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Procter & Gamble 30-Count Paper Towels

30 Reviews
  • Durable material holds up to your everyday messes
  • 2-ply design is absorbent to quickly wipe away spills
  • Full sheet size prevents you from constantly reaching for more


Paper towels feature thick, two-ply sheets to quickly wipe away messes without wasting towels. Full-sheet towels are large enough to tackle everyday spills and messes to keep you from constantly reaching for more. Each roll fits standard kitchen towel dispensers for perforated rolls.
  • Durable material holds up to your everyday messes
  • 2-ply design is absorbent to quickly wipe away spills
  • Full sheet size prevents you from constantly reaching for more
Weight 10.6 lbs
Dimensions 23.8 × 13.5 × 22.6 in

Latest reviews

  1. Lance

    I picked up the economical towels in the market and I must say that I am VERY disappointed. I am a long time user of Bounty and for me, the name says quality at a reasonable price. These are not Bounty quality. I am surprised you even made these and even more surprised that you put your name on them. If I wanted paper towels like these I would have bought the generic brand. I actually wished I had not even used them so I could return them. You use more of them to do the job. There is NO Savings here. Please let me know if this is the type of product that you intend to produce so I can begin experimenting to select a new brand of Paper Towels.

  2. aurorastorm

    I have loved Bounty Paper Towels always. I was sixteen years old and told my parents to PLEASE never buy any other brand. Now 46 and still have only used Bounty. They work better, quicker and are more durable than any other paper towel out there. When I have been at other people’s houses and they use other paper towels I hate using them. I want to tell them how wasteful they are being by using a cheaper brand because the cheaper brands make you have to use so many to barely clean up any kind of a spill. My dream has always been to be in a commercial for Bounty because no one loves the brand more than I do, my friends know I won’t even consider using any other brand.

  3. dancemom

    I’ve always preferred the Bounty brand. A conversation many years ago with a friend who is a chemical engineer convinced me that you actually waste money with cheaper brands because you use more paper towels. I picked up a multi-pack of the Basic and have been so disappointed with this product. It really doesn’t measure up to the Bounty name. Luckily, I already know that your other products are good, so I will continue to buy Bounty brand. If I hadn’t already tried your products, I would never buy Bounty again. I certainly will never make the mistake of buying the Basic paper towel again. It was a waste of money!

  4. Rhonda

    We have always used Bounty paper towels and loved the quality and durability. I purchased the new Basic paper towels without realizing the difference. I couldn’t believe the difference when I opened the package. They feel rough, lack the absorbency of regular Bounty and overall just feel cheap. I definitely use more of these to clean one spill than I would have with regular Bounty. So for the price, not a good deal. Also, every time I try and tear one off the roll, the entire roll comes off the holder because the sheets are not perforated well. I would not recommend this product and will not buy it again.

  5. Anonymous

    I like the towels, as my main use is for wiping hands and using for snack foods. However, the last package that I purchased contained rolls that would not stay on my under-counter holder at all. This is extremely annoying. I had the same issue a few years ago with regular Bounty towels. I figured it was just a fluke. It looks like maybe the paper towel rolls are going the way of toilet paper though….small changes in the size which equals less product. I don’t know if I am willing to purchase again and go through another 12 rolls of annoyance. As a reasonably priced paper towel they are fine. I just prefer ones that I can tear from my holder without the entire roll ending up in the floor.

  6. jane

    I know Bounty Basic is only one ply and therefore thinner & cheaper than regular Bounty, but I do not like it as much. I’ve used Bounty 40 years, since before I could really afford it, because it was the only paper towel that was really really good! The last time I picked up paper towels at the store I got Bounty Basic. Wrong decision. It does not tear off the roll as good as the regular Bounty, it feels thinner and cheaper and one thing I use my regular Bounty for a lot is to wet it, wring it out, and wipe off the counters or floors in the kitchen…it tears too easily. I will not make the mistake of buying Bounty Basic again. I’ll just stick to my regular old trusty faithful…the regular Bounty.

