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Moen Brantford Chrome 2-handle 4-in centerset WaterSense Low-arc Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain

14 Reviews
  • Chrome finish creates a bright, highly-reflective, cool-grey metallic look
  • Meets WaterSense criteria to conserve water without sacrificing performance
  • 4-in centerset design allows for easy installation


  • Chrome finish creates a bright, highly-reflective, cool-grey metallic look
  • Meets WaterSense criteria to conserve water without sacrificing performance
  • 4-in centerset design allows for easy installation
  • 2-handle lever design for ease of use
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Weight 1.57 lbs
Dimensions 5.31 × 2.56 × 12.38 in

Latest reviews

  1. NoviceEd

    Bought and intalled in Jan. It replaced the same model that I had. The hot water handle became very difficult to open and close and eventually snapped off. While the install of the new faucet was straight forward, I feel the instructions could be better explained for individuals like myself who don’t do this very often. An example would stressing the importance of the pivot rod seat, that washer is quite small and easily misplaced. The pivot rod will leak without it. Such was my case because the washer fell to the floor without me noticing. When the pivot rod leaked I knew somrthing was wrong and if I hadn’t looked at old drain body I might have had to call someone. It’s a small part that is extremely vital and not packaged separetly for safe keeping. Live and learn.

  2. BDP

    Purchased 2 Brandtford faucet.The plugs will not contain water in the sinks. You can fill the sinks with water, push down on the plug with your finger and the water still leaks around the plug, both plugs are the same. Contacted Moen and sent pictures explaining the problem. they replied immediately and sent me 1 new plug at no cost, but the results were the same, still will not hold water. Seems to be a bad design. Very small o ring that goes on the plug. I also purchased 2 Moen Caldwell models at the same time and have had no problem with those. The plug is a different design and works. Very disappointed with the Brandtford model.

  3. NChomeowner

    We have 6 of these faucets installed in our house. Of the the six, one has leaked the entire time we’ve owned the house which was built new in the spring/ summer of 2011. On a second one, the hot water handle simply came off. I suppose I should not be surprised because it was held on by a little rubber fitting and a double threaded screw. The top of the screw remains there, but the handle is no longer attached. I have attempted to repair this myself, but when I try to access the screw head with a set of pliers, it will not unscrew- it simply spins in place. Further- one of the drains that came with the faucet is simply broken. It will not raise and lower, rather it just gets stuck in the closed position. I am incredibly disappointed that these faucets have not lasted more than two years.

  4. Mr. Fix-it

    My wife and I purchased our home new in 2004. Moen products were installed by the contractor in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. Since owning the home we have had to replace the kitchen faucet and just recently one bathroom faucet. I called the Moen help center and they promptly replaced both units with the same or a replacement if the original was no longer available. They also allowed me to replace a bathroom fixture as an upgrade to match one that was a warranty replacement (at a reduced cost). I have to agree the Moen Co. has it right ‘Buy It For Looks’, Buy It For Life’. Thank You Moen Customer Service.

  5. mkhopper

    The faucet looks really nice and it was a snap to install (though admittedly the instructions regarding the drain plug lever were pretty confusing at first).

    Then after about six weeks, we started seeing water leaking under the sink, but couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. Both water lines were snug as well as the plastic coupling nuts and these were not wet. After uninstalling the whole unit, I reattached just the water lines and finally saw where the water was leaking. It was coming out from under the spout assembly.
    Two screws hold the spout assembly to the base and once apart, the problem was immediately clear. The water line inside the spout, where it attaches to the tip delivering hot/cold water, isn’t attached correctly. There are threads on the tip but not on the spout water line. It just sits there. No washer, no plumbers tape, nothing. It’s no wonder why water started leaking out.
    I used a good amount of plumbers tape on the tip threads and dabbed some silicone around once the spout line was reattached. It fits much tighter now and after getting everything back together, the water runs well again with no leaks.

