use in overhead positions because of its light weight! And the drill nice to use to drill holes in 2×4 studs for electrical wire, it’s got that much power!! Well done metabo hpt!!

  2. VanKDLong

    I can never say enough good things about this product! I already own the Metabo full size driver drill but found I was having some medical issues with my arms so I tried this sub-compact driver with less weight. I’ve had this drill over a month now and it certainly is a must have!! So easy to use and with it being compact and only weighing 1.9 pounds it made it so much easier for me to get the job done! Even though it’s a sub-compact drill it does not lack power. At up to 485 in-lbs of torque it is powerful and easily makes light work of all my projects.

    I built a treehouse this summer for my boys and this drill never ran out of momentum. It’s easy to use, has a LED light for low-light areas and will certainly stand it’s own against any competitor hands down. You will get hours of use on one charge from the battery and with the product including two batteries it easily provides all day usage. I am super impressed and really enjoy using the sub-compact drill on any and all my projects.

    I will always recommend and own Metabo for life!

  3. Jesse K

    Excellent compact drill. Performed better then expected and the price was right.

  4. LRod

    I had been looking for a replacement cordless drill for a while. I wanted to replace an old corded drill that I’ve had for years. I physically looked at Metabo, Makita, Dewalt & Milwaukee. The Metabo was the winner compared to the other 3! The Metabo has a lifetime warranty for the tool itself, it’s compact, light, comfortable to hold, has a brushless motor, professional quality, powerful and built like a tank. Plus the kit includes 2 batteries. Same quality as the old Hitachi power tools! At the $79 sale price that I got it for, it was a no brainer. Ignore the couple of negative reviews that say: “I’m a contractor” and it’s not what I expected etc..
    This is not a contractor’s drill, this is a drill for a homeowner or someone that doesn’t plan on using it every second of the day. Even for the normal regular price, it’s fantastic! I will be buying Metabo HPT power tools from now on!

  5. Noslip

    I used this drill along with the impact daily. I’m a pipe fitter and the impact is perfect for hammering couplings on and the drill is outstanding when cutting a 3 1/4 inch hole into steel pipe. I can only imagine how tough they are when doing wood or sheetrock work.

  6. Anonymous

    There is a lot of information on lithium-ion batteries. Much is confusing and contradicting. I wanted a battery that I could plug into the charger and leave until I needed it. Apparently according to all the information that I researched, that weakens the battery and reduces it’s life. Yet some people contend that a charger will stop charging when the battery is fully charged. You stae that we should not overchrge. What Is true? Does your charger stop when it reaches a full charge or should I watch and remove the battery when charged? When charged, how long does a battery stay fully charged?

  7. Deere_John

    This little snub nose drill driver is powerful and handy. I purchased it as a second cordless drill to have o e with a drill bit and one with a driver bit. This is the third Hitachi/Metabo product I have purchased from ; drill driver about seven years ago, reciprocating saw about four years ago, and now this little jewel about a month ago. No complaints! Highly recommend!

  8. DavidN

    I brought this particular drill a few years ago and had used it to mic cementitious grout for a stanchion base after eight bags of mixing one at a time in a 5 gal pail. The unit finally stopped. I thought that was the end as you could have smelled the clutch burning. I three it aside for almost a year. I decided to see if the drill was still functional and after a pull of the trigger, it growled just a usual. It lasted five years after that before falling and splitting in two. I can vouch for the quality and dependability of Hatashi tools:: now Metabo they
    are the best.

  9. O5CP

    Used it on the last build, it worked great for the repetitive task of setting hidden fasteners.

  10. Garen

    I like this little, sub-compact drill very much. When handling, it has the same ergonomic and comfortable feel that Metabo HPT drills provide. The all-over rubber inlays are not there just to please your eyes, but to protect the tool from external impacts as well. Small in size and just 2lb-11.5oz with battery, this drill is packed with almost all futures its big brother, the DV18DGL 18V Hummer Drill, has (I’m making the comparison because I own both). Well, the little one isn’t an impact drill, and do not expect it to act like one, but it is just 2in/lbs of torque short to compete with its powerful 487in/lbs big brother, and it could work in tight spaces where big one can’t. As a matter of fact, if you compare both drills (see the provided photo) you will see that dimensionally they have the same handles and accommodate the same batteries. Both have 1/2″ keyless chucks, the big one with 22 adjustable stages and the little one with 20. Same two (Low and High) speed gears on both drills.
    The DS 18DDX sub compact drill is brushless, which means more power, more speed, less friction, and heating, so in other words – better performance. It has 485in/lbs torque, 0-440 and 0-1700RPM compared to 487in/lbs torque, 0-350 and 0- 1,400RPM my Hummer drill can provide. If you’re planning to buy a good reliable drill to use around the house, this little drill will do an excellent job.

