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QuietWarmth 120-Volt Radiant QuietWarmth Floating Floors Underfloor Heating Mat 30-sq ft

20 Reviews
  • Use with most floating laminate, engineered wood, and floating tile floors
  • Uses an highly-efficient conductive ink technology
  • Disperses an evenly consistent heat throughout the entire floor


A gentle electric radiant heat system designed specifically for dry installation under floating wood and laminate floors. A low profile, line voltage system, It features gradual warmth from low wattage resistance heating of ultra-thin, flexible radiant heat film. Installed easily over a subfloor or over an acoustic/insulating underlayment as part of the overall floor assembly, It uses just 12 W per square foot to gently raise the temperature of the floor, conforming to the warranty requirements of many floating floors. The system, which sports an impressive 99% efficiency, includes temperature limiting properties so the film does not overheat. Its available in four convenient rollout mat sizes that will accommodate most any layout. Each mat has wires pre-attached for the ease of installation.
  • Use with most floating laminate, engineered wood, and floating tile floors
  • Uses an highly-efficient conductive ink technology
  • Disperses an evenly consistent heat throughout the entire floor
  • Will not add extra height to the floor, only 0.016 in. thick
  • Once mats achieve desired temperature, they only turn on when needed, saving you electricity
  • Easy to install roll out, cut length to fit if needed and run pre-attached wires to a wall thermostat
  • No mortar and no mess
  • Conforms to many floating floor manufacturers requirements
  • Once installed, no need for regular maintenance
Weight 4.12 lbs
Dimensions 4.125 × 4.125 × 38 in

Latest reviews

  1. DAlexMarc

    This was the easiest thing to install, I was very impressed as I have been a contractor for 20 years. You simply just install it under the floor layout that you are going to use. It rolls out so evenly and flat leaving no gaps. It also will help to keep the cost of heat down which is another huge plus. It’s kind of pricey but I do believe in the long run it will pay for itself being so energy efficient. Definitely a huge plus on this product!!!

  2. thomas

    Installed in a remodeled walk in closet that’s over the garage and a little chilly in the winter. Great Youtube videos to help with the install. I installed one 3 ft wide and one 1.5 ft wide strip to keep the current draw down. The 10 ft long 3 ft wide strip draws 2.78 A and the 1.5 ft strip draws 1.3 A. For supplemental heat it seems to work great!

  3. Sean29

    I used this in our newly renovated bathroom paired with a Schluter thermostat with floor sensor. I used a Schluter thermostat to match the other one I have which controls the Ditra heat we have under our laundry room tile. I like that there is an energy use calculation to show how much it costs to run. Quietwarmth is much cheaper to run than the Ditra heat. I installed this under Lifeproof vinyl floor and it works excellent. We are going to use this in our basement next. Highly recommend this product.

  4. Bstep7245

    We laid this under laminate flooring in the den under my wife’s desk. Since the floor is easy to pop up it was the right choice and it took no time at all. The box came with everything needed besides a few tools. I liked that it was easily trimmed with scissors. The website listed on the box even provides a detailed video for installation. Since installing this one my wife insisted on getting 2 more for the bathroom and we are going to attempt to use one in the green house in the colder months. It does not make the floor hot just cozy enough to be bare foot. We did see there is a separate thermostat that can be bought to control the temp of the floor may be more suitable for some.

  5. JGrant

    We have an older home with what I think is bad insulation and we are currently doing remodel room by room. The master bath is always incredibly cold and I was told by several people installing heated floors was worth every penny so we gave it a shot.

    Quiet warmth is just that. I was worried for some reason it would make a noise, but It doesn’t. It installed a lot easier than we expected and has been worth the time and money 100%.

    We have seen a decrease in our monthly utility bill as it’s been more efficient way to provide heat. This film has my family hooked and we will be installing it next in the kitchen and guest bathroom. Not only are we saving money, but adding value to our home.

  6. Maxbet

    Today I installed my Quiet Warmth Radiant heat film under my floating laminate floor. It was a pretty easy installation. It did not come with a thermostat so I purchased a Quiet Warmth Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat with a Built-in GFCI, it was also easy to connect. The heat film is super thin so it does not add any thickness to the floor. I did not need to, but it can be trimmed to fit with scissors. I like how it evenly heats my bedroom floor, no more cold feet. I will definitely be buying more of these for the rest of the house.

