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Mr. Heater 30000-BTU Portable Propane Tank Top Propane Heater

15 Reviews
  • Double burner radiant propane heater mounts directly to a 20 lb tank for easy portability
  • High-medium-low regulator: 15,000-12,500-10,000 BTUs per burner – 30,000-25,000-20,000 BTUs both burners
  • Dual tip-over safety shut-off switches


The 10,000 – 30,000 BTU double tank top radiant propane heater is the perfect solution for reliable heat in a variety of outdoor applications. Easy and quiet operation, along with dual tip-over safety shut-offs, will bring you peace of mind, whether at the job site, campsite, or tailgating for your favorite team. Features a soft nose P.O.L. and adjustable regulator with high, medium, and low settings. Operate just one adjustable swivel burner head to provide 10,000 to 15,000 BTUs, or light both for 20,000 to 30,000 BTUs. Mounts directly to a 20 lb propane tank with up to a 14.5 hour run time on high with both burners.
  • Double burner radiant propane heater mounts directly to a 20 lb tank for easy portability
  • High-medium-low regulator: 15,000-12,500-10,000 BTUs per burner – 30,000-25,000-20,000 BTUs both burners
  • Dual tip-over safety shut-off switches
  • Approximate 14.5 hour run time on high with a 20 lb tank
  • Operate one or two burners for multiple heat output combinations
  • Adjustable swivel burner heads can operate one or both at a time
  • Easy match lit pilot – no electricity required
  • Quiet burning
  • Ideal for job sites, campsites, porches, tailgating, hunting, and ice fishing
Weight 8.35 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 17.75 × 12.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Brock

    I live in WV and lost power for 13 days due to the snowstorm that hit WV, southeast Ohio and eastern Kentucky in February 2021. When you have a house that runs on all electric and you don’t have access to a generator or the electric heater you have running on the generator isn’t heating sufficiently, this is great for emergencies like that. The temperature inside my home was down to 37 degrees and only using one of these heaters, I had the temperature up to 75 degrees inside within 30 minutes. Just be smart when you’re using propane inside a house or other confined areas. I recommend this product to everyone since that winter storm.

  2. Skeelo

    This is a very good heater for an enclosed area. I have used it in my garage and it heated the entire garage quickly on a cold night. I have used the heater in the house when our power went out and it quickly heated out living room and kitchen area. I have also used the heater outdoors while camping and it did quite well to warm each person that stood by the heater. The heater is easy to light and functions very well. The only thing that I can suggest to the manufacturer is to make the hose that connects to the gas tank slightly longer. The fit is a little tight to get the heater mounted on the tank while the hose is connected.

  3. Chad

    Bought this for my shed already had the single 15,000 btu mr. heater and this dual burner is great! Not only can you light just one burner to consume less propane at 15,000 you can light the other burner and run at 30,000 btu to heat the area faster. Some of these other heaters dont ignight and you have to get the air out of the line. This starts up with no problems and no electricity is needed making it usable for emergency use as well. I would not leave this heater unattended could have serious consequences cause it does get very hot and no safe around young children also. Like any propane heaters I recommend getting a Co2 meter and detector like a (kidd co2)
    detector keep yourself save from carbon monoxide.

  4. Mack

    Great heater, for a couple of months. Worked great as a shop heater for about 3 months of semi-regular use. The next winter, after the 12 month warranty, I went to use it again and neither of the push buttons would work. As soon as it was lit and the button released, heater would shut off. Used a clamp to keep them held in but one side would sound like a jet engine and blast out actual fire. Completely unsafe. I put it away and used another heater until I just tried it again this month. Now, with the clamp holding the button down on one side (I don’t even fool with the jet engine side) the heater barely works. It’s as if the tank is near empty and it’s just sputtering. Tried with another full tank too, same thing. $75 bucks down the drain….

  5. Doug

    I bought one of these and used it for about 4 months (winter) and it became harder and harder to start. The safety button that you hold in when lighting would never keep the burner going when you let go like it should. By the time next year rolled around, I gave up and bought another one. Now one of the 2 burners make all kinds of noise and the back started glowing red hot! The only way to keep them running at this point is to clamp the safety buttons on. Super disappointed when figuring out the cost and how long they lasted. I figure buying a new heater every year ends up costing as much as the fuel every year. Will not buy again! These are 2 time losers for me. I tossed both. JUNK!

  6. Diesel

    I have Mr Heater attached to a 100 gallon propane tank that I use to heat my detached garage (720 sq ft) works perfect. Only takes it about an hour to heat the garage to around 70 degrees. I would highly recommend.

  7. Eric

    why does this not have some sort of self igniter? Any other gas powered heat source has a clicker style igniter and this thing wants you to use a match. Great other then that.

  8. Mr Ed

    This is my third tank-top portable Mr. Heater. First one was purchased in early 2000’s and is still going, albeit noisily. Second one got given away still working well. Unfortunately they have really cheapened this product. Bought in November last year and by January the cheap little regulator they’re using now was starting to misbehave. Occasionally would turn itself off on a half full tank and refuse to work again for days. Happened again last week and haven’t been able to use it since then. So tired of products which cost enough to expect quality, and completely fail to deliver. More junk for the landfill.

  9. Slorider

    I’ve only used it a few times but it’s worked very well so far…. I only and truly hope it continues working this good.. if so I will buy a second one.

  10. Anonymous

    The heat this produces is amazing. It is well worth the price. It’s easy to light.

  11. thegent_69

    Can’t go wrong with a Mr.Heater

  12. Anonymous

    Easy to mount great heat output.
    Will let us use the back deck on many more cool nights.

  13. Boomor

    My wife is very please with the heat! We are often outside watching ball games and this has been great on those cold days. Seldom do we need the high setting, surprisingly. It is very sensitive when it’s lit and if you attempt to move it, the tip sensor does it’s job! Not a big issue, just have to relight it. Would recommend and would buy again.

  14. JSnATL

    Simple to use, produces an incredible amount of warmth. Attaches directly to a standard propane tank. The only installation other than attaching the gas line, is to tighten the clamp that attaches the burners assembly to the top of the propane cylinder

  15. Ann10

    The heater heats better than most with the same BTU and is easy to attach to a 20 pound propane tank

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