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Pfister Rancho Spot Defense Brushed Nickel 1-Handle 4-in centerset WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain with Deck Plate

30 Reviews
  • Push and Seal™ drain requires no tools and installs in less than half the time of a standard pop-up drain, Guaranteed tight seal each and every use – simply press to seal and again to open
  • SpotDefense™ helps keep your faucet shining like new by preventing unsightly water spots and fingerprints from building up
  • Includes valve and cartridge


Simplify your refresh or remodel with this family of fixtures that’s all about design through subtraction. A blend of crisp details and circular surfaces place Rancho into what’s called a “transitional” category of design. Which means that it’s astute at bridging multiple types of décor for stylistic staying power. Those who love to change up their look will find this trusty beauty is the right call that’s ready to go the distance. A worthy investment all-around, your only dilemma is choosing between chrome, matte black or spot-defense brushed nickel.
  • Push and Seal™ drain requires no tools and installs in less than half the time of a standard pop-up drain, Guaranteed tight seal each and every use – simply press to seal and again to open
  • SpotDefense™ helps keep your faucet shining like new by preventing unsightly water spots and fingerprints from building up
  • Includes valve and cartridge
  • Includes decorative deckplate
  • Meets ADA/ANSI A117.1 requirements, ensuring accessibility to all disabled persons
  • Pforever Seal™—advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee
  • Product complies with NSF/ANSI 372 and conforms with lead content requirements for “lead-free” plumbing as defined by California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana state laws and the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Meets or exceeds EPA WaterSense Standards, which reduces water consumption by 30% and helps average households save up to 200 in their annual water bill
  • Faucet mounted on sink deck or countertop
Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 18.9 × 8.7 × 3.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. DJ

    It’s a very well designed faucet. One thing in particular that this faucet has my previous didn’t is a good height from the aerator and water flow to the sink basin. Allows for cleaning hand properly, filling a cup without having to tilt it. My only issue was the water lines, or lack there of. Not included, and not mentioned in the instructions which size to get (because you have to use the 1/2” male adapter that included if you don’t have a 1/2” fitting under your sink). I have 3/8” to 3/8”. Need 3/8 to 1/2”.

    Ensure your size to get the right line!

  2. almiele

    Very sturdy and sleek, has a nice weight to it AND has fixed copper tubing for inlet lines. I installed over a previous 4″ center set, with putty on the underside of the mounting plate so stop any water from wanting to seep under and then into my cabinet. No leaks so far! Make sure you know and remember, the drain plug is a push-pop style. So if you’re installing this in your kids sink which is never rinsed out from non-stop toothpaste, you’ll have to stick your hand in that! It’s the only situation I can think of where you’d want to make sure it’s washed bi-daily. Otherwise, the extremely wide drain is really, very attractive!!

  3. Houseof4

    This faucet was installed with no issues. The directions were easy to follow. After using for some time, the spot defense works well. I installed this in our basement bathroom for a nice upgrade. I don’t know about you, but I love having a single handle to turn the water on. It’s also easier to clean.

  4. Kiwirock

    I really like this faucet. This was an upgrade from 2 handles to a single handle. It’s sleeker and the spot defense keeps it looking clean
    I wish I didn’t need the deck plate for an even cleaner look. The install was very simple, very few parts. The drain assembly is housed in one unit, nothing to attach to it. Just push it when you want it to hold water or drain water. I spent more time taking the old faucet off than putting this one on. The faucet itself is great quality, feels sturdy. I love the look and function.

  5. _Andy

    The Pfister Rancho Spot Defense brushed nickel faucet looks great and is easy to install. It can be mounted in a single hole or it comes with a base plate to cover the three holes as my sink had. There is only a single nut and washer that securely hold the faucet down which is easy to tighten with a socket or adjustable wrench. The faucet looks sleek and modern, functions well and it’s easy to clean. The water line adapters make it easy to hook up to flexible supplies before you get under the sink where you can work and then attaches to the faucet with a simple nut I could screw on by hand. The drain is a push to pop up and down so there’s no rods through the faucet or under the sink to deal with.

  6. BigT

    Great quality faucet. Well built medium high for plenty of clearance for your hands. Easy to install only requires one bolt comes with two bases for single hole or three hole sinks. Since it doesn’t have a conventional pull handle for sink plunger it comes with a new push on push off drain plunger.

  7. raymondwong22

    A nice and well constructed faucet. First impression is heavy, as most of the parts are made of metal; it even has a pair of copper riser pipe with male connector and seal ring. You have to connect this to the supply pipes that allows the flexibility to position the supply pipe in tight space. Believe it also helps in connection as you can easier to connect at a lower position.
    Secondly, the finish is very well made, it calls it spot resistance that avoid the finger print that is unavoidable in using the tap. Very nice look and minimize the cleaning.
    Another special feature is the push button drain. Well made and water tight. I will definitely recommend it.

