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Schlage Keypad Plymouth Aged Bronze Single-cylinder Deadbolt 1-Cylinder Electronic Deadbolt with Lighted Keypad

12 Reviews
  • KEYLESS CONVENIENCE: Use 2 pre-programmed codes for easy setup out of the box; assign up to 19 codes for trusted friends and family to experience convenient, keyless security
  • PREMIUM SECURITY: High-quality metal construction provides strength where it counts; Grade 2/AAA rating offers trusted security and durability for residential and light commercial applications
  • BATTERY POWERED FOR RELIABLITY: Deadbolt operates with included 9V battery; avoid lockouts with dedicated low-battery indicator; get up to 2 years of battery life with typical use


The Schlage keypad deadbolt allow you to lock and unlock your door without using a key. Ideal for front and back doors, as well as garage entry doors and home offices, this electronic deadbolt provides security and simplicity for the entire home. Silicone rubber, wear-resistant buttons with LED backlight make access safe and easy. Trust your home to Schlage, makers of high-quality, innovative door hardware for over 100 years.
  • KEYLESS CONVENIENCE: Use 2 pre-programmed codes for easy setup out of the box; assign up to 19 codes for trusted friends and family to experience convenient, keyless security
  • PREMIUM SECURITY: High-quality metal construction provides strength where it counts; Grade 2/AAA rating offers trusted security and durability for residential and light commercial applications
  • BATTERY POWERED FOR RELIABLITY: Deadbolt operates with included 9V battery; avoid lockouts with dedicated low-battery indicator; get up to 2 years of battery life with typical use
  • SECURE KEYPAD ACCESS: Durable, silicone-coated numbers illuminate when pressed making it easy to enter your code in the dark
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Replace an existing deadbolt yourself with no skill required; install in minutes with only a screwdriver and no hardwiring
  • EASY OPERATION: Unlocks from the outside with valid user code and locks by pressing the Schlage button and turning outside thumbturn; locks and unlocks from the inside using the thumbturn
  • TRUSTED WARRANTY: Schlage electronic and smart locks are backed by a 3-year electronics and limited lifetime mechanical/finish warranty
Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 8.39 × 6.77 × 4.22 in

Latest reviews

  1. jcbush1972

    Installed easily, replacing an original dead bolt, just following the directions. Programmed additional entry numbers in seconds. The lock retained its shine over three years, though it does not get hit with precipitation or direct sun. Needed to replace the battery after 2 years. The LED numbers light up very bright so you can enter the code with no porch lighting needed. At just over 3 years, the lock is having intermittent issues with the knob not catching the bolt when locking/unlocking, it “feels” like the teeth inside the knob have stripped some. IMO a $110 lock should last a few more years, but everything is else good.

  2. Kevin

    I bought these for a customer, but they are not my favorite electronic deadbolt. Installation and programming are pretty straightforward. Changing the bitting (rekeying the lock) is a real bear, having to first loosen 6 long hex bolts from the back. Opening the lock with the combination is fine, but when using the key backup, the user must turn the key 90-degrees, push in the lock cylinder to engage the cam, then turn the thumb turn to retract the bolt. Removing the key from the cylinder then becomes …a game. I won’t take away from it the ability to resist tampering, but it’s not the easiest lock for end users.

  3. EhrMike68

    This is a reasonable priced nice polished brass deadbolt with keypad and key options. Fairly easy to install.

  4. Seat Tester

    Installation is easy–I had to chisel down the edge of a window frame on one door. Threading the connecting control wire is just a bit tricky. And it is very important to thoroughly tighten the two bolts holding the main parts of the lock together. My only real problem is that the codes were in microprint. I’ve recorded them elsewhere, but it would be better to have large print code stickers to put in a file or on the instruction sheet. The lock works well, is reliable, and throwing the bolt by hand rather than by electricity driven is much better from a battery life standpoint.

  5. Jake

    The installation was in accordance with the instructions. I needed to enlarge the door hole for the cylinder body. This took some time in an older metal door. I used the Milwaukee door jig to to enlarge the hole. After the hole was enlarged the installation was straight forward. The deadbolt works well. We have adjusted to the keypad and use that in preference to using a key. The key slot has to be in the vertical orientation for the key to go in. After inserting the key it needs to be turned until the key can go in further in operate the deadbolt. This takes some practice. Overall this is so far a good improvement.

