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Peerless Sidekick Brushed Nickel Dual Shower Head 2.5-GPM (9.5-LPM)

20 Reviews
  • Installs in minutes on the existing shower arm with no special tools
  • Allows for single or shared operation of shower head and shower wand
  • Perfect for bathing loved ones and pets as well as keeping the inside of your shower and tub clean


The multipurpose Peerless SideKick Shower System installs on the existing shower arm with no special tools needed. The shower head with water-amplifying spray gives you a drenching experience. The convenient shower wand makes your daily life simple with included attachment for bathing kids and available attachments for pets and cleaning tubs and tile (sold separately). A smart suction-cup solution offers you the ability to place the hand-held wand wherever you need it and angle the spray at a lower level for bathing pets or children. Quickly re-dock the wand while sitting or kneeling outside of the tub, keeping it out of dirty water.
  • Installs in minutes on the existing shower arm with no special tools
  • Allows for single or shared operation of shower head and shower wand
  • Perfect for bathing loved ones and pets as well as keeping the inside of your shower and tub clean
  • Shower head features five spray patterns: water-amplifying spray, full spray, massage spray, full spray with wand spray, and wand spray
  • Shower wand features three spray patterns: shampoo-rinsing spray, laminar/soft waterfall spray, and pause
  • A volume-adjusting dial on the spray wand lets you select the strength of the spray with a quick twist
  • The soft waterfall setting mimics the motion of water being poured from a cup – helpful when bathing children
  • Pivoting wand with extra-long 84-in metal hose gives additional reach
  • Soft, rubber Touch-Clean spray holes allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up from the spray face of your shower head with the touch of a finger
Weight 4.14 lbs
Dimensions 13.78 × 8.07 × 9.06 in

Latest reviews

  1. GrannyN

    We are in the process of remodeling our 2nd bathroom and needed a new showerhead. I really like the Peerless SIDEKICK Shower System. It will be wonderful for bathing the pets and also for when the grandchildren spend the night and we need to bath them. I love that it fits to any standard shower arm. This is a well needed product that I will look forward to using.

  2. AddieV

    So I was excited to receive all of the attachments (they really are helpful!), but the shower head is so much lower with this thing on! I like how the smaller part can be removed and even fastened on the side. But I’m not sure if all of these benefits are worth having to duck a little to fit under the shower head. It’s about 3” lower than it was with the previous shower head.

  3. Tony

    So far this combo showerhead has been fantastic. One review said that the suction holder for the handheld didn’t hold which is slightly true. But I made it work by scrubbing my tile clean and having it a little damp where I attached the suction. I then let it dry before letting the handheld attachment rest on it. Before I had attached it to the wall and had the handheld rest on it immediately and they would just fall off the wall. The pressure is ok. Some of the different modes has more pressure than others but that is just the physics of the same amount of water coming out of different number of holes. I also like that this comes with a 7ft hose which makes for cleaning easier.

  4. Trishd

    I’m actually going to return this. It’s a great concept but poorly designed, hardly any water pressure to the hand unit even with the restrictor removed, not a full primary shower head spray and the hose is exactly the length of my original so certainly not any more useful for washing my dog or anything else. It has adjustments for the shower head spray that some might find satisfactory but when the big selling point is the hand held part for pets and shower cleaning it is definitely a disappointment.

  5. DIYer

    I got two. I love how easy it is to switch the modes. The detachable head is easy to use, too. I had no issues with the suction cup.

  6. Stryker777

    This is the best shower system I have used. There are a few things that really stand out over others I have had in the past.
    1) The lever for selecting modes is easily slid.
    2) The ability to select hand held, shower, or both is very handy, especially when washing a dog or first turning on the shower so you don’t get blasted with the cold burst.
    3) The hand held unit has waterfall, shower, and pause. Pausing works out great after wetting the dog. Then I pause while lathering and unpause when I’m ready to rinse. My wife likes it too for shaving.

