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Philips Philips Hue Bridge

10 Reviews
  • Set routines and control your smart lights even away from home
  • Allows for control of up to 50 Hue lights
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant


The Philips Hue Bridge is a smart lighting hub that manages your Philips Hue lights and accessories and stores your customized settings. The Hue Bridge uses Zigbee technology to give you control over your indoor and outdoor lights, unlocking the full suite of Philips Hue smart lighting features.
  • Set routines and control your smart lights even away from home
  • Allows for control of up to 50 Hue lights
  • Works with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • Won’t slow down your Wi-Fi network
  • With automatic updates, the Philips Hue Bridge ensures your lights and accessories always have the latest software
Weight 0.642 lbs
Dimensions 2.835 × 5.748 × 5.512 in

Latest reviews

  1. NicholeRIV

    Bought more than a year ago. Easy to set up and use. Great colors, lots of choices. You can select how bright you want the light or you can dim the lights. I use as a night light for kids, main lighting in living room and mood lighting in bedroom. They work great and I’m very happy with the purchase!


    I recently found the opportunitie to setup all of my hue lights and accessories after a moving from a apartment to a house .. I was so excited to finally be able bring life to my new home .. with bedroom,kitchen,living space, walkways as well as the front/ back yard and driveway all In its place . Confident with everything. I Install the BRIDGE last, router was relocated just for this reason.. everything now in permanent place Google assistant had problems contacting.. I even gave benefit of the doubt.. thinking my Google assistant, product or settings were to blame .. and then finding out it was HUE PRODUCT SUPPORT TERMINATION I was furious.

  3. Anonymous

    Great bulbs! Easy setup and the bulbs work wonderfully in my home. I wish they were a little bit brighter, but it’s not the end of the world.

  4. Tigzola

    I love these lights! I love the fact that I can tell multiple devices to control the lights and it works effortlessly. What I am disappointed in, is the fact that two people can’t be administrators. One member of the household gets home at 5pm and the other gets home after 1am. No matter how much I have tried to find a work around, the only way to make the lights turn on for the less tech savvy person coming on at 5, was to share my username and password so her phone can be detected as an administrator. I have to have Siri turn on the lights when I get home after 1am. Please give multiple users Admin access without having to share personal passwords.

  5. Angry Kenny

    My first generation bridge worked phenomenally via the app and Alexa… and then Philips made me upgrade to the 2nd generation bridge to get off-site control. This is when everything went downhill. After setting up new bridge, the new app can’t find a single one of two dozen devices I have installed. I’m gradually installing them manually with serial numbers – fml. And I still have successfully added the Hue skill back to Alexa because my Hue account apparently doesn’t even exist. The first time I tried to reset my password, I got message that I attempted too many times. I now hate Philips and Hue products.

  6. Anonymous

    I’ve had other smart bulbs that where just about the same price, but I’ve had so many problems with them that I decided to try Philips Hue Lights. Philips Hue is amazing! I’m thinking about switching the other 10 lights I have to Philips! Just have to convince the wife of course. She loves how Hassle free they are, and how if my son flicks the lights on and off they don’t reset. Like other brands so.

  7. Kahley

    I was gifed this to try and you really do get what you pay for. While this system is much more expensive than most, you really get such better quality than the cheap ones you can buy online. It’s a whole new experience when it comes to family movie night. I can’t imagine not watching or listening without it. You won’t regret buying this as it will change your whole watching experience.

  8. Jag4

    I recently bought the hue bridge 2nd gen to go with my Alexa devices and to start off my smart home change over. After purchasing and receiving my hue bridge I quickly set it up on my Alexa devices and began looking for bulbs, switches, plugs, and more to connect to the hue bridge and what I’m finding concerns me. I am finding it difficult to find products compatible with the hue bridge and the ones I do find are a very steep expense. I’m considering if I should continue to look for compatible products or scrap the hue bridge and find a different hub system that had more compatible products.

  9. David B.

    I’m not a huge fan of smart home products that require a standalone hub, but Philips is a good brand so I made an exception. I came away with very mixed feelings. On one hand, the products were very high quality, well manufactured, etc. However, beyond the cost and inconvenience of requiring a hub, the Hue Bridge is itself rather dated. It requires a hardwire connection tp a router, which limits placement options. I have a large house with a mesh network, and only the main node had a ethernet port available. This forced me to place the hub in an inconvenient and somewhat difficult to access location. Basically, for the cost I would have expected a hub that could connect to my network wirelessly.

  10. Hue Crazed

    I have converted to all my home lights to be Hue Lights (2 bridges). I really like the motion sensors which I have placed in the hallways and walk-in closets.

    I do have a question on replacing my work / office light bulbs with Hue Lights. My problem is that I will not have a dedicated Internet / Ethernet or WiFi connection. Can I connect (via Ethernet) the Hue Bridge to a small Cisco or LInksys Wireless Router and then get internet access via my iPhone’s Hot-Spot? I understand it might only work when I am in the office, but that would be the only time I would need it to work. “Hey Siri Set Another Day At Work” and the lights come on or “Hey Siri Set I’m Going Home” and the lights go out…

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