  8. Joe

    To me this faucet delivers on everything you would expect…good looks, easy install, and the spot defense technology is a nice perk to have. Even with my hard water, nothing really seems to blemish the finish. The push drain has very positive feed back and you are able to install this 100% without plumbers putty. They actually advise against using it for fear it might mess with the seal, which, irony.

    The one thing I will say as a negative, is that at this price point, would have loved for them to include a couple of supply lines…yes not one size does fit all but throw in a couple 16″ runs or make it apparent on the box that you need them, so i don’t have to go back to the hardware store to pick them up. FYI, doesn’t come with supply lines 🙂

    Over all though, good product, glad i have it.

  9. JMc

    The install was very straight forward (the disassembly took longer…), you may need to trim your water lines depending on what you currently have.

    My favorite feature of the is the height and direction of the water spray. I was sick of always hitting my hands against the back of the sink while washing them. This faucet is higher up so gives a little more room and also directs the water flow closer to you.

    I did not realize it also came with a new stopper, this is my first push stopper and so far it has been great. We will see how long this one goes until cleaning is needed.

    One minor complaint is the deck plate, I was nervous about it cracking when tightening the nut on.

  10. Unicorn241982

    I love this faucet. It fit perfectly and the brushed nickel looks great. I love it alot better than my old one because it hurt my hand to pull the stopper on the back. My hand would jam into the back splash but not anymore. The kit comes with a new drain that has a push drain stopper. I also love the single handle and the extra height allowing me to wash my hair easier when I am in a rush. It was fairly easy to install as well. I would definitely recommend it as it feels like a quality product that will last.

  11. Steph23

    I am very happy with this faucet. It looks great in my bathroom and was easy to install. I really like the push to seal drain. The quality of the faucet it great. I’m going to purchase another one to put in my kids bathroom.

  12. Has

    This faucet it’s okay,love it because it’s brushed nickel and its had spot defense but really that’s impossible it still stains from water ,but so far it’s a good faucet and does the job .

  13. MMLovesDIY

    This is a beautiful set of kitchen sink faucet. Easy to install and I love that one handle that controls hot and cold water.

    It has modern sleek look, goes well with the decor.

  14. RJ

    We were renovating 2 half-bathrooms, and got this to go into one of them. Installation was easy. The faucet was easy to hook up with a couple new supply lines. One thing I had never done before was use a drain with a pop-up stopper. The hardest thing about previous installations was getting the drain right… making sure the pull knob was calibrated to open and close the drain. This drain was so much easier! In addition to just hand-tightening a sleeve under the sink, no putty!

    Great looking faucet that is much easier to install than any I have done before. Approved!

  15. Chris

    This faucet brand is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It sits up higher than normal faucets and looks amazing. On top of that there are several features that make it even nicer. The connection lines have a double oring to help get rid of a chance of leaking and it’d easy to install. Definitely recommend to anyone.

  16. Charlie

    This was on of the easiest faucets to install ever.
    Just drop in place and tighten the support screw. Then the water lines have a special reducer that slips over the hot and cold side of the faucet and hand tighten the screw to hold in place.
    The sink drain was also a breeze. Does not require difficult plumbers putty just use the supplied washers and tighten. Your done.

    I would get this again and again with how easy it was to install.

  17. Calk

    We are still working on updating all of our 1990 fixtures. This faucet is such a nice upgrade. With several kiddos, the Spot Defense feature is my absolute favorite. We are NOT handy, and it only took us an hour to replace this faucet. Most of our time was spent removing the old fixture and cleaning the sink. We also had to remove our entire pedestal sink to access the back.

  18. Steve47

    This faucet has a beautiful nickel finish and the fact that they have now added a water spot protective coating is very good to hear. I’m not sure exactly what that is but hopefully it means less cleaning calcium deposits off my sinks.

    The quality seems very sturdy and features like double o-ring seals on the water feed lines is an appreciated touch and should make install easier and prevent leaks longer.

    I also appreciated the box packaging with plenty of surface protection from scratches and extra cardboard to keep everything in like new condition before you install it.

  19. Lainey

    We needed a new faucet for our laundry tub. This faucet fits and works perfectly. The way the style molding is on our laundry tub we needed a faucet to fit it, and to match it. So many we looked at didn’t work. I love the vintage style on this faucet.

  20. DrewG

    This is an easy install. The drain tube is long compared to competition’s tubes. The drain was hard to line up. The new wide o-ring designs seem to leave a pool in the sink basin see the pic. 4 stars for that.

  21. MrsK2018

    This Pfister Rancho bathroom faucet is very sleek looking and I love the spot defense too! The copper lines look to be great in the long run. Gonna be a great addition to our guest bathroom!

