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Parrot Uncle 42-in Chrome Indoor Chandelier Ceiling Fan with Light Remote (3-Blade)

22 Reviews
  • Industrial ceiling fan: retractable 3 blades ceiling fan and industrial chandelier 2 In. 1, fits perfectly in any rustic/industrial-style environment
  • Whisper-quiet motor quietly generates optimal airflow using 3-speeds feature providing year-round comfort
  • Max 240-watt light fixture using six max 40-watt candelabra base (E-12) incandescent bulbs not included


It is a combination of a retractable ceiling fan and crystal chandelier. When switched off, the intrusive fan blades automatically retract and conceal, and visually the unit transforms into a slim, modern chandelier. This high-end remote control allows you to control the light and the fan speed separately, 3 fan speeds.
  • Industrial ceiling fan: retractable 3 blades ceiling fan and industrial chandelier 2 In. 1, fits perfectly in any rustic/industrial-style environment
  • Whisper-quiet motor quietly generates optimal airflow using 3-speeds feature providing year-round comfort
  • Max 240-watt light fixture using six max 40-watt candelabra base (E-12) incandescent bulbs not included
  • Remote control included- this high-end remote control allows you to control the light and the fan speed separately and from anywhere in the room
  • Retractable blades- blades open and closed by remote control, it is a beautiful 21-inch industrial chandelier when closed, and it is a 42-inch ceiling fan when open
  • 42-In fan provides airflow up to 3800-CFM, making it ideal for small or mid room
  • 4-In and 10- In L down rod included (can also be installed as max 15 degrees angle mount)
  • Offering a limited lifetime motor warranty on all ceiling fans; with a 1-year warranty on all parts (excluding bulbs)
Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 22 in

Latest reviews

  1. Dave

    Chrome 42-in Indoor Ceiling Fan with retracting Blades it was easy to install had a problem with trying to figure where to put the remote sender it will not fit in the top wire cover and It did not come with light bulbs but that is not a issue the main issue is the Chandelier you have to physically put the tear drop on the end of each of th 59 chains this is very time consuming, took my wife and I 2 hours then you have to insert the end of the chain into a small whole in the pan. How ever once we finished and installed the light bulbs it was well worth the time.

    Easy to install
    Clear and quite Ceiling fan
    Beautiful when Done

    Tear Drop on chains very time consuming
    Installing chain on pan I did this after it was mounted
    Putting Remote Sender in Cover
    No light bulbs

  2. Woodcutter

    I would consider this fan one of the most unusual ones due to retractable blades. With fan off it looks like a kind of some strange light fixture which is lowered for no apparent reason. But then you turn fan on and get a feeling of watching a bird slowly expanding its wings. So overall, I am very impressed with design. Installation is quite bothersome considering I used to install half a dozen standard room ceiling fans. With this one you must have a helper to hold the fan while running wires with small clearance space and securing it. Instructions could be made better: there is no step by step guide, instead it’s almost a table with options in different corners. Electric connection alone could be done with either a single permanent wire using wireless remote for both fan and lights, wall switched light, or 3-way wall switched fan. But it’s not trivial to figure this out in instructions. Assembling almost 80 glass beads is something to call a party for. However, those are not plastic, but real glimmering glass! And once you get through all the trouble you can have something to brag about.

  3. Tommy305

    I’m so happy after installing this beautiful chandelier/fan in my dining room! Such a beauty! It brightened up my dining room; as if giving it new life! I needed to modernize my chandelier from the old/vintage classic chandelier I already had up. [I uploaded a ‘before & after’ picture] So I thought this chandelier was perfect to spruce up the room & the fan was an added bonus that I was pleasantly surprised with! The fan is super silent &, with it’s 3-speed settings, adds a great air circulation to my dining room! The clear blades retract, out-of-sight, when not in use. Also comes with a great remote control (to control the fan speeds, light, power, & even has a timer for the fan!) The remote also comes with a caddy wall-mount that looks perfect next to the dimmer switch. The remote control can be used all the way from the other end of my house too..not sure if I’d need to control the chandelier/fan from that distance but it’s great to know it works so powerfully! Very very happy with this beautiful chandelier-fan!
    The only reason I didn’t give this review 5-stars was because parts of the installation were difficult & didn’t really need to be..and some parts were unnecessarily tedious. The installation paper-manual (1-sheet) is a bit confusing because it didn’t show an exact step-by-step guide; as to a “clear direction on how to install.” Instead, it’s shown in sections. I’ve installed lights & fixtures like this before so I’m comfortable with figuring it out and knowing which section to install and, in what order. So, if you are a novice at doing these types of laborious installations, you may need to hire a professional; or, give yourself a good amount of time to figure it out. Just to note: The string of small crystals are not connected to the ‘arrow-head’ larger crystals so it is required to connect all these arrow-head crystals to each string of crystals by hand making the connection with the tiny key-ring wire at the end of each string(of smaller crystals!) This was incredibly tedious & took me about an hour! The whole time I’m thinking, why couldn’t they just include these (in the package/box) already connected!?
    Overall, even with the unnecessary issues during installation, I am truly SO SO HAPPY with this beautiful chandelier / fan!! I highly recommend!