  11. MOVnative

    So I was not sure what to expect from the listed specs, but I was pleased that it in fact delivers the power yet remains small enough to be very useful in tight spaces and lightweight to prevent fatigue. I am not a professional builder, but I do all my own repairs and minor building (sheds etc.), so I put my tools to the test as there are always multiple projects going on. I have used this enough to know it is a quality product.

    I used it for a few minor chores around the house, but mostly as I built a 20×10 metal covered shed framed from scratch with 2x4s. It had plenty of torque and was light enough to use throughout the day/weekend. I like the short distance from the rear to the front allowing it to fit in narrow spaces.

    The grip/handle fits nicely. Not much more to say other than they got it right and it allows for use of the direction change switch naturally with either the side of the index finger or thumb without changing my grip which is key. I have seen the opposite before where you have to essentially use both hands or reposition which can be a pain when on a ladder working with 12 ft sheets of metal, but not a problem with this unit.

    My favorite feature is the led light, but more importantly the placement of the led. I have used others that put the light in the wrong spot where it would be often obstructed, this one seems to be at a good spot and angle allowing for use in those dark spaces.
    Here is a picture of it laying in my hand for comparison purposes (my hands are average size).

    Also, the motor being brushless is a must have and this one is very responsive. The only thing I wish they would change would be the size of the battery that came with it, it seems to be the same dimensions as the 3V yet is only 1.5V. It was not a problem as I have six other batteries. I am not deducting any stars since that has nothing to do with the drill itself, and I know some people prefer the smallest and therefore lightest battery.


    So I bought this 2 years ago. Wanted to get into the cordless world and I absolutely loved this drill I’ve left it out in -30 degrees and keeps on ticking. I even left it out in the rain a few times on accident. Durability is paramount in this line of work what ever the job. I’ve since piece meal Metabo new tool every couple of months. I now have handheld ScrewDriver, Router, Circular Saw Reciprocating Saw. Sander. I am now wanting to the accuire the Band Saw soon and I was thinking to go get the Impact right away. Since Spring is on the way and I will be back out working on the Cars again soon. So very pleased and I used these tools on a variety of different projects. Construction, Auto, and I recently started My own furniture building with Metabo tools.

  13. ToolGuyBob

    Bought this to replace a 5 year old heavy equivalent type drill, so there would be less wear and tear on my arthritic hands. Excellent basic drill with plenty of torque. Gear selection and torque settings are fine, and LED light is better focused than most. The charger is okay and having two batteries allows me be charging one while using the other. My only beef is that you let go of the trigger the shaft brake slams in and stops so abruptly that the key-less chuck unwinds (do to its inertia), resulting in the drill or hex bit falling out. This occurs no matter how hard I try to tighten the key-less chuck. I’m not sure how the other manufacturers get around this problem, but as a design engineer, I assume the brush-less motor can be electrically driven to slow down rapidly (in say 30 milliseconds) and then engage the drive shaft lock to prevent any further rotation. Hope Metabo gets this feedback. Otherwise it’s a great tool.

  14. cliffyk

    I got this to replace a similar 2 y-o brushed motor “yellow” tool, on which the chuck and torque control had seized up (these had been “temperamental” since the tool was new). It is ear superior to that tool, so much so in fact that I bought it’s “brother”, the Metabo WH-18DDX to retire the 1/4″ impact driver that that had come with the “yellow” kit.

    Both are excellent tools, affordable, and easily in the same class as its “yellow” and “red” rival–one or two steps above the “fluorescent green” stuff….

  15. TomK

    Quite happy with this drill/driver. I’ve appreciated Hitachi (now Metabo) tools for quite some time as they seems to sit nicely in a good-value-good-quality position. I also have the impact driver from this line which has been a champ in the two years I’ve owned it.

  16. George N

    I have used the subcompact for pre drilling and it has performed flawlessly. It is much much smaller than it’s bigger brothers and it will definitely fit in tight spaces where others won’t.

    I have not tried using anything bigger than a 3/8 bit but I am sure it can. I just did not have the need for bigger on the projects that I was working on.

    I can also see this as being a great secondary drill for finish work when assembling trim.
    I would definitely recommend it.

  17. old SRQ

    Very high torque for such a lightweight tool. Ergonomic, economic, esthetic. I think Ill keep it,

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