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Scotts Elite Spreader 80-lb Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader

29 Reviews
  • Dual rotor technology provides unbeatable accuracy and a 6ft spread pattern for time savings – this is our most accurate spreader ever
  • Holds up to 20,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn product, including grass seed, fertilizer, salt and ice melt
  • Never-flat tires to conquer any terrain


Scotts Elite Spreader is our most advanced and accurate spreader yet! Dual rotors provide increased accuracy and a 6 ft. spread pattern, which means you make less passes across your yard, saving you time. The large hopper holds up to 20,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn product. The ergonomic handle provides comfort, while featuring a smartphone holder. The 10-inch tires are foam filled, so they won’t ever go flat.
  • Dual rotor technology provides unbeatable accuracy and a 6ft spread pattern for time savings – this is our most accurate spreader ever
  • Holds up to 20,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn product, including grass seed, fertilizer, salt and ice melt
  • Never-flat tires to conquer any terrain
  • Ergonomic handle with smart phone holder
  • Minor assembly required – Remove agitator pins when spreading coarse rock salt
Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 23.3 × 20.1 × 23.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Low Water Landscapes

    The Elite Spreader is very easy to setup and very lightweight – can pick up the entire unit with two fingers. The large wheels make it easy to go over divots in the lawn and the coverage uniformity with a dual feed hopper is much better than the smaller spreaders I have used before. The hopper also will hold up to a 50lb bag. I have tested lawn fertilizer granules and grass seed with good success once you decide the right adjustment – there are actually 10 size adjustments to choose from. It also has an ‘Edge Guard’ that you can deploy from the handle to keep fertilizer or grass seed off of a landscape planting bed, and the coverage is still uniform.

  2. witchykitty39

    My husband loves his Scotts Elite Spreader. It was easy to assemble, just pop the tires on. The hopper is much bigger than the one he owned previously, so now he’s able to cover more ground in less time, and without having to stop to refill it as often. It’s easy to use and comfortable to operate. It navigates nicely. There is cushioning on the handle that makes pushing it comfortable. The lever is easy to push and doesn’t need a lot of pressure applied to it. There’s even a smartphone holder so he doesn’t have to worry about missing any calls while he’s out working. So far it works very well and he highly recommends it.

  3. Karif

    There was easier than i thought it would be putting it together. You literally just put the wheels on and screw the bar in place. I really love that because it makes it so easy to store away when you can lower the bar and create a smaller footprint to pack away. Its got a modern feature which is a phone holder. There is an app you can download with great info and tips. The wheels are big enough and that helps the cart glide easier. The handle towards the top lets out the seed and you can also adjust how much seed comes out. Everything on this is super simple to use. Very happy with the quality and easiness of it.

  4. ronjr

    Scotts Elite Spreader is our new go to tool for our yard. Dual rotors provide increased accuracy and a 6 ft. spread pattern, which means you make less passes across your yard, saving you time. The large hopper holds up to 20,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn product like grass seed, fertilizer, salt and ice melt. The ergonomic handle provides comfort, while featuring a smartphone holder. The 10 in. tires are foam filled, so they won’t ever go flat.They roll over the lawn with ease.Does not bounce around like my smaller spreader. There is some minor assembly required pop on the wheels insert the washer cotter pins and caps,,, all done- and per directions you need to remove agitator pins when spreading coarse rock salt

  5. Luis1966

    Simple to use. I was pleased for the performance of the spreader. It came almost fully assemble, just the wheels were not added but very easy to do add and ready to use. The plastic material give you an impression of being delicate but does hold well and makes it very light. The My Lawn application does have much information about taking care of your lawn it is very helpful. The controls are also simple for the use.. The spreader holds a large amount of product. The edge guard works decently. To sustain and even amount of spread the device must be at a constant speed.

