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Rev-A-Shelf 14-in x 22-in 19-in 35-Quart 2 Pull-out Trash Can

24 Reviews
  • Keep your kitchen waste container hidden but easily accessible with this double 35-quart pull-out system
  • Optional door mount kit available (5WB-DMKIT sold separately)
  • Designed for base cabinets with 14.5-inch or larger opening


The Rev-A-Shelf Double 35-Quart Pull-Out Waste Container is the perfect solution for your kitchen waste needs. Conveniently store your trash bins tucked away in your drawers so you can maintain your kitchen’s lovely appearance.This chrome-plated wire constructed frame comes with 2 35-quart trash containers so you can start using it right away. Since it’s designed for a multitude of cabinet sizes, you have more freedom when it comes to where you choose to install it. Installation is made easy with a fast and simple 4-screw installation that mounts to your cabinet’s floor. Simply open your cabinet’s drawer and pull on the wire to access your side-by-side waste bins. With 100-pound rated ball-bearing slides, this waste container gives you more than enough support to dispose of whatever trash you have without reaching the weight limit.Keep your kitchen looking neat and clean while conserving space with the Rev-A-Shelf Double 35-Quart Pull-Out Waste Container.Double check your cabinet’s opening (inside dimensions) to allow the best fit. Measure side to side (width), front to back (depth or length), and top to bottom (height). Double check to make sure your product is within measurements and don’t forget to take into account any obstructions (plumbing, hinges, etc.).
  • Keep your kitchen waste container hidden but easily accessible with this double 35-quart pull-out system
  • Optional door mount kit available (5WB-DMKIT sold separately)
  • Designed for base cabinets with 14.5-inch or larger opening
  • Fast and simple 4-screw installation
  • Chrome-plated heavy-gauge wire construction frame
  • Effortlessly slides in and out on full-extension, ball-bearing, 100-pound rated slides
  • Mounts to cabinet floor
  • Double bins great for recycling
  • Optional Rev-A-Shelf lids sold separately
Weight 14.75 lbs
Dimensions 23.25 × 15.75 × 14 in

Latest reviews

  1. Mich1164

    Rev A Shelf Rev Shelf double pull out waste bins blue and white I really enjoy the pull out waste bins is very easy when you wash and dishes you can put away the trash and you also can use it for the Store different things very quality made 35 quarts trash cansEasy slide in and out of the cabinets

  2. Bencjr86

    Rev-A-Shelf allows you to easily convert your cabinet with a pull-out waste basket system. Anyone can simply install this product regardless of diy expertise thanks to the clear instructions and detailed photos. I was able to install it on my own and, in less than 20 minutes, I had a perfect under counter waste container storage system that helps me eliminate my eyesore of a garbage pail being visible. My favorite feature of this product is the wire braces that help keep the waste containers secure, even while moving the shelf in and out. I would highly recommend this product, especially to anyone who is tired of seeing their garbage pails being exposed in the kitchen.

  3. Rann61

    This set is great, I love how organized it looks and that it closes up in my cabinet. My husband set it up the same day I got it said it was very easy to install and it only took him a few minutes. I am using one side for trash and the other side for recyclables. The bins are well made and not the cheap plastic kind. It slides out of the cabinet easily. There is a handle on the side to pull it out with and when you push it back in the handle lays flat. The bins are roomy and hold a lot. I am very pleased with this set and plan to purchase another set for my laundry room.

  4. Dpjp2020

    This is absolutely by far one of the best upgrades I have done to my kitchen. I am truly impressed with the quality, durability and functionality of this double waste bin pull out drawer. Not only does this look awesome it works so much better than ever expected; I really love how easy the trash bins slide in and out of my cabinet. I was very surprised at how easy it was to install with the step by step instructions, it literally took a matter of 15 minutes. Now I no longer have to have my waste bins in the middle of my kitchen as they are now concealed behind a cabinet door and make my kitchen look bigger and cleaner. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to update or upgrade their kitchens with a more modern waste bin system as you will absolutely not be disappointed by this set.

  5. Almal

    This is such a convenient trash bin. I love that it has two bins. We use one for recycling and one for trash! It’s so nice that I can pull them out from the cabinet when needed and roll them back when I’m done. The install was so easy with just 4 screws. The trash cans are easy to put in and have a metal frame around them for stability. You can very easily take the trash cans out to clean too! So simple and easy I love them!

