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Project Source Pro-Flush Oyster Round Chair Height 2-piece WaterSense Toilet 12-in Rough-In Size (Ada Compliant)

13 Reviews
  • Top rated flushing performance and high efficiency powered by Fluidmaster, fill valve and a 3-in flush valve with silicone seal
  • The 3-in flush valve combined with the 2-in fully glazed trapway provides an excellent flushing operation
  • Offers a safe and comfortable alternative for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility


The Project Source Pro-Flush 2 piece round oyster toilet provides a powerful 1.28 GPF. It features a round bowl for comfortable use. The toilet offers a WaterSense certified design to help conserve water without sacrificing performance.
  • Top rated flushing performance and high efficiency powered by Fluidmaster, fill valve and a 3-in flush valve with silicone seal
  • The 3-in flush valve combined with the 2-in fully glazed trapway provides an excellent flushing operation
  • Offers a safe and comfortable alternative for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility
  • Two piece configuration allows ease of access to the area around the toilet
  • WaterSense certified helping you save water and money without sacrificing performance, uses no more than 1.28 gallons per flush
  • Single flush left front lever
  • Complete kit includes seat, bolt caps, tank, bowl, floor hardware and wax ring
  • ADA compliant and WaterSense certified
  • Standard 12-in rough-in design, easy installation and corrosion-resistant FluidMaster parts
Weight 98 lbs
Dimensions 27.95 × 17.13 × 28.19 in

Latest reviews

  1. HonestAbe

    We only purchased this as a temporary replacement toilet until the bathroom will be totally remodeled in January ’22. To be honest, I didn’t expect much for the low price, but I didn’t want to spend a lot, in addition to the big expense of the remodel.______

    Well, I gotta tell ya, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. This toilet was super easy to install. All the necessary parts were included, and it all fit together perfectly, except for the nuts holding the seat down. They each had a long wing on one side that I had to cut down with a very sharp pair of large scissors. That wing kept hitting the ceramic wall of the toilet and wouldn’t allow me to tighten the seat. Cutting off about 1/4″ solved the issue.______

    The seat is comfortable enough, though I’d prefer a thicker, stronger soft-closing type. A quick flick of the flush handle uses VERY LITTLE water, and is enough to take care of liquid waste. The tank refills without much noise at all. If you hold the flush handle for about 3 seconds, it completely flushes even a large load of solid waste (I know because I was the waste supplier). LOL!______

    Unlike the fancy schmancy decorator European toilet we will soon have, this one has that nasty look of intestines on the side. Toilets back in the 50s and 60s many times didn’t show that. Now, unless you get a “skirted” toilet, they all do. So, I didn’t downgrade it for what almost all toilets look like today. It’s a chair-height toilet, so I’m not crazy about that. It puts my short legs to sleep if I’m on it for very long. But I knew that before buying, so I’m not downgrading it for my own bad. It was totally a CO$T thing for me at this point.______

    The toilet came packed extremely well with loads of protective corrugated cardboard and Styrofoam. The tank lid had its own box inside the larger box. It was all in A1 condition. I found no flaws in the ceramic or its glazing.______

    The only real issue is that the toilet flange bolts that came with it are too long, so the round appearance covers sort of dangle atop the bolt instead of resting flush against the ceramic base. My photos don’t really show that well.______

    Overall, though, you can’t go wrong if you need a toilet, and also need to save some money. It looks about the same as much more costly toilets, flushes well, isn’t noisy and is easy to install if you’re handy or willing to watch a YouTube video.

  2. Robert

    These have improved since the last time I got a Project Source toilet. They’ve always been fine, but the system for fastening to the floor ring, caps, etc are nicer than they used to be. And the tank sits a lot more solidly in place. If you need a budget toilet that won’t give you extra stress and frustration, this is the way to go.,

  3. pw1931

    The toilet itself is perfect–small, yet ADA compliant (taller). The seat itself, however, is useless!! Flimsy, cheap, lightweight plastic. Not sure why they’d even include it! Also, I didn’t put on the seal between the tank and toilet as it wasn’t in the bag of other parts. After filling it, I flushed it , and water dumped out all over the new LVP floor I’d just put in!! (good news is they really are waterproof)
    I actually THEN found the seal part in the box for the wax ring !?!? I had used a different type of non-wax ring, so never looked in that box! But, after that fiasco, the toilet works great.
    SO…look in all boxes within the main box as you never know!

  4. Dre Levine

    Powerful Flush!

  5. Geno

    I like the size and height. The seat is small and the shape of it is not really comfortable. I will probably change that out. My plumber installed it easily but he used a thicker seal than what came with it. I was concerned about the flush action – I went from a three gallon tank ( old) with a full bowl of water to this model of less than 2.5 gallons… but so far after a few weeks of use it seems to flush fine. I like the directed water flow and force of the water. I’m sure I’ll see a reduction in my water bill. So far, I am pleased with it and will probably buy another for the other bathroom – price is great and I like curbside pick up – they loaded it for me!

  6. KenG

    This toilet was easy to install. The instructions that came with it were not very clear, but I found a video on-line that walked me through the installation.

  7. JoeZ

    easy installation, functions well, no complaint; this is the cheapest I found at , there are brand name models of the same specs but twice cost. I bought this one, installed it myself. The installation process was smooth.

  8. Heberts04

    This toilet is super easy to install. My toilet wouldn’t flush anymore. So being a single woman I did my research and watched videos on how to change a toilet. I decided on this toilet and was so impressed with the ease of installing it. I like that it doesn’t waste a lot of water for flushing.

  9. Trk37

    Love the fact that these toilets already have the guts installed so all I have to do is remove the old toilet, clean the fitting on the floor, then plop the new toilet in and tighten up the bolts and connect the water supply.

  10. GravyTrain

    Cost and powerful flush! With toilet ranging from $300 to $79, we really saw no reason to spend excess $$$, like flushing money down the drain! This toilet had a similar Flushmaster system to the more expensive models. Amazingly, this toilet flushes quicker, harder and more completely than any other toilet in our home.

  11. r1457

    The toilet is good, has a better height, and does its job well. My only complaint (and the one star knocked off) is the cheap plastic seat and lid. It is very lightweight and flimsy, and you can feel it buckling a little when you sit with the lid down. I don’t expect the seat and lid to last long, so I am all ready on the hunt for a replacement for that inevitable moment.

  12. dawgrulez

    Very skeptical due to price point, manufacturer and 1.28 gallon flush. Was going to go with American Standard which is our main toilet but at over $200 decided against it. Very easy install that went into a half bath and have to say with 2 weeks of putting it through it’s paces, it is performing pretty well. Only downside is the toilet seat probably will not last long as it is cheap plastic. With money saved we can upgrade that. I feel confident enough to finally recycle the box it came in.

  13. Margaret Dee

    It’s smaller – just perfect for a half bath. Quick, strong flush is a nice feature.

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