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Moen Kipton Chrome Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Function (Deck Plate Included)

30 Reviews
  • Stylish, nature-inspired design
  • Pulldown design offers at-your-fingertips water delivery plus three spray modes
  • Power Clean technology for powerful, yet efficient spraying


Kipton features a stylish, nature-inspired, single-handle design. Gracious and uncomplicated style features give the Kipton collection an ageless yet fashion-forward presence. Tailored yet relaxed, the Kipton collection is an exercise in design balance. This lustrous collection works seamlessly with today’s lifestyles.
  • Stylish, nature-inspired design
  • Pulldown design offers at-your-fingertips water delivery plus three spray modes
  • Power Clean technology for powerful, yet efficient spraying
  • Reflex system offers smooth operation, easy movement, and secure spray head docking
  • Sink or countertop-mounted faucet offers a seamless look and is easy to install
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Reflex system for smooth operation, easy movement and secure docking
  • Duralock Quick Connect System for easy installation
  • 3-function wand features aerated stream, pause and gentle spray
Weight 7.25 lbs
Dimensions 24.4 × 12.2 × 3.7 in

Latest reviews

  1. BillH

    The handle is made of sand cast pot metal and not much of it. Where it attaches to the stem on the valve, wall thickness is about one sixteenth of an inch thick. The porosity of cast metal and proneness to cracking means that it is inappropriate material to make a handle out of. It should be forged steel like a wrench or silverware and not something that breaks like glass. Apparently it is cheaper to mold the handles than to forge them – and then hide the pot metal under a layer of chrome.The rest of the faucet is mainly made of plastic to include all chrome parts and the water supply connector. The lifetime warranty will last as long as People can get parts-reason I had to get a new faucet- no more stems available. It lasted 25 years and though not fancy, cost $300 that long ago. This Moen lasted three days when the handle came off broken in my wife’s hands. Components spear to be all imported junk with a chintzy feel, to include the all plastic spray head. I had to buy another one and was without kitchen water for a week. I also had to pay for installlation twice. This faucet is a exclusive model. I wouldn’t want my name associated with such a demonstrably poor product. I will be restoring some antique faucets for my lavatories. I have a few years ahead of me and I will not be wasting them with junk products that fail after three days and are all looks but no ‘go’. I have better things to do than cater to and Moen. This faucet is $199.99. It may have an actual value of $20 max. I have never had a handle just fall off a faucet broken. Moen should be ashamed of themselves. should be ashamed of selling overpriced imported junk and lost me. I will be dealing with small custom shops – it is better and cheaper over the long haul. One star is really zero. The replacement has to show me differently.

  2. FurdBurfle

    Our house had a 20+ year old leaky kitchen faucet which I repaired when we moved in over a year ago. It had begun to leak and had always “thumped” when turning on the water. Different water pressure settings did not seem to help. When it began leaking again we decided it was time to upgrade. My wife liked the Kipton for the height and pull down feature. My father was a plumber for some 40 years and always liked Moen products-which I’ve used and like, as well. It took longer to remove the old faucet than to install this one. I found the instructions understandable and had no problems with the install. It is helpful to have a second set of hands to hold the faucet and dispenser from above while you tighten the fasteners. We have had no problems with flow and it’s nice not to hear the “thump” when you turn on the water.

  3. Steffisews

    I love this item. Great addition to my kitchen. I’m really picky and will take quality over style any day. I just wish it came in white, as my sink and appliances are white. However, the performance more than makes up for it. Its easy to use, and I love the tall height with the sprayer on a hose. Helps me to get to hard places and to do things like fill the single serve coffee brewer easily.

    Excellent purchase, and I would highly recommend it.

  4. Fran

    Ordered two of these faucets on-line and received them in 3 or 4 days! Installed them both myself and had no trouble as the directions are well written and the install was quite simple. Have only had them for a few weeks, so can’t speak to durability but they both work great so far. The hot/cold handle to turn on the H2o is quite different than my old faucet so that was an adjustment for me. I also like the soap dispenser and it fills from the top which is easy/convenient..

  5. localpic

    Shipping took a little longer than I expected. I had the old faucet removed 4 days before product arrived via free shipping. The faucet went in in 25 minutes.The hot/cold connections were long enough to easily reach the hot/cold water connections.The faucet is larger than you would think. My wife wasn’t sure she liked it at first but after 3 days , she is very happy with it. If you dont have easy access to the bottom of the sink a basin wrench will save time and your knuckles.I have a disposal and an osmosis system under my sink so room was tight. Basin wrench was very helpful. Faucet seems to be well made. The direction are terrible,but luckily its a common sense install.Overall I’m very happy with the faucet. I didn’t need to buy any additional fittings or adaptors. It’s a little expensive but I expect to have this faucet for a long time.Faucet seems to be well made and engineered. Soap dispenser was also an easy install (5 minutes).

