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Moen Nebia Chrome/White Rain Fixed Shower Head 1.25-GPM (4.73-LPM)

21 Reviews
  • When compared to a standard Moen 2.5 gpm showerhead, Nebia by Moen™ is a better experience, with a spa shower delivering up to 45% water savings
  • For optimal experience, install in a fully-enclosed shower
  • The 7.9” Rainshower has the coverage of a 20” showerhead, when measured to EPA standards for coverage


Nebia by Moen™ is a spa shower that uses a unique water delivery system to provide more pressure and double the water coverage of traditional showers, creating a blissful showering experience. Meticulously engineered for optimal warmth, rinsing and body coverage, Nebia by Moen™ offers a superior shower experience through atomization, the process of breaking up water into tiny droplets. This means each water droplet works harder to get you clean, refreshed and ready to take on the day.
  • When compared to a standard Moen 2.5 gpm showerhead, Nebia by Moen™ is a better experience, with a spa shower delivering up to 45% water savings
  • For optimal experience, install in a fully-enclosed shower
  • The 7.9” Rainshower has the coverage of a 20” showerhead, when measured to EPA standards for coverage
  • A 17” adjustable sliding arm allows users to move the Rainshower up or down based on their height, as well as water warmth and body coverage preferences
  • Rainshower tilts up and down and rotates side to side by pushing tube
  • Optional Handshower available (sold separately)
  • Transform your showering experience with a fast, easy DIY installation: Universal install kit included and complete instructions inside box and online
  • The Rainshower unit contains two check valves for backflow prevention
  • Backed by Moen’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 26.5 × 15.25 × 4.313 in

Latest reviews


    I installed in our pool bath shower. Perfect for this application as the nozzle ring provides a pleasant spray and mist that envelopes your body. The super easy and well designed nozzle ring easily slides up and down the stationary frame. This allows for adults and the little ones to have full benefit. I found the volume of mist has a natural cooling affect therefore I could adjust the height to get the right temperature not just the tap. After a dip, or yard work on that hot day, it is the perfect shower. Good looking and modern design, well built and after reviewing the instructions a logical installation.

  2. Pattix4

    This was a bit difficult review for me to write because I was conflicted. The Nebia is specifically meant to conserve water by turning droplets into more of an aerosol, creating a more spa like and steamy shower. While that’s a great experience, for everyday showering, I’m not sold on the idea. I have extremely thick, long hair, and getting shampoo and conditioner rinsed out in that scenario, is not ideal. But the fixture itself is very well made and looks pleasing installed. This fixture does have the option of installing with a handheld, which I did not have. I probably would like it better with that additional feature.

  3. Lm124906

    First let me just say I am a complete DIY. Not a professional but I installed this by myself very easily. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. Installation took about 15 minutes. With this design you get more water flow and a smaller shower head. It looks modern and less cluttered. This brand helps save water which is always a plus. I like supporting brands that have bigger messages. It is spot resistant brushed nickel. It is always nice looking and easy to clean. It is very modern, and the spa quality is amazing! For having a small shower head the water pressure sure surprises me in a good way. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to upgrade.

  4. ESing

    This is a great shower head, it does not have too many parts for assembly. It has a very nice sleek look to it and the waterfall feature is definately an added bonus! This is a great shower head for anyone looking to modernize their home!

  5. masonthegreat

    I want to start off by saying I am extremely pleased with the installation of this showerhead. I had zero complications, which doesn’t happen often. The install kit is included and instructions are very easy to follow. The showerhead makes your shower pop and look very expensive, high class. What’s great about this is that it has an adjustable height – which I have to adjust every day. You’ll have the perfect fit for yourself and your wife. The showerhead is just about 8 inches in diameter and gives you a lot of coverage. It looks great and feels great.

  6. jakers123765

    I was worried this would be difficult to install since I wasn’t doing a shower remodel and was just replacing the shower head. It was very easy to install and didn’t require me to even drill my tile. I used the included 3m tape for the bottom part of the bezel installation and its holding it very secure. We like fact this uses less water because it probably doubled the amount of time we can spend in the shower before our 60 gallon hot water tank runs out of hot water.

