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Project Source Pro-Flush Bone Dual Flush Elongated Chair Height 2-piece WaterSense Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size (Ada Compliant)

8 Reviews
  • Top rated flushing performance and high efficiency powered by Fluidmaster, fill valve and a 3-in flush valve with silicone seal
  • The 3-in flush valve combined with the 2-in fully glazed trapway provides an excellent flushing operation
  • Offers a safe and comfortable alternative for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility


The Project Source Pro-Flush 2 piece dual flush toilet features an elongated bowl for added room and comfortable use. It combines versatile design with efficient functionality.
  • Top rated flushing performance and high efficiency powered by Fluidmaster, fill valve and a 3-in flush valve with silicone seal
  • The 3-in flush valve combined with the 2-in fully glazed trapway provides an excellent flushing operation
  • Offers a safe and comfortable alternative for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility
  • Two piece configuration allows ease of access to the area around the toilet
  • WaterSense certified helping you save water and money without sacrificing performance, uses no more than 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Dual flush top center button
  • Complete kit includes seat, bolt caps, tank, bowl, floor hardware and wax ring
  • ADA compliant and WaterSense certified
  • Standard 12-in rough-in design, easy installation and corrosion-resistant FluidMaster parts
Weight 93 lbs
Dimensions 29.53 × 16.38 × 25.59 in

Latest reviews

  1. YouOweMeMoney

    Bought 2 of these toilet, easy to install, but it has a huge design defect. The toilet would not hold water. After installing the water drains in less than 5 mins. I initially thought it was a broken wax seal, so I went and bought a new wax ring, re-installed it, and same problem. After flushing the water drains and you have sewage fumes/gas which stinks up the place. In the process of taking it out to return it, I cracked the tank lid, so I lost $220, can’t return both. I went to another home improvement store and bought another brand, and those 2 worked fine.

    I did a water test after I removed both, compared with the old toilet and the new one from another store, and the result was clear. There is a design flaw in this and I think it’s the drain channel curve that makes it impossible to hold water. (PICTURES INCLUDED)

    Picture #1 (The Old Toilet in the middle, still holding water after 10 mins)
    Picture #2 (Old Toilet)
    Picture #3 (Project Source Toilet, after repeated pouring of water)
    Picture #4 (Different Brand from another store, still holding after 1 hour)

    Waste of Time, Money, Gas driving to store. The good thing though, my wife made a good plant pots of the 2 in the garden. My $220 Flower Pots.

    DO NOT BUY!!!!!!

  2. Travis

    Such a nice toilet for the price. This was easier to install than I expected. Like all toilet installs, it helps having another set of eyes/hands when you’re placing the bowl over the bolts. 1 thing I’d recommend is purchasing a thicker wax ring, just for piece of mind. My dad and I did this and it couldn’t have gone smoother. Powerful flush for both flushes. Styling is sleek and I love that it uses fluid master parts. We’ll see how it holds up over time but honestly I’m not too worried about it.

  3. Susan

    works well, had to adjust fill valve inside tank,
    water level indicator rubbing against side wall, so would not stop filling, no other problems. Installed bowl over jumbo wax ring, than attached tank. Fits into a 30 inch x 30 inch space easily. Never installed a toilet before. 70 years old, 120 pounds, so not overly strong. Read instructions, watched a couple of videos and was able to install in an hour. Seat is fine with me, my expensive toilet has a plastic seat and it costs 3x what this one costs. Added a bidet attachment to toilet – separate order.

  4. Lhayes

    toilets great. I bought it for chair height and I like the push flush on the top. Theres 2 buttons . It says the buttons are for uses for #1 & #2 . Idk tit doesn’t actually say which is for which, does it matter? . Anyways, it’s a 2sec flush which has to save water. Big plus in my book. The heights greats. I’m sure I’ll appreciated it more when my knees are bad and getting up from a lower position is hard. But for now it’s still awesome. It’s such a sleek design compared to my old one. Theres so much more space in my bathroom. Like a couple inches really matters. Easy to install. My hubby had it done in no time. He really likes it a lot So much that we’re buying a Second one for our upstairs bathroom. I recommend. You won’t be disappointed and price is Great.

  5. Gilby

    Frankly, I bought this unit on price and chair height. The extra height of 2″ is important to an 89 year old such as I. When I used it the first time the admiration for the design began. The height is indeed a real benefit and the flush operation is done in less than 2 seconds which cuts down on the noise. Another feature I like is the flush handle being on the front; let’s you flush using your right elbow. In the two photos below, the bidet and the canine figurines are mine and did not come with the toilet.

  6. James

    Easy to install. Works great

  7. Kevin G

    The main thing I was interested in was high water efficiency and powerful flush. The 30+ year old toilet often got clogged on more challenging #2s. So far this one has not hesitated to remove any #2s! It flushes fast, probably in about two seconds and so far has done a good job removing all debris. On occasion there may be a tiny piece of residue or a small skid mark. Given that it is using only 1/3rd as much water as the old toilet on #2 and only 1/4 as much water for #1, I think it is great! Let’s be honest, the old toilet almost always left a little debris after #2 even after a 2nd flush. I plan to buy another in a month or so to replace our main bathroom toilet!

  8. m3mm

    I really like this product. I wanted to change all 3 toilets in my home. So.. I ordered 1 first to test and liked it. I then order the other 2 which was fine, until I discovered the dual flush button has a flaw that can injure children… In fact it hurt me late at night when I was not super careful (who is… In the middle of a nite tinkle!). For the dual flush one would flush one or the other button but not both -wpuld be awkward. Well when u flush one and your finger goes down with the button there is a gap where ur finger would naturally slide to (button not that big) and gets pinched by the empty gap under the other button. Yicks this pinched my kid and only then I had recalled when the same happened to me at night. This is a problem that could easily be fixed by closing each button fully without gaps under them both.
    ** Please please fix.. it there is a different buttons that I can purchase and replace I’m all in. Very surprised have this without fixing yet… Let me know if there is a fix and I am not aware. Tnx.
    So Beware with little fingers they slide further in and can get a worst pinch than adults.
    Otherwise love the toilet, comes with wax ring!

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