  6. Mandapandac

    I am loving my Rev-A-Shelf Double 35 Quart Pull Out Kitchen Waste Containers in the colors Blue and Black. I love how easy the hardware slides onto the kitchen cabinet and pulls out both waste bins with such ease. The waste bins fit perfectly side by side in the one cabinet. We go through a lot of trash in our home so having two bins right under my sink is a game changer. I highly recommend this product!!!!

  7. TheOutspokenYam

    This double trash can is such a good idea to keep kitchen trash and recycling hidden away out of sight.

    The set features two 35 Qt trash cans on a sliding pull-out shelf that can easily be installed in most regular-sized kitchen cabinets. I like that the trash cans are two different colors, allowing for instant recognition if you’re separating normal trash from recycling or kitchen scraps for composting.

    The metal shelf comes with detailed illustrated instructions. It installs easily and glides smoothly in and out. There are no trash can lids included, but honestly I think they would cause more trouble than they’d be worth. The plastic cans are simple to clean and sanitize.

    Overall just a really nice product that feels like a huge upgrade from the normal trash can you’d have sitting out in the open.

  8. Cdreamer698

    I got the Rev-A-shelf to separate my recycling and I absolutely love the convenience of it. It was very easy to install, took less than 10 minutes. It helps to keep recycling/trash bins from out in the open. Slides out easily and is very sturdy wether you use it for recycling or for trash.

  9. Anonymous

    Great product. Installation was a breeze. Fit perfectly in my cabinet, and I still have room to store my garbage bags. Super convenient and sturdy. The cans come with a lid, making it even better. This saves room in the kitchen. Great product.

  10. Cassie14

    These have held up pretty well so far. We are a family of 2 so we do not have a lot of trash but it is enough to take out once every week or 2. Installing these was also easy. We added an extra island to our kitchen and built this into the design so there were no issues with fit.

  11. Callsheb

    I received the Rev A Shelf Double Trash Can. First I was shocked how tall they were, love the colors and they will be great so my dogs will not dump them over, as you hide them under your sink. Only problem I had was with the weather rainy we have an ant problem, that alot of people are having right now. So sprayed under counter and around base under cabinet and put crystals outside our home, and husband threw some under the house also. It worked so far I am sure if rain continues, we will have to spray again. I love you slide them out and with leg slide back in. These are a game changer for us. No dog, nor child can get in or dump trash can over.

  12. Baby090899

    I had gotten an RV and wanted to install an under the cabinet trash can that would hide the trash away since I’m in a small place.This Rev-A-Shelf caught my eye so I figured I would give it a try. It was easy to install even for me with the four mounting screws. Instructions are pretty easy to follow as well.The cans slide out very easy and they keep my space clean and no smelly trash either.I like that I can also use the second can for other things if I choose. I put my plastic grocery bags in one to use later. This shelf is definitely worth it and it’s more sturdy than I thought. I’m very pleased so far. I may get more for the bedroom for other storage.

  13. SuzeeH66

    I got the Rev-A-Shelf – Rev-A-Shelf Double 35 Qt Sliding Pull-Out Waste Bin Containers, in Red/Black colors. I love how vibrant the colors are of the waste baskets and the sizes they are perfect for the bags I have. The Rev A Shelf that you store them on in cupboard or where ever is very heavy and sturdy and was easy to put together with the directions given. It slides with little effort on your part and they waste baskets remove easily and are easily put back too. Its been very useful having 2 waste baskets and can store them away.

  14. jess

    This has been a nice addition to our kitchen, the waste bins are large, stuurdy, and maximize the space of the cupboard. The unit was easy to assemble and install for us, there are four screws that hold the sliding mechanism to the floor of the cabinet, the only part that took any thought was making sure the frame was straight in the space. The slides move easily and quietly. The handle on the front isn’t overly useful because it always falls down, but still works, and the bins do fit snugly in the frame which is nice for keeping them together, but can be annoying if you have overloaded the bins and are trying to get them out without spilling because they will catch on each other. Overall though, it is a nicely constructed setup with insignificant downsides.