    Install was easy and straight forward. Be warned though, the shower is not the highest pressure out there. The restrictor made it less powerful than any previous shower I have owned. They do say it uses 20% less water than others, so I will say the marketing is accurate. This can be remedied with a quick search though. We have not used the scrubber attachment much, but I do see how it would be very helpful cleaning glass. We have shower curtains instead of doors. The dog washing attachment works great. It doesn’t bind in the hair and it really works thing out. The whole thing is pretty easy to keep clean and I expect it will last for a long time.

  7. Fit-It-Up

    I received the shower sidekick system and installed it in our master bedroom shower. It was easy to install and had no leaks upon testing it out. I really like the system because of its versatility, especially for bathing my Norwich Terrior. But I did find that the animal brush is to harsh on smaller animals. It will probably do well with larger animals instead. If the manufacturer designs a softer style cleaning spray brush, then it will be much better. Overall, the form, fit and function of the system was well engineered and the price is well within competitive norm. The isolation holder is also great when you’re sitting on the floor washing your pet. That way it doesn’t lay on the floor in the way.

  8. Tomb

    We absolutely love this shower system! The only con we have found is that it delivers noticeably less water than the 20 year old, non-water saving shower head that this replaced. However, this has the benefit of using the hot water at a slower rate, thereby allowing for longer showers to take place. Don’t take this con as a serious problem…any new shower head is going to use a lot less water than the old ones did.
    Now for all of the pros:
    Our biggest complaint about our old shower head was that we had to turn it to the side, turn the water on, and then wait up to 2 minutes for the water to be hot, and then turn the head back toward the middle. But no longer! We placed the wand mount, which uses a suction cup, on the glass side wall of the shower. We put it there over a month ago, and it is still in place! This system also comes with a self-adhesive holder that the suction cup can mount to (the “smart suction cup mount”), thereby allowing the suction cup to be placed on rough surfaces (stone, etc.) that suction cups would not usually stick to very well. So now we have the spray wand on the suction cup mount, pointed toward the “back” wall of the shower, on the “waterfall” setting. So now instead of turning the showerhead to the side everytime we get in, we just move the selector lever on the head all the way down, which puts all the water to the spray wand. The water gently hits the back wall and flows down, not splashing or spraying cold water on us. Then when the water is the correct temperature, we just move the selector lever up 2 notches so it sprays from the shower head (1 notch up makes it spray out the head and wand at the same time). I guess we were most concerned about causing a leak inside the wall from all the stress we were putting on the shower arm that comes out the wall (the old shower head was tough to adjust, so we could see the shower arm moving side to side as we adjusted the shower head).
    This shower system comes with a soft “pet scrubber” spray cover for the handheld wand, which truly makes the water come out with less force, so our YokiePoo doesn’t mind getting a bath. And with the ability to “pause” the water coming out of the wand, and a “volume-adjusting dial” ON THE WAND, you can be make all of the flow changes right on the wand while washing your dog…very handy! Our dog already liked being in the shower, but now it is so easy to rinse the shampoo out of her fur. I say “easy” because this shower system comes with an 84″ hose, which is noticeably longer than any other shower wands I have used in the past. In fact, when I installed the “tub & tile cleaning attachment” to the wand, I was able to scrub the entire shower, and floor, with the exception of 1 bottom corner (of course, the size of your shower will determine how much of your’s you can scrub).
    I will say, I’m not super impressed with the scrubber…it works well on the flat tile, but it does very little for the corners. At that point, you need a different brush to clean the corners of the shower, so using this attachment just gets another thing wet and dirty that you have to clean and dry before storing. And like I said, you already have to use another brush anyways, so for me, this is not a useful part of the system. But all of the other parts are truly awesome!
    As for construction, it is, of course, mostly plastic. Unless you spend several hundred dollars, you should expect to have plastic. However, it is a very solid and sturdy construction. I am very picky, but have no complaints about the materials used. In fact, I was extremely impressed by the fact that I needed NO TOOLS for the installation. All of the connections had large enough areas to grip and tighten. The shower head comes with a gasket, so I did not need to use any Teflon tape on the shower arm (which was handy because I don’t know exactly where my Teflon tape is at right now).
    So to wrap this up, we love this shower system, and for the money, it is a great deal. It does everything we wished our old shower head could do, and more! Who knew they had attachments to make washing a dog easier? Love it!

