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REDI2SET Ice Glass 46.5-in x 15.5-in Frameless Replacement Glass Block Window

24 Reviews
  • REDI2SET glass block windows are the ideal basement replacement window; they also make great windows for bathrooms, garages, kitchens and entryways
  • Made of 100% real glass, REDI2SET glass block windows are fully assembled for easy installation
  • Thick break-resistant glass enhances home security


  • REDI2SET glass block windows are the ideal basement replacement window; they also make great windows for bathrooms, garages, kitchens and entryways
  • Made of 100% real glass, REDI2SET glass block windows are fully assembled for easy installation
  • Thick break-resistant glass enhances home security
  • Soft, textured ice glass pattern lets in light and affords a high degree of privacy
  • Provides improved energy efficiency over old single-pane basement windows
  • Efficient sound barrier reduces noise from outside and helps keep homes quiet
  • Assembled in the USA by 1 of America’s oldest glass block companies
  • Non-vented option features clean, all-glass look
  • Rough openings should be 0.5-in to 2-in larger than the actual window size
Weight 91 lbs
Dimensions 4.37 × 56 × 9.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. CBLewisvilleNC

    Good Stuff: It was really beautiful

    Bad Stuff: My issue with this product is that when took it out of the box with me and loaded it into my trunk, the window broke at the silicone seam. What you are buying here is $100 in glass blocks and $80 in labor and silicone. An 80% markup almost for labor, but this company skimped on the silicone despite these margins. You may be better off buying the blocks and using your own silicone…look on YouTube, its not difficult to do…and sells the block as do other online retailers

  2. Tom


  3. Domyselfer

    It is heavier than I thought it would be so be wary of a single person install even though I managed it. Much easier and faster than installing block by block but I guess that why you pay a little more for it. Totally worth it and a huge improvement in my bathroom. I had blinds on the previous window so there was a huge difference in the amount of light let in while keeping the privacy!

  4. Mowguy

    My first choice was a glass block window with a small window that opened, not available so i went with this. Its very well constructed and looks nice letting lots of light.
    I only gave it 3 stars because i had to settle for this one and hound to get it to the store.

  5. Machozti

    The window was constructed with the bottom row about 1/4″ off from center. The top two rows were aligned perfectly. However it appeared that the bottom row slipped out of alignment before the silicone holding the blocks set up. A 1/4″ doesn’t sound like much but it was very noticeable since some of the blocks lined up and others didn’t. Overall the window seemed sturdy and well constructed. I sent it back and reordered another window… hopefully the next one is built correctly.

  6. Tandy13

    LOVE it. So easy to install! Looks awesome as my bathroom window. So much beautiful light comes through in the daytime with total privacy!

  7. Fossel

    The window was just as advertised. Saved time and was perfectly square. Have already ordered another
    window for my next job. Looks great installed.

  8. FJ40LandCruiser

    Was a bit wishy washy about ordering this online. Opening was actually 32×22, I figured roughly a one inch gap on each side would be easy to install. I ordered 30×20, and I forgot that they are actually made smaller than your given measurements, so I ended up with a pretty wide joint on each side to seal up. Looks fine though and have learned my leason and will give the actual opening specs. next time. Great quality, was sitting at my nearest earlier than expected. Found no imperfections, was packaged very well. Will order again. Thanks !

  9. jaaa4

    The product is probably just fine, but what I received is not what’s pctured. What I received is built from three sizes of blocks which creates an amateurish hack’ish look.

  10. Charles

    These are well built glass block windows.From the outside they look classy as opposed to the old single pane basement window,and from the inside they let in enough light to illuminate the room

  11. Wicker

    These windows have no frame. The blocks are just glued togeather with silicone adheasive.
    It would be good to be able to buy just the individual blocks. And if they would come with frames.

  12. 12sonnie

    We purchased this window to replace a window in our new shower that we are having done and even the contractor said he was very pleased with the window.

  13. foneman

    Provides beautiful semi-private light for my shower. There is a small clear edge around each glass block so my wife insisted that i cover the spaces between the boards on our cedar fence close to where the window is installed. My only complaint is that the installation instructions were not included and my contractor had already installed the window when he noticed that the weep holes were not at the bottom.

  14. DanJ

    The units are well made and the result is much better than anticipated. Installation time is about half a mortar system.

    The appearance is different than a traditional installation with full mortar joints. The clear silicone joints are narrower and provide a more translucent and contemporary appearance. These units might not be appropriate if installed near traditional glass block windows, or if a traditional look is desired.

    The white pre-painted perimeter is a nice feature and hides the perimeter mortar joint.

    The window installation instructions are minimal, so recommend that the installation be established before purchasing.

    The manufacture could have more information on the safe method of maneuvering the window. It is not clear how much stress the joints can handle when positioning.

  15. Donna

    The window didn’t look like the picture. The glass blocks were different sizes and they weren’t put in symmetrically so it looks odd.

  16. Rob

    Nice window for my basement bathroom. Only issue is the fact that not all the blocks are the same size, would’ve liked for them to be the same size. Still significantly cheaper than buying individual blocks and constructing it myself.

  17. Gail

    Using in my bathroom renovation. First delivery came with a chip caused by the nail in the pallet it was shipped on. Set my renovation back by two weeks. Check your window right away. Other than that I like it.

  18. InspectorMan

    Was expecting a longer delivery based on details on website. Was shocked when the store called to say it was already there. Product just as advertised.

  19. Floridapaul

    Ordered second window. Packaging was still marginal however not damaged. Installed today and looks great

  20. Kent

    havent installed it yet. but looks really good and am looking forward to it being a part of this project

  21. Don

    Works perfectly behind my stove where a window was before. Adds a nice touch to the backsplash.

  22. Mike1111

    Assembly is warped and was difficult to install. You get what you pay for.

  23. jaff

    very well made unit, easy to install in block opening.

  24. Tom

    Perfect for bathroom where you want light and privacy

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