  15. hrbnc26

    Before we started using these bins that are hidden in a cabinet, our trashcan just sat out (awkwardly) in the kitchen, right in front of our dishwasher. I am SO happy to have these now, because we don’t have to leave our trash/recycle bins out for everyone to see (and smell). Installation was super easy, and I love that I can pull out both bins with ease, and also that each bin holds almost 9 gallons! These have helped our kitchen to look so much more tidy/organized, and they’ve also helped us to ensure we are properly recycling (since we have a dedicated bin for just those items), so I couldn’t be happier with them!

  16. Hayleyc925

    My husband had the opportunity to install our Rev-A-Shelf Double 35-QT Pull Out Wastebasket in our garage. We have been looking for a space-saving solution for garbage in our garage for two years, and were elated to find this product. Assembly was simple with directions, and with measuring and installing mounting brackets– took about 45-minutes. I absolutely love how nicely Rev-A-Shelf fits in our custom cabinetry and love how smoothly the two cans pull out on the bracket. We have had no issue with the unit getting stuck or pulling and we love the ability to hide our trash and to save space in a frequently utilized space. Great product, great quality, great function!

  17. Lena87

    I hated having trash and recycling cans out in the open in my kitchen so I saw these Rev-A-Shelf under the counter sliding bins and had to have them. They simplify life in the way that I now have more room in my kitchen and my bins are not in full view anymore. I use the green one for recycling which makes it easier for my 5 year old to identify. The size is perfect for under my countertops and the sliding mechanism works incredibly well even when the bins are full.

  18. Tanderson

    I needed a replacement for my kitchen garbage can, and really liked the idea of installing a double unit in my cabinet for garbage and recycling. The Rev a shelf was easy to install, and works flawlessly. It hides my garbage and gives me more floor space in my kitchen. It arrived well packaged and is very well made. I think I may look for kids to fit the cans, but that would be my only slight critique. Now my cans are out of sight and I’m happy.

  19. carrie2542

    These wastebaskets are really well-made hard plastic. The metal brace is also heavy metal. It was really easy to put together. These are so helpful in the kitchen I use mine all the time when I’m cooking or just bringing in groceries and throwing stuff away. I didn’t realize how much I was going to actually use this until I got one it makes you more organized when dumping trash off.

  20. Beepers84

    This Rev-A-Shelf Pull Out Waste Container Set is fantastic! I had a different setup under my counter for garbage and recycling, but it constantly got stuck. It never pulled out smoothly, 90% of the time you had to yank it. After many broken nails, my wife was super excited to find this one installed! This set was super easy to install under my cabinet, literally took less than 10 minutes and it slides in and out super easy. It’s neat and organized, plus we like the 2 different bins for garbage and recycling. The bins and track are super durable and well made. Super satisfied with this set!

  21. AmandasCool

    These trash bins are very good quality. They are heavy duty and the green color is very vibrant. The rollout mechanism was easy to install and works perfectly. The bins fit nicely. It would be nice if the lids were provided with the product instead of having to buy it separately. I would recommend this product.

  22. Scottg

    We had an issue in our household with my toddler continuing to throw important things away in the trash. We needed a better solution . This two 13 gallon pull out trash can was just what my house needed . Installation was simple and very easy with step by step clear instructions included. The trash cans that came with it is a nice Grey color and decent quality. After installing the pull out trash can system under my island cabinet I was a le to install a child lock on the door or the island to finally keep my little one out of the trash can .

  23. organized in the woods

    Got this to simplify my kitchen life as newly empty nester dad. Now that I don’t have trash can and a recycling bin overflowing every 18 minutes thanks to college students at home, this is a GREAT solution for my kitchen. Two bins, one for trash, one for recycling, medium size 35 qt works great for me, and tucks nicely into a cabinet. Easy installation, or as easy as it can be when you’re laying on the floor having to reach deep inside the cabinet. But simple, story, well made. Slides out easily, and seems like it will hold up.

  24. Stephcop33

    This is a life saver for us! Our can has always floated around the kitchen, and recently one of our dogs were naughty and got into the garbage and ate coffee! The very next day I ordered this and installed it asap. No more worry! It was easy to install, and I have 2 cans one for trash and one for recycling and it all fits beautifully under the counter! Its absolutely worth it to me for the smaller can to have piece of mind! Im looking into other organizational products in this line for our remodeling project in the kitchen!

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