  7. Kathy7408

    I would like to start by saying that I only buy Bounty, they are the best! My concern is your commercials. I don’t like that you make it “happy” over a child throwing a spoonful of food across a table and the parents laugh and think it is funny and a good thing for the child to be doing that! OR a father and son sliding salsa across a kitchen counter and spilling it with mom coming in and thinking it’s funny that they made a mess! Welcome to the real world of “I can’t believe you did that”! Mom’s are not “happy” about having to clean up a childish mess. Come up with better commercials.

  8. saipan

    I’m a long-time Bounty user. When I picked up a “bargain” pack of Bounty Basic I expected nothing but the same great towel I always got. I was wrong! The towels are wrinkled just like clothes that need ironing and they simply look cheap. They require more sheets to do a decent cleanup so their is no economy in buying these. The fact that they are only 1-ply versus regular Bounty 2-ply isn’t prominent on the packaging and the result of this difference is lost anyway when one expects a Bounty towel to be as good as always. I was walking down a store aisle past a Bounty Basic display in a store recently and another customer remarked to her friend “Don’t buy Bounty Basic. Their awful.” That says it all.

  9. BarbieD

    I’ve always liked bounty brand paper towels and feel they are very affordable for all kinds of cleanups and uses, especially with kids. Just bought a package of BOUNTY BASIC last night. Gotta say your current advertising campaign using the adorable baby on the packaging is wonderful. The photo with the spaghetti face is the cutest EVER and that smile is precious! For that alone I would choose them over buying another brand. Please don’t change it. God bless that precious baby!! Makes me smile every time I walk down the aisle and see these paper towels on the shelf. Thank-you!

  10. Anonymous

    I have purchased the Bounty Basic paper towel for a few months now. I was immediately impressed with the quality, but I could not believe what happened this evening. I was folding laundry and found out I accidentally washed and dried a paper towel. How did I know? It was still intact!! It shrunk a little 🙂 but no tears, no disintegrating and no fraying! I know that it holds up amazing when I use it for my everyday uses but was shocked that it held up to my washers cycle (plus max extract spin cycle) and then through the dryer. I could not be more pleased with this product!

  11. bobcat

    Don’t usually write to a company about a product but your Bounty Basics Select-a-Size are so good I had to.When I got on your web site I saw you have a special place for the very thing I got on for.I LOVE these towels! The quality etc. is a given but the size, it’s not necessary but you do it. It is so convenient.I used to say I wish these were half the size(for those little jobs a usual size is too big and a waste) and then one day, not noticing I purchased them! What a great idea! You didn’t have to but you considered the consumers needs and just want to say THANKYOU!!!

  12. sweible17

    I used to buy the cheap paper towels because I thought I was saving money. I never really realized that I was using three or four paper towels for even the smallest of spills. But my fiance came home with Bounty Basic paper towels the one day and I will NEVER go back to the old ones. We have a three year old and he is constantly spilling his juice, when I use Bounty I can clean the mess up with one paper towel. I never thought I would get so excited about something as simple as a paper towel but now I recommend them to all of my friends (especially the ones with kids).

  13. Buyer

    I buy a large pack (6-8 rolls) of Bounty paper towels each week. I have a large family (8 kids). Sometimes one of my kids or my husband shops for me, and this is how we purchased Bounty Basic. I have been using Bounty paper towels for 30 years and I am a faithful customer. I have tried other brands from time to time with coupons or sales, but I always return to Bounty…That being said, I will be careful in the future to NEVER buy Bounty Basic again! It’s worse than the cheapest store brand. My husband calls it “toilet paper for your hands”! NUF SAID!