  6. DrivenOG

    When you do not have deep sinks, cleaning pots and pans are an issue. This faucet gave me the height needed to avoid banging my pots and pans against the unit. It appears either to have constricted water flow or the water does not have adequate aeration. The included soap dispenser is handy as you refill it from the top, just pop the top off fill it and snap it back on!

  7. Bogey

    Undoubtly the best faucet I’ve bought in a long time in this price range, if ever. Came packaged with everything one needs to install with ease, instructions were clear and concise, Faucet works flawlessly.

    Highly recommend to anyone wanting a guaility faucet in an affordable price range.

  8. Jim

    So far the faucet has been great. Everything appears to be of good quality, it looks great, and it’s easy to use. This product makes washing dishes much easier. I did notice a reduction in water pressure but not enough to complain about. The reduced pressure will probably help on the water bill so I’m fine with it. I was concerned about the head retracting properly but the weight they give you to put on the hose is nice and heavy, much better than other brands. I didn’t even need pliers to put it on. It snapped on easily by hand. I agree with the other customer that written instructions, instead of just pictures, would make installation easier.

  9. TCMemphis

    Just purchased this facet online and it was installed last Sunday. Love the design and ease of use.

  10. Jay

    I have had this for 17 months now and it is a great and very stylish faucet. The operation of the faucet is still functioning flawlessly except for one minor flaw. That flaw is the soap dispenser. As I pump it soon started getting harder and harder to push down and now it is making noise as I pump. I will call the warranty team soon and hopefully they will send a new one as it has a five year warranty. As for the installation, it was very simple to install. Don’t pay a plumber to install this because they will charge you more than what the unit costed. Also if you get the chrome one be sure to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth daily to keep the water stains from etching into the beautiful finish.

  11. Roscoe

    This model looked good for what we needed but the design of the control handle is awkward to use and to keep water from dripping on the bottom plate if you hand is wet when you turn it off. Water flow restrictor is an issue. Remove it to the extent possible to get decent but not great flow.

  12. dwjs

    Just purchased this faucet yesterday to replace my leaking one.
    Had to also get shut off valves since I have a modular home and have plex tubing, cost additional $20.00 for the shut off valves. The installation instruction could be a little more detailed, but over all took just over an hour. I would recommend that you look at the instructions before you begin, Installation was fairly easy.

  13. Handyman Tom

    Needed to replace an older style kitchen faucet. Saw this one looking thru all various styles and liked everything about it. Easy to install, and so far everything works great. No problems at all.

  14. Bd03

    Moen, in my opinion, has the best customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. We wanted to update our faucet, so my husband sends me a picture of these other faucets, no way I will ever buy another brand. Our old faucet had little tabs on the side to switch from stream to spray, after a while they would break, I called Moen, they never even asked what happened, just sent me the replacement part. This day in age, it is so refreshing to know there are still people and companies that produce a quality product, and stand behind them, absolutely love you guys!

  15. Martin3

    Product should include a dishwasher overflow cap at sink . This should not have to be bought separately.

  16. waymont

    Just finished installing my Kipton Model 87910 kitchen faucet! It was an easy installation and looks AWESOME! I was replacing another older model that Moen did not stock any parts for but they made good on the lifetime warranty! I was given a credit and told to get anything that costs up to that amount. The trick is that you can’t go over the amount of credit given. They won’t let you pay the extra cost if you go over the amount of the credit given to you. Lucky for me, I found a suitable replacement that turned out to be nicer than the one I had! Thanks Moen!

  17. Vikie

    Just before my husband left for a hunting trip, we bought this faucet to replace an old kitchen faucet. Since he did not have time to install the faucet before leaving, I decided to do it myself while he was gone. I had no trouble installing it, and it works great! (I would suggest a description with instructions, instead of just pictures.) I do, however, have to wait until he returns, to install the soap dispenser, since I can’t hold the top portion while screwing on the bottle underneath the sink. I am very pleased with this faucet!

  18. Symbion

    This pullout model 87810 is a great looking addition to our kitchen sink. I installed it easily and have two suggestions. First, the 3-hole cover plastic seal o-ring did not encircle the 3 holes in my SS sink so needed to use a bead of silicone calk to seal it. Suggest checking that your 0-ring seals the area encircling your 3-hole sink or not and if not use silicone as needed. Second, when attaching the weight to the pull out cord I needed to find the exact right position for my channel locks in order for the weight to click closed. To do this you will need to use channel locks as shown but you need to position the upper tip of the channels locks just above the hinge of the tab to get it to click shut. It did not click shut for me in any other position.