    Bottom line, I kind of expected a little better for this price.
    If you’re thinking about purchasing this faucet, save yourself the trouble and disassemble the spout and tape up the tip before installing it in your sink.

  6. mi655321

    Our house is 3 years old. We have 6 of this exact faucet in our house. Three of the six have an issue with the plastic coating separating. It looks horrible and cheap. I would expect much higher quality for the price. Unfortunately, we aren’t the original owners of the house (ie. we didn’t ‘buy’the faucets new) so Moen will not cover them under warranty.

  7. thefixer

    I like the product and installing was easy once you get past the poor instructions. The instructions were terrible, the straight use of a picture based instruction without any description of the parts is ridiculous. You provide a list of helpful tools and never refer to them in the diagrams, for example when to use the sealant. You have labeled parts in the diagram and no corresponding
    description, for example, the gasket which side goes against the faucet base.
    The pictured based instructions are a good supplement to a narrative instruction

  8. Willis

    Not too much to say about a faucet, but the quality is great on this one, the handles move in a solid way, and the finish is beautiful! Took about an hour to install on our new vanity, only because I didn’t have the right plumbing materials. Be sure to pick up some plumbers putty for the drain cap. Don’t go cheap, a good faucet goes a long way, and this fits the bill!

  9. ella

    This is the worst faucet I have ever had due to the problematic Moen 1224 cartridges. I think Moen is aware of the problem as they changed the cartridge style in later models of the same faucet. The cartridges are not only expensive, they never close that tight and leakproof in the first place. The gear of the cartridge that fits into the gear of the handle is plastic and very fragile and if not aligned properly can leak and/or break. Not a good design. I can’t speak to the newer Brantford cartridge design, but single handle ceramic style cartridges are thought to be reliable and the 1224 is not. As much as I like two handles, I think I would go for a one handle, next faucet, as they don’t make regular rubber washer faucets anymore as far as I can tell.

  10. sunshine

    We had Brantford faucets installed in bathroom sink and shower they are a yellowish brushed nickel and is not at all what we were shown when we picked them out. We then bought towel bar, paper holder and towel ring and the finishes do not match at all. They have no yellow tint. We would love our faucet and shower head etc to match. The yellowish tint looks awful with our tile and quartz counter tops. Where is the consistency with the brushed nickel ???

  11. bobNC

    All 6 bathroom sinks in our house have this faucet and although our house is only 4 years old, the faucets are getting stiff and the aerators are so stopped up, the water hardly flows. Finding replacement aerators has been horrible. I never even heard of aerators before this faucet. Also, in two of the faucets, the finish is starting to peel off. It’s very disappointing and has changed my opinion or Moen for the worse.

  12. joel168

    Overall I like the faucet but there are a couple of issues.
    1. I am not enthused with the aerator configuration which requires a special tool to remove it for cleaning out the debris trapped by the screen inside, and to reinsert it again. I don’t see why Moen deemed it necessary to go from external to internal threads here.

    2. Because I have a well, every screen on every device that uses water must be cleaned about every six months or so to remove the fine particulates that the well pump brings up. Removing and reinserting this aerator is somewhat tedious for me.

    3. There is a very fragile thin o ring seal that broke and fell out as I was unscrewing the aerator per the faucet installation instructions. In fact, the plastic aerator teeth that mate with the removal tool are also somewhat fragile as one broke off during removal. Would order extra aerator units but they are out of stock.

  13. MariaD

    Brantford bronze faucets came with our house, which is now 7 years old. Like the color and style but the faucet handles have become loose in several bathroom sinks. One hot water side handle fell off. There does not seem to be any way to tighten them or reattach the one that fell off. In all the houses we have owned in the past we’ve never had this problem.

  14. Stephen

    I got a set of matching items for our bath and we really like the look of them with the color scheme. I am having issues with installing the drain as it leaks because of the style of pipe included. I am in the process of contacting Moen for support and I await their reply. Worst case scenario is I have to go to a plumbing supply store for assistance.

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