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NewAir 1500-Watt Ceramic Compact Personal Indoor Electric Space Heater with Thermostat and Remote Included

10 Reviews
  • Built-in safety features include automatic tip-over kill switch and two types of overheating prevention
  • Whisper-quiet fan with 2 speeds never disturbs sleep or conversation
  • 1500 watts deliver maximum heating power for rooms up to 250 square feet


This small but mighty space heater delivers plenty of comfort with its whisper-quiet fan, while it’s 1500 watts of heating power warms up to 250 square feet with ease. Compact and portable, the QuietHeat15 is also packed with safety features, including an automatic tip-over kill switch and two built-in defenses against overheating.
  • Built-in safety features include automatic tip-over kill switch and two types of overheating prevention
  • Whisper-quiet fan with 2 speeds never disturbs sleep or conversation
  • 1500 watts deliver maximum heating power for rooms up to 250 square feet
  • Compact, portable design can be placed right where you need it most
  • Remote and programmable timer for convenience
  • Includes a tip over kill switch, while a thermistor and thermal fuse prevent overheating
  • This powerful, whisper-quiet space heater clocks in at under 45 decibels, making it ideal for bedrooms, offices and anywhere else you need quiet comfort
  • Built-in handle makes it easy to move from room to room
  • The included remote control allows you to choose from heat settings between 41 and 95 degrees for complete climate control of your entire room
Weight 8.51 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 13.75 × 13.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. CfTesla

    My wife and I own two other room heaters we have picked up for a little less of a price than this heater. Like many I wondered what am I paying that premium for? Is it worth it? I had been looking for a good heater for my office where I could run the heater and not have it be distracting. I am a YouTube creator and my mics pick up all sorts of sounds. This fan nailed it! I actually thought it wasn’t working the first time I turned it on to where I went and put my hand down to feel the heat because it was so quite. That aside the classy look fits in any room. We move it to our pool table room often and other times have it in our formal living room and it doesn’t look bad at all. The digital display is great and the remote just makes it that much better. The whole unit just feels streamline and high end. I would most definitely recommend this.

  2. prdtreviewcafe

    This heater packs a punch for being so small. Could be mistaken for a speaker as it looks really trendy. I use this in my small dining room to add some extra heat on the chilly days as my home office is also located in this room. I had heat in minutes of taking it out of the box. Super simple set up, easy to use and I am in love with the remote. We received this in black and note that while it does show dust more than other model colors would I really like this color choice and wouldn’t have it any other way. The thermostat is true to temperature and is easy to adjust.. Also you haven’t lived until you watch the numbers count down on power off. This is a fun feature that I had not seen before.

  3. empusagirl

    This ceramic heater looks sleek. It is also very quiet. If I hadn’t felt the heat coming out, I wouldn’t have known it was working due to it being so quiet. It works extremely well and it heated up my entire downstairs in surprisingly little time. I love that it has a remote and all the safety features are excellent. I feel like I don’t have to worry about it as much. I can set the temp as well as a timer, if I want. We actually turned our house furnace off and just let this heater warm up our downstairs to help save energy. It’s great!

  4. Anna C

    We have an older home, so it comes as no surprise that it’s not exactly the warmest all of the time. Add in the fact we live in Ohio and yay, freezing home upstairs since we don’t have an HVAC duct-system (weird right) in our home. To avoid high gas bills, having small room size heaters like this one is perfect. We shut them off during the day and only really need to have them on for a couple hours in our rooms and we’re fine the rest of the night. I love that the heater has options to either have a strong flow of heat or a more low & steady flow. It also gives you the option to have it shut off after 1-12 hrs. It also comes with a small remote so if by chance you do get chilled in the middle of the night and wake up, you can turn it right back on. The cord does get hot, so definitely make sure you do not use an extension cord. (It’s in the booklet you receive)

  5. MonicaL

    The Newair quietheat space heater is small, but strong. I have the silver and LOVE the way it looks, very trendy. In my pictures you’ll see it looks like a speaker. It heats up fast and I’ve used it in the living room by the garage because it gets drafty. I’ve also used it in our bedroom at night which will help us save on our heating bill. Yay! It comes with a remote so you can set the heat flow and adjust the timer from afar. Because we have pets and kids I especially like that it will turn off accidentally knocked over. The top of the heater didn’t feel hot to touch, but obviously you want to supervise around small children. The heater is very quiet like it says and I think I want to get one just for the bathroom. Overall a quality product that I would recommend.

  6. Cassandra95011

    I received complimentary product. The heater works effectively and does heat well. It can burn you if you misuse it and so also placing it away from pets and young children is a must. it can heat up a little room and I think for me it works better in the smaller room as far as heating it all over. I would love to see the brand make a non electric heater that could be used for power outages as this one does need to be plugged into an outlet, but it can go into a standard outlet . It should not be used outdoors and does not sit far off the ground . I would have liked a little better handle for carrying when needed.

  7. Jaclyn

    I must say that I am super impressed with the NewAir Portable Ceramic Heater! As soon as I took it out of the box, I loved the modern look and simple style. It does have a handy little carrying handle on the back, so it is easy to move around not to mention super light. I used this in our living room and in our camper so far, and it did very well. Our fifth-wheel camper is four seasons but does not heat very well still. Using this little heater has helped out tremendously when it comes to keeping it cozy! It does come with a handy remote so that you can literally lay in bed and play with the settings to get them perfect for you. The display is super easy to read, and the buttons are large. I am blown away by the quality of the NewAir Portable Heater and would highly suggest checking it out for your heating needs.

  8. jasminegiles33

    This space heater is so classy! I had people over for the holidays and they were asking where I got this! The silver one has a “macbook” like finish to it! Super cute. The heater itself is quiet and strong! This warms up our living room quickly. I love how it has a remote control and the digital screen on the top of the device. There is even a timer you can use if you make forget to turn it off at night. Love this!

  9. Redrose3

    I received the New Air portable heater in sliver. The heater has a modern sleek design. The shine of the metallic color brings out the best in any room. It definitely goes with my home decor. This portable heater can “cover up to 250 square feet of space”. That is a lot of heat in one room! This heater is perfect for me! I used it in the bedroom when it gets cold at night. This system is quiet thanks to its ceramic technology. One of the key features is New Air’s safety shut off mode. If the heater falls down, it shuts off automatically. Safety is their number one priority! Second, the heater has a black screen with control buttons on the side. It displays the current room temperature. More importantly, I can add or subtract how much heat I want in the room. It also come with a small thin remote. The back of the heater has a handle for me to carry. Overall, New Air portable heater is safe and easy to use. I highly recommend it to everyone this winter.

  10. CLemieux

    I fell in love with this heater as soon as I opened the box. Not only is it really sleek and compact, but it’s very modern looking! Immediately upon turning it on, it heated right up and heated our entire living room in a matter of minutes. I highly recommend this heater!

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