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Radio Flyer Riding Toys

13 Reviews
  • Original Red Wagon that everyone knows and loves
  • Classic and iconic design still withstands the test of time
  • All-steel seamless body with no-scratch edges can hold up to 150 pounds


Return back in time with your little one as you stroll along with the Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon. Even today, this wagon’s classic and iconic design is still a staple throughout generations. This nostalgic wagon features an all-steel body with no-scratch edges to provide stability, durability, and protection for everything and everyone within. Whether you’re carrying around toys or pulling around your little toddler, the wagon’s strong structure can hold up to 150 pounds. Moving around with the wagon has never been easier with its 10-inch steel wheels and rubber tires that can maneuver easily on any surface. This kids’ wagon also features an extra-long foldable handle for convenient pulling and storage. Safety was a major priority when designing this wagon, and that’s why this red carrier features a controlled turning radius that prevents tipping and maximizes control. Share a piece of your childhood with your little tyke with the Radio Flyer Classic Red Wagon.
  • Original Red Wagon that everyone knows and loves
  • Classic and iconic design still withstands the test of time
  • All-steel seamless body with no-scratch edges can hold up to 150 pounds
  • 10-inch steel wheels and durable rubber tires can handle any surface
  • Controlled turning radius prevents tipping and maximizes safety
  • Extra-long handle simply folds under for easy storage
  • Specifications
  • Maximum weight: 150 pounds
  • Color: Red
Weight 28.2 lbs
Dimensions 18.2 × 38.2 × 4.7 in

Latest reviews

  1. misseden

    The package had obvious signs of shoe prints on the box, as if it was stepped on.
    The wagon was bent and dented.
    The instructions were haphazardly printed and half was missing.
    I had to go online to read the instructions.
    As I am using it for garden work, this is not an issue for me, however, could be quite the hassle and disappointment for a child’s gift to return it due to poor packaging & signage.
    I am a woman and put this together by myself, but, would have been easier with 2 people.
    This is a very fine Radio Flyer Classic! The other one lasted 20 yrs!

  2. DonnaBB66

    What do I say? I’m a big kid and I grew up on having these RF wagons to play in, with 4 other sisters we had to have our own. I’m much older now and have just purchased my 3rd one in over 20 years. I still have the smaller one and I’m going to love the larger one with bigger stronger wheels. As I use them for everything around my 3.5 acres. It’ll haul the grandkids around of course along with rocks, plants and yard debris. They are super tough. I have a disability so I cannot use a wheel burrow. These RF wagons are awesome for everyday use and play. They last a long time, my photos show my new purchase # 18 model and the smaller 936 model I bought in 2008. Only the wheels didn’t last under hard work I finally had to change them out 2 years ago. But it’s still rolling around…. I needed myself a new one for continued yard work and the grandkids said so. haha

  3. RT

    Make sure the nostalgia is worth the hassle….Took a lot of tools and time to put together and it was majorly dented in transit…

  4. Grammy

    So happy with purchase. Although Grammy’s new wagon needed fixing as soon as it was put together

  5. Josie

    I am disabled and making 3 or 4, (or more), trips from the car to the kitchen with bags of groceries was difficult. I get my new wagon and take it to the car load it up with groceries and in one trip I’m done. I put it together by myself and while awkward at times it wasn’t hard. Two people would be easier though. Very happy with my new wagon!

  6. Fifi

    We bought this wagon as a useful tool for hauling gardening stuff around and also as a conveyance for our cats, who like to go down the driveway and look at the creek (under supervision). It was easy to assemble, it’s of solid construction, it works well, & it’s cute as heck.

  7. Grandma B

    Bought this for my grandsons for Christmas, ages 3 and 7. My son had no trouble putting it together, and they’re having fun with it. I hope it is durable.

  8. Cry

    Mom and dad bought this wagon for me and my brother over 20year’s ago I still have the wagon great for haul .

  9. Tim

    my 10 year old daughter, weight is 85lbs. Sat kn the corner and it bent the wagon body.

  10. Carrie

    Bought this as a Christmas gift for our grandson. There was an old worn out Radio Flyer wagon left on the property when we bought it 10yrs ago. Didn’t pay any attention to it until we got a grandson. He got old enough to realize what it was so we unburied it and he started pulling it around, it was in such hard shape. So we decided it was time that he had his very own Radio Flyer wagon. Can’t wait for Christmas Day

  11. Donnie

    I bought this because I had one when I was a child. I had so much fun in my little red wagon. The best I can remember that wagon lasted forever. It was durable. It went through me and my two brothers. I am 63 , I wanted to get one for my grandson, and I am sure he is going to get as much enjoyment out of this Eagan as I did. Thank you for making such a good product. You don’t see that this day and time.

  12. Browning1911

    Over 25 years ago, I bought a Classic Radio Flyer for my wife. We both had one as kids and she wanted one to haul her gardening tools and plants around. It also carried our kids and pets too. After so much use, it finally needed a face lift. I repainted it, but left the white Radio Flyer logo untouched. It is still structurally solid and looks like like new again..

  13. Wade

    I purchased this wagon for my 3 and 4 year old grandsons. I assembled it and was ready to ride them down the side road near my house. All of a sudden, the front wheel assembly came off and the nuts were entirely loosened. I tried it again, but tightened even tighter and the wagon wouldn’t turn. What am I doing wrong or did it arrive with the wrong pieces?

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