  22. Can do

    I received this bathroom faucet and was very excited to install it. I love the brushed finish so water spots don’t show up and it wipes off quickly. Install was easy and I love that it includes a fitting if needed… I did need it and was glad to not have to run to Lowe’s and buy a reducer piece that would work with my existing supply lines. I like the deck plate which seems to hold the faucet on tightly with the single hole installation. My older faucet would always loosen , which is so aggravating to climb under the sink to tighten so totally hoping this one will stay tight. I check it each day and so far so good after a week, it is just as tight as I installed it. The water pressure is great and I love the single lever handle.

  23. TonkaChuck

    It’s a beautiful faucet with a nice finish. The brushed nickel finish seems clean after touching without showing fingerprint marks. It’s much bigger than I had anticipated and adds a strong look to the overall sink. The flow is nice and strong and very smooth. The handle operation is smooth and feels of quality. The mounting is a single threaded rod with a horseshoe bracket under the sink top, and it makes me weary around children. One good yank and this could come out. However, I must say installing the physical faucet was one of the easiest I’ve done and fairly straightforward. The nut used to secure the faucet was very long and aided in securing it blindly behind my sink. Thought went into that. I do not like the adaptor fitting setup that they’re using. One end of the adaptor screws into a standard water supply line. Two sides of these threads are flat, in an effort to aid in using a wrench. However, flattening threads on a water tight seal does not sit well with me. The other end of the adaptor slides around two o-rings and is secured by a nut on the faucet line. When first installing, the adaptor kept leaking and it took me a while to figure out that the slide-on portion was not fully seated, causing the leak. I’ll chalk that one up to my fault, It did making installing the water supplies blindly behind the sink somewhat easier without a wrench, but it did take a while to get it right. I’m also not 100% confident I’ll have a water tight seal down the road. My largest gripe and the reason behind the 4 stars is the drain. The drain is a push-to-open type and does not rely on the pull rod to open it. This resulted in two things: I was forced to change the drain and my wife complains she has to put her hand in the dirty water to open the drain. The system does not allow for the standard pull rod type opening, so you have to use their drain. Much to my dismay, I ended up having to cut off my previous drain due to corrosion. I would of preferred to just leave it in and use the rod as I’ve been able to on other faucet replacements. However, due to this design I had to replace it. When you close the drain and the sink fills with water, you have to push the drain to open it. This means you have to reach into the water to open the drain. Normally this isn’t an issue, but could result in you having to stick your hand in dirty water or water with cleaning chemicals. It’s a good thought and a clever design, but I prefer the pull rod style. Overall, this is a unique faucet. I’ve replaced 4 faucets in my house in the past 6 months, and this one required the least amount of physical flexibility to try to install it. The instructions were simple and clear. It was fairly easy to install minus the factors that were my fault. They put thought into the design and installation process. Knowing what I know now from trial and error, I may buy another.

  24. MidWestJess

    I just love this faucet!! The Pfister Rancho Spot Defense Brushed Nickel Finish bath faucet is my favorite faucet for resisting water spots, full stream and easy to use handle. Right out of the box you could tell that careful detail was put into designing this modern, sleek looking faucet. The instructions were super easy to to follow, and it was so easy it only took about 15 minutes to complete the job. I was impressed that the deck plate didn’t need messy putty because it came with Pfister’s ‘titeseal’. The nice steady stream of water and tall neck means you can easily wash your face. The included push and seal drain assembly is a breeze to operate – it does exactly what it’s supposed to. I’d recommend this faucet to anyone looking to upgrade their bathroom.
    PROs – easy to install, spot resistant, easy push and seal drain assembly, steady full stream of water, easy on/off handle, a deck plate is included, high neck means easy to wash your face.
    CONs – none.

  25. Rachel

    The spot defense finish on this faucet is brilliant! I love it so much. We were replacing a chrome faucet that always got spotting from our hard water. In a guest bathroom it’s so much nicer not to have water spots on the faucet.

    It was also easy to install – 20 minutes for an experienced home remodeled.

  26. Agag

    This faucet is very sleek, very easy to clean and install it only took me about 45 minutes to removed the old one and put this new one on it doesn’t have a lot of water pressure but it does saves a lot of water and money in the long run we love that is finger and water spot free

  27. DW

    As always Pfister delivers with the rancho faucet with its simple push seal drain design. If you haven’t ever had a push seal drain you will enjoy it. The only draw back to that design is you have to put your hand in the water to drain it.

  28. JPaul

    Wanted an update and upgrade to our sink. Fell in love with this unit. Install was a breeze even with the tight spaces of these pillar type vanity. Cleaning has been super easy and the color is great! I didn’t use the optional drip plate.

  29. Caitlin

    I love this faucet. It allows more room to fill small buckets in the sink. Visually it is very modern looking. Extreamly easy to install. It has a spring activated stopper which comes in handy alot.

  30. Nita

    This faucet is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. It has a very clean look. It was very easy to install. There was no adjustments needed. I love this!!! I especially like the pop up drain feature.

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