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Pfister Kroft Spot Defense Stainless Steel Single Handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Function (Deck Plate Included)

17 Reviews
  • Meets ADA/ANSI A117.1 requirements, ensuring accessibility to all disabled persons
  • Pforever Seal™—advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee
  • Product complies with NSF/ANSI 372 and conforms with lead content requirements for lead-free plumbing as defined by California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana State laws and the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act


Kroft’s soft squared accents and statuesque body creates the centerpiece your kitchen needs. Featuring a high positioned handle and a tall arcing spout, Kroft’s design could be featured in traditional, transitional, or modern kitchens.
  • Meets ADA/ANSI A117.1 requirements, ensuring accessibility to all disabled persons
  • Pforever Seal™—advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee
  • Product complies with NSF/ANSI 372 and conforms with lead content requirements for lead-free plumbing as defined by California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana State laws and the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Includes decorative deckplate
  • Includes coordinating soap dispenser
  • High arc spout for added clearance and reach
  • Pull-Down sprayhead with toggle button to select spray or stream modes conveniently in the palm of your hand
  • Advanced spray head docking system ensures a secure, tight connection to the faucet spout
  • Spot Defense finish defends against fingerprints and water spots
Weight 10.96 lbs
Dimensions 28.97 × 13.98 × 3.74 in

Latest reviews

  1. Telleferro

    All I can say is OMG!! This kitchen faucet is a dream. Where can I start? The quality – top notch, strong and durable. I’ve never owned a Kroft Pfister item, but this wows me to the moon. I feel as if I’m in a professional kitchen. This sturdy faucet is easy to install in place of my old faucet, which is somewhat outdated. It has an easy switch to go to water stream or water sprayer. A simple push of the button and bam. My old faucet the buttons stopped working shortly after being installed. The pull down neck is great, not having to pull up and out. The turn on and off handle makes it easy and is out of the way on the side. The height of the faucet is great because when I wash large pots, it won’t be in my way. The soap dispenser is a nice touch to the decor as I don’t have to keep those unsightly dish soap bottles all over the place. Easily fill the soap dispenser from the top. The color is matte black which goes with my decor of stainless steel appliances with black edging. This faucet will last for a lifetime and never go out of style. Pfister is a well name brand and known for quality. Why would anyone use anything of lesser value. I love it.

  2. kurdapya

    I just recently upgraded my kitchen, along with backsplash and sink is this new faucet installation which I DIY. I have never been so proud of myself that I was able to install this on my own. The installation guide or manual was very easy to understand and follow. The pieces were very easy to put together. I like that it came with something to tighten the nut as well. It has a lock-in sprayer which makes it very convenient, and it also pulls down. The one-hand soap pump makes it easier to wash messy hands. The faucet swivels making it easier to reach all parts of the sink. What I love most about this faucet is that it is resistant to water spots or finger prints and it is very easy to maintain by just wiping it. My kitchen looks amazing now with the touch of this beauty and function.

  3. Jake

    This faucet includes everything needed to do the installation yourself. It includes a special tool for tightening the faucet base nut – it is often very difficult to tighten this nut, as it is between the sink basin and the rear cabinet wall, but this tool made it a breeze!
    The faucet comes with a generous length of supply lines with flanges and nuts already attached. I have replaced dozens of kitchen faucets in recent years and this one was by far the quickest and easiest due to the features I stated above!
    As for performance I have no complaints. The pull down hose extends and retracts effortlessly. It is also long enough to reach every corner of a 39” sink basin. When retracting the hose the spray nozzle snaps back into place with a positive click and stays put. The spray head also has a generously sized selector button to switch between spray and stream.
    This faucet has a very modern look to it which is one of the reasons I chose it. Also the spot defense stainless finish is super easy to keep clean.
    This is definitely a product deserving of 5 stars!

  4. Dbay

    New Faucet Review 2-14-19
    First of all let me say that I am very honest with all my reviews. If I think an item is bad, they will surely hear about it! My family flipped houses for the last 13 years, not many maybe 15 total since 2006. We basically do all the work with the exception of new HVAC units and new electrical service panels. We do 100% of plumbing unless we are forced to pull a permit. Too much info maybe. So here we go.
    All in all this is a very nice faucet. Here are some of the pluses:
    • Free floating, heavy weight to retract faucet head when it is extended.
    • Red and blue markers to show hot and cold water lines on each hose.
    • Nice long hoses with 3/8’’ compression fittings to reach our poorly designed kitchen valves ( they are offset, not centered beneath the faucet).
    • The black plastic supply lines are very stiff. That bothered me at first. But they bend to form the shape that you need…great idea.
    • Easy to install “push fit” line for the extension hose. Also a button to remove it easily if needed.
    • The water pressure is very good on this faucet. I am always weary of that these days. The button to switch from spray or stream is large and easy to switch.
    • Best of all, a very attractive faucet. Modern, option of right side or left side handle. Tall, but not too gigantic.
    I feel that my wife and I feel this is one of our best faucets ever.
    (we could not install the soap dispenser at this time until we can drill a hole in the corian countertop)


    I have decided to make a change to the norm, in that, I installed the set in my daughter’s bathroom sink. She always wanted a tall pull out type faucet for her bathroom vanity, so I thought, why not try this one (I was getting ready to buy one @ Lowe’s) as it was just exactly what I was going for. AND the side pump works out very well for hand soap at the sink!