  6. Ljh3822

    The Scott’s Elite Spreader is a great tool for all homeowners that have a yard they maintain. It was very easy to put the spreader together. The spreader has never-flat tires and this provides a much smoother ride when pushing the spreader versus the smaller plastic tires on the DLX spreader I have been using the past few years. The handle is much more comfortable than my DLX model and one of my favorite upgrades. The spreader sits a little higher and is more comfortable to use. This spreads a slightly wider path and includes two rotors to provide accuracy. This also has a phone holder with an elastic grip. I like that I can play music as I spread product on my lawn. I am loving this upgraded spreader, because Scott’s made it easy!

  7. Alana

    I was previously using the Scott’s Edgeguard Mini spreader. This new Elite Spreader is truly that…Elite! It’s twice as big as my mini, has a duel feed and spread, the handle has a comfortable cushion, the lever is comfortable to hold without much pressure needed, oh, and it now has a smartphone holder! Lol. I like that this one has a retractable edge guard for use around flowerbeds, trees and fence lines. This product took me about 10 minutes to setup on my own with no special tools needed. When I was trying it out it spread the Scott’s Weed and Feed perfectly and evenly. This product is well built and will be used year after year. Highly highly recommend!

  8. markwoten

    I decided to shift from a drop type spreader to a push rotary type. It was packaged correctly. Very easy to assemble. At first I thought it was cheaply made with all the plastic contained in it. I thought there would be an impeller type at the bottom inside of the bin to move the product to the gated holes. All it had was two cotter pins what spun around as it was pushed. Set the orange selector dial to what the product bag stated. (4.5) I set the defector below the trough. It worked as described with no issues.

  9. Littlepinkheart09

    The Scotts Elite Spreader is a really decent spreader! It was very quick and easy to assemble and the instructions to use are easy enough even for a beginner. The included chart is incredibly handy as well, because it made it really simple to find the correct setting depending on what product I needed to spread. I liked the EdgeGuard feature and the ability to lock the trigger if I wish. I also like that the spreader itself can be folded for easier, more compact storage. This spreader worked well for me and I didn’t have any issues with it, but you do need to be careful you don’t pinch your fingers when folding it up.

  10. Elthin12

    This spreader took about 3 minutes to assemble. The instruction sheet includes recommended settings for various Scotts products. I applied Weed & Feed to my large lawn and found that this large spreader cut down significantly on spreading time thanks to the dual spreader. The wheels are another upgrade I like, as they are easier to maneuver on uneven ground versus the small plastic wheels on my other spreader. Edge Guard was easy to activate and worked as expected. If you are working on uneven ground I found it better to not overfill or it will be harder to maneuver. The phone holder may be a useful feature for some. This seems to spread product on my lawn evenly, it cuts down on spreading time and the upgraded wheels help with maneuvering, which allows me to be very satisfied with this product.

  11. KathyR

    This is a very nice, well made Elite Spreader by Scotts. Comes partially assembled but is easy to finish. The hopper is large and holds several bags of fertilizer to do multiple square feet of yard or garden. It has 2 adjustable openings that can open and close depending on what you are spreading. Controls are on the handle along with a smartphone holder. It is ergonomic so it is easy to use. The wheels are wide and will not go flat because they are not filled with air. Living in the country we need to spread fire ant killer, grass seeds, fertilizer and much more. Scotts Premium Spreader works as we need. This is a premium product and was much recommended by my Dad.

  12. Jose l

    The Scotts Elite spreader was easy to assemble right out of the box. It makes spreading your fertilizer effortless. The rate control is bright orange and easy to read. Whether the fertilizer holder is full or empty the Scotts Elite spreader is very easy to push. The large tires goes from grass, concrete and over tree roots with no issues. The EdgeGuard is a great feature and keeps the fertilizer off sidewalks and other areas. Most of all it is very easy to clean with the water hose.

