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Pfister Rancho Spot Defense Brushed Nickel 2-Handle 4-in Centerset WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain

14 Reviews
  • Push and Seal™ drain requires no tools and installs in less than half the time of a standard pop-up drain, Guaranteed tight seal each and every use – simply press to seal and again to open
  • SpotDefense™ helps keep your faucet shining like new by preventing unsightly water spots and fingerprints from building up
  • Pforever Seal™—advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee


Simplify your refresh or remodel with this family of fixtures that’s all about design through subtraction. A blend of crisp details and circular surfaces place Rancho into what’s called a “transitional” category of design. Which means that it’s astute at bridging multiple types of décor for stylistic staying power. Those who love to change up their look will find this trusty beauty is the right call that’s ready to go the distance. A worthy investment all-around, your only dilemma is choosing between chrome, matte black or spot-defense brushed nickel.
  • Push and Seal™ drain requires no tools and installs in less than half the time of a standard pop-up drain, Guaranteed tight seal each and every use – simply press to seal and again to open
  • SpotDefense™ helps keep your faucet shining like new by preventing unsightly water spots and fingerprints from building up
  • Pforever Seal™—advanced ceramic disc valve technology with a never leak guarantee
  • Faucet mounted on sink deck or countertop
  • Includes valve and cartridge
  • 3-hole installation
  • Meets ADA/ANSI A117.1 requirements, ensuring accessibility to all disabled persons
  • Product complies with NSF/ANSI 372 and conforms with lead content requirements for “lead-free” plumbing as defined by California, Vermont, Maryland, and Louisiana state laws and the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Meets or exceeds EPA WaterSense Standards, which reduces water consumption by 30% and helps average households save up to 200 in their annual water bill
Weight 1.8 lbs
Dimensions 8.7 × 11 × 5.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. Matwat

    This Faucet looks very stylish , has a sleek design , I also like the finish and how it has the fingerprint/smears resistant on the faucet, another feature I like about the faucet is that it came with a push pop for the drainage system. All you have to do is push the button down and you can collect water and then you push the button again and the water will go down the drain. This faucet is well made and heavy.

  2. Theldara

    I love this faucet! We just remodeled our bathroom, but I had not yet decided on a faucet. This one was perfect. We have small children, so I wanted something that not only would stand up against grime or water spots, but also something that was easy to clean. The sleeker, the better, so that I was not scrubbing grime out with a toothbrush. This faucet is perfect. It’s got clean lines and the finish on it resists water spots.

    Installation was straight forward. The pop up drain is a very nice addition, no more struggling with that pull thing from the old faucet. This is push and go! Everything required other than simple household tools was included (see pictures!). It took about 20 minutes to pry off the old faucet and then pop this one back in – most the work being clearing off the old one! This one was a breeze and the instructions were clear.

    I am very, very happy with this spot defense faucet. It matches our new bathroom with all its brushed nickel hardware. As the person who cleans the bathroom, I adore that it will be clean longer due to the spot resistance and that, when it is cleaning time, the design is sleek so that cleaning is a breeze. Very pleased with this product!

  3. Logik

    While you’re replacing your faucet I’d suggest replacing the hoses, pee trap, and if you’re ambitious the valves. I have those old valves that spin a few times before opening/closing the new quarter turn valves are fantastic. I’d suggest putting a bucket or tub under the sink while you remove the previous one to catch water from disconnecting the hoses and drain. The faucet was really easy to install. Two locking rings under the handles secure the base, while the drain has a gasket and lock ring. This is the first time I’ve used a drain without pull up/down stick to start and stop the flow of water. I really enjoy it, it also makes for an easier install. Highly recommend.

  4. Kennedy013109

    The look of the faucet is very modern. The faucet runs very well. Very easy to install. It doesn’t come with the tunes to connect to your water line. I had to use my old ones or buy new ones if need be. Really easy to install. Especially with the one push drain plug. It makes installation a breeze. I love the pop up drain plug. Love the spot defense that it has. You don’t have to worry about water spots on your faucet. Water pressure is great! No need for plumbers putty the way its designed. Just need a small crescent wrench. Would definitely recommend

  5. PaulyD

    I like this faucet. I installed it on our laundry room slop sink to class up the joint.