  4. Herb

    This is truly a beautiful peice of work. Packaged well with easy to understand instructions. It is a little time consuming attaching all of the crystal beads and chains. But we’ll worth the time. The retractable fan blades are really cool. When not in use they tuck away above the crystal light fixture.
    We will be installing this unit in our dinning area. One person could install this unit but I recommend a second set of hands to help.

  5. Carlos

    This is a great combo of chandelier with a hiding fan blades. It’s really complicated to install. It took me a few hours to figure it out with the unfriendly congress instructions. So here it goes. I posted photos to guide you in the installation process.

  6. Tobypine2

    Let me start off by saying, know what you’re getting into with this fan. If I had, I might have thought twice. I’m glad I have it done though.
    The good. The fan is solid and the fan unit is good quality and looks to last. The remote unit was easy to add and overall the finish and feel are good. I like the “saddle” mount many fans use as it simplifies hanging the fan and seems to me quite secure. The operation of the fan is smooth and quiet and has no wobble. The blades extend and retract smoothly and quietly and are barely noticeable when running, even though it puts out a good deal of breeze. Very nice for this size.
    The not as good. The plate the beads are attached to, while nice looking and perfectly sized, is very sharp along the edge of the mounting surface, where you don’t see it. The instructions show the connection like a plug, but the wires were bare and I needed a helper to hold it while I used the wire nuts to wire it up. Would have been so easy if it was a couple two-wire plug ends. The loops the beads are hooked to are small looped pieces of metal. Theyre not all the same size and a couple came out. And were a pain to get back in their hole. Do Not flip this plate over. You don’t want to lose any loops.
    I wish the glass crystals were pre-attached to the plastic bead strands. I get it’s not a $500 chandelier but this is the part that took forever. If you can get help with this part, you’re better off. Imagine putting a key fob on a tiny key ring. Now repeat 79 times. That’s basically what you do and then hang them by size. They include an extra strand in case and that’s nice. It took me three hours to install this fan and mostly was assembling these parts.
    There weren’t any batteries or bulbs included and that’s a first. I’ve installed a lot of fans and this requires 6 candelabra base bulbs, so don’t forget those or the 2 AAA batteries for the remote.
    With all that, my girls were tickled. The end product looks really nice and as they put it, “gave their bedroom some class”. Which makes it worth it.
    Just know what it takes to get there.

  7. Bernie

    The Chrome 42-in Indoor Ceiling Fan (3-Blade) is well made. You need to be careful to follow the instructions exactly for a good result.

  8. Joe

    Received well packaged and all parts.
    Installation was a little complicated due to poor instruction manual.
    Instructions were vague and pictures provided were to small to see which may be a problem for a beginner.
    The separate instructions for the remote control install were very good.
    Using the short down rod makes the wire connections very tight using the remote unit.
    The 80 crystals come well packaged but do not have the large end crystal attached and that job alone to put them together and hang them took longer than the unit install.
    The fan and light work well off the remote with 3 speeds but no light dimming option.
    The fan produces a nice breeze and the clear fan blades come close to disappearing into the top of the light.

  9. BK

    If you are looking for something a little different in a ceiling fan this is it ! Very unique design with the crystals and retracting fan blades. Very well made and packed extremely well for shipping. Only thing missing is the bulbs . Now for the downside of it. Plan on spending some time assembling this fan. Installing the crystals is very tedious and time consuming. The instructions could be a little clearer for the average person trying to assemble it. Also helps to have a helper when installing. Overall a really nice fan that is very quiet and worth the time it takes to install.

  10. Michelle

    Very difficult to install. Directions on installing are very vague.

  11. spike

    After it was put together, it was beautiful. The clear fan that disappears when off was nice. The instructions were very poor. The most important part of the instructions, the electrical wiring, were too small and blurry. It was also cumbersome to attach the crystals to the beading. Attaching the beading to the light fixture was easy.
    The distance between the decorative cap and the wiring was too short. Hard to complete the wiring in that small space. Would only recommend using it with high ceilings and the longer hanging rod giving adequate room to wire.
    I would not recommend this light fixture/fan unless the instructions are redone and used on higher ceilings.

  12. Thegoodwife

    The sparkle and beauty is better than imagined. The instructions and assembly was absolutely terrible. Good thing my husband is an ET in the Navy. The metal base got extremely scratched and fingerprints everywhere. Some of the crystals were damaged, but they give you extra. Some scratched. Putting together crystals the most tedious and frustrating part!!! My husband put crystals on before mounting and this was a terrible idea as I had fingerprints to clean up and crystals were not aligned properly.