    I think the ease with the installation and the efficient manner in which it works is wonderful!

    I’m not sure Pfister had this intended for the use I have, but, why not, eh?

    I don’t have the photo as yet but when I do, I’ll sure share it with you.


    Tom R. North Carolina

  6. TAnderson

    I am a proficient DIYer. I have installed many faucets and taken on and completed many home improvement projects. I needed to update the faucet in my kitchen, and am very pleased with the Kroft 1 handle faucet with soap dispenser and pull down sprayer. It did take a little extra work and a trip to the hardware store to get the right fittings for the shut off valves, but it was no big deal. I would recommend that the faucet hoses be flexible, instead of rigid to make installation easier. Overall, this is a wonderful faucet, and a nice addition to my kitchen. The color is nice, and the faucet itself is sturdy and gives a lot of clearance beneath it for large pots, making washing them much easier.

  7. Dave24083

    I used this pulldown faucet as a replacement for a cheap one I had used to replace a busted faucet at our mobile home on a lake. The pulldown seems to be of excellent quality and is easy to install. Directions for install are mostly pictures, but is sufficient. Before installing, I checked all connections to insure everything was tight from factory and they were. I always check stuff like this so there are no surprises (leaks) after install. The pulldown has only been used a few times, but so far, so good. I would recommend this faucet.

  8. Charlene

    I am enjoying my new faucet. See attached photos.

  9. Anonymous

    I was looking for a new faucet with a soap dispenser and pull down feature. I loved the look of this one, especially the sprayer button. The metal finish feels elegant and it works very well. This is a wonderful faucet and I highly recommend.

  10. Theambushbug316

    I needed a fully functional kitchen faucet with soap dispenser that would complement our home. Kroft has done an excellent job focusing on the astetics of your kitchen by combining a classy look with a well made , reliable faucet with soap dispenser included. The installation was very simple and easy to do by myself. The pull down faucet releases easily and retracts just the same. I love having the added soap dispenser, as it adds to the overall look and design of the faucet. This is a great product for any home and I would recommend this faucet to anyone that wants style, class and overall durability that only Kroft can make in my opinion!

  11. RB2017

    I have to say this faucet was a very pleasant surprise. I have never had a black fixture before so I really did not know what to expect. The faucet is very elegant and goes very well in my white kitchen with all black fixtures. I paired it with a stainless steel sink and in my opinion, it looks amazing! The black finish matches my black cabinet pulls very well! As far as function it ranks really high! It is very easy to handle, has great pressure, and wipes perfectly clean with a soft damp rag. The soap dispenser is top-notch as well!

  12. NoMoHD

    Purchased this to use with a Kraus Workstation sink. I wanted a pull down with square or rectilinear lines. This fit the bill.
    I’ve only had it a couple weeks but so far I like it a lot.
    It installed about as easy as most of this style do, this is the third I have installed. Someone “up top” is certainly handy but you could do it alone.
    Their are some plastic pieces, soap dispenser head and pull down head, but I don’t think you’ll find metal in those parts in this price range, a couple hundred bucks.
    The body really has a “nice” heavy feel, makes me think quality. The valve handle also has that feel.
    The spray head works fine, though it drips a bit after use. Hence my 4 star rating, a little picky but there’s no 1/2 star ranking.
    A big plus for me is the easily replaced aerator. I’m replacing a Kohler unit that didn’t offer that. You had to buy a new head, fifty bucks, once you gave up on vinegar soaks, to regain full flow.
    In combination with our new sink I really enjoy using both every time I need to.

  13. Dn001

    Just what I was looking for. My kitchen sink faucet has visible damage due to hard water. This faucet came in a nice matte black finish. It comes as a one unit faucet and a separate soap dispenser. The unit comes with easy to follow directions that made installation straightforward. I choose to install this without the base plate which for me gives a cleaner finish. The faucet is metal and soap dispenser is hard plastic. The design of the faucet is very appealing. It functions very well and I have not had any issues so far. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great quality product.

  14. Bryan

    I like this faucet better than some of the other brands I have installed prior. Very easy to install, good instructions (assuming you have done something like this before) and made out of sound materials. I like that you can purchase repair kits as well. Stainless finish cleans very easily.

  15. Mj2293

    I am in love with this faucet. Since I do not have a dishwasher, I LOVE having a tall faucet to have more room to wash dishes! I love that the sprayer is built in and that there is a soap dispenser with it! Also the sprayer has different settings on it! On top of all of this, the finish is spot free! Couldn’t ask for more – along with the modern square design! Awesome faucet!

  16. jknichols88

    I purchased this to replace my kitchen faucet, and I have not been disappointed. It works great, and looks even better… and it truly does not show spots, which was a big problem with my previous faucet.

    Definitely recommend adding to your home.

  17. Ibekae

    I just got this Faucet and wouldn’t have expected anything less from Pfister. Well made smooth action on handle. Well packed with a very nice matt black finish. Very sophisticated look. You can tell when you pick it up it is made of heavy quality metal. Telescoping head is held in place nicely.

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