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Metabo HPT MultiVolt 18-volt 1/4-in Variable Speed Brushless Cordless Impact Driver (2-Batteries Included)

30 Reviews
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 1.8lbs (2.6 lbs with 1.5Ah battery) to reduce user fatigue
  • POWER: 1240 in-lbs of torque, 3,200 max RPM, and 4,000 max Impacts per Minute
  • INCLUDES: (1) WH18DDX Compact Impact Driver, (2) 1.5Ah Batteries, (1) charger, and (1) Carrying Bag


The Metabo HPT WH18DDX is an 18V brushless impact driver that boasts extraordinary power and torque in a remarkably compact design. It features a brushless motor that provides lighter weight, more power, and longer tool life. The keyless 1/4-in hex drive ensures fast and easy bit replacement and no bit slippage while in use. In addition, this driver comes with a bright LED, ergonomic grip, center- balance design, and 1,240 in-lbs. of torque to take the work experience to the next level. The WH18DDX is compatible with all Metabo HPT 18V and 36V lithium ion slide batteries and the tool itself is warrantied from manufacturing defects for a lifetime!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: 1.8lbs (2.6 lbs with 1.5Ah battery) to reduce user fatigue
  • POWER: 1240 in-lbs of torque, 3,200 max RPM, and 4,000 max Impacts per Minute
  • INCLUDES: (1) WH18DDX Compact Impact Driver, (2) 1.5Ah Batteries, (1) charger, and (1) Carrying Bag
  • SIZE: Only 5.3 inches allows for precise power in the smallest of spaces
  • BRUSHLESS: Technology for higher efficiency, increased run time and longer tool life
  • LED LIGHT: Illuminates the workspace when used in darker areas
  • CHUCK: Keyless 1/4-in hex drive to ensure strong grip on the bit and easy bit replacement
  • BATTERY: Li-ion battery technology for fade free power and lighter weight
  • WARRANTY: Lifetime lithium ion tool warranty, 2-year battery warranty, 1-year charger warranty
Weight 7.15 lbs
Dimensions 15.1 × 11.4 × 4.2 in

Latest reviews

  1. Anonymous

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Great impact for small to medium projects. Convenient and balanced weight.

  2. BigShow

    I can’t say enough great things about it.
    So easy to use…from changing out bits to slipping into tighter spaces…and it runs for quite a while with a fully charged battery, much longer than I anticipated. I used it for a front porch maintenance/remodel and almost completed the job with just one of the two batteries that came with it. My wife tried it out and took it over. She loves the light weight and power it has. No bolt or screw we used was a problem. The joist braces? The smaller size of this drill was almost perfect to take care of placing them.
    We are looking forward to our next project so we can see what else it can do!

  3. dpa771

    I co-install custom doors and windows as a full-time employee, and do side-work in carpentry and finishing. I took the WH 18DDX onto the job-site and used it for about two weeks: Monday–Friday with the crew, Saturday solo. It installed a couple dozen windows, a few front-entries, a couple patio entries, a shower bench and curb, and a 45-ft, new-construction wall of sliding doors and picture windows. Here are my observations.

    The Upside

    * The variable-speed function is particularly useful when finely adjusting a door jamb or window frame to square, or when screwing through metal. It cams-out less often than I’d expected.

    * It’s strong and fast enough to drive a 3″ GRK screw into 3¼” of pressure-treated lumber in no time. After the expected, initial, slight drop-off in RPM, it’s smooth and consistent hammering the rest of the way. It drives Tapcons into masonry very well.

    * The sleek body and rubber bump-outs are crucial when fastening at a difficult angle or right next to a window pane.

    * It’s durable. It’s been kicked and laid-down on brick and rough concrete, and spritzed with mortar dust and dropped; yet, it just keeps kicking tail and looking good.

    * A carrying case is included that has pinned hinges and three lock-loops. At this price-point? The bargain just went from very good to fantastic.