    We are replacing our existing Moen kitchen faucet that was leaking from the inside faucet because of the failed internal components. This caused water damage to the interior of our kitchen cabinets! We had no idea how old the faucet was guessing 5 to 6 years? No receipt, did not register definitely our fault. We replaced with another Moen and registered online and saved reciept with copy of make/model/serial just in case for warranty purposes. Please don’t let us down this time Moen!

  20. Twitch

    Appears to be good quality and directions, with parts, we’re good. It even came with a metal piece to attach under the sink if the sink was under a particular thickness. A Kohler sink instructions read that one might need to add wood under the sink! The plate/cover that is optional and sits on top of the sink is metal. A Kohler product was plastic. I will stick with Moen!
    The water flow is just fine. The wider spray selection is nice. The ONLY reason I don’t recommend it is because the spray wand appears to be retaining a small amount of water. When I come home from work, the bottom of the wand is always wet. This will cause mold to grow. I unscrewed the wand from the pulldown hose and there is no leaking. This was dry after I again returned from work. The wand traps water somehow. I will return it. ):

  21. Richard

    It was great as all the needed hoses and parts were included in the box and no need for extra shopping

  22. Sarge1950

    Easy to install and looks nice in my kitchen. The down side is a big one in that my water pressure has gone down for that faucet since installation. It has a spray function and sometimes that won’t stay on. Twenty feet away my second bathroom has much more pressure and with my old kitchen faucet I had much more. I had read this in another review but discounted it as a rare occurrence. Until the reason is know and/or fixed I would not recommend it.

  23. n

    We’ve had the faucet for a couple of weeks now & really like it. However, be aware that the flexible supply lines that come with it can bend over, cutting off the water. A few days after our faucet was installed, we had no cold water – – – looked below and that was the problem. I “curved” instead of bending & had no more problems. Maybe the plumber should have cut off the excess length? Anyway, it’s fine now. Back to loving it again.

  24. ker49

    The Kipton faucet is such a change from the old one we had to replace. No more cracked glasses and dishes from banging against the faucet and no more frustration trying to fit large pots underneath. The looks and convenience can’t be beat. It’s also nice to dispense the dish detergent from the dispenser, instead of keeping the unwieldy bottle out or under the sink. The detachable head makes it easy to spray the sink clean.

  25. jeannie

    I spent a good deal of time researching faucets online, and thought this model would suit my needs. The price was reasonable, and it is aesthetically pleasing. A licensed plumber installed it for us, and the job went smoothly. It’s easy to operate. Overall I’m very pleased with this product. I would readily recommend this product to anyone in the market for a fashionable, reasonably priced, and functional kitchen faucet.

  26. Carole

    This is my 2nd kitchen faucet from Moen. My first one was 25 years old and I still loved it, but doing some renovations to my kitchen was a nice time to upgrade my faucet. I love this one too so far. I just completed this project and Im so excited to have a new Moen in my kitchen. I live the new design and can’t wait to show it off to friends. Thanks Moen for great products!!

  27. Handychick

    This faucet looks great and was very easy to assemble. I purchased it when we were getting ready to sell our home so it would match the existing mini sink in our kitchen. I was hesitant because it’s chrome however, I really looked good! Clean and sleek. After we sold our home I decided to buy another one to replace the faucet in our new home since I missed having it so much.

  28. RickyD

    This faucet is great!!! Durable and versatile. The pull down feature and looks of this faucet is what sold me. The ease of tall pans being washed, rinsed, or filled is awesome. My old faucet, was a low regular faucet and it was hard to get tall pans under it. But not so with my new Moen. Great job Moen!! Buying your faucet was the best decision ever. We love it!! Thanks Moen

  29. Diggy

    MY husband is not a plumber by any means. In fact I dread most projects with him. We purchased this based on prior reviews as to the ease of installation. They were all correct, the install was pretty effortless, the hardest part was removing the old faucet. Once the old faucet was removed, the installation was a breeze. Nice addition to the kitchen at a reasonable cost.

  30. MacDaddy

    Once I muscled the 12-year-old rusted faucet off my sink, it was a real pleasure to install this unit. Directions were clear and concise. I was pleased With the nut-driver tool — I don’t have a lot of plumbing tools, so it was nice to have it included. This faucet updated our kitchen and was moderately priced. I’d recommend it to anyone.

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