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Oco OcoHD Indoor 1-Camera Wired or Wireless Hardwired Micro Sd Internet Cloud-based Security Camera System

22 Reviews
  • Crisp HD 960p live video and 125° wide-angle view
  • Oco offers SD card and cloud storage to ensure video capture even if your Wi-Fi is temporarily down
  • Local SD card recording support up to 128GB; SD card not included


Meet Oco next generation Full HD Home Monitoring Camera with SD Card and Cloud Storage. Monitor everything you care about: your home, children, pets, elderly parents, business, etc. Setup Oco2 in less than 60 seconds and access Full HD video remotely with our App. No Monthly Fees required to activate all camera features including motion and sound detection, two-way talk and night vision. Use both Cloud and local SD Card storage and never worry about your internet connection going down.
  • Crisp HD 960p live video and 125° wide-angle view
  • Oco offers SD card and cloud storage to ensure video capture even if your Wi-Fi is temporarily down
  • Local SD card recording support up to 128GB; SD card not included
  • Optional up to 60 days of cloud storage
  • Self-learning motion and sound detection system learns every hour you use it to avoid false notifications
  • 2-way talk, communicate with those in your home, keep your pets out of trouble and stay reassured your kids or elders are doing well
  • Set-up in less than a minute, Oco is true plug-and-play, unbox Oco and plug it in, download Ivideon app, scan the QR code in the app and you are ready to go
  • Digital zoom
  • High-quality infrared night vision up to 20 ft
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 in

Latest reviews

  1. Marvin

    I personally like OCO HD Home Monitoring Camera, it is easy to setup with a good value for money. The features that I personally like are Adjustable Noise Sensibility; so you can only hear what you need to hear(this is really a must since it also has a Two-way talk system), Motion & Sound Detection; the device won’t just see but it can also feel, Night Vision; who doesn’t like that?, and Likable Design; yeah it really looks cool to me. And you don’t need monthly fees to have all this features plus you can also save all the feed via SD Card or Cloud Storage. All I can say now is OCO HD is the best or one of the best home monitoring camera.

  2. Pat

    OCO HD is one of the most selected indoor surveillance cameras because although it is a professional camera and a very pleasant style, its price and its easy configuration and handling favors that all kinds of people can have it in their homes or businesses.OCO HD a camera with which you will not pay extra fees to have all its active functions, with OCO HD you have a camera that you can connect to the internet and that will allow you to have a video image 24 hours a day thanks to its night vision and added to its wide viewing angle are characteristics that will not let you miss a minute of what happens inside your home or small business.

  3. Edny

    The OCO HD out door camera is one powerful surveillance system that gives full security to our properties,business,and beloved things.The camera is easy to setup in judt some seconds and it comes with a very elegant design,also it has ability of infrared night vision,motion and sound detection with ability to adjust the sensitivity,large storage cloud with ability to add Micro SD card,wifi connection,and for the best security a wide angle vision and face/sound recognition.The best thing that this great brand new technology comes with a very reasonable price with no monthly fees. For the best security the OCO HD camera is the best choice.

  4. Kathy

    I bought the OCO HD camera 3 weeks ago. I chose it because I wasn’t looking for nothing too fancy and didn’t to spend too much on a camera. I needed it to monitor my dog, who’s pretty old now and blind, so I wanted to be able to keep an eye on him while I’m away and, if possible, to be able to speak to him, so he could hear my voice because every new and again he gets sort of startled when he feels alone. I gotta say the OCO HD camera was definitely the right choice. It was really easy to setup and it always stays connected to the WiFi, without any sudden connection losses. I’m so happy I can now keep an eye on my best buddy so I always know if he’s alright!

  5. Dolph

    Indoor cameras are great for keeping an eye on your kids and pets, but if you’re concerned about security, you don’t want to risk missing a second of the action. That’s why I recommend the corded version of Security Camera which name is OCO HD pro. which provides continuous recording, sharp high definition video. has stellar 1080p video with a 180-degree field of view, continuous recording with no gaps when activated by motion, 24 hours of free sd card and cloud storage for your videos. OCO HD pro is an excellent value in home security cameras, with onboard AI that can distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles as well as recognizing familiar faces..