    The Flip Side

    * No belt clip — yet? Although it appears built to accept a clip on either side of the tool, mine shipped without one. I can fashion one myself, but factory-issued would be best.

    * No battery meter. But who needs one when you’ve fastened all the day’s screws before it even approaches empty, and you’re getting two batteries and a charger. (Also, I could just use one of my MultiVolt batteries, which have their own meters.)


    This is a great value at the current price, on a tool for tradespeople and DIYers alike (less so for timber framers or deck framers, though it’s also an excellent tool for the less-demanding facets of the job, or for backup). If it had the belt clip and the battery meter, and if the price were raised by 20%, it would still be an excellent value. Here’s hoping for a belt clip, and a long service-life like the other Hitachi and Metabo HPT tools I have used and owned.

  4. Teacher98

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have two impacts and unfortunately dropped both while installing a metal roof. It’s broke at the base of the handle and surprisingly still worked. Well, I used and epoxy to repair the breaks, clamped them up and cured them for 24 hours; both impacts are back on the job, driving screws and there are no issues. I did get myself better drill hanger for my tool belt and that has helped keep them secure. As side note, I picked up a pile of cordless display tools at a steep discount when the name change occurred and have used the tools on two home remodels. I am very satisfied with their performance, durability and power.

  5. WaustinK

    This drill is awesome just like every other Metabo Hpt tool. I got this compact impact driver because it went on sale exactly when I was looking for something a little bit smaller than my 36v Metabo hpt impact driver to do smaller task around the house that using the 36v would’ve just been overkill. Its small powerful and lightweight. The ergonomics are on point just like all Metabo hpt tools. Metabo HPT is an excellent choice whether you are a diyer or a professional. Metabo HPT is my go to tools and have never let me down and I promise they won’t let you down either.

  6. PhilAfromPA

    Used it once,and seems just as powerful as my 18v Hitachi cordless drill, but with a fraction of the weight, I cannot believe how light it is, first job was securing drywall panels to ceiling
    So far I give 2 thumbs up and recommend
    Price was very reasonable also, I believe it was less than Dewalt

  7. Ben9

    So about a mounth ago I was asked to review this tool I was excited untill it showed up, it is not much smaller then the tripple hammer it is lighter, i took it to work the next day and after using it is an awesome tool, it is defiantly not as strong as the tripple hammer but it is very controllable, the high rpm is perfect for self drilling screws in light metal and wood, i do wish it came with a belt clip and battery life lights, this tool will not replace my tripple hammer but i will still use it at work because of how mouch controll you have, 10 out of 10 qulity tool.

  8. Anonymous

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I am very like my tool it is strong enough to do every home work i would like to do.
    Thank you

  9. B_Homes

    Before getting this sub-compact impact driver I was always hesitant that sub-compacts not having the power needed to handle my day to day work. WAS I WRONG! This little giant took on a full kitchen remodel and a patio build with absolutely no problem! It’s fits with in the hand nicely and packs a punch at the pull of the trigger. Certainly underestimated this one! To those who work in enclosed spaces and have little room to work with this impact is for you! The sub-compact impact driver paired with a 1.5ah battery will fit just about anywhere! Highly recommend

  10. Swampdog

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this impact driver because I needed a small frame model for construction projects. I checked out several other manufacturers models that were on display and this Metabo just felt right in my hand. Most recently I used it to build columns for my porch as well as vinyl railing. The torque and driving ability of this was impressive. I had no trouble driving multiple screws with it from 2 to 3 1/2 inch and the included battery made it through my project on a single charge. I own an 18 volt Hitachi cordless drill that I’ve had for over 5 years . It has operated admirably and I decided to stay with the brand. Another plus is the batteries from the drill works in the new impact driver. Absolutely love the brand and will continue buying Metabo.

  11. Noreaster

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Bought this driver in the combo set last year to replace a 10yr old 12v Porter and love it. Watched too many review videos before choosing Metabo but the power, noise level, and lifetime warranty sold me. Handles well, the grip feels great, and the fit and finish feel like quality (eg the battery slides in with precision and isn’t loose). This was my entry into the Metabo cordless line before I purchased the more expensive multi-volt line as I end up working in inclement weather and the wet/dust ratings are unmatched!

