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ReliaBilt 78-in Satin Nickel Interior J-strap Barn Door Kit

22 Reviews
  • Satin nickel finish
  • 78 In track comprised of 39 in adjoining pieces
  • For doors weighing up to 200 lb


Adding a sliding barn door is a great way to update your home. This satin nickel 78-in. Barn door hardware kit provides both style and functionality with its modern design and smooth operation.
  • Satin nickel finish
  • 78 In track comprised of 39 in adjoining pieces
  • For doors weighing up to 200 lb
  • Accommodates door thickness of 1-3/8 in. to 1-9/16 in
  • Fits openings up to 36 in
  • Includes detailed instructions and all hardware needed for installation of one interior door
  • Anti-jump discs prevent hanger wheels from jumping off the track
  • Door not included
Weight 15.51 lbs
Dimensions 3.6 × 4.13 × 42.3 in

Latest reviews

  1. Lkell

    Other than it comes unfinished (which personally makes no difference to me because you can’t make it how you want) there is nothing I found wrong with these kits. the doors are pre drilled for the brackets and the bottom already has the groove routed out for the bottom alignment bracket. I installed 3 of these in one night, modifying two of the tracks to make a double barn door. Unless you like wasting money because you think expensive ones are better, do not pass this kit up. It rolls just as smooth as a $400 track only kit I installed on one of my jobs.

  2. Anonymous

    The length of the track is longer than 78″ – more like 78.75″ if you’re planning on buying a backboard do not follow instructions to get a 78″ board because it will be too short for the full track. There are multiple drill buts required but instructions only say 1 and do not provide any sizes of drill bits required. Double check your measurments as I could not rely on the instruction manual. No information given on measurements for where to lay the bars on the door to screw in so I just said a prayer that I laid them in the xorrect place. Once the door was on, it skips where the two tracks meet which is annoying.

    Durability/quality of product is good however the instruction manual is incorrect and incomplete.

  3. Dave

    Directions are semi clear. Do yourself a favor and have .5” speed bore drill bit for the holes in the door. Was impressed with the results barn door looks great and functions well.

  4. Ladybug65

    The product was very easy to put up and it was just what needed had fun putting it together.

  5. Ivan

    I love the look but had no chance to try this before. I’m adding a bathroom and needed to seperate a storage area. I adapted the hardware to fir the door I made. It works and looks great. It was easy to install once I overcame my hesitancy in getting something wrong. But the instruction were clear and simple. I recommend this product.

  6. Quicost

    Great all in one track. Only problem was being too long for my space. I cut it in the center, welded it and drilled a new center hole. Perfect now.

  7. Whitney

    I like the matte black finish of this door hardware. My husband built a door for it and had no problem installing it. It was VERY affordable compared to other hardware options.

  8. Brwneyezs

    I found that this was a very good quality for the price that I paid. Only drawback is that it is two-piece bar and you do need two people to install it

  9. HappyCustomer

    Excellent product. The instructions were easy to follow and the quality of the hardware made it easy to install on the door. The roller action is extremely smooth and allows the door to be opened and closed effortlessly. I highly recommend this sliding barn door hardware.

  10. BarnDoorGuy

    This hardware met our expectations. The hardware is well made and relatively easy to work with.
    The instructions were clear, and everything installed without issue. I would recommend this set over any of the higher priced options that I have looked at in stores.

  11. MakingLifeEasy

    I’m not the most skilled guy for doing these kinds of projects but I have this one a go. It l’s in 2 pieces but the directions are pretty easy to follow. I would definitely recommend it plus it’s very affordable. No complaints here!

  12. bgoz

    Bought this kit amd was unsure since it was in two pieces but it worked great and was a great value!!

    Highly recommend!

  13. DaveC

    Simple, solid and for 40 bucks, I am very satisfied.

  14. Suz3q

    Looks great, but the underside bolts on the door that attach the rolling mechanism are so big that if you want your door to be flush with the wall, it won’t open. If you are ok with a wide gap between the door and the wall, this is perfect. We are trying to figure out a solution.

  15. George

    Very well made, worked perfectly for this application.

  16. Gwinch

    Great Kit. Only drawback is the Floor guide. I opted to buy a roller guide instead of a guide where you have to Slot the bottom of the Door which is a pain.

  17. TXMoM

    This barn door hardware is well made kit. The installation is not extremely difficult.
    It looks beautiful and glides perfectly! Love this product!

  18. Donald

    sliding barn door hanger hardware. Very good and easy to put up. only one issue not enough description in the document.

  19. Star101

    I purchased this for a closet door. The installation was pretty easy than I thought. I am 100% recommend this product.

  20. Benjy

    Worked fine, split bar so there is a hitch in the giddy up, but otherwise fine. Did NOT include any door handles so will need to look elsewhere for those.

  21. Brian

    This is a well designed, heavy weight Barn Door Installation Kit that is easy to install. It was a great price. I highly recommend this product.

  22. RadD

    Listing says 78″, box says 78″, diagrams and written instructions say 78″.

    Except all of that means nothing. The railing provided in the box is 78 3/4″. So if you’re like me and want a properly sized lumber backer, keep that in mind before wasting your time.

    I also tried exchanging for a different set of the same hardware. That track was also 78 3/4″, so it doesn’t seem to be a one-off error.

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