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Peerless Core Stainless Single Handle Low-arc Kitchen Faucet (Deck Plate Included)

8 Reviews
  • Stainless finish faucet from the Core collection by Peerless offers extra help at the kitchen sink
  • 4-hole installation only
  • Lever handle is simple to use and makes adjusting water temperature easy


  • Stainless finish faucet from the Core collection by Peerless offers extra help at the kitchen sink
  • 4-hole installation only
  • Lever handle is simple to use and makes adjusting water temperature easy
  • Side spray included for convenient cleaning at the kitchen sink
  • Low-arc faucet is ideal for sink areas with low-hanging cabinets or windows
  • 1.8-GPM max flow rate helps conserve water usage
  • Spout swivels 360° when you need extra room in the sink
  • ADA-compliant faucet offers a safer and more comfortable alternative to people with disabilities or limited mobility
  • Lifetime limited warranty offers peace of mind
Weight 2.875 lbs
Dimensions 16.75 × 11.25 × 2.625 in

Latest reviews

  1. Dee Lee K

    My faucet had been leaking for awhile and I had done some quick patch work here and there but I finally caved in and decided I had to get a new one. I wanted something simple but with a little bit of flair and I feel this faucet fits what I wanted perfectly.
    I like how the box was packaged. It wasn’t big and bulky and everything was neatly placed inside. The instructions were super easy to read and alot of it was basic common sense, especially if you’ve replaced a faucet before. Once I cut my water off, I think it took maybe 20 minutes and that includes screwing everything on and checking for leaks in my water lines. You can’t complain about that time frame at all and I was very pleased with it.
    I like how it has that one knob to control both hot and cold water(I had the one with 2 knobs previously). It works like a charm and I really love the overall look and design of it. Also, I can’t forget the sprayer. I already had the cut out for the sprayer but never had an actual sprayer so this is super awesome!! I’m now able to spray my veggies down the way I want to and my kids even enjoy using it. Definitely a 5 star item!!!

  2. mrkent

    Installation of this product is very easy. One thing in particular is the down tubes for the supply lines makes it easier to connect the hot and cold water lines especially if you are connecting the lines under the sink while laying on your back. This faucet with sprayer is awesome. Has a nice stream pattern from the faucet and unlike many other faucets, when using the sprayer, no water comes out of the faucet leaving more pressure to the sprayer. The single handle faucet for the hot and cold adjusts easily to establish the desired water temperature.

  3. Matt

    Quality replacement faucet. Nothing fancy, but functional well made replacement faucet for older identical one. First one lasted 30+ years, so well worth it.

  4. Speedy

    I’ve installed a couple of these, they go in fast and easy, are very well built, and have a smooth easy operation! All for 1/2 to 1/3rd the cost of the big name competitors.

  5. barb

    i was pleasantly surprised when the faucet arrived. i had been looking at faucets because i’ve been in the process of redoing my kitchen and this was one i had been considering. it’s good quality and will work just fine in my remodel plans. so very happy with this selection. thank you so much. all the research i’ve done says this is a great faucet and it looks great

  6. Diana

    I purchased a manufactured home with a kitchen sink that was about five inches deep. The sellers tried to be nice and installed a fancy schmancy faucet that, while looking modern was so high that each time one turned it in when the water hit the bottom of the sink it splashed literally everywhere. My manufactured home already had water damage to the under sink cabinet and that beautiful high profile faucet splash simply exacerbated the situation.

    My choices were to get a deeper sink and have a plumber install for total cost of over $500 or revert back to a low profile faucet.

    I read many reviews and ultimately decided on this Peerless model. I am 100% pleased with it. No more splashing, a need specific to me.

    For the purposes of this review let me say this: I am a 62 year old woman and I was able to install the faucet easily all by myself. The package contained instructions for both removal of the old faucet and installation of the new faucet. The connections were very easy to make. The single handle makes adjusting water pressure and temperature a breeze and the chrome finish is quite nice looking. The side sprayer provides me with the ability to rinse items that are larger without making a water mess. I live my new faucet.

    Once I found it online I tried to pick it up at the store, but they don’t stock these lowered priced faucets on the shelves. Only available online. But with my Lowe’s account, I got free shipping so no matter.

    This Peerless faucet comes in different configurations: one with just faucet, one where the sprayer is inserted into the faucet base and one where the sprayer is inserted into a fourth hole already in the sink. Be sure to look at your sink and figure out how many holes you have to guide you in picking the right one. I initially ordered the wrong one, but return at the Lowe’s store was easy – no need to ship it back.

    It also comes in stainless steel at a much higher price which I did not opt for.

    There are also two “sink hoses” that are probably already under your sink and can be re-used. But when I removed the old faucet, the black washers in the old hoses were deteriorated and the black rubbed off in my hands. I opted to purchase new connection hoses. The whole job cost less than $50.

    I highly recommend this product.

  7. Charlie

    This faucet works very well. It’s nothing fancy but a good faucet. Very easy to hook up.

  8. Bob

    I was given the opportunity to evaluate the PEERLESS Chrome 1-handle Low-Arc Kitchen Faucet. I replaced my 21 year old kitchen faucet with sprayer with the PEERLESS Kitchen Faucet. My old faucet was a different brand and was inferior in construction/quality to the PEERLESS Chrome Kitchen Faucet. IT TOOK LESS THEN ONE HOUR TO REMOVE THE OLD FAUCET AND REPLACE IT WITH THE PEERLESS CHROME KITCHEN FAUCET. This timing includes checking and testing the fittings for leaks. Proper lighting while working inside the cabinet during the installation process is a must. I used a floor spotlight in order to provide adequate lighting while installing the PEERLESS faucet.The PEERLESS Chrome 1-handle Low-Arc kitchen Faucet fittings matched all of the holes on my kitchen sink. I had absolutely no issues installing the PEERLESS Faucet. The PEERLESS Chrome 1-handle Low-Arc Kitchen Faucet appears to be well constructed. The chrome finish adds a nice accent to my sink and countertop. I would recommend this product.

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