  12. Robert T

    My project with this impact driver was the rebuilding of my cedar deck mainly driving 3” deck screws. The torque was more than adequate for this project. The ergonomic grip was very comfortable & the quick change chuck made extended bit replacement easy. Because of the brushless motor, I found the light weight & short housing particularly advantageous, especially when working in tight areas on the underside of my deck. Also, a unique feature when working in a darkened area was the fact the the LED light stayed lit about 10 seconds after the trigger was released. I had previously just used a cordless drill to drive deck screws.The light weight, short housing, & impact action of this tool made this job much more productive & less fatiguing! The lifetime warranty is an added bonus.

  13. Cat87

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this tool in March of 2020. It stayed in a box until I saw my son using his little impact driver one day in July. I started using mine and it was so handy and it could get into tight places better. I love it. It broke after about 5 hours of run time and it has been in the shop for months waiting on parts. I hope the failure and the delay are both not indicative of the norm. I have many other Metabo HPT tools and it has not been the case with them. I LOVE all the rest of my Metabo HPT tools.

  14. Ryan M

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have never had a impact driver prior to this Metabo Impact Driver. I noticed home improvement shows always used them, so I decided it was worth having one around. I have had wonderful luck with Hitachi Power tools over the years and when I heard that Metabo and Hitachi joined up I was extremely happy. The Metabo HPT WH18DDX is a great addition to any power tool set and will help you complete your home improvement projects quickly and reliably. No more having to change out bits in your drill!

  15. GooseHunter

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’m in the process of building a hunting cabin on my farm and was in need on a light weight cordless impact driver. I already own a cordless Metabo drill, which is oustanding, so it made sence to purchase a Metabo impact driver not only due to the quality but also due to the batteries which interchange between these tools. I’ve used the impact driver many times and am very impressed with its power and battery life. I highly recommend this driver.

  16. Old guy

    Unbelievable power in a compact tool. Compared it with another brand side by side.HTP Metabo driver is more comfortable lighter and also seems stronger than the yellow tool. I tested using 2 1/2 oak and deck screws Metabo wins with speed and control.Also used to install 1/2 OSB on garage walls Very light and comfortable when using for extended periods of time. I’m sure the durability will be equal to the HPT Metabo I have been using for years.

  17. David Zee

    I’m very happy with this impact it’s lightweight and compact but it’s not compromising any power with that. I’ve used this in multiple materials with no issues from tapcons into concrete to smaller lags into wood and it can handle it all. Definitely a winner here if your looking for a lightweight compact impact driver. My only complaint with this is that I wish there was a battery fuel gauge but other than that I’m very satisfied.

  18. RiverD

    I just recently retired from being a millwright after almost 50 years. I do woodworking and metal working as my hobbies. I have two other impact drill drivers but since getting this sub-compact size impact it is the only one I pick up now. I have the larger metabo WH18DGL but I hardly pick it up anymore. The smaller WH18DDX is almost 1-1/4 inch shorter from the back of the motor to the chuck and almost 3/8 inch shorter from the bottom of battery to centerline of chuck. I like that it has 800 more RPM than the larger one.I just built a new shop and have been giving this impact a good workout finishing the inside. This smaller impact would be perfect for HVAC techs. that are removing and installing heating/cooling door panels and components all day. The one and only con is that it did not come with a belt hook . I will be getting one install on the impact shortly.

  19. Teethgums

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] After getting my default set stolen I looked around online and decided to switch over to metabo. Wow, the ergonomics on this drill are superb and Im able to use it for 90% of what I do without having to pull out the bigger driver. Feels good to just hold in my hand, the plastic doesn’t feel cheap like the newer DeWalt stuff and green happens to be my favorite color lol so I’m all around impressed. Favorite new brand!

