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Pinecroft 2-Pack 15-in W x 59-in H Ready To Paint, Stain or Varnish Pine Wood Louvered Framed Wood Exterior Shutters

20 Reviews
  • Constructed of eastern white pine
  • Strong joints keep shutters solid and square
  • Thick stiles add durability and overall strength


  • Constructed of eastern white pine
  • Strong joints keep shutters solid and square
  • Thick stiles add durability and overall strength
  • Can be painted or stained to match your home or left unfinished to display the natural beauty of the wood
  • Add character and value to your home
  • Adaptable for a variety of indoor uses
  • Shutters cannot be installed with operable decorative hardware
  • Installing shutters with operable hardware will void the warranty
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Latest reviews

  1. Hickster777

    I ordered these shutters thinking I could be the lucky one and I wouldn’t get any broken ones. Unfortunately I was wrong. They were just delivered an hour ago. I’m having my house painted and the painters have been waiting for the shutters to arrive so they can finish and get paid. I opened the box and slats started falling all over. Both shutters were falling apart right before my eyes. I took pictures so y’all could see. All the manufacturer needed to do was use some glue to avoid them falling apart and having bad customer reviews. It’s no wonder Lowe’s doesn’t carry these in the store. They’d all be broken. I’m disappointed that Lowe’s continues to sell a product like this. Now I have to try to salvage them because my painters need them. I really don’t want Lowe’s or the manufacturer to have my money for them. Oh, in case anyone is wanting to use these as actual shutters, they are very lightweight and purely for decor and not function.

  2. Girlie

    If you plan to use these wooden shutters for a craft project that will be indoors, you may be fine with them. However, if you plan to paint or stain and place them outside as traditional shutters around windows, this is a poor choice. I have uploaded pictures. Notice that on every shutter there is a hole where water will enter the shutter and cause rot. In addition, it is a weak point in the design of the shutter and it tends to crack. I ordered four shutters. One was completely broken at this exact point. The other three had cracks as seen in the pictures I have uploaded. Plus, again, there’s that hole that needs addressing. Absolutely not worth the cost.

  3. HouseBeautiful

    I just had my house painted and needed to dress up the front of the house. We decided shutters would do the trick. I went to website and there were so many choices. I found these wood shutters that were the perfect size and the perfect style and made of wood! The price was reasonable so I ordered them. My painter was pleased I had gotten wooden ones and they are now hanging on my house looking absolutely beautiful.

  4. Morgan

    I ordered 3 pairs of these shutters for my house, to replace vinyl ones. Their quality is great, and they look beautiful stained to match the rest of our porch! They complete the overall look.

  5. William

    I purchased these shutters to replace the ones that were damaged during Hurricane Michael. They are very good quality for the price. I ordered the shutters online, and they were shipped out very quickly! I painted them and installed them, and they look great!

  6. sandlapper

    needed a little touch up sanding, but well made.

    Would like an option for pressure treated shutters or preprimed

  7. John

    Buyer beware, as these are really poor quality wooden shutters. I purchased 8 online, and 2 of the shutters literally fell apart taking them out of the shipping container. The joints were poorly glued, and my house painters told me they would need to reinforce the corners of EVERY shutter before priming the bare shutters for painting. I was in a time crunch and wasn’t able to source alternatives. So if you’ve got time, keep looking or spend a lot more with a higher quality brand.

  8. Donna

    These shutters worked great for a project inside our home. We had a space for storage that we kept hidden behind a curtain, but the curtain didn’t make sense. The shutters attached to hinges make the perfect doors for that area now. I am anxious to paint them and I anticipate they will be even more beautiful once the project is all finished.

  9. LeiAloha

    Loved these shutters! The wood was beautiful and the workmanship top notch! Would recomment these without hesitation.

  10. gary1349

    Fairly well built shutters, had to finish sand them myself due to rough surfaces. All in all I’m satisfied with this purchase.

  11. Carnes3

    Excellent quality. Purchased unfinished and will paint myself. Almost a shame to paint them as they would stain very nicely given the quality of the wood. Very fast delivery via special order; also most helpful.

  12. Ed46

    Forced to purchase the wooden version to match an existing broken set. I think $141.00 per pair was excessive but I had to match the rest of my shutters
    The plastic ones are $100 cheaper per set but are a distinctly different design

  13. Fitz

    I’m not crazy about the finishing of the ends, looks like an excellent place for water/moisture to enter and would likely benefit from some sort of sealing.

  14. OD

    Shutters were delivered quickly, and in good condition. Quality of construction was good. Impressive after being installed. Price seemed a bit high.

  15. Scotlandbound

    We actually are using these shutters as doors for a storage space underneath our stairwell. We painted them white and installed the hinges and they look great.

  16. John

    Wood shutters are expensive, and these are on the lower end of the price tier. In general, the quality is not great. I saw inconsistent quality with the 8 shutters I purchased…some splintering, loose fitting slats, poorly glued joints, and 2 had to be returned because they fell apart coming out of the box.

  17. bsherman

    I’ve had these for about 10 years on the outside of my house. The majority of joints have failed and I’ve had to reinforce with screws – sometimes having to reassemble the slats. If you do use these make sure you reinforce EVERY joint with screws otherwise THEY WILL FAIL. Had I known this I could have saved myself a ton of time. I’d also recommend putting a piece of metal flashing on the top so water can’t get in the joint easily.

  18. Sara

    I did have to fill in holes with wood putty at the top and bottom for fear that water would get in an rot the wood, but that was an easy solution. Other than that, the shutters look great and we’re a bargain compared to everywhere else I looked.

  19. Anonymous

    I was searching for doors for a pantry for my Grandson. I need two doors 70″ x 15″, and was unable to locate them. The thought occurred to me that perhaps there would be shutters available which would satisfy my need. An online search revealed this product. I was thrilled. came through for me again.

  20. RayG

    Nice quality. I soak them in clear preservative, then prime and paint. They will last a long time that way

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