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Rachael Ray Create Delicious 13-in Aluminum Cookware Set with Lid

14 Reviews
  • Durable aluminum construction heats evenly
  • PlatinumShield silver nonstick is 9x harder than titanium
  • Stack within each other for compact storage


Durable aluminum construction heats evenly. PlatinumShield silver nonstick is 9x harder than titanium. Stack within each other for compact storage. Double-riveted stainless steel handles with silicone covers. Shatter resistant glass lids. Stainless steel base. Oven safe up to 400F. PFOA-free. Safe to use on glass ceramic gas electric and induction stovetops. Dishwasher safe cookware (hand wash cookie sheet). Includes: 4qt Covered saucepot. 8qt Covered stockpot. 8qt Steamer insert. 12.5″ Everyday pan. Lazy solid spoon. Lazy slotted turner.
  • Durable aluminum construction heats evenly
  • PlatinumShield silver nonstick is 9x harder than titanium
  • Stack within each other for compact storage
  • Double-riveted stainless steel handles with silicone covers
  • Shatter resistant glass lids
  • Stainless steel base
  • Oven safe up to 400F
  • PFOA-free
  • Safe to use on glass ceramic gas electric and induction stovetops
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 11 in

Latest reviews

  1. Dams

    Well we cook a LOT! This review is from me and my wife who loves to cook all different kinds all the time. This is gorgeous, sturdy and high quality set. Love the color, Wify in love with teal shimmer. They are very well made, especially for people with limited space. Love the fact that they stack and save space in our kitchen cabinets(we have a very small kitchen). The pots heat up quickly and are very easy to clean. The steamer basket is really wonderful, sits on top of that tall pot. It looks so much better in person than the pictures. Little larger than it looks in the picture. It is the perfect size to feed the whole big family or when you want to cook for the party in one batch. The silicone pads are thick and high quality. Two hard silicon spatulas comes with it are firm and very well made, they hang in the pots and do not heat up. Just to know low sided pan has no lid. Cooking lovers Highly Recommended.

  2. Jerri1971

    This is one of the most gorgeous colored cookware sets I have ever owned. The dark teal is a great, modern, classic color. The platinum shield coating is great for easy clean up and ease of cooking. I adore the cooking utensils that hang on the edges of the pots for convenience and each piece is large for family sized meal preparation ease. The nesting of this set tops it off as perfection as we all hate not having enough space to store all our cooking pieces. I highly recommend trying this great cookware set.

  3. pkakkat

    Rachael Ray 8 piece cookware set looks beautiful in the kitchen and comes with a lifetime warranty. Its very sturdy and not like that those cheap pans which moves while sauteing. I just wish the 12.5 inch pan came with a lid! It includes 4 qt saucepot with lid, 8 qt stockpot with lid , steamer . 12,5 inch pan and 2 spoons. Its easy to clean and non stick works great.

  4. Jess H

    This is an awesome pot and pan set. The color red is beautiful and has a shimmer to them. The set includes the 4 qt. covered pot, 8 qt. covered pot, 12.5 in. everyday pan, steamer insert, lazy spoon and a spatula. The pots and pan cook food evenly. I love the fact that I can take any of these from the stove to the oven. The lids are shatterproof which is great since I have two small kids and I don’t have to worry about them breaking them. The lazy spoon and spatula have the open slot to allow them to be placed on the cookware while cooking is a brilliant idea. There are two handles on each of the pots and even the pan so when carrying them with food I feel comfortable that I will not drop them. This set being nonstick makes cleaning them so easy. Storing these in my cabinet takes a lot less space as you are able to stack everything together. You can definitely tell that these are made to last a long time. I definitely recommend this set if you are looking for cookware that will last and food cooks great in them.

  5. MissCookGal1978

    Loving this 8-Piece Cookware Set From Rachel Ray, who has nothing, bt high quality cookware! My mom watches her cooking show all the time! Love the red shimmer design. It sparkles at bottom of pan. It’s also non-stick. which is great, cause sometimes food sticks to the cookware, no matter what u use with spray or butter. Not with this excellent cookware i don’t have to worry about that. Love the 8 piece set. Also love that this cookware doesn’t take up lot of space, since these are stackable & wont scratch or break! I can cook anything in these dishes. U can tell in pics what kind of cookware is included. I’m a fan! So if u are a fan of Rachel Ray or high quality cookware like myself, that is non-stick & want some new cookware, that u can stack & wont take up lot of space, then i would suggest to try this cookware! Excellent!