    -The aesthetic and brushed nickel look very nice.
    -Install was super easy. Not only was it all preassembled but the instructions were large sized pictures with step-by-step.

    -Would have been nice if the center nozzle swiveled but it’s stationary.
    -Water stream is a little less powerful than I would have liked.

  6. Lainie

    This is a nice nickel finish faucet feels sturdy and seems like it is good quality. I like the fact that it repels spotting which sometime happens with this finish. It was a easy installation all parts were included and the instructions were easy to follow. This is my first experience with the push and seal drain but so far seems to work well. I am happy with the faucet looks great in my bathroom so I would recommend.

  7. KobaltKing

    Is it vanity, or is it utility? This faucet was a quick, easy upgrade that gave a clean look above the sink, and simplified the plumbing under the sink. The faucet itself is very slick looking, and the Spot Shield helps it stay clean even after getting spit on.

    Which is the only complaint that I have about it. Normally, I love faucets that put the water more towards the center of the sink bowl, because I hate washing my hands and banging my knuckles against the back edge. The only downfall is that that this faucet is a bit tall, and seems to be in the way when brushing teeth and spitting.

    Other than that, which is not a big deal (still gave it 5 stars), it’s great! This set up eliminates the pull drain system that never seems to work right, or get’s all gummed up and nasty. You can see in the pictures that the drain comes all the way out for easy cleaning, and pushes in for easy plugging.

  8. Buggydriver

    I received this faucet free of charge to review. I’ve installed a couple of others to review that I ended up taking out because I hated them. This faucet is staying!

    Water saver: For starters, I don’t like water saver anything. Assuming you aren’t going to use this faucet to fill buckets or humidifiers or something, you’ll get plenty of water flow from it to wash your hands and face as well as brush your teeth. So no worries about water saver on this faucet.

    The looks: I like brushed nickel. My home is outfitted in brushed nickel – but for some reason the builder used all chrome faucets. Expense? So changing the faucet to nickel was good. I like the finish that won’t allow spotting – but I’m not sure if the spout is actually metal. The handles are – they are cooler to the touch – but maybe they are thicker metal so stay cooler? I’m just not sure. The base to the faucet is interesting – it doesn’t have the typical rounded shape I was expecting; it’s kind of geometric on the ends. See the photos. It also seems to have a smaller footprint than the faucet I took out. What I don’t like about the looks is that the spout is two pieces. Not two pieces that you can take apart, but two pieces with a seam down each side. Weird – and I don’t like it. (see photos)

    Installation: Easy, easy, easy. Though, the threaded pipes that come down from the handles through the countertop were not nearly as long as the other faucet I took out – so after screwing the plastic fasteners to the bottom of the countertop to hold the faucet in place, I only had about 1/2″ to screw the water lines in. It worked out – but I like having a little more play.

    The drain: This makes installation a BREEZE and you’ll never have to monkey with a malfunctioning drain where you have to pull up the lever on the faucet again. This is the best invention EVER to make the faucet and the stopper work independently!!! BUT Pfister really stepped up their game with this one… The history: I have two other faucets with independent drain stoppers, aka push stoppers, in the home. The push stoppers actually catch the hair, so when your faucet starts running slow, you just take the stopper out and peel the hair out of it. It keeps your pipes from filling up as much (not entirely, because I took a massive clump of hair out of the drain pipe during this install). In order to remove the stopper on my exisiting push stoppers, I would just pull on the stopper and it would come out. Easy right? But when you put it back, it was always a chore trying to get the drain in the right spot where it would stop water and then you could push on it again and get it to release. It was an adjustment nightmare. What Pfister did was make it so that the stopper is fixed. It screws into the piping so that when you need to remove it, you just grab the stopper and turn counterclockwise to remove it. Remove the hair, then screw it back in place. NO adjustments needed to get it to function properly when reinstalled. This is amazing and what puts me over the top about this faucet!