  6. Chick

    Yes this is the awesome OCO HD camera never seen before This Camera can be shared with multiple people. The first user added to the camera shall be considered as the administrator, after which he/she can authorize and give access to multiple members to monitor the scene.With Advanced latest technology Digital zoom option see the image clear and crystal even from the distant. The camera can be used to view live footage of the surroundings remotely with your mobile phone via network connections and easy to Setting up this camera takes just a few minutes. You may start using this camera right away after completing a super simple process. its really value for money

  7. Frieda

    As a user of this camera i can wholeheartedly say this is a value for money product with some amazing features. Mainly need to point out its easiness towards the setup procedures and its brilliant wide angle which covers the entire area beyond my requirement expectations.As i mentioned earlier the amazing features which i fall in love with this product are its clear night vision and also its motion and sound detection capability. This device also offers another extra features to mount the sd card and cloud storage which i found very useful. Its pleasing design is a quality boosting feature and i strongly recommend this for those who require a value for money product.

  8. Nicodemus

    Ilike this security camera to protect yourself at home, it has been a good innovation, it has a very good resolution, it is small to hide it in places where it is specific, either for small companies or for the interior or exterior of the house, its connection to Wi-Fi is excellent since it uploads the recordings directly to the cloud. and with a sd memory for backup, it has a good battery life, rechargeable. You can monitor your home or business using a live application. and to be safer at night it has infrared night vision and does not require monthly fees, very good product, very good quality, and excellent price.

  9. Otis

    OCO HD is an indoor camera that supports motion and sound detection and has adjustable motion sensibility whereby you’ll get notified on your phone when human motion is detected and useless motions caused by nature like wind is filtered.Its equipped with infrared LEDs auto switching to night vision and with it’s wide angle you can get live full HD video even in total darkness.OCO HD has cloud storage and micro SD card upto 128 Gb that is efficient for storageWith this home security camera you can have real time talk with family and friends! The best thing is that it’s very easy to set up and it has a reasonable priceBe rest assured that you’ll get the value for your money.

  10. Richard

    I have to say I was surprised with the quality of this camera. The color and clarity was really good. I actually ordered a second one. Once you create your online account with them, you have the ability to set a static IP address and then use it with your own security software. I am using it with Blue Iris Software. Right now, it is inside looking out a front living room window. The second one will be on my back covered porch.So… So far, so good…My only concern is that I had to create my Web interface password on THEIR website and it updated it on my camera. But once you have that set, you can enter the static IP address in your browser and make changes to your camera there.

  11. Kirk

    I really really like the idea of this camera, however, their is way to much that is just wrong. My biggest complaint is the fact that the motion sensor really doesn’t work. And because of that. I will not be notified if their is a intruder. I also want to note. When I was testing the camera. When I would make noise. The video feed would echo and will continue doing so unless I shut the application/feed off and reactivate it. I also want to note that I don’t receive notifications when there is movement in my home. I’m very disappointed of this because their is certainly so much potential with this product but so far it seems as if i just purchased a idea rather then a finished product.

  12. Andy2m

    Purchased this camera to keep an eye on my house while off on vacation. It took just a couple of minutes to set it up and the camera worked flawlessly. I had someone come to my house to water the plants a couple of time while I was gone and the camera’s motion detection picked them up each time alerted me with a notification on my phone. Both the recorded videos and real-time video is quick, simple and reliable. As a side benefit, the camera served as a notification of power failure in the house when the app notified me of the camera going offline. All in all, a great product at a good price.

  13. Ken

    I have been using this solution for along time. Since we are working abroad and all our valuables and our parents sits in our home country, this makes our life simple in monitoring the house and looking after our parents. A good quality of Night vision ables us to monitor the Tea plantation more secure in monitoring this and security purpose. This has more options like sound detector and and it has a option of 360 degree view.I myself fixed this at home and it works fine and the guidance given to fix this was awesome. Do not hesitate to purchase this and its worthy spending money on this.

