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QuietWarmth 120-Volt Radiant QuietWarmth Tile Underfloor Heating Mat 15-sq ft

9 Reviews
  • Produces even, gentle heat distribution, creates no hot spots and safe for glue-down wood floors
  • Flexible film material that is ultra-thin and will not raise the floor height of your new floor
  • Easy to install, peel and stick membrane to get your job done faster


QuietWarmth Peel and Stick is a lightweight, clean, quiet, hypoallergenic, highly efficient, sliver-thin and maintenance-free radiant heat system for tile and glue-down floors. Using a low energy consumption of 12 Watt per square foot, QuietWarmth Peel and Stick Radiant Heating Film provides up to 85% heated surface coverage to traditional tile, stone, marble flooring or glue-down wood, without any hot or cold spots. It is a highly efficient radiant heat film integrated in a waterproof anti-fracture membrane which helps isolate cracks for tile applications up to 3/8 in. W. Skip waiting for self-levelers and mortars to dry, start to lay your tile floor faster with the convenient peel and stick design built into each mat.
  • Produces even, gentle heat distribution, creates no hot spots and safe for glue-down wood floors
  • Flexible film material that is ultra-thin and will not raise the floor height of your new floor
  • Easy to install, peel and stick membrane to get your job done faster
  • Factory attached 15 ft. leads
  • Safe, low cost energy consumption, warm floors for only pennies per day
  • Control temperature comfort with an available floor sensing thermostat
Weight 3.75 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 20.5 × 4.25 in

Latest reviews

  1. Warm Feet

    The quiet warmth radiant heat film for tile floors is absolutely amazing. This thing works like a charm and keeps my tile very warm. It is very easy to install and is very lightweight and is flush with my tiles and floor. This is very heavy duty as it keeps my tiles very warm and heats them up very fast. I like how simple it is to install and to operate. This is an absolutely amazing product and I think every homeowner should have this in their house. This is very good on cold nights when you have to go to the bathroom and your floors are warm and even getting out of the shower on cold nights. I absolutely love this product and definitely would recommend it to everybody.

  2. actingfreak1413

    QuietWarmth is an amazing product that helps to heat cold tile flooring from underneath! It is easy to install. Just roll out, cut length to fit if needed. It also suppresses impact sound from flooring while keeping the floor insulated and actually makes the tile warm to the touch! Perfect for anyone who constantly has cold feet like me! This type of radiant heat film can actually save homeowners 30-40% on their energy bills, what more can you ask for?! I would highly suggest this product for anyone looking to build a home or just redoing their flooring!

  3. Knunez1212

    Love! I have always wanted heated floors in my bathroom for when I get out of the shower. It was very self explanitory for the installation. It was easy and quick to put down. I had no issues and it went very quick and easy. It works great it warms my feet very nicely going from the shower to my closet and also when I use the restroom since it is separated from the rest of my bathroom. I really want to install more in my other two bathrooms

  4. rvdaddy

    We installed this in our office over tile floors and it’s been amazing so far. We previously had electric baseboard heat in the office and were able to remove that and free up 10 feet of wall space. Now we have radiant heat that is much more comfortable as opposed to the on/off nature of the electric baseboards. Installation was easy (for a qualified person) and we hope to enjoy this for many years to come.

  5. Eddieh5

    I installed this in a room Im building in my garage. It was easy to lay down and put the tile over. The directions are easy to follow. I have had it down for a few days now so I will update my review as time goes on. So far I can tell it is made of great quality and seems to be doing its purpose. It doesn’t seem to have any flaws at this time. I am very happy with this Heat Film and would definitely buy more.

  6. Joshuad

    So my wife gets extremely cold rather quickly and hates when her feet are cold so while remodeling our bathroom I decided to surprise her with heated tile floor and I’m so glad I did. She couldn’t be happier they don’t get so hot they burn you like some of the cheap flimsy brands and they’re not cold they’re the perfect temp to make sure you don’t freeze while walking in the bathroom

  7. Desi2go

    I installed this heat film in my bathroom under the tile floors. We laid it down starting from toilet , across the shower to the vanity. So, we get the nice warm floor under the bare feet in the cold mornings of our NorthEast home, when we walk into the bathroom.
    I used a thermostat for this radiant heat floor. I used Programmable thermostat, but non-programmable can be used as well.
    These films are very nice-super quality and very easy to install (with proper planning, of course). Easy to trim the mat with scissors. It really works well and keep the floors warm. no need to cover the full bathroom floor (as you don’t need to waste it under vanity/tub). Definitely DIY if you are handy enough (or use proper electrician for connecting thermostat). Would be a good idea to connect and let it run overnight to ensure heating is good and works well – before you put the tiles on.
    Overall, very happy with the product.

  8. Rahul

    I live in Chicago and the tiles in the kitchen used to get crazy cold here. I came across this product ad immediately wanted to try it. I have put this in the kitchen floor and it is now so easy to stand and cook without having leg or hip pain. The warmth also helps heal any pain in the foot. Would highly recommend this product

  9. Toolmanwoody

    I remodeled my master bath and decided to put this under my tile. With the product being so thin it didn’t really add any height to my floor. I’ve decided that I will be going out to purchase more of this product to put in my entrance way and my wife’s area where she gets ready.

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