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ON AIR Tripod

10 Reviews
  • PORTABLE – innovative fordable and lightweight design makes this perfect to take along everywhere
  • UNIVERSAL USB POWERED – powered by a universal USB cable with an inline remote
  • FLEXIBLE – expandable phone holder with adjustable flex gooseneck


Get the professional lighting you need to capture great quality photos and videos with the HaloTravelPro ring light. Featuring an all-in-one design, the light ring includes a phone mount and an expandable stand that retracts and folds back into the attached base mount. Lightweight and portable, the HaloTravelPro can be your smart companion on the go. Powered by any USB power source, it’s perfect for makeup artists, photographers or even creating your own videos at home. With its unique foldable design, you can easily fit it in your backpack and carry it along with you while travelling.
  • PORTABLE – innovative fordable and lightweight design makes this perfect to take along everywhere
  • UNIVERSAL USB POWERED – powered by a universal USB cable with an inline remote
  • FLEXIBLE – expandable phone holder with adjustable flex gooseneck
  • VERSITILE – expandable up to 5 ft. and contracts down to 1.5 ft. for all your uses from the floor to your counter
Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 12 × 12 in

Latest reviews

  1. Jazmyne

    I’m someone who loves taking pictures and/or having my picture taken. Especially when I’m traveling to a new destination or if I have simply found a cute area for the gram! Lol. This product is VERY convenient and the way it folds up makes it all so much easier. I love the 2 light settings it has and the brightness is spot on! Great even for dark nights when you’re looking to take a good selfie. I will definitely be using this product and would highly recommend for others! I just need to get a cute bag to carry it around in.

  2. sjt33074

    The ring light is definitely bright and I believe it will work well with lighting up any space you’re working with. I have had success with the ring light during face time calls and taking head shots of myself and family members. Having both the adjustment for brightness and 3 colour adjustments are a must. The tripod is quite sturdy and overall it is light and easy to move around. The tripod is compact and lightweight; don’t use it outside in the wind, but indoors it is great and very stable! The phone clamp can accommodate a large variety of devices, and the ring light produces A LOT of extra light. I don’t have any bad thing to say its worth your money.

  3. jmingram033

    It’s very useful for videos and pictures without the assistance of another person. It has 3 different light features: white, warm, and a mixture of both. The light can adjust up to 5 feet, and it has a USB plug for usage anywhere. It was easy to use and the angles are great. We had a little trouble setting up for the first time. The locking mechanism wasn’t cooperating at first. Once we got it up, my son tried it for his online assignment. If you are create videos often, or just like to take photos this is recommended. Selfies would look great with the all the different lights. Thanks for letting us test this great product!

  4. MariMar462510

    The On AIr Halo Travel Pro is just so awesome and so complete I absolutely love it so easy to use the best part it is collapsible and the height is perfect also the different Halo Light is perfect and the way you can put your phone and its held up is perfect and if you are like me who is always posting on instagram fb and posting videos this is super perfect because you can take it with you anywhere at anytime and that is perfect i am so happy to be able to have this and i am so happy that is works so awesome this by far is the best little Halo Travel Pro that you can have i really recommend it to everyone so easy to use

  5. Erin2354

    I absolutely love this halo ring light! So easy to use! All you have to do plug the USB cord into any USB compatible device. It’s very light weight making it easy for traveling to locations for video or photo shoots. It’s also very compact and easy collapses into itself for storage. The lighting switch is built onto the USB cord makes it easy adjust the lighting you want for the perfect selfie. I love that there’s endless lighting options when it comes to levels dimness and shades (warm, cool, mix). I used an iPhone with this light and it held perfectly. This is my go to for the on-the-go ring light.

  6. Hamburglar27

    I like this On Air Travel Pro Compact Ring Light for numerous reasons. I love how small it folds up to travel with convenience. It folds up to be about the size of a dinner plate and only a few inches thick, but then extends to 5 feet tall! The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was because of how it was packaged. It said to just pull it out and set it up without saying anything about the cord that was wrapped around it so had to figure that out so it didn’t break when I pulled it up. This light is perfect for someone doing videos, tutorials, vlogs, etc. and even has multiple options for the brightness and color variation of the light (warm or white). Overall, this is a great halo light.

  7. Kk2976

    At first I was a tad confused on how to make the ring light extend but other than that I was able to get it open and it really does extend 5ft. I have bought small ring lights before but this one is amazing. It has 3 settings for the color of light. You can also adjust how bright you want the light and it gets brighter than any light I have tried before. My favorite part is that it’s compact so you can use it on the table then fold it up and take it with you and extend it up somewhere to take your own pictures. It also contains a phone holder directly in the middle of the light that you can adjust also. This has been a great product to test. I already recommended it to a few family member’s.

  8. Anastasiairina

    I don’t have alot of experience with vlogging/photography equipment so I am not sure what to really look for. I will just list all the things and i loved and didnt like about the On Air Halo Travel Pro. I liked that it is height adjustable, up to 5 ft! The ring light has several light modes, warm, cool and natural and it dims!!! There is a “remote” attached to the stand. The only thing that I didnt like or had an issue with is the phone holder weighs the light down. My light would tilt forward and its annoying. Maybe I set it up wrong I’m not sure. For reference I have a Samsung Galaxy A20.

  9. Jj808nv4

    When I first recieved the Air Halo Travel Pro the box the product came in was attractive. The halo light looks like it could be a item selling at any top end electronic store rather the being sold in the electronic section of a grocery store. The halo light was easy to set up and use because there was no assembly required. There are 3 different types of light which I found handy in different setting. My favorite was the white LED which you are able to make lighter or darker. I found the attachment that hold on to my phone helpful. It has the perfect height when watching movies on my phone when I am laying in bed. Overall the Air Halo Travel Pro is a good quality item. I would buy again if needed.

  10. Kellytriesall4

    I absolutely love this Tzumi Electronics On Air Halo Travel Pro Compact Ring Light! The 3 different light modes and 10 different brightness levels give you control over lighting so that you can have better quality pictures and videos! I first tested this out on one of my cats since it’s usually pretty hard to pick up all of her colors in pictures. Using this ring light made all of her colors show up clear as day! This ring light is also compact, portable, and is USB powered so you can travel and use it anywhere easily! I also love that the Halo Travel Pro can extend to 5 ft to help get the best view! Perfect for Vlogging, Gaming, Overall better quality pics/vids, etc. I highly recommend this product!

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