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Procter & Gamble 24-Pack Facial Tissue (56-Count)

26 Reviews
  • Ultra-soft material is gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Strong design holds up through variety of applications
  • Decorative box offers stylish look for display in any room


Ultra-soft facial tissues offer plenty of ways to soothe and comfort your face whether it’s makeup removal, touch-ups or even allergies. Dermatologist-tested tissues are incredibly soft for gentle use on sensitive skin. Decorative box provides a fresh look to delight everyone with its style for display at home, in the office and more.
  • Ultra-soft material is gentle enough for sensitive skin
  • Strong design holds up through variety of applications
  • Decorative box offers stylish look for display in any room
  • Perfect for removing makeup, soothing allergies and more
Weight 8.4 lbs
Dimensions 18.8 × 13.3 × 10.9 in

Latest reviews

  1. sprague

    Hi I have been using Puffs for over a decade and have loved your product. I use no other brand. I purchased two boxes the other day that I am disappointed in . I have come to expect a soft non-abbrasive tissue. Actually I don’t even think about the feel of my tissue until recently. I purchased Puffs Plus in a rectangular box. The tissues feel scratchy. My family has allergies, so we use Puffs daily and several times a day. I was supprised at the quality of the tissues since I never use anything else. I am hoping that this was just a manufacturing error and you haven’t changed anything. The sku on the box was 037000075455, if that is helpful.

  2. hersh

    How disappointing, one more company claiming New!, which unfortunately doesn’t equate to better or even the same! I have used Puff’s Ultra for years, and was very disappointed with my recent purchase. There are less tissues in the box (124 vs. 132), they pop-up vs. being stacked in an interlocking fashion that allowed you to remove several from the box at one time and use them with ease, and most importantly, they do not have the same softness or texture as the previous ones. Too bad someone felt the need to change what used to be in my opinion, the best tissue on the market, even if it was a bit more costly. I’ll be checking out the competition!

  3. Catmom2004

    I have used Puffs without lotion for at least ten years and have found Puffs ultra soft and strong to be much softer and more durable than any other brand.

    I have to mention that I have hated the box design for YEARS and would definitely buy Puffs more often if the boxes weren’t so ugly. Sometimes I will look at the design of the boxes of super cheap generic tissues and wish that Puffs could have a box even half that attractive. As it is, I only buy Puffs when I am almost completely out of them.

    This would be the PERFECT product if the boxes looked better.

    Please listen and respond to the concerns of your customers, Procter and Gamble!

  4. clemanczyk

    Horrible! These tissues are course and cheaply made. There’s nothing “ultra soft” or even soft about these tissues. I have a horrible cold and needed a box of tissues during the work day. I immediately searched for Puffs and bought these. I tore open the box, put one to my face, and immediately regretted my purchase. The tissue was similar to a paper lunch napkin from a fast food restaurant. It was painful to use. I asked 3 of my family members to test the Puffs tissue as well. Overwhelmingly my family all said the box of standard Kleenex tissues we had at home was far softer than the Puffs. I would never recommend these tissues…they’re horrible!

  5. Interior Designer

    I love the Ultra tissues. Especially during cold season when you need your tissue to stay in one piece.

    My one and only complaint is the box designs. I was very disappointed in the designs just pervious to these new ones. But I have to say that just when I thought that the designs couldn’t get any worse, they did. People like the colors of their boxes to be a part of their decor. They don’t want them to stand out. These newest designs are awful. The colors do not go with anything. Most homes today have earthtones and the use of any of these boxes clashes horribly.

    Please go back to letting the box compliment a decor not clash with it.

  6. Xina

    I have used Puffs all my life. I liked the Puffs Ultra Soft cubes, but I will not be being Puffs anymore. 50% more is advertised…what a gimmic! The box size is the same, so now it’s impossible to get out just ONE first tissue. I waste several trying to get them out of the box. They are packed so tightly that frequently 2-3 come out at a time during use. Great gimmic to make customers think they are getting more….when in reality you are making them use more. Your company become greedy. I will be buying other brands from now on, as are most of my friends. Your customers are not as stupid as you apparently feel they are!

  7. Lwdw

    I’m with the others who have commented on the new box designs. Come on orange and red……..I have really been disappointed in the designs and color schemes for awhile. I have one older design (the white daisies and tan box) and keep refilling it. Unfortunatly, the box is getting pretty ragged. You know, the puffs box is as much a part of my bathroom decoration as the towels, curtains and rugs. Really disappointed and will probably switch to a different brand who will offer a color scheme suited to a classier design than to only kids. For a faithful puffs user for many, many years, I would hope our opinion and tastes still count.

  8. mmcb

    I have a drippy sinus and so use many, many tissues. They are stashed in the my kitchen, dining area, desk, dressing table, indoors, outdoors, in my vehicle, wherever I sit or sleep. I have loved Puffs for years. 90% of these places aren’t deep enough to place a tissue box. That is not important as I have trays in each spot to hold a stack of tissues. The new Puffs are interleaved. THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR A STACK OF TISSUES. IF I TAKE THE TOP TISSUE, 2 MORE PULL UP OR TO THE SIDE. Please, please go back to the non-interleaved tisses OR SEND ME YOUR ENTIRE WAREHOUSED SUPPLY OF THE OLD STYLE. I am 84 and may live a few more years.