  7. MonduWD

    We installed one mat in our patio room to heat a corner for our dog so he will have a spot to warm up during cold weather. Upon testing, it took around 20 minutes before the heat could really be felt. The install is straightforward if you are comfortable with electrical work, but a DIYer should be able to install with little to no difficulty. I would recommend reading all of the directions prior to installing and it should answer most questions. There are 10′ leads that need to be installed into a thermostat, which was ample length for our project. We originally purchased bamboo flooring, but had to return it and purchase laminate flooring, as it was not recommended for the heat film. This project was started and completed in a weekend for an 11×13 room.

  8. access guy

    I bought 5 of these for underneath my basement engineered wood floor. Installed dricore on concrete slab, then Thermoquiet underlay, then QuietWarmth heating mats, then ⅝” engineered wood floor. Has been in operation for over a year. I set the thermostat to 21˚C, and haven’t needed any additional heat in the basement room, even though I installed an electric fireplace as well, which has never been needed due to the heated floor. The room feels very cozy, even in bare feet. This product is the best!

  9. Prophet

    We purchased 4 of these mats, along with the required thermostat, to extend the use of a 3-season porch. Part of the logic was that the cost of heating a room was ‘pennies per day’. It is, IF you consider $4 dollars per day ‘pennies’. Our electric bill went up over $120 the first full month the mats were online.

    The heating is prohibitively expensive and we will probably have to replace the brand new floor as well.

  10. Biggaryj

    I am so glad I received this product. Even with it being April here in Texas this weather has been cold and this product was able to help warm my floors. I installed it in my living room right in front of my sofa now my feet stay warm. I’m going to purchase one for my kitchen soon for when me and my wife cook. Our fur babies and grand children like the warm floor also. Great product great price.

  11. Clyo

    Omg when I received it was packaged all neat and nice. And when I received it was a little difficult to open but I finally got it open. When I first used it , i was amazed with how it made my whole warmer and it stayed at right temperature too. It is truly an amazing product to have and use in the home. I will continue to use it.

  12. JamesC

    I had never heard of such a product before receiving Quiet Warmth – Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors free from Bazaarvoice/ TryIt Sampling Community to review. So excited about the amazing features, no more cold feet, socks. My grandbabies didn’t want to sleep in their beds they just wanted to sleep on the warm floor.

  13. gurdial8

    I installed it under my hardwood floor. Super easy installation. Wires came up from the wooden floor to be plugged to a power source. It provides gradual heat and is great for winters. The heat was evenly spread. Cutting the length was super easy. I highly recommend this product that comes in handy in the winters.

  14. Definfected

    I recently had the Quiet Warmth Radiant Heat Film installed in my laundry room and I love it. My electrician didn’t take much time to wire it up. It sits directly under my floating floor and keeps my feet pretty toasty. The room gets cold during the fall and winter so this is just what I needed.

  15. HondaP18

    I was skeptical to apply QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Film under my floors due to the Permanente nature of the installation, but wow was a surprised with the ease of installation, the warmth this a meted and how comfortable this made our flooring project. I will be buying more for sure!

  16. Theheat23

    Bought this a month ago bi had it installed in the walk in closet area. We live in Midwest where the winter temperatures are very cold. This was just perfect. Warm feeling under the foot early in the morning. Just perfect way to t start the day. Works great as specified.

  17. Cduke

    I used this in my bathroom. The floors are always cold in there. It was easy to install. It took less than a day. It warmed up fast and even threw out the whole area. It is very thin and i sould not tell it was there. It was very easy.

  18. Clinthi

    The Quiet Warmth – Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors was a perfect decision to make whenever I remodeled our bathroom. The warm toasty floors feel great whenever you walk into the bathroom or get out of the tub

  19. Ecarbajal10

    I love products like these, they make DIY guys, like myself, look and feel like pros. Super simple to apply. The directions were clear and easy to follow. I almost can’t wait for winter to feel the warmth!

  20. Denny322

    So easy to install, and gives great heat evenly across the floor,if your looking for an easy to do yourself project to keep your floors warm you have got to try this radiant heat film for floating floors

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