  6. Anonymous

    My Rachel Ray 8 piece teal shimmer cookware set is amazing! The design and stacking features help with my limited kitchen space. They are made of high quality and boil water faster than other pot I have ever owned. I love the flat and not rounded lids. The steamer feature metal basket made the best broccoli. I can cook my spaghetti or fettuccini Alfredo using all my pots with optimum cooking. I highly recommend!!

  7. jayotte

    These pots and pans are beautiful, I absolutely love the red shimmer color. As a diabetic, I cook a lot of soups, eggs, meats, veggies and all have been great. I love the steamer insert for making the perfect steamed vegetables. I have not had any issues with my food sticking even when I forgot to spray my pan once. The pans don’t slide around while cooking and my food is always evenly cooked. The handles are easy to handle as they have a nice grip. I love how they stack in my cabinet, it saves so much space and looks so much neater. I wish the 12.5 pan had a lid but thankfully the lid from my old set fits on it. They are easy to clean but I did notice some of the red shimmer paint came off while I was hand drying my pots. I am hoping they do not dull over time since the color is one of the big reasons why I love this set. So for this reason, I took away a star. I would still recommend as this does not affect the way they cook, stack and handle!

  8. Maxcraw2010

    I am so happy with this. Perfect way to steam my vegetables or my Seaford. Much more healthier way to prepare my food. I love the 2 utensils that come with this assemble. I can see myself using these several times a week. The stock pot is big enough to make a big pot of stew soup or anything for a crowd.

  9. Kaycee

    Love the set. Stacks up to save room in the cabinets. Includes Pots, pans, strainer, lids, heavy duty utensils. Non stick so easy to clean and very durable. A must have for all. The color is beautiful. Red glitter type. Perfect size for whatever I have to cook.

  10. Anonymous

    Let me start by saying how beautiful this set is! The red shimmer is so vibrant and the size and weight of the cookware are perfection, you can tell it will hold up for a long time and lot’s of wonderful home cooked meals. I love how the pieces stack together which makes its so easy to store. The set contains a stockpot, sauce pot, everyday pan, 2 lids and a steamer insert that makes your cooking possibilities endless. There are also spoon and spatula with a notch that lets you rest them on your cookware while cooking…. Genius! I love to make 1 pot meals so this set really prefect for me. All this beauty with nonstick technology , flared rims for easy pouring and silicone handles! This set has everything I need for everyday meals and for entertaining! What more could you ask for?

  11. Ricks

    Thow away your old pots and pans, you won’t want to use them again. I love cooking, my wife does most of it but now I want to cook. These Rachel Ray pots and pans are amazing. The handles are nice and sturdy, the pan has great weight distribution, and they are definitely made with quality and care. My wife loves the nice teal shimmer colors and the spoons, I gotta agree, the handle has a notch to rest in the pan, smart! Made dinner and I gotta say I didn’t burn a thing, the pan has great heat distribution and when it came time to wash it off, it came off easy! Recommend to all parents, especially dads!

  12. Anonymous

    I’m very pleased with my 8 piece cookware set, first off I got them in the shimmer red which matches my kitchen. The pots are nonstick so the clean up was easy and quick, i loved that the utensils came able to attach to the pots to keep the counters free from clutter. They easily stack inside of one another for a quick put away. I will be telling my friends about these pots.

  13. Svendgard45

    First off I’ll only ever buy Rachel Ray. Right out box these a beautiful. You know how some pans turn black on the bottom, these won’t! Hate burning your hands no worries these rubber handles are perfect for that. Colors are bright and here’s one the best parts, dishwasher friendly baby ha ha ha! Geezzz I’m telling you friends you might even be able to melt candy because nothing else seems to stick! My favorite part is that lids are flat, looks very clean and well put together that way. I’ve already went to the kitchen and threw away my old favorite pan. Move over I said Rachel came home!!!!

  14. sunfire61

    I am so happy I got this set of 8, teal shimmer, cookware set. I immediately washed them and set them out to use at dinner time. I was amazed at how well and sturdy the pans were. I made spaghetti for dinner and used the large pan with lid for the spaghetti and used the smaller pan with lid to make the sauce. I used the strainer to drain the water from the noodles and added the sauce. The spaghetti was so good! It was like it came from a restaurant. I plan on using the pans from now on and throwing out all my old pans. I would recommend the pans to everyone that cooks! Happy cooking!

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