  9. Denise

    I think you have the absolute best tissues on the market. They are truly soft, absorbant and unlike other brands don’t leave dust particles on my vanity or any other place i put them.

    I do have one problem though, the boxes. So much blue, purple odd color choices. How about trying some attractive patterns or at least some neutrals. I have to say when I know people are coming over I switch out you tissues for a brand where the box looks pretty in the bathroom they will be using. Also in the guest room. Yes I will have to dust after them but the look is worth it.

    However, do not change your product itself. It is the greatest!!

  10. grandmajf

    Puffs has really lost quality in the past year,,, they’re not as strong as they were 1 or 2 yrs ago. They’re definitly thinner and a LOT less absorbent. I’ve been buying PUFFS for quite a few years cause I felt they wer better than KLEENEX, but I’m having second thoughts about PUFFS Now went I blow my nose the stuff goes practically through the tissue,,, I have to use 2 tissues now instead of 1. Also thee’s LESS in the boxes and yous raised the prices to where it’ s getting to expensive to buy.
    PUFFS BASIC is really terrible, I tried them cause at the store those were the only ones in multi packs Yes I’ m switching to KLEENEX!!! The boxes are totally UGLY too.

  11. Foodie

    I would expect a name brand facial tissue to be thicker and more sturdy than these. I suppose like many other things, the quality has gone down over the years for the sake of the almighty dollar. These are so thin I can't blow my nose with them without blowing a hole right through them or poking my finger through them, which obviously is not what I want. These feel as thin and cheap as many store brand tissues. Why pay more for these when they are no better? I'm very unhappy with them, and so is my husband. We will not be buying Puffs tissues in the future. Sorry for such a negative review, but these deserve it.

  12. golfdiva

    Like several other reviewers, I am a firm believer in the Puffs Ultra tissue. HOWEVER, why oh why did you change the “delivery method”? If I wanted “pop-up” tissues, I’d buy Kleenex …. EXCEPT I hate Kleenex tissues. I loved the “stack” delivery, because as others have said, I can grab a stack for pocket or purse. With the “pop-up”, I have to keep pulling out single tissues and hope that they continue to “pop-up”, which isn’t always the case. I’m not particularly fond of the new designs on the box exteriors either, but I can deal with than (somewhat unhappily) if you’ll just go back to stacking the tissues. PLEASE!

  13. BadBoxes

    The product in my opinion is second to none. The problem is that I am embarrassed to have the boxes where people can see them. I am shocked that someone sees the designs as attractive or even neutral. I often wonder if this was an internal joke to see who could designe the ugliest boxes. Is there a reason that you cannot design boxes that are broader in appeal. Even other lines of Puffs come in better designs. I will say that the holiday boxes are generally very well done and I enjoy those but the basic cubes and rectangular boxes are not attractive! Did you assume they were all stored inside of a tissue holder?

  14. hockeygoalie30

    Dear Puffs Ultra,
    I just wanted to thank you for always being there for me. I am tired of being mistreated by paper towels that give sand paper a run for their money in how rough they treat me and the cheap rolls of toilet paper that fall apart at the sound of a sniffle. I was about ready to give up when you came to my rescue.
    Enveloped in the soft folds of your cloud-like fabric that were strong enough to hold me but gentle enough to soothe me, I felt loved.
    Now that it’s cold season the world needs more super heroes like you to swoop in and save the day. And that is exactly what you have done. Thanks for making a difference for me.
    My undying gratitude,
    Hockeygoalie30’s Nose

  15. Katy

    I used to think that there were no other tissues that could compare with Puffs. Not any more. The last couple of times I have bought them they were thin, scratchy, and cheap. The last regular size box I bought the tissues dont even come out correctly…they are all turned around different ways. The same for the upright box, you have to dig them out after about 1/2 way through. Why would you change something that was so good to begin with? I dont understand why if you have a superior product you dont just raise the price if you have to and keep it the same!! I will be trying some other brands in the future.

  16. Suzett

    For years, I have relied on and trusted Puffs to clean my prescription eyeglasses without fear of scratching my lenses. I am wondering if the Basic tissues will scratch, so I’m sticking with the Ultra Soft and Strong product.

    I have been ordering Puffs at office supply stores for my workplace, but now few stores are stocking them. Do you know the reason?

    I like the pop-up packaging, but I also like the larger boxes with more tissues. I wish both qualities could be combined into one product. I do not have a problem with designs on the packaging, but I probably prefer neutral color scheme best.


  17. Kelly2009

    I join with the MANY other reviewers in asking that you PLEASE PLEASE bring back the old Puffs To Go with the flat, envelope-style packaging. The new package is just like that of your competitor. I have been a loyal Puffs To Go user for longer than I can remember, and would go to great lengths to stock up. The old package is so much less bulky, and there is not a bunch of unfolding involved (and you can grab a tissue one-handed if you have to!). Not so with the new package. So many loyal customers are disappointed and begging for you to bring back the old packaging. I urge you to consider our feedback!

