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Project Source Stainless Steel 2-handle Pull-down Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Function (Deck Plate Included)

17 Reviews
  • Two handle pull down kitchen faucet from Project Source
  • High arc gives clearance for large pots and pans
  • 8-In center distance


The Project Source pull down kitchen faucet features two spray settings and two handles for ease of use. The transitional style and brushed nickel finish match most kitchen decor and provide a timeless look. The ceramic cartridges provide a long lasting drip-free faucet. This kitchen faucet features an 8-in center distance and can be used with or without an optional soap dispenser. Update your kitchen today with Project Source.
  • Two handle pull down kitchen faucet from Project Source
  • High arc gives clearance for large pots and pans
  • 8-In center distance
  • Features quarter-turn ceramic disk cartridge for long life
  • Pull down nozzle has 2 spray settings
  • Brass water inlets for easy installation
  • Can be used with or without the optional soap dispenser
  • ADA compliant lever handles
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Weight 6.1433 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 6 × 10 in

Latest reviews

  1. Wes

    I installed this about two weeks ago and I am really impressed with the quality and operation. This pull down faucet was a breeze to install. The instructions were easy to follow. Make sure you read and understand the instructions before you start. Just one caution. When you open the box there is a tag on the hose that says put weight here. Make sure you don’t move it or slide it down the hose when you are removing it from the box. The satin finish will go with any sink. You will need to remove your old sprayer, but don’t worry, the soap dispenser goes in that hole. The removable sprayer in this unit does not spray as hard as the separate sprayer that most sinks have, but it has more than enough flow to rinse your dishes. Sliding out the sprayer is easy and can easily be used anywhere around the sink. Even a double sink like mine. When it retracts, it fits nicely back into the faucet housing. In the regular mode the faucet puts out a nice steady stream of water. It does not use an aerator like a standard faucet, so it might look like there isn’t much water coming out, but it has plenty of flow to fill up the sink or a pan just as fast as a faucet with an aerator. The button to change from spray to normal works easily and it has dots on it to show what mode it is in. The matching soap dispenser is really handy to dispense soap so you don’t have to keep your plastic bottle on top of the sink anymore. It is easy to fill and after a few uses you will be able to dispense just the right amount of soap for the job. The hot and cold markings are very elegant and ads to the look of quality. It’s all metal construction, means it will be around long after those cheap chrome plated plastics ones have seen their better days. If I could give it six stars I would.

  2. June

    Purchases and installed on 12/02/18. Plastic o ring inside main line of sprayer cracked and blew sprayer head off line. Been a week now since cracked. I have a fractured patella and live alone. So been without use of faucet . Leaving today going back to lowes again for replacement faucet. Word to qise. Do not purchase this brand of faucet.

  3. Breed462

    Night this item worked great for a few months then the hot emblem was fading , handles had so much play in them then has been leaking for a few weeks I had a bowl under it untill I can address the issue try to get new supply lines tonite ( what I believed it was) put them on and still leaks finally had enough Nd took it apart to find the plastic internals cracked which was causing the leak now I’m without a sink for the night and untill after work , looking for warranty info thx

  4. Tish

    I wish I would have read the reviews first. Had our new granite specifically drilled holes for this faucet. Looks nice but started to fail after a few months. Hand soap pump failed. Sprayer switch has a rubber cover that completely wore away. Called to purchase a new sprayer and Project Source is exclusive to . The missing parts phone number is to and they do not stock any replacement parts. Now I have to try to recover my receipt via Mylowes and going to try to return. Not looking forward to disassembling my faucet and traveling back to store. This product should be removed from the store.

  5. Mel525

    This is the second one I have had. The first one broke internally in the handle. This flooded my cabinets. There are no replacement parts available. I bought a second one and the rubber button in the pull down nozzle dry rotted in 8 months. And water pressure is extremely low.

