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Pure Enrichment HumeXL 1.3-Gallon Tower Cool Mist Humidifier (For Rooms 151-400-sq ft)

30 Reviews
  • Whisper-quiet operation integrated body design suppresses noise for silent operation that’s ideal for a nursery or office
  • High and low mist settings: adjust the mist output to achieve the desired level of humidity in your home or office
  • Optional night light creates a soft, beautiful glow at the base of the humidifier adding a relaxing ambiance to any room


Balance the air quality in the dry spaces in your home or office with the HUMEXL ultrasonic cool mist humidifier from Pure Enrichment. This sleek and modern humidifier is designed with an attractive brushed metal finish that makes it both easy to clean and resistant to scale and fingerprints. The extra-large water tank allows for hours of continuous operation on any setting, providing moisturizing relief for the symptoms associated with dry air.
  • Whisper-quiet operation integrated body design suppresses noise for silent operation that’s ideal for a nursery or office
  • High and low mist settings: adjust the mist output to achieve the desired level of humidity in your home or office
  • Optional night light creates a soft, beautiful glow at the base of the humidifier adding a relaxing ambiance to any room
  • Night mode setting: press the night mode icon to dim the LED control panel lights and to turn off the night light while you sleep
Weight 5.875 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 11.25 × 16 in

Latest reviews

  1. Karrigan

    I really needed a new humidifier when I stumbled across this HumeXL Ultrasonic cool humidifier by Pure Enrichment. Long winter’s mean longer furnace run times, which means a lot drier living atmosphere. Not only do we suffer from dry air, but our pets, furniture, and floors do too. This humidifier definitely helps with the dry air in our home!
    It not only works amazing but it looks great too! Sleek metal and black design makes it attractive enough to us in any room. Easy to use front buttons and not one but two mist nozzles that can be turned to any direction you need. And let me tell you, you can adjust the levels of desired mist and you can actually see it in the air so you know it’s working! Unlike other humidifiers I’ve owned, this one is super quiet so that’s a plus! No worries when it’s empty as it automatically shuts off when water is low. Also has a built in bottom night light which is a really relaxing feature.
    Overall this is a very nice and beneficial humidifier that meets all my family’s needs! I recommend!

  2. bABQ

    it’s a good and operational machine but knocked 2 stars off for: (1) uses a lot of water because the low setting is still high-output. (2) fills from bottom. so 1 gallon doesnt last a day or night while running and the low setting is medium or high on other humidifiers I have. whenever I have to refill it, water leaks and drips from bottom so it makes the frequent refilling cumbersome. wish I could return.

  3. NancyMcD

    This machine is perfect. In Arizona, where we moved almost 6 years ago, everything is dry with humidity in the summer in the single digits. Dry eyes, dry/bloody noses/dry skin. We had a different brand that died after a year. We bought 2 of these but so far only one is operating. All the “health issues are gone, including my cat’s “goober eye.” I didn’t know there were decalcification filters until recently, but especially in Arizona you need one. I was dusting furniture at least once a day because of the white film/dust that covered everything. This is the perfect machine.

  4. Cherie

    We live in southern NM, after 35 years in the humid DC region. We’re drying up like autumn leaves. This humidifier is a game-changer for us. Right now I use it in the bedroom at night and the TV room during the day. I’m ordering a second one so I don’t ave to move it twice a day. This unit is very, very quiet. I bought a hygrometer to measure the humidity when this is in use, and the difference is significant. I know I don’t wake up anymore in the middle of the night to scratch my dry skin.

  5. NorthShore

    I have finally purchased a cool, mist humidifier & I am glad I chose this one. After having to close up the house for the winter months, this unit makes it a lot more bearable, especially in the bedroom. It looks great, functions great & I can already tell the difference after only 2 days of use. My only question is, is it supposed to shut off automatically after 20 minutes or so of use? I always make sure the tank is full so I can run it for long periods of time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, I am completely satisfied with my purchase.

  6. Orchid lover

    I have indoor Orchids that I bought this Humidifier for and I can tell you they love it too

  7. JD!!

    The HumeXL ultrasonic cool mist humidifier Works amazing. I put it in my downstairs living room and it made the whole first floor so much better, no more dry air. I was able to breathe better and even sleep better. It was so easy to set up and the tank is big enough for it to last the entire day. It also looks so much nicer than the average humidifier, it is a sleek brushed nickel. I love that it has two separate dispensers for the air. I point one in One Direction and the other in the other direction and it does my whole entire downstairs. It is very well made.

  8. David W

    I live in a desert area, which typically means there’s an ongoing battle between running our AC in the summer and our rooms getting too dry.

    I bought this humidifier to help balance out the lowered humidity in my place whenever the AC was on. It’s worked wonderfully. The humidifier is smaller than what I originally expected, which made it easier to find a spot for it in the room. It’s really easy to clean as well, and is whisper silent when it’s running. I’ve only gotten a chance to use it during the summer, but plan to use it in the winter as well.

  9. Taco

    I am greatly enjoying our new HumeXL Cool Mist Humidifier. In the winter, our house is so dry – lots of static in the air, cracking skin on fingers which is quite painful. I purchased this humidifier to add moisture to the air in our large living room. I’m pleased to say that it has worked wonderfully. The unit puts out a lot of water vapor and my husband and I have noticed that are fingers have not cracked so far and the static in the air is gone. The unit is also very quiet so it doesn’t disturb TV time. We are very pleased with this purchase.

