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Moen Adler Chrome Single Handle Low-arc Kitchen Faucet (Deck Plate Included)

19 Reviews
  • Chrome finish to create a bright, highly reflective, cool grey metallic look
  • Convenient side spray
  • Hydrolock quick connect system for easy installation


Featuring smooth curves and minimalist aesthetics, the Moen Adler One-Handle Kitchen Faucet effortlessly complements a variety of kitchen styles. A single-handle design allows easy water and temperature control, while the integrated side sprayer makes cleanup at the sink simple. This faucet has an aerated stream of up to 1.5 gallons per minute for efficient cleaning. The Moen Adler One-Handle Kitchen Faucet installs easily in three-hole sinks, thanks to the Duralock Quick Connect system, and comes in a stylish chrome finish that seamlessly integrates with any kitchen décor.
  • Chrome finish to create a bright, highly reflective, cool grey metallic look
  • Convenient side spray
  • Hydrolock quick connect system for easy installation
  • Spout Reach (in.) 7.75 in
  • Spout height (in.) 5
Weight 3.4 lbs
Dimensions 15.2 × 12 × 2.9 in

Latest reviews

  1. nonoy

    I bought this one because of the Moen name which supposed to be reliable. Just bought it today and trying to install it, however, the model that I got is missing ONE IMPORTANT PART which the document says optional for some models. How come an IMPORTANT be optional if it is needed for the installation!!! Was not even mentioned it the description that some part is missing. I guess that’s why it is sold cheaply. Now I can’t finish my install and have to wait till tomorrow and see if I can get the NEEDED part. I’m going to update my reviews for the product itself.

    Part is called mounting nut, picture below.

  2. Fred66a

    The specifications shown are wrong. The spout height is only 5″, not 8.125″. This is very low for cleaning large items like pots and pans. I have had this model for about 2 years. I am not sure when it started dripping, but it drips at a rate of about 1 drip every 10 seconds. Moen sent me a new cartridge for free, but it still has the same problem. I cannot figure out the cause if it is not the cartridge. My last complaint is that the hose for the sprayer is very stiff.

    Without the dripping problem mine has, this is a decent faucet at a good price. The sprayer on the base freed up a hole for a soap dispenser. Installation was straightforward. Be sure to get new braided hoses when you install a new faucet!

  3. Mrkndrew

    I can’t really speak to the durability of this kitchen faucet, but the installation was a breeze. This product is truly ‘universal’ for ‘3-hole’ sinks. It attaches easily and the feed hoses are plenty long so they should reach any under-sink plumbing. Last time I put in a faucet, I had to attach extenders to the provided hot and cold feed tubes, but this company built the unit with plenty of length.
    Also, it is guaranteed as long as I own my home against leaks, drips, really anything that can go wrong with a faucet.

  4. Larry

    My faucet worked GREAT for about 2 months and then started dripping out of the faucet. To get to the set screw was difficult as it was in the back. The cartridge would be simple to replace IF you knew how to get one. I did call Moen and they figured it all out and are sending me a FREE new replacement, which seemed fair. But they said it would take 11 days to get here. I paid $10 to get it here in 4 days as we need the faucet fixed sooner. Moen treated us right but we wish the dang faucet would have just worked properly in the first place.

  5. heatlaw

    This faucet is everything I expected. was great in responding to an error on the site stating the faucet came with the supply lines. It does not! They sent supply lines and I received them within a few days. However, we had to purchase them before they were shipped out and it isn’t an issue. The faucet had very low water pressure. After contacting MOEN they sent a new diverter thinking it would correct the problem; it did not. I took the entire diverter housing apart and finally found 2 fairy large pieces of black rubber and removed them. Now, the faucet is operating up to my expectations.

  6. Jeff

    I needed a simple faucet install and I thought that I picked the right product. Everything going smoothly…..until. Turns out that the faucet supply lines are not standard 1/2″ to thread onto standard 1/2″ NPT water lines. The supply lines provided and attached to faucet are 3/8″ compression. Moen does not supply any adapter with the faucet, did not mention on product that adapters were likely required at purchase. I searched the Moen website, with no result. Store where purchase was made did not have needed adapters for a faucet they sell. I will think twice before purchasing another Moen product. Seemed like such a hassle for such a routinely easy install.

  7. Girby7

    We are currently renting our home, and were looking for a kitchen sink faucet that would work but wouldn’t cost a crazy amount of money. Because of the style of our sink/faucet, there weren’t many options to choose from at Lowe’s. We went with this faucet because it was the design we were looking for, and it was the cheapest they carried.

    Easy installation. Works great. The sprayer is fantastic. Only possible negative is it doesn’t have a stopper, meaning you can slide the faucet spot all around. If you have a kitchen sink in your island like we do, and have children or someone who can turn the water on and move it over the counter, it could be a problem if you aren’t paying attention.

  8. Chucky9

    My old kitchen faucet began leaking out the side of the spout. Time to replace it.
    I fount this MOEN at an affordable price. I discovered it had the water lines already attached and the clip-on sprayer is genius!
    The only difficulty was in removing the OLD faucet. The MOEN went right in with no difficulties at all. Fast, easy installation. It looks great and functions even better. I’ve never had a side sprayer that worked so well with so much pressure.

  9. pfunkdude

    Perfect replacement for 3 hole sink in small kitchen. Adds sprayer and works with faucet mount water filters. Triple win!