    Other stuff: I like that the faucet has a rubber seal on the underside of the base (see photos). It seals itself to the counter better than just the hard plastic plate that sits under most faucets. There is still a plastic plate – but the rubber going around keeps the faucet where you put it and gives it a nice seal. I have no doubt water will not pool underneath this faucet.

    Overall, I’m happy with this faucet. It looks and works very nicely. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a nice, petite, nickel faucet that is low maintenance and has an amazing stopper!

  9. JB

    This faucet is replacing another Pfister faucet in the kids’ bathroom. The last one really took a beating and was getting corroded and hard to turn on and off. The design and look of the new faucet will hopefully stay cleaner and not corrode as easily. The handles turn smoothly with little effort. I really like the push to seal drain. It works so much better than the push and pull levers of old.
    Installation was pretty straight forward, requiring only a pair of pliers to tighten the water hoses, and a small bucket. Let’s be honest, it’s always a good idea to have some other tools ready because every job is unique. I had more trouble cleaning out the drain pipes than installing this faucet. I would definitely get another one. Great look and finish.

  10. WILL

    Comes with faucet and drain as shown in my pictures. Quality is above what I was expecting. Feels great. Looks amazing. Installation was very easy. Taking out my old faucet and drain was the hardest part. Very impressed with this set. The only thing I don’t like is that my sink drain area is flush, and this style drain stopper raises up a little bit, so all the water can’t drain out. You always end up with a small pool of water around the drain stopper, just due to the design. I have another bathroom sink that is the same way. Not a deal breaker for me, but a small annoyance that should be noted.

  11. Philip

    This is a great looking and working faucet. PERFECT for the home DIYer. I’ve done a couple of faucets and this by far was the quickest and easiest. 3 screws that’s it for everything. No need for plumbers putty as the rubber stoppers make a nice watertight seal. Love push open and close if you want to hold water in the sink. If you need a quick make over for your bathroom faucet get this one. Did have to use a hack saw to cut the length of the drain pipe to make it fit but no big deal.

  12. Oliver

    Upon opening the box the faucet there is the faucet, drain, and plate. This was so easy to install, a very quick and easy process. You might have to trim the drain depending on the location of your P trap connection. There are two slices of advice I would like to pass on. The nuts that hold the faucet down are plastic so only hand tighten, then wiggle the faucet to snug them up. Only go as tight as needed. Also the drain is plastic so don’t go 800 pound gorilla on it. Snug it up then close the drain and run some water in it. You only need about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. When you open the drain watch to see if there is a leak. Snug it up and retest. There is one item that I wish. They included, an allen wrench for the handles. This does come with a limited lifetime warranty, so keep your receipt. What a beautiful addition to a bathroom. What a solid make faucet, it feels great and has a smooth operation.

  13. Chris

    This was very easy to install. Took me an hour to get it all done. Maybe 15 minutes for install. The rest to get the old stuff off. Nice and smooth operation. I highly recommend this. The stopper is a click type(push in to stop water draining and push in again to let it drain again). The anti finger prints seem to be effective as well.

  14. Mel

    The faucet looks great and was fairly easy to install. Uninstalling the old faucet was the hardest and grossest part. My only real complaint isn’t an issue with the faucet at all … the bottom of the faucet is smaller than the old one and revealed some nasty looking areas on the sink. If replacing a faucet be sure to have some heavy cleaner on hand as this is definitely the time to truly scrub down the sink area. This may not apply to all sinks but there was some back and forth wiggle room in the faucet before securing it. Make sure it is lined up how you want or else you might install it off-center. Also in older home you might need an extender piece for the stopper. My old faucet had one and I ended up needing it as the drain pipe was too short to reach the sink trap p-pipe.
    When I first installed the pop-up drain I feared I might have made a mistake as the popper looked slightly raised from the bottom of the sink. Fear not as it does indeed stop the drain. I filled the bowl and an hour later the water level hadn’t dropped

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