  20. MacEwan

    Would have given this 5 stars except for 3 things. 1) Still not used to a RED charged battery light, since we live in a world of multicolored LED’s. 2) There is a strange need to pause a second or 2 before being able to squeeze the trigger again to engage the driver (still haven’t figured out what that’s all about). 3) The thickness of the forward and reverse switch is still very “cheesy” feeling to me ans feels like it is going to break off at any minute, even though I haven’t had any issues with it at all. Other that that, GREAT driver with lots of power for such a nice lightweight unit. It’s small and compact unit that is very easy to manipulate and comes with (2) batteries which is kind of rare to find these days at this price point. Can’t say anything about the overall life expectancy yet, but if it ends up lasting half as long as the old green stuff it should be great.

  21. DDavidson

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have owned Hitachi power tools/Metabo for over 10 years and absolutely love the brand, I just bought the combo drill and impact driver sub compact, and wow what a difference so light and little and very easy to get in to tight spots, plus my batteries will work with the new drills. Now the next tool I’m looking to buy is the double bevel compound miter saw to add to the collection of black and green.

  22. Kagi

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I purchased this 18v impact driver. And buy far this tool is better than Milwaukee, makita, dewault. I’ve used other brands but I must saw for torque, DURABILITY, weight and performance is by far the best there is. I’m trying to convince any of my coworkers that the Metabo 18v sub- compact impact driver is the best you’ll ever buy. My trade is better with this brand in my tool bag.

  23. Coach73

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I bought this just over a month ago to add an additional impact to my hitachi impact I already owned. The torque and battery life of the Metabo HPT far outlasts and out performs both my hitachi and my fathers dewalt. I love the fact that battery platform has stayed consistent and the batteries are interchangeable between all of the hitachi/Metabo HPT tools that I have.

  24. Uncle Bob

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have several of these impacts that we use hanging garage doors, they are very powerful & make the job so much easier not having to drag around cords like I did when I started 50 years ago. the lifetime tool warranty was The big seller when I bought my first one. I would like to see you put the belt clip back on the impacts or at least be able to buy them somewhere.

  25. deer hunter

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Had one of those red cordless tools in 12 volt. Brand new. Kept relighting on me. Enough I went and got the set with 2 added batteries. There is a difference for sure. I used this impact driver to drive in
    Spax foundation screws all across a brand new addition. 5 inch Spax screws at least 30 of them. Never slowed up a bit. Light weight and powerful, I love it

  26. Moose2

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Putting down new deck wood a couple of months ago and decided I wanted a lighter and more powerful driver to install 1000 decking screws in 2×6 deck boards. I have a drill/driver but it is heavy and very slow. I’m very impressed with the Metabo impact driver, it is very fast and installed the 1000 3.5″ screws with less than two battery charges.

  27. SVPS

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have been using this impact for a month or so and I have been really impressed. The power for the size is amazing and the light weight and small design helps me to get places my bigger impact can’t. This drill isn’t designed for heavy duty driving but it sure can do it if you need it to. It has no problem driving a 6inch lag screw in a pt 6×6.

  28. Tony96

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Probably my most used tool from Metabo HPT. Pretty much grab it for every project I have. I also use it as an impact for my 3/8 sockets for automotive repair all the time and never had issues breaking bolts loose with it. I have their 1/2 impact for anything too stubborn so I dont use it for anything crazy. It’s a nice weight not too heavy.

  29. AA Ron

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Like the subcompact 18v drill driver, this brushless impact driver has superior ergonomics, balance, and power for its lightweight size. It’s a single-speed impact driver, which is fine for most of us, although some might prefer an extra speed setting. Still, what’s featured is plenty for what it’s meant to do: driver screws and fasteners!

  30. Ben46

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Recently bought my third unpack driver ,no the other two did not stop working they still do a great job. It plan why am a repeat buyer the last and last . I have rental property and I am alway repairing or building something and I have other unpack drivers that didn’t last any where near as long nor as productive as my metabo did.

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