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Pinecroft 24-in x 80-in White 2-panel Square Hollow Core Prefinished PVC Bifold Door Hardware Included

9 Reviews
  • Seabrooke bifold door including top track and installation hardware
  • Classic full louver white PVC vinyl bifold door
  • Ready to install, heavy duty track, knob and installation hardware


  • Seabrooke bifold door including top track and installation hardware
  • Classic full louver white PVC vinyl bifold door
  • Ready to install, heavy duty track, knob and installation hardware
  • PVC vinyl construction
  • Cleans easily
  • For interior applications only
Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 24 × 80 in

Latest reviews

  1. Sher

    Purchased 2 of these doors for my closet. After installation by contractor the door came apart at the joint and all the panels fell out. This was 60 days after I purchased, brought the door back to and they gave me a hard time m, finally a manager approved a replacement. Two weeks ago i woke up to find that the replacement door came apart at the joints again. I would not recommend the door, it’s only been a yr and now I need new closet doors.

  2. Mem 1

    Doors are nice but they dont stay well closed. They tend to open up so they never look straight

  3. Libralady1973

    When our installer opened the first of two boxes of these Bi-Fold doors, he discovered that a number of the slats were falling out of their tracks. They were cut too short, so he was unable to put them back in, and trust that they would stay. Even if he’d gotten them back in, every time we opened a door, the slats would fall out. Very disappointing, since I liked the idea of vinyl for easy cleaning in the kitchen. We returned these doors and bought wooden ones, which are fine.

  4. Virginia

    I just received 5 beautiful doors to replace all of the very old closet doors in my home. Each door is well wrapped, easy to open and even easier to do the minimal required assembly. However, 3 of my 5 boxes were damaged by the shipper- gouges in the outer boxes penetrated the inner boxes but fortunately only 1 door was damaged. This damage was a very minor “ding” on one of the strait edges on a door, I was able to make sure the “ding” was on an outside edge and decided not to return it since not even my husband noticed (not that he really notices anything). I am a senior DIY lady and had no trouble installing the doors on the quality tracks. I recommend the doors but caution you to inspect the contents immediately if there is any damage to the shipping cartons.

  5. Gilly

    If your rough door opening is a true 32”x78..this thing will fit like a glove

  6. garfield

    I installed this per instructions. After hanging this door it sags about 3/4″ lower on one side than the other. I double checked the door opening and it is square all around. I tried adjusting the door to compensate, but no matter what I did it didn’t help at all. The PVC doesn’t have enough strength to hold the door properly. I would take it back, but it is just too hard to take down. The other bi fold door I installed was made of wood. It hangs properly without any problems. Don’t waste your money on PVC stick with wood.

  7. Toda

    I hung two doors for a customer and there was a bow in both doors where they came together. Tops and bottoms fit tight, with a noticeable gap in the middle. Now they have to be taken down and new ones rehung.

  8. Asam

    If you are going to spend money on replacing a door I would suggest something with metal pins. The plastic pins that hold the door in the track are cheap pvc. I cracked one during install and ended up using the metal captive spring pegs from my old door. For the money you are better off getting something else.

  9. BlueEyes

    Well, this door was purchased for our utility room that houses the air handler and water heater, etc. We wanted the slats for air circulation and
    didn’t want to be bothered painting each slat so this looked like a good option. The door itself is light weight, the slats have a flimsy feel to them.
    It was easy enough to install with the directions provided, but the doorway we installed it in will require another piece of wood on the door frame to give some stability when we close it otherwise, it tends to swing in and fold open unless you hold it at the center as you close it. Also, one of the slats had a surface defect like a ripple in the PVC. I guess I can shore it up and it will be functional, but at these prices for what is essentially a plastic door, I’m disappointed.

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