  18. MickyKJ

    I use Puffs Ultra extra strength exclusively for years now, I had an issue with fine little particles from the tissues flying in the air, but that seems to have resolved it self with the new “not-so-soft” tissues. That’s OK by me. They are still plenty soft enough and don’t make me sneeze!! My bigger issue is the change in the box opening. I use tissue box covers that have a cut-out that matches the original large boxes.You still have that style with your” Puffs plus with lotion” …but… the pop-up style leaves those pesky particles dusted all over from having to be pulled though that slit in the plastic inside liner. 🙁 Make me smile by offering both versions of box tops …PLEASE

  19. MagicTH

    We use Puffs Plus. Would prefer Puffs regular since you get 50% more tissues per big box, but it’s very hard to find. We don’t like tissues with lotion or anything else in them. Why? !) I have my own scent, 2) I have my own lotion, 3) you can’t clean your glasses with Puffs lotion.

    So, a great tissues, but I’m feeling RIPPED OFF lately. You are making the tissues smaller by folding them with less and less double coverage AND just look inside the box, The tissues appear a full INCH less than the length of the box.

    Please don’t cheat. Raise the price, make the box smaller, just be honest.

    Thank you.

  20. peggyk2717

    I have been using these for years, because I only need one tussue to blow my nose.

    I like the original boxes. I don’t really like the small square box except to keep in the car. The tissues in the small boxes seem to be smaller than the original one.


    Also it seems that lately I can’t even FIND any boxes of Puffs Ultra, Only the lotion ones (Nice for the nose but not much good for cleaning my glasses or CDs).

  21. Picky

    I have used your product for years and won’t use others but I do not really like the recent changes in the package/box. Before the top was open and you could either get a tissue at a time or a group of tissues if you needed to put some in your purse. Now the opening is enclosed with a plastic top with a slit. You can only get a tissue at a time and sometimes it is hard to even get the one tissue. The box wants to lift up with the tissue. I have to pull the tissue with one hand and hold the box down with the other. If you have lotion or something on your hands this is awkward. Prefer the old boxes.

  22. Pete162

    As long time Puff users, my wife and I have noticed 2 disturbing trends. First the old Puffs were stronger and softer than the Basic. We do not like the lotion ones and often cannot find anything but Basic orPlus lotion. The second problemis except for thje cubes, Puffs no longer come in pop up boxes. As a victim of advanced arthritis, I have a hard time getting the other tissues out especially if in a hurry. Loosing our old Puffs in the pop up boxes is like loosing an essential tool, but life goes on and we are now buying a different brand that is softer and stronger than the Basic and comes in pop up boxes. We will continue to look at Puffs in the hope the old style of tissues and boxes return.

  23. Mary13

    We have purchased Puffs for many years, after trying other brands. We always get all three size boxes, for different rooms.. Now we can find only the big boxes and the cubes. I use the third kind, the flat rectangular pop-up box, for a shelf on my bedside stand, and in the car, because it is easy to snatch a sheet with one hand. To do that with the cube brings the whole box with it. So my only alternative is to look for another brand that carries the flat rectangular pop-up box of tissues. I called your number as seen on this site, but it was totally not helpful. So sorry to give up on you after all these years.But maybe there is hope that the rectangular pop-up boxes will again become available?

  24. mamad

    I have a lot of sinus problems and I have been a faithful Puffs customer for over 30 years.

    I always buy the Puffs Plus Lotion. I saw a generic store brand that said it had lotion and it was less expensive and had more tissues in each box. Needless to say I was HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED. The generic was rough and dry feeling. I couldn’t tell there was any lotion at all in that brand.

    I will never ever take a chance on a different brand. With Puffs it doesn’t feel like your finger is going to poke thru. With other brands you have to use more tissues when only one Puffs brand would do the job.

  25. Ginger

    I also do not like the new tissue, it is not as thick as the old ones and since you changed the texture the “moisture” just smears around instead of absorbing like your old product use to. They are similar now to the competition and I wouldn’t buy those for that reason. If the new product continues as is I will also have to look for another brand. I also agree with the other reviews that the new box design is inconvienent, I personally go thru two boxes a week and if I run out I would take a bunch from another room and insert them in another box. I’m sorry you changed a perfect product.

  26. Owlie

    I used to buy Puffs all the time. The last time I purchased Puffs Ultra. I used a tissue to wipe my runny nose and then left the house to run some errands. I ran into a friend who asked me what was all over my nostrils. I went into the closest bathroom and was horrified and embarrassed to find bits and pieces of the tissue all around my nostrils and in my nostrils. No wonder store clerks were giving me funny looks. For a product to disintegrate like this and leave residue of the tissue on someones nose is inexcusable. I will never buy Puffs kleenex again! Obviously your product has gone downhill because it certainly is an inferior product. I will be looking for another brand of kleenex in the future.

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