  7. rycam89

    This was purchased as a gift for my sister while she’s renovating her bathroom. I wasn’t too impressed with the material quality of the unit. It feels light and cheap with just a thin nickel coating. While trying it out I noticed a significant temperature difference compared to the original showerhead. I had to increase the hot water temp quite a bit to get it to a comfortable set point. The steaming spa effect it creates would be the only pro experienced.

  8. JenK

    I purchased this last year through a contractor for a new shower project that ended up getting delayed a bit. The shower was finally done this year and the plumber came last month and we just finished the shower this week. Unfortunately the pressure is god awful, doesn’t get any soap or shampoo/conditioner out of your hair and takes a while to get hot even though every other shower/faucet in my home gets hot pretty quickly

  9. Mnull51

    I love the idea behind this product. It’s supposed to save something like 40% of the water used by normal showerheads by using smaller water droplets than a regular showerhead. That’s a really great idea, especially where I live because water is so expensive.

    The downside to using smaller water droplets is that they cool off way faster than regular showerheads. So what I’m saving in water I might be making up for in heating that water.

    Honestly, this was super easy to install. It took me about 20 minutes or so while watching a youtube video, of which there are plenty.

    The biggest downside to the Nebia that I got was that it didn’t have the wand. I guess some of them do have the wand in the package, but mine didn’t. The wife and I were planning on using it for our baby when she finally comes along, but without the wand, this just won’t be possible. That was a major disappointment.

  10. CrazyDogLady256

    This shower head offers a wonderful “rain” experience. It wasn’t difficult to install, watching my dad, I probably could have done it myself, if I had the right tape. I do wish there was a hand held option on it as I like to use that to rinse the tub and surround tiles. I love it so much that I will keep it and get creative on rinsing the shower.

  11. Ramiro

    I think a lot of people don’t understand this product.
    It’s a different type of shower and it does what it promises very elegantly.
    It does create an immersive shower and it feels very wet. Installing it is pretty easy.
    The sticky did fall off but I reached out and they’re sending a free replacement for that.
    100% recommend.

  12. Hunter3141

    I really like this Nebia Rainshower head. The adjustable height is really helpful for my family. The installation was simple and the instructions were well done. It has a large variety of pieces to make it easy in any instillation situation. Plus, it’s really well made and nice looking.

  13. Corey M Plis

    The Nebia By Moen Rainshower Spray head was just flat our amazing. I did not know how much a shower experience could be until I used this for the first time. I am definitely not looking forward to having to take a shower outside of my home.

  14. dremao

    This Nebia by Moen spray rain shower is a great addition to my shower. The look is very sophisticated and has a polished look. I love getting in my shower and having a spa experience. Every little spray makes my skin feel rejuvenated.

  15. Scearse18

    I got this a week or so ago and already in love! Very easy to assemble and also love the way you can adjust the height! If you like more of a shower mist than you would love this shower head! I highly recommend this.

  16. Brad98106

    I got this as a gift as I love to shower. It’s beyond disappointing. Just bad all around. Super disappointing and I can’t even return it because I was unable to get it installed until now.

  17. gerry

    I purchased this as a Kickstarter project. It is exactly as advertised. Installation was easy. The directiuons were clear and concise.

  18. phrohg

    After some installation issues, I got the product installed. I have used it once and I really enjoyed it.

