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NutriBullet Personal 24 oz. Countertop Personal Blender


The Nutri Bullet is specifically engineered to break down the cell walls of food to create the most powerful, nutritional smoothies available. This unique extraction process transforms food into its most nutritious, most absorbable state. Plus, you get all the health benefits of eating whole fruit and vegetable – the fiber, the pulp, the seeds, and the skins. Everything goes into your NutriBlast; nothing gets left behind.



Blender Uses
Frozen Drinks; Smoothies; Purees; Frozen Desserts; Dips & Spreads
Blender Capabilities
Puree; Blend; Whip; Liquefy; Crush Ice; Chop
Travel Cup Included
Other Pieces Included
Recipe Booklet; User Manual
600 Watt
Dishwasher Safe
All Components
Handwashing Recommended
All Parts
Product Care [Delete]
“• The precision extractor blade must be cleaned immediatelyAfter each use.• Always unplug the power base prior to cleaning,Assembling or disassembling.• Never submerge the power base in water or place it in theDishwasher. Wipe off any debris inside the power baseImmediately with warm water to keep it in good working order.• Do not wash the precision extractor blade in the dishwasher asElevated temperatures can damage gasket seals.• The Nutribullet cups and precision extractor blades shouldNot being immersed in boiling water for any reason as this willWarp the plastic and damage the gaskets.• The precision extractor blade is sharp! Use care when cleaningThe precision extractor blades to avoid injury! Rinse precisionExtractor blades immediately after each use to prevent debrisFrom drying and sticking to it. If necessary, use a dish brush toLoosen any debris around the blade, gaskets, and blade housingThreads with care. Do not use your fingers.• hand wash only with mild dish soap and warm water (not hot).• allow to air dry prior to proper storage.• for tough debris, fill the cup ½ full with warm (not hot), mildSoapy water. Then, simply twist on the precision extractorBlade, pop it on the base, and give it a run for 30-45 seconds.Follow up with a quick brush.• when washing the precision extractor blade, do not attemptTo remove the gasket ring. Simply hand wash the precisionExtractor blade in warm, mild soapy water. Attempted removalThe gasket may permanently damage the precision extractorBlade configuration and cause leakage. If in time a gasketBecomes loose or damaged, please contact customer service forA replacement Nutribullet precision extractor blade holder at:1-855-346-8874.• we recommend replacing your extractor blade every 6 monthsOr as needed for optimal performance. To order a replacementBlade, simply visit: www.Nutriliving.ComF ingredients dry inside the Nutribullet cups, make your cleanup a snap byFilling the cup about 2/3 full with warm soapy water (not hot) and screw onThe precision extractor blade. Place the cup assembly on the nutribulletPower base for about 20-30 seconds. This will loosen the stuck ingredients,And with a light scrub and rinse, you’ll be all done.Cleaning the Nutribullet power baseFor the most part, the power base doesn’t really get dirty, but if you neglectTo twist the precision extractor blade on to the cup tightly, liquids can leakOut and get into the base and stick to the activator buttons.Here’s how to clean it up:Step 1: the most important thing — unplug the power base before cleaning!Step 2: use a damp rag to wipe down the inside and outside of the power base.•Never submerge the power base in water or place it inThe dishwasher.•The blades are sharp! Never put your hands or utensils near the precisionExtractor blade and never use your hands or utensils to press the activatorButtons are down while the power base is plugged in.Heavy cleaning:• should the inside of the base become sticky due to spillage you may followThese additional cleaning instructions:• unplug the power base and make sure the unit is o_x0089_ before cleaning.• place the power base on a dish towel to catch any liquid or debris.• pour a tablespoon of a diluted solution of distilled vinegar and warm (notHot) water (1 part vinegar to 2 parts water) into the power base were thePrecision extractor blade assembly would sit during normal use.• immediately use a damp dish brush to dislodge any debris and wipe it outWith a damp cloth.• the power base is constructed with a drain tube that will drain anyLiquid debris safely through to the dish towel without damaging theInside components.”
Pulse Function
Non-Skid Base; Detachable Blades
Number of Speeds
Supplier Intended and Approved Use
Residential Use
BPA Free


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