  10. KelseyK

    I received one of your humidifiers as a Christmas gift from my partner. I have incredibly dry skin and my room is always so dry during the winter months. The humidifier has been a game-changer for me. I love the different settings, how I can point the mist in the direction I want, and that it will run through the night without problems. It’s perfect and has helped my skin and comfortability in my room so much.

  11. #Dougthedane2018

    I absolutely love this model… its quiet its easy to clean …keeps my skin and hair in great condition it also is a huge benefit to my Great Dane Therapy Dog so his skin in in great condition for when he visits people in our community. his allergies and skin condition has improved greatly since we started using this… i will purchase this brand in the future as well… customer service is excellent!!!

  12. spaceybez

    I have so much to say! This thing is awesome!! Firstly, it looks very sleek, and is about the size of a paper shredder. It is easy to clean, very quiet, efficient, and works great. I love it! It even has a night light, but you can turn that off. Oh and also the finish on it resists finger prints, that’s a HUGE bonus, especially when you have grubby handed little ones.

  13. MTMary

    This humidifier is completely silent except for a rare water gurgle. It is easy to fill and puts out a lot of mist. I have it sitting on a tray on carpet and noticed the carpet under the mist does get damp so I’m putting down a bath rug to catch the moisture.
    I’ve used it only two nights but with the great warranty, think this is a keeper. It does what it claims.

  14. Cassiepm

    Works great, Although I’ve only used it for one night I didn’t wake up with a dry throat this morning. I can tell already putting moisture in the air in my room. I’m sure it would work out in my living and dining space as well but for now I’m using in my room because I feel it works great for when you sleep at night. I don’t wake up with a dry throat.

  15. brin

    I live in an apartment with high ceilings and I have a lot of plants. In winter it gets very dry indoors and a humidifier makes a big difference. I have tried 3 humidifiers so far and this is the only one that runs for a long time and keeps a medium sized room with very high ceilings humid. It makes no noise and turns off when there is no water left.

  16. Firefrog37

    I can not say enough about this humidifier. The design is super cool looks great no matter where you put it. The water tank is easy to fill and holds a lot of water. I love the push buttons easy to find, and the humidifier has very little sound when working. If you are looking for a cool new humidifier I would recommend this product to everyone.

  17. Gavrilo

    The HumeXL Cool Mist Humidifier has been a great addition to our home. It has a sleek, modern design which looks great in any room. The humidifier has served to add moisture to the air which helps us sleep better at night. My favorite feature is the ‘Night Mode’ which quiets the machine and turns off any lights coming from the humidifier.

  18. Shamrock137

    OMG this machine is amazing. I have a rather large living room and have been looking for something to give us a more comfortable living area. Well this is what I have been looking for. It’s a very classy and sleek looking machine and fits well in the area. The glowing light on the bottom is amazing such a great product.

  19. Merissa77

    I was so happy to receive my HumeXL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier because our bedroom gets so dry that our son can’t sleep through to night because he’s so stuffy and can’t breathe. It was so easy and fast to set up. Thank you TryIt Sampling for the opportunity to try it for free. My son now sleeps through the night.

  20. huffnuz

    I have used many humidifiers due to my allergies. The Hume XL Ultrasonic Cool Mist is by far the best. I love that his holds so much water and it lasts longer than any I’ve tried. I also love the 2 nozzles on top. I just can’t say enough good things and I wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone!

  21. JULIEEATON1957

    This is the sharpest looking appliance we have it looks great! The first night we used it we slept so much better it helped with our dry heat in our house! It was super quiet too! I would highley recommend this to anyone looking for a good product!

  22. Loulee

    I have used this for the last few weeks. This unit delivers enough humidity for my first floor with no problem. I’m so glad I brought it. Good size water tank and it’s great that it has 2 different choices for how much humidity you want to use.

  23. sglo1996

    This is a good humidifier. It has plenty of output. It is pretty quiet. I have had no issues with water leaking. Very easy to refill. I like you can turn light off.does not require a filter. sometimes you have to press buttons a couple of times.

  24. Harris

    We love our Pure Enrichment humidifier. It is very quiet and puts lots of humidity in our bedroom at night. Very simple to fill, operate, and use. It’s smart looking product! We are very happy with it during its first week of use!

  25. Huntsmom

    We burn a wood stove over the winter months so a humidifier is a must. The HumeXL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier has worked out perfect for our needs. Nice design, easy to clean and the cool mist is safe for our child and pets.

  26. kiki928

    This works very well in the basement area of the house that is set up for the kids to play in. No Windows so it gets pretty humid and this helps to keep it nice and fresh and breathable. The kids don’t even notice it is there.

  27. Sammiecc217

    I was very happy to be picked to sample these for free in return for my review. This is a very good item. I love it. It really produces a cool mist vapor. Will be looking into buying another for the other bedroom.

  28. Michellee

    I bought this humidifier two months ago and it is perfect for my 1200 sq. foot apartment. No more static electricity and no more getting shocks when I pet my kitties. The night light is a great feature too.

  29. Sleighbell

    Have been using for a month now, it is easy to clean, fill and use. It looks very nice and produces a good amount of humidity. So far I am thrilled with it! ( loved it so much I bought 2!!)

  30. Jameshg

    Love the product but it is hard to handle. Only has one handle and it is on the water tank.
    When full, the tank is difficult to put back in. Would be easy to break.

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