  13. llex

    Scotts Elite Spreader works perfectly . I’m no expert , Very far from it . But , This spreader was very simple to assemble . Even for me . After assembling . I couldn’t wait to see how well it worked . After using this Spreader . I felt very confident that the spreader and I had done a great job . The Gears in the spreader seem to distribute evenly as it spread . . The wheels worked great as did the handle , and settings . No complaints with this Spreader .I do recommend it!

  14. Am6n9l

    I am pleased that this spreader is larger than my previous one. It holds more granules so I can fertilize a larger area without stopping to refill it. I wish both wheels had a pin for the axle to turn the rotars. If the one pin breaks it won’t be able to spread. Once installed, the wheels still wiggle even with the cotter pins bent around the axle. Also hard to press the lock button when squeezing the trigger to keep handle in locked position.

  15. Rocksand1979

    This Scotts Elite Spreader is great. It is replacing a much smaller one that we owned. I like that you can almost put an entire bag of weed control/ fertilizer in it so
    you don’t have to stop multiple times to refill. If you have a bigger yard this is a must have. The Elite has nice features too, like a cell phone holder and you can also lock the handle so it stays in the spread position so you don’t have to hold it down the entire time you’re spreading. The granules fly out nice and I don’t feel like I’m wasting as much product like my old spreader did. I received a free product for my honest feedback.

  16. Smith7702

    Scott’s Elite Spreader took less than 60 seconds to unpack and assemble. Very sturdy, very nice, and very functional. I used it last night and it spreads seed and/or fertilizer very nicely! This spreader throws the right amount of product in an uniform pattern, which makes application easy and fast. I saw a few neighbors watching, probably saying to themselves, I wish I had one of those!!!!

  17. irisrubi

    This Scotts Elite Spreader is a great upgrade to the small one we had at home. It is well made and sturdy, it has a bigger size which makes me reduce the time of using it, it is not heavy and so easy to push and handle. I also like that it is easy to clean and maintain, it definitely meets all my expectations, I am very satisfied with it.

  18. Pam61109

    Really nice spreader. This spreader was very easy to put together. It definitely appears to be bigger and solid spreader. Less often to fill it up. I can say less stoping to fill as I am spreading Scott’s fertilizer is great!

  19. Christy421

    I have a large yard, and I needed a spreader to help me throw fertilizer down. The Scotts Elite Spreader was the perfect fit for my job. The spreader was easy to assemble with only a few pieces. Once I popped on the tires and adjusted the handle, it was ready to go. This spreader is the top of the line spreader. It has two heavy-duty 10-inch foam-filled tires, so they never go flat. The hopper on this spreader holds up to 20 thousand square feet of Scotts fertilizer, enough for me to do my whole yard in one filling. This spreader has dual rotors that cover a 6-foot spread, so it made my job easier. I did not have to make as many passes in my yard to cover the whole thing. The fertilizer is distributed evenly. There was a dial that I was able to set to control the amount of fertilizer I wanted to use. I also love that I can use the lever to lock the spreader in the open or closed position. There is no need to hold the handle the entire time now. The handle fits comfortably in my hand and there is even a holder for my cell phone. I like that when I am finished the handle can be collapsed for easier storage. Overall, this is a well-made product that is sturdy and durable and makes my job of fertilizing and salting much quicker and easier.

  20. Miss gardener

    Scotts Elite Spreader is very handsome looking machine that is well built, sturdy, easy to move on different surface such has hills, dirty, pavement and grass. I found very easy to put together just add wheel in 3 second. It evenly spread the seed on the grass surface without clogging the system. I also like that can work with a app also can control the amount of seed spread in a area with the dial that save you money . I found be easy machine use for anyone and my neighbors was very interested in look at to buy for
    themselves. I received this has a complimentary and will enjoy use it for many years to come also very easy to clean .