  9. Caty

    I needed a new shower head, and I got the Peerless Sidekick. It screwed in place of the old shower head easily. The shower settings are easy to change; there is a large switch on the top of the head. There is a hand held wand that can be turned on or off that makes it easy to wash the shower.

  10. Anonymous

    Peerless sidekick chrome shower system has a waterfall setting plus wand that comes with volume adjusting dial to easily control the sprays. It’s metal hose is extra long. You can pause the spray. There are even attachments you can purchase to use with this like a tub and tile cleaner.

  11. Libby

    It’s so versatile! I love that I can clean with it. The pet attachment is great! My cats didn’t even mind. The low flow was great for my baby.

  12. Jessica

    Easy to install and has interesting attachments but the water pressure was really disappointing even with the restrictor removed.

  13. Tonyzany

    I received my Peerless Sidekick shower system and had it installed in less than ten minutes. This is a shower system because it utilizes features such as a docking handheld spray head that clicks into it’s much larger shower head sister attachment. It comes with a extra long metal spray hose, a doggie shampooing attachment and a scrub pad attachment to clean your shower and tub.
    It’s all constructed with ABS plastic with dark grey color with chrome accents. It seems very solidly constructed and sturdy, it should hold up well. The docking handheld spray showerhead has a pause water button, a very gentle water fountain spray for babies, a little stronger spray. Honestly even though you can adjust the water flow with a ring you turn on the showerhead it isn’t strong enough. The system has a water reduction valve so I guess you could change that out.
    The big shower head is cool, it has a lever style switch which you push up or down on the right side behind the unit. it has 5 different spray modes. They work well. All in all It’s a nice shower system that is stylish, practical and has many different uses. Great for pets, babies, cleaning shower stall.
    See my video of first look and installation.

  14. Lindsay

    This is a very good multifunctional shower-head system. I got it so we can bathe the dog easier. The rubber attachment and suction cup wall attachment are very convenient for this purpose. I really like how I can shut the water off/on momentarily from button in nozzle. I also enjoy how the system comes with an extra wall attachment, however the suction cup is not that strong and has fell off wall several times already. Hence the 4 stars instead of 5.

  15. MrMomSuperDad

    I was happy with this shower system. It installed in minutes. It has a solid well built feel to it and it works well. I used it to wash the dog and it was very handy. I could scrub her down without having to use wash clothes and she held still because the water wasn’t a hard spray. Cleaning the tile in shower is much easier with this system also. The scrub head attachment works great. My wife and daughter like it because they are short and the ability to place the hand unit down low is great for them. The only thing I would like to see improved is the lever to switch spray types. It’s a little confusing and always takes me longer than it should to get the right combo of strength, spray type and to get it to come out both the hand unit and stationary head at the same time.

  16. Stater

    This shower head has really good pressure. The additional handheld spray is nice, but it has a longer hose and makes it perfect for cleaning the shower and bathing my dogs. The only reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5 is because of the placement of the additional sprayer makes the range of motion to tilt down, limited.

  17. Jim

    Besides the large multi setting Shower head, this Shower Head appeals to me because I have a large Collie and the detachable spray nozzle is ideal for washing my Collie. And if you want to spray an achy spot, it’s good for that too. Love the multi versitality of this Shower head, and it feels good when showering.

  18. Kell

    Glad this item was on clearance or I would have taken it back. Was not impressed with the different settings on the main head. The scrubby and pet tool with the hand held sidekick was kind of nice. I ended up putting it in my basement shower that gets used a handful of times a year.

  19. Ed

    The shower head put together super easy. The pressure was a little lower then my previous one, but still plenty high. The attachment is perfect for giving my young kid his bath.

  20. arketekchic

    This was super easy to install, I don’t think it took my husband 5 minutes to screw off the old one and screw on the new one. All of the choices between the different sprays and hand attachments are really handy! We have not used the pet attachment yet as the dog has somehow managed to stay clean the last couple of weeks, but I think it will be very handy when we do need to. It works great and the kids haven’t complained at all so I can only conclude that it’s an A+ product!

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