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SKIL 30-Piece Carbide-Tipped Router Bit Set

19 Reviews
  • SKIL 30-piece router bit set includes several edge-forming, surface-forming, straight and joinery bits
  • Carbide tips provide long-lasting cutting edges for durability
  • Control cut design helps minimize kick-back to prevent injuries during operation


SKIL carbide tip bits are engineered to deliver the high-performance and durability that today’s growing population of do-it-yourselfers demand.
  • SKIL 30-piece router bit set includes several edge-forming, surface-forming, straight and joinery bits
  • Carbide tips provide long-lasting cutting edges for durability
  • Control cut design helps minimize kick-back to prevent injuries during operation
  • Smooth cuts require little or no sanding before applying finish
  • Case included to keep bits organized and easy-to-transport
  • 1-year warranty gives you peace of mind
  • Recommended for use with a routing table
  • Works with routers mounted to a router table or hand held routers that accept 1/4-in