  14. 2some2love2

    We love to fry fish,atlantic cod to be exact.And after inviting neighbors over we couldn’t find a basket filter for our older model deep fryer,so we took a couple sheets of our Bounty Basic brand paper towels,rolled them into a conical shape,inserted this into our fryer,dropped in four,or five pieces of frozen cod and presto-mistro,fresh deep fried cod fillets,with french fries,fried the same way.We had a wonderful dinner,thanks Bounty Basic!You saved our day,and our dinner get together too!Our guest never knew the difference. Rodger and Carol!

  15. ibarton65

    I have used Bounty for many years and, with the economy the way it is, I thought I’d try the “new” Bounty Basic. How unfortunate! It’s like using newspaper. There is NO absorbency, they feel very rough, and, I cannot fathom why these paper towels have come on the market using the Bounty name. They should be an off-label product so that people know what they are/are not getting. Shame on you, Bounty, for allowing such a cheap quality product on our shelves. I got much less than what I paid for. Can’t wait to get my “real” Bounty again!

  16. nmtenaglia

    I bake 10-20 loaves of bread each week for friends and family. I have to clean the mixing bowl after each loaf for best results. I used to use a scrubbing sponge but the dough would stick and make the sponge unuseable. So one night I grabbed a sheet of Bounty Basic paper towels and washed the bowl, the paddle attachment, the hook 10 times and all the bowls and utensils used to measure when I was all done. To my amazement that one paper towel held up and cleaned up the entire mess.

    I won’t buy any other paper towel after that!

  17. AlaskaBabe

    These towels are the best! I have always liked them from the start. I have actually done a sink full of dishes using just one of these paper towels and it actually held up as well as a washcloth! I’ve used them for a couple of years now and they are great. They are soft yet durable. They really get the job done! Please don’t stop making these paper towels. Seems like you find something you really like and then they stop making it. I’ve told many of my friends and co-workers about these wonderful towels. Thank you Bounty!!

  18. beacher

    I have used Bounty for numerous years and I will continue to use their products, but not Basic paper towels. I purchased these because they were less expensive than the regular paper towels I was using and like everyone else I was trying to save a little money. I do not like these towels at all and I wasted my money. They do not pick up liquids well and the towel is smaller. I wind up using 2 or 3 to do a job I usually use only one towel to do. It would have been cheaper to buy my normal Bounty towels to begin with.

  19. Lavy

    I’ve bought Bounty Towels for many years and decided
    to try the Bounty Basic because I heard it is very durable and holds up well. It really does, BUT as I was
    wiping down my black stove, refrigerator, microwave
    I noticed a milky film all over the appliances, so I started going all over them again. AGAIN, more milky
    film. I then got a roll of the original ones and low
    and behold, nice clean appliances. You must have
    treated the new one with something. I suggest you
    try it and see. I wll go back to the old ones.

  20. ScrubbingGramma

    Bounty Basic is worse than the cheapest generic paper towel. It tears wherever it likes when you try to pull off a piece, it ruins the next strip by ripping a section off (select a size). It does not absorb well at all because it is so thin. It also bleeds its colors on your walls and countertops . The worst part is, when I tried to call the 800-9Bounty call line, When I started to speak to the representative about how unhappy I was, she literally hung up hard in my ear before I could even explain why!!!!!

  21. wonderwoman

    Basic Bounty is not a bargain. Sheets appear thicker but practically disolve with one use. Much too thin for wiping up a spill, draining fried food or drying a pan quickly. I have to use a minium of 2-3 at a time. I went back to regular Bounty with tear off sheets even though formula has changed. I don’t mind paying a little more if the quality is good. Please go back to your regular Bounty that has been inBasic to save money for consumers instead of your company, at least double the quantity. Thank you.

  22. tennismom

    I sent my husband to the store and told him specifically to purchase Bounty towels, not the cheap store brand. So he came home with these Bounty Basic towels. I hate them because they do not come off the rolls easily and the paper rolls are not sturdy and they bend. What a waste of money. I think Bounty should stick to the original quality and not try to compete with the generics. I am now stuck with this large package of inferior quality paper towels. What a disappointment and what a bad idea.