  14. Kurt g.

    This is a good security camera, easily controlled on the iVidion website or phone app. The picture is clear and the night vision is excellent.The camera won’t store clips unless you sign up for an account. The iVideon site lists a server and a client application that can be installed on Windows. I downloaded and installed the server, but it couldn’t find my camera. The camera can use a micro SD storage card, so I put one in and it was able to capture clips. I wish there was a way to make the clips a little longer.Overall this is a good camera, if you can afford an account for video clips.

  15. Lula

    The OCO HD is my pick for the best wireless security camera because manages to outperform the competition. We think the OCO HD is an excellent choice for most people, especially if you want a quick setup, multiple cameras, and outstanding video quality.Its 2K video captures more detail than 1080p cameras and records clear video any time of day thanks to infrared night vision and a built-in spotlight. The pros of this camera I like the most are: it is easy to setup, motion & sound detection, two-way talk, Wi-Fi, micro SD card and cloud storage, night vision, no monthly fees required

  16. Veronica

    When my family and I decided to opt for an advanced and complete security system like that of security cameras, we had some doubts about its quality and price, so we opted for . We were greatly surprised by his professionalism and we were really satisfied with his tools such as the motion and sound detector, the wide angle and night vision. Although there is still little time that we have it at home we have great expectations about its performance in the future since it is very easy to configure and use the home wi fi without additional costs. thanks it is an excellent product.

  17. Mike j.

    I had been looking for a security camera for some time and decided on the OCOHD. The set up took just a few minutes, would have been shorter had I entered the network password in correctly. I like that the service to view the camera is one that I had been using with my old setup of using my old cell phones as IP cameras. I was familiar with it and the basic service is FREE. The picture is great, the sound is clear and we enjoy scaring the kids by talking to them through it. The movement notifications are working great, the night vision works well, the video delay is not unreasonable. I’ve been so happy with this we are thinking of getting at least one more as well as recommending it to other family memebers.

  18. Sylvanus

    I liked this camera it has likable design which look good.first thing I want to mention it is very easy to setup and value for money camera, you don’t require pay any extra free to access its features like smart motion detection or night vision. seconds thing I want to talk about that is it has two way talk and wifi support which makes it user friendly and it comes with an micro sd card’s an professional indoor camera with adjustable noice and nigth vision which make usable through all day and come with an wide angle view which is very beneficial for user.

  19. Jemima

    OCO HD Indoor Camera is exactly the thing I needed. I was low on budget, and with the low price, OCO HD was my choice. Its wide angle is really wide, compared to other cameras for this purpose. Recordings are great. I also like the wifi feature, because I don’t have cables everywhere. Also one great feature is motion and sound detection-that way reduces the time to rewatch recordings. Night vision is also great and its really good- you can see everything no matter it is dark. I can say that OCO HD is one of the best indoor camera on the market. I recommend it to everyone!

  20. Al

    next generation Home Monitoring Camera with Micro SD Card and Cloud Storage. Monitor everything you care about: your home, children, pets, elderly parents, business, etc. Setup OCO HD in less than 60 seconds and access crisp HD video remotely with our App. No Monthly Fees required to activate all camera features including motion and sound detection, two-way talk and night vision. Use both Cloud and local Micro SD Card storage and never worry about your internet connection going down. NOTE: The camera has to be plugged into a power socket, it doesn’t have a battery.

  21. Syd

    My bro, If you searching for best Simple Home Monitoring Camera — value for money, Then this review is only for you, The camera I suggest you that contain this features:- Motion & Sound Detection- Two-way talk – Wi-Fi- Micro SD Card and Cloud Storage- Night Vision- No monthly fees required- Likable design etc. Overall this camera is my all time recommendation for all my friends. The camera name is Gamma. This camera is best for Pro’s. Visit the main factor site of this camera and see the other many features. According to me this is the best deal for pro’s.

  22. Fie

    I have a home automation and I was looking for a camera that could adapt to my home, and this has been a success. It not only offers very good quality in the recordings, it is also very economical. For me it is the best indoor wifi IP camera, quality price. In addition, it should be noted that it has an sd card and cloud storage, for me that is important and I am totally happy with this OCO HD camera, I will highlight that it has night vision, that is the best it has and last but not least I do not know require monthly fees to access all features

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