  19. lovon2

    I was super excited to try out this Nebia by Moen Rainshower head. I love nothing more than going to a spa and using their spa-like showers so was looking forward to the same thing at home. I only have a bathtub surround with a shower curtain and the website said that type of unit would work okay for this unit. It was very easy to install, took less than 15 minutes. When installing make sure you pay attention to lining it up straight before you peel and stick it to the wall. I like a nice hot shower in the morning and this takes a little getting used to. With the design of this your head and top part of the body get all the hot water but by the time it makes it’s way down to your feet it is cooling off quite a bit, but the overall experience is like rain falling down on you while showering. I love that feature that the shower head can move up and down the bar. I am only 5’6 and my daughter is almost 6′ tall so she can raise it up to meet her needs and I can bring it down for mine. You can also tilt the shower head and move it from side to side. We both have thick, long hair so I wondered how the pressure would be for rinsing shampoo and conditioner out but it rinse out just fine. There is an attachment piece you can purchase separately that is a hand held unit for rinsing off your lower part of your body I read about, I may be looking in to adding that in to my unit. This design has a luxurious look to it, makes my bathroom look all fancy now! It will add a touch of class to any bathroom.
    The only reason for the 4 stars is that I don’t like how quickly the water cools down the lower part of the body. I would still recommend this product to anyone looking to upgrade their morning shower. Another added bonus is it will save on your water bills.

  20. Proudof5

    so I’ve tested a lot of shower heads over the years. You could say that I am a bit of a shower head nut. I’ve seen the other Nebia versions advertised for the past few years and I was intrigued. Now, having finally tried it myself here are my thoughts. Experience: 10/10!! You need to get used to it. It’s definitely different. Not everyone in my house loved it right away. But after two or three showers they are all FANATICS. The spray is much more dispersed, but somehow still feels very powerful. The good part about that is that your whole body gets covered in water. More than enough to rinse you down. But you must have a shower that does not have big openings. Install: 9/10 They advertise it as easy to install. And for the most part I agree. Follow the instructions and you’ll be fine. It took us about 20 minutes. Much of that was uninstalling the existing showerhead which was on pretty tight. Love that we didn’t have to use a drill bit. The adhesives are pretty neat too. Packaging: 6/10 It’s ok. Great that all the parts you might need are there, including the 4 different brass nipples (this is a big plus). But there is too much plastic. Especially for a product that is about being good for the planet. Quality/durability: 9/10 Materials feel solid. The main bracket is clearly a sturdy metal and the showerhead is plastic but it feels good. The slider function works just as it seems in the pictures and videos, and the little magnetic puck thing for the hand shower is also a nifty feature. Main takeaway. If you are looking for a new shower experience, this is the coolest product I’ve seen yet. One piece of feedback for the manufacturers I would have liked for the hand shower to work on its own, without the head on. Otherwise it works as described. Just make sure that your shower doesn’t have a big opening on one side, or the water vapor won’t work as well

  21. Kendra

    I bought this shower while it was a crowdsourced product. The reviews are accurate in the fact it does not get hot or flow like a normal shower. The company did express this fact in the description of the shower at purchasing as well as the installation so I feel these poor reviews are not founded. Read about the shower before purchasing. It is definitely not for everyone.
    I bought this shower because water in my town is outrageously expensive. Yes it does definitely save on water by atomizing the droplets and creating a steam-like jet. I have had no issues with washing and rinsing soap because there definitely is an adequate amount of water. The temperature does end up running a little colder but the water heater just needs a small tweak in temperature. With my kids I do need to use the shower arm to fully wash them.
    Installation was a breeze and the instructions are very clear. I was actually nervous to use my shower because I felt like I was missing a step and it would spray everywhere when I turned it on.
    I feel like I got exactly what I paid for in the shower and I find the quality is great. The finish is plastic and originally it made me nervous. I find it stays cleaner and I don’t believe a metal finish would fair as well as the plastic.
    As far as not having 5 stars, my only complaint is I need a little more functionality for my kids. I wish there was a multi function handheld attachment so I could hose off my kids in a snap or clean my shower. The water gets everywhere when I’m trying to get the babies showered because I need to open the curtain.
    I’ll probably move my Nebia shower downstairs into the guest bathroom until the kids are a little older despite how much we all love it unless we figure out a way to make get the kids showered without soaking the whole bathroom.

    Thanks for taking steps towards water conservation. We will definitely be interested in any future products that align with our values.

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