  23. carol

    I love bounty towels for all my household cleaning, but recently I have notice when I clean windows or mirrors with them and the windex, there seems to be a streak and then I will reclean and it does it again, I clean houses and I hate having to redo and redo, I have asked a couple of other ladies if they have notice a difference and they said yes also. I love my clean doors and windows and mirrors, so please let me know if there is something new with the bounty that is not working with windex.

  24. AnnieS

    I knew this product was less expensive than the regular Bounty. But I really didn’t think that it would be as terrible as it is. It wasn’t that much less expensive. What really disappointed me was that the paper towels fell apart with very little use. I have used cheaper paper towels at other people’s homes and they lasted a lot longer than these. I will continue to buy Bounty towels but I won’t ever buy these again. For just a few pennies more I can have an excellent towel that won’t break down as I use it. I do prefer the full size paper towel to the select-a-size. So, that was OK. These were no bargain because I have had to use many more of them than I normally would for small jobs. Although I have not made formal calculations, I would say that, in the long run, these are more expensive.

  25. Susan

    BOUNTY IS NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE!! We cannot find Bounty Basic anywhere, all we have found is this fake Bounty Essentials. They are a bad replacement for what used to be our go to paper towels. They are wound loosely, they are 1/2 the thickness of the Bounty Basic, they are less absorbent also. We use to be able to wipe up water with one towel then use the same towel to clean up something else. Now with these new one it takes at least 3 to get the spill up and they desolve into nothing.

  26. PatinPA

    If only the towels would tear off evenly. I would buy these over other brands as a value paper towel for our office needs as I love the Bounty brand, but the Basic towels never seem to tear off evenly. Bounty paper towels rip off cleanly and evenly. With Bounty Basic in the family, I would hope they would do the same. The Basic towel is a great value. The company just needs to work on better perforations for it. I love them otherwise. It’s frustrating when they don’t tear off the roll cleanly.

  27. AFH1

    I have been a Bounty customer for many years for one reason, you products were the best. However, Bounty Basic, although costing what your premium paper towels sold for just a short time ago, leaves a lot to be desired.
    In fact, I would venture to say that it is no better a product than those “no-name” paper towels sold in the warehouse clubs at a substantially cheaper price!
    Quite honestly, I’m disappointed and feel like I’ve thrown my money away on an inferior product.

    Ann H.

  28. SharonM

    I’m not sure what you have done, but the towels I just purchased in the same packaging I have been buying for years are not the same. They are significantly less densely quilted and feel different. They also have a different quilting pattern than the roll I just replaced. I hope this is not a permanent change, because these are not nearly as good as the originals. They are the white select a size. My rating for the original Bounty was a solid 5 and I always did recommend them to others.

  29. Schmom

    First off, I am normally not a fan of regular Bounty paper towels because I do not like the “dust” that they leave on mirrors and windows. That being said, I first bought Bounty Basic to try because of the price. Now I won’t buy anything else! I know they are only 1-ply but I can use one towel to clean my entire bathroom floor with a home-made solution of ammonia and water. And I have had several of them go through an entire wash and dry cycle without ripping (thanks to my forgetful teenager leaving them in his pocket). I also use them for covering up food in the microwave. (If I have a major spill, I will use a fabric cloth as I know 1-ply towels won’t do the best job.) My husband and I both really like Bounty Basic and will continue to buy them. It’s too bad for all the negative reviews otherwise.

  30. Dianne

    I consider myself to be a paper towel “snob” and have always only bought Bounty Paper Towels. During the pandemic, purchasing paper towels became quite a challenge and I was delighted to finally find Bounty Towels in the store. Unfortunately, they were the Bounty Essentials. It surprises me that you would want the “Bounty” name on the package. The product is hardly what I would consider the quality I associate with Bounty. I will definitely be cautious of labeling in the future!

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