  6. Bobbo

    Had them before in our other house. Recommended.

  7. kwoods

    We had this lock on our last house and installed two on our new house after moving. Very convenient to be able to open the door without having to have your keys. Batteries last well over a year and they locks give you plenty of warning when the batteries are getting low. When we sold our last house the realtor needed a key for the lock box…I found the key but had to test it because I had never used it in 12 years – always used the key code. Great lock!

  8. james

    First off, this installs quickly, and I really like that the battery is on the inside of the door. I wish it used AA batteries but it uses a 9V. I only choose this model because I have other Schlage locks and wanted to have a single key. If I was doing all my locks I would go with a different setup.

    rekeyed this as I waited. That went extremely smoothly and wasn’t too long of a wait. Less then 30 minutes.

    I don’t like the backlight, I am not impressed how it works and the lack of documentation. When it says the keypad is lighted it only can be activated when the lock is locked, this is not written anywhere, not written in any manual, and when I called technical assistance they did not know this, and had me go through and do a factory reset. So to activate the backlight, make sure the deadbolt is locked, then hit the “Schlage” button, and the keypad will light up. If you just hit a button it will not light up…I’m more annoyed that this is not documented anywhere and for 3 days I thought my unit was defective. if the unit is unlocked you can not get it to light up. It makes sense since you do not need to enter the code to lock it but this was never properly documented.

    I like that when the unit is unlocked you don’t need to enter the code to lock it, just hit the “Schlage” button and then you can lock it. When you do this the keypad does not light up, rather only the “Schlage” button lights up.

    My other issue is that the key is really only there as an emergency backup, how you have to push in the key cylinder and line it up is a little wonky…again this isn’t a deal breaker for me since I don’t plan to ever use the key, but it’s a little weird and easily could be improved.

    Also just to make sure you know that this is not an internet connected, not bluetooth, not smart phone compatible. I did not want those features on this lock but I just want to make sure the “advanced tech” in this lock is the fact it has a keypad so you don’t need a key.

    Schlage says to replace the battery every year but other reviews say it can last for 3 years, plus when the batter is getting low it gives a warning…so I’m not planning on replacing the battery yearly, rather just when the lock gives me the warning. The battery is extremely easy to replace, you remove two screws holding on the interior cover/knob and it’s right underneath the cover. If you have little kids this is nice because it’s not “easily” removed but it is “easily” removed.

  9. KWF

    Ordered the Schlage electronic lock on-line because local Lowe’s store did not carry polished brass. When I opened box, housing was scratched and some parts were disassembled that should have come attached. I went ahead and installed with Schlage representative on phone troubleshooting (45 minutes), only to discover that it was a faulty unit and did not work. The Schlage rep determined it was a bad unit that was returned to Lowe’s, and instead of being inspected was put back on the shelf for sale. Schlage gave me a warranty claim number, and is sending me a new unit from their factory. Schlage rep was very patient and helpful, however I’m reluctant to purchase from Lowe’s on line again.

  10. Ping67

    I installed this lock set on my front door about 2 years ago. I initially liked it because my son could use the keypad to get in the house after school. It turned out to not be very durable as the outside lock will not turn anymore. I spent a lot of money on this product and am very disappointed that I have to buy a new one now.

  11. Homeowner

    I have now purchased two of these locks. Both locks are defective. The outside knob does not engage with the mechanism-it just spins. I took the panel apart and found that the part that engages the knob with the part that turns the lock was improperly constructed and does not allow it to work. I called Schlage support and was directed to push “1” if my lock had a battery or keypad, but the recording stated that my choice was not recognized -same message when I pushed “2”. There was no way to speak with a representative

  12. Doc

    I have had this lock on my main entrance for two years. It finally failed today. I tried every possible means to make it work, but it would not, waited 15 minutes on Schlage help line, finally hung up. I never thought it would last forever, but I would have thought 5 yrs at least. Headed to to find a replacement. If 109 bucks for two yrs use sounds good to you, then by all means purchase one.

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