  10. chemo38

    Do NOT buy this faucet if you have anything other than 3/8 inch water supply to your kitchen faucet. Moen fails to print the size of the supply on the OUTSIDE of the box. This causes aggravation to the buyer who has 1/2 inch hardware. Moen’s solution? “Go buy an adapter”. Great, another trip to Lowe’s and my project is delayed further. Skip this faucet and save yourself grief. The lifetime warranty isn’t worth this hassle.

  11. seansgranny

    Took awhile to install, my water lines are 1/2 inch these are 3/8 so had to make a trip out for reducers. But after that installation went good. Its been about 2 weeks and all is well..

  12. Dorcas Black

    Bought new Moen to replace a failing 17-yr-old P-F faucet that I had bought specifically because the sprayer head could be installed either right- or left-sided. Wasn’t sure if I could do the same with new Moen so, prior to installation, I disassembled the new one to see if I could reverse the center assembly. No luck. This faucet is specifically designed to only install with sprayer on the R, but not enough of a reason to return. Old faucet took over an hr. to remove due to rusted solid locking plate, while new Moen faucet installed in 15 min., though I did need a helper to hold the assembly in its proper place from above while tightening from below.

  13. ofannod

    Couldn’t be happier. I installed it 3 days ago. It has a heavy feel and a very nice shiny appearance. The lever handle glides smoothly and easily as does the faucet arm. I installed it on my existing stainless steel double sink, replacing a similar but differently branded faucet. This Moen faucet pivots and reaches both sinks easily as does the sprayer. The sprayer’s tubing moves easily. Under the sink, the flexible input hoses are long enough to easily reach the connection to the tubing at floor level. I did not need extension hoses. Both the sprayer and faucet have good pressure.

    I installed this faucet all by myself, with only a few basic tools. I’m a female who carries a Medicare card, sports two stainless steel hips, two “iffy” knees, and Bursitis in my left shoulder. What can I say? I like living dangerously. <grin> My point being, ANYONE can install this faucet and save the price of a plumber. It has only been 3 days, but I have experienced no problems and no leaks. The biggest problem I had was getting up off the floor when I was finished. <chuckle>

    For beginners like me, I strongly recommend buying this at a brick and mortar store, not online. I selected mine online, but purchased at a retail store, where I got excellent, expert guidance. Before I went to the retailer, I took photos of the existing connections under the sink with my phone. This was a huge help to the salesperson to make sure I had all the right parts.

    Don’t just breeze through the instructions, study them. Ask your retailer for advice. Call Moen if you have questions.

    I couldn’t be more pleased with this faucet or my workmanship!

  14. happywithfaucet

    I’m using this for a laundry room sink where a low arc faucet was a must because of overhead cabinets. It works great. The movement of the handle and swivel are just a bit stiff, but that’s good in my view. Solid, sturdy, substantial. No leaks anywhere. Sprayer shuts off the flow to faucet entirely when activated, giving good spray coverage/pressure. Reach into sink is perfect for cleaning and filling buckets. The single handle is so much more functional than the two handle faucets usually used in laundry tubs. And it looks much nicer than a standard utility sink faucet. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this in a kitchen if I needed a compact, low arc faucet there.

  15. Jenks

    This was for a spare kitchen so we just wanted something quick easy and cheap… that’s what we got. I thought it would have been a little better quality being a Moen but not the case. It is functional though only worth $30 not 70.

  16. Bryan

    Moen makes a great product. However, none will hold up to our hard water. I will try the warranty on this product when it gets about 5 years old.
    Instructions were good but need a written companion to the diagrams. There was no mention of using a sealer between the faucet and sink so I didn’t use one. I will likely be removing and re installing later with some rope caulk or silicon caulk.
    A word to those replacing old faucets. Don’t worry about the supply lines being long enough, they are, but the fittings have changed sizes in the past few years and you will need an adapter on each line.
    Overall, a good product!

  17. Electraglide

    Installation can be completed with minimal knowledge of plumbing & a small adjustable wrench & or a pair of pliers. The picture instructions are easy to understand & are ideal for those non-plumbers who may want to try to save on contractor’s costs !

  18. Displeased

    Since when did kitchen faucet water lines come in 3/8 inch connections? I am trying to replace a broken kitchen faucet and bought Moen based on its rep. I was shocked to discover my 1/2″ connector is way too large for this faucet. Who designed this garbage? Now I have to go buy an adapter that will allow me to complete my installation. Meanwhile, I cannot use my kitchen sink. I will DEFINITELY be calling Moen in the morning with my opinion of this nonsense.

  19. Rikakazak

    I’m a landlord and installed 11 of these in 2015 in some of my rentals. Today (Jane 23rd 2017) I just replaced my 7th one (with glacier bay, Home Depot’s generic brand). Moen used to be fantastic. But now they’re trash. Sure they have a warranty, but good luck telling a tenant they have to wait 2 weeks with no faucet while you wait for moen to mail you a part. Screws constantly come loose causing leaks or handles to come off. (I end up pulling the screws out and using thread lock). Sprayer hoses get leaks all the time (just replaced my 4th last week). This faucet is trash. Sure it’s cheaper then the others. Sure having 3 holes and getting a sprayer seems nice. Sure it’ll work great when brand new. But give it 1 year of tenant use and you’ll be working on it and wishing you went with glacier bay or delta. (Glacier bay is also way cheaper)

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