  6. Ralph

    The Quick Connect assembly, part # RP03039, has what appears to be a one-way flow valve in it that some large grains of sand &/ flakes of metal pipe clogged it up to the point where the flow rate was insufficient to turn on my tankless electric water heater. Troubleshooting says to “call customer service”, which I’ve done 3 times, with unsatisfactory follow up. I finally bought a 2nd one to see how the quick connector works so I wouldn’t have to uninstall the original one to install a new one. Except for this problem I’d give the faucet a 5 star rating. Customer service on it isn’t even a 3.

  7. Damita

    While the faucet is beautiful and looks really good in my kitchen, it produces very weak water flow, I’m old school and still hand wash dishes. It takes three times as long to fill the sink with dishwater and the flow isn’t powerful enough to make many bubbles. It takes three times as long to rinse anything. Invest in something else than this faucet that produces very low water pressure.

  8. Levi

    This faucet is beautiful. It doesn’t feel flimsy and cheap like pull downs I’ve installed in our homes before. The spray button seems like it will last a lifetime. I’ve had faucets in the past where the spray button goes out after 6 months.

    Installing it was a breeze. It took me 20 minutes tops to put this one in. Very high end. It looks really good and functions perfectly. This finish doesn’t appear to be the kind that rubs off with use or peels.

    It looks beautiful in our kitchen and is well made. I would purchase this brand for future projects and recommend to others.

  9. Desbev

    This worked perfectly, we wanted a pull down sprayer with two handles & almost didn’t get this one bc of the pressure reviews but when u use the braided steel hoses, it gives more pressure. The only con is the soap dispenser has to be untwisted from under the sink to be filled up, which is rather awkward. Overall pleased.

  10. Dan

    I installed this faucet and was very impressed with how easy it was to install. I like the high gooseneck so I can easily rinse pots and pans under it or pull out the sprayer if I need to. The quality seems good and it looks nice in my kitchen. The sprayer is a little large for my liking but it will just take some getting used to. It turns off and on easily and does so without dripping. I love it! I would recommend it.

  11. OGarza

    Purchased this faucet about 5 months ago. Was working fine till yesterday all of a sudden the water pressure on it is extremely low. Just a slow trickle of water is coming out even tho knob is fully open. Very disappointed with this purchase. Going to to see if they will replace it.

  12. George

    I installed this and it lasted about a year before it started leaking at the handle (cartridge) – impossible to find replacement parts. does not stock them, I called the 800 number and they could not provide replacements, the plumbing supply warehouse near me could not find parts!!! I managed to take it apart and rebuild and stopped leak. The the hose connection to the pull out sprayer started leaking… same drill. I just replaced it with a name brand so I can get parts (most cased free from manuf!). Very disappointing that carries this but does not stock parts. Looks nice, though. Cheap. The soap dispenser is horrible, have to remove the bottle from UNDER the sink! Do NOT recommend.

  13. Ryan

    Works pretty well for its price range. Quick install. Faucet shaft has a bit of play. Thick soap is a must with the dispenser. Less viscous soap shoots upward towards arm.

  14. Bradman

    I replaced a cheap plastic faucet in my utility sink with this faucet. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! The weight that retracts the pull down sprayer will completely retract the sprayer, no feeding the hose back into place. The high neck makes washing the dog so much easier. The sprayer can either send a stream of water like a normal faucet or a spray like a showerhead. The control is very easy to work, even with wet soapy hands.


    We had the faucet less than 3 months and it had to be replaced. Water was pouring from faucet underneath the cabinet. Fortunately we realized it before it did much damage. It uses plastic parts within the faucet thus leading to breakage. Will never buy another project source product because of the cheap quality.

  16. Anonymous

    bought this faucet on Jan 19th, where to begin, stainless is peeling off on the pull down head, pull down hose shuts off at any kind of a bend, has to be pulled straight out or kinks an stops water flow, an now just yesterday can not shut off the hot water with the handle, runs nonstop, had to turn off under the sink….

  17. Nesie

    I purchased this because I like the 2-handle faucets instead of the one handle and I really wanted the pull-down feature but unfortunately I had to return it to the store. The pull-down sprayer would not go back in place once you pull it down. I had to manually try to push it back in place but it would just hang. I ended up purchasing a better quality one handle pull-down faucet and it works great.

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