  21. Samantha

    Top of the line.. I am so very pleased
    With this item. I am getting started
    with my plants and vegetables.
    I was home alone this summer so i
    decided to use raised planter boxes
    this year . But soon as my husband
    returns from work we have have lots
    of grass that we wanna reseed.
    So this is so exciting to have this awesome new spreader.
    So easy to assemble. Nice rolling
    wheels that just literally glide around
    the yard.
    Has spreader settings that are so easy.
    Nice size bucket to hold the product.
    Even has a place for your smart phone
    That you can use with My Lawn App.
    So cool. Has lock and unlock buttons.
    Edgeguard as well, just a overall awesome product.

  22. S Gardea

    If you’re serious about your lawn, this is the speader for you. The hopper is big enough to hold more than enough fertilizer and it spreads a 6′ wide path, which is great for big lawns. Sturdy construction and foam filled tires should provide years of use.

    I love that the EdgeGuard lever is up toward the handle and even better is the lock feature that holds the drop handle open to give your hand a rest.

    I’ve used a Scotts Turf Builder drop spreader for years, but this dual broadcast spreader is a step up.

  23. Anonymous

    I ended up gifting to my brother for Father’s Day and he had nothing but good things to say about it. It was very east to assemble what was left and once he was ready to reseed his lawn after it was all messed up from the winter, he was able to pour the entire bag of grass seed in in one trip as well as the fertilizer. It spread very well and was able to get his whole yard done in only a few hours. This is a very handy product and Easy to use.

  24. Dadeeo

    To start, it is so much better than my basic Scotts spreader. Size, construction and ease-of-use. I have approximately 14 acre, with this spreader I can put my entire 15m bag in it at one time. As opposed to three with my basic model. So many extra features, phone holder, but Virter for the fer lifer to go to one side, locking handle and the wire wheels for stability. It’s a large upgrade. Life changer for me.

  25. lakeeriecrusin

    Only assembly needed on this Scotts Elite Spreader which requires no tools, is to attach the 2 wheels by simply sliding a wheel on the axle, placing the washer next and then insert the cotter pin. There is a orange hubcap which snaps easily in place. The hopper is very large and can hold up to 20,000 sq. ft of product which is a time saver for me with not having to stop multiple times to refill. The dual rotors work really well with making sure my product is spread where I intend it to go. There are multiple great features on this spreader that I feel are a added plus. One feature is the edgeguard that I can engage to keep product from ending up where I don’t want it, another is the lock in place trigger and thirdly for me is the slot that my cell phone can be placed in at the top of the handle. Overall, it’s lightweight easy to maneuver and gets the job done to my satisfaction. Highly recommend to everyone.

  26. mnkeygrl4

    This spreader has everything you could want. Nice big capacity, hard wheels that can’t go flat, and a nice handle. Easy to select how much product you want it to broadcast and has an edge guard you can use to keep it from getting where you don’t want it. It was easy to put together and seems like it will last me for a very long time.

  27. Stouty123

    This spreader works so well and spreads the seed evenly over the grass. It was so easy to put together and very easy to use . It has so many setting that you just can’t go wrong .It really live up to its name out best ever spreader I will never go back to using the hand held one .

  28. Kdogg27

    I was thoroughly impressed with how simple and easy to use the Elite Spreader. Granted, there was some assembly out of the box, but nothing major. I really liked the dual rotors as it covered more ground than other models I had used in the past- meaning I had to do less passes. Also, the rubber handles and ease of the edge guard made it comfortable while using for a larger yard. The incorporation of the Scott’s app (which I already used) and phone holder allowed new users to become familiar with how to take care of their yard and had several tips that would help get them the best yard on the block. Lastly, the wheels gave a sense of durability and made the whole journey smooth. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

  29. Karrie

    This Scotts Elite Spreader is so much bigger than I could imagine. It held a huge bag of weed and bugger killer and had a lot of room left for more. It has two hoppers from which it throws seeds out. I also really like the fact that I can control how slow or fast I can let the seed fall out of it. This spreader pushes very easy and smoothly. Glided over hilly areas without any issues. When the product arrived all I had to do was attach the wheels and it was ready to go. I would love it, if they could make it fold up for easier storing.

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