  13. crhend

    This visually impressive light with hidden fan operates quietly and casts mini rainbows throughout the room. It is an excellent addition to the room. The hidden blade feature is great, no large fan blades hanging out.

    Having said that, unless you have previously installed a ceiling fan or are an experienced or expert DIYer I would recommend you look elsewhere.

    The instructions seem to have been written to support the installation of a number of different fan kits. Including some with internal connectors or terminal blocks.

  14. Jerry

    I have attached pictures of the fan in the box. It is a very heavy fan and needs to be screwed to the joists and not a box. The crystals are beautiful and detailed. Each package of crystals are labeled and shown where to hang them. It is a lot of work attaching them together and hanging them. This has a remote, so hooking up to the light switch is not necessary. I have a remote chandelier ceiling fan in the dining room and is easy to operate. It too had to be hooked to a stud; exceedingly heavy.

    The directions, however, leave a lot to be desired! It does not state what type of lightbulbs to use only “do not exceed 240 watts,” which would mean about 40 watts per lightbulb as there are 6 total. It would be good if the lightbulbs were included or at least what type listed.

    The 3 blades are clear plastic and look very nice. This crystal fan would look great in the dining room or front room with a vaulted ceiling as it needs at least a 7′ clearance (crystals hanging down). .

  15. Rob

    Love this item, very stylish gives the formal dining room
    A nice look along with a ceiling fan.
    Installation was easy as installing any ceiling fan or light.
    Does take a little patience and time to install the crystals
    But worth the time once it is all complete.
    Absolutely Gorgeous

  16. RBCC

    Very nice ceiling fan/light combination.

    Well made albeit time consuming to assemble.

    Attaching the glass beads took 2 hours! 2.5 plus hours in total for this install

    No bulbs are included in the box. I installed 6 LED candlelight 60 watt equivalent soft white bulbs.
    Large added expense.

    The remote is nice and a must have.

    One needs a 9 foot or higher ceiling for this fixture.

    Careful to not smudge the polished chrome metal parts and the glass beads. One fabric glove is included. Should be 2!

  17. Christina

    I purchased this chandelier for my daughter to remodel her room and it was a big hit. Only con is the fact that you have to put each crystal on the end of the crystal links. Which was not fun and when I was done my fingers were sore and red. Other then that we loveeeee it.

  18. DennisP

    The finished product is beautiful and innovative! However, it took an electrician AND a helper almost 3 hours to install by merely replacing an existing light socket (already wired)! All of the decorative glass beads came unassembled in separate pieces (the smaller beads were in one package and the larger baubles for the ends were separate)… Then dozens of these sub-assemblies had to be attached to the underside of the fan by means of very small “key ring” type split rings and then each sub-assembly attached to the fan by means of another very small “key ring” type split rings attached to very small “eyes” on the bottom of the fan housing… This was very meticulous, tedious and time consuming!
    A suggested improvement would be to have these strings of beads pre-assembled with the larger bauble pre-attached to the end of the smaller beads and then they could have had an elongated “s” style hook at the other end of each string of beads to attach to the fan housing by merely “hooking” them to the respective very small “loop”/ “eyes”.
    Another suggestion is to include the batteries for the remote so that the assembled and installed product can be immediately tested instead of having to make a trip to the store to purchase two batteries! Batteries and “matching” or “complimentary” light bulbs should always be included with such a product!!!!
    There were no light bulbs included with the unit making it impossible to immediately test the installed assembly! The type of light bulbs required are the ones with the small base and should probably be ones with a candle or decorative shape…. Light bulbs that compliment the design and style of the completed assembly should be included with the unit!!!
    The assemblies’ design using the transparent and retractable fan blades is innovative and makes the chandelier look more elegant when idle, yet practical when air movement is desired!

  19. Jack

    I got this fan for my daughters room. She loves it. I wasn’t expecting much airflow from the fan but was surprised when we turned it on. The fan is quiet, no balancing needed and moves the air great in our 12×12 room we installed it in.

    The fan came packaged well and included 2 different length downrods and a remote kit. The remote kit has 3 fan speeds and an on/off for the lights. There is no dimmer for the lights like some of the other remote kits I have used. Everything needed to install the fan is included. You will need to purchase 6 candelabra base light bulbs, I used 25W equivalent LEDs.

    If you have installed any fans before than the install will be straight forward. If you have not installed any, beware the instructions can be a little hard to read. The layout of the instructions and the tiny print is what lost a star for me.

    Putting the crystals on takes some time but that was expected. Also, tighten all the clips on the light kit before you install it to make sure there are no loose ones when hanging the crystals.

    Overall we are very happy with the fan.

  20. handy

    I love it the retractable blades and remote control can’t wait to install it. My daughter loves it and is excited. Love this program thanks for letting me participate for this I am grateful and appreciative.

  21. Anonymous

    Looks very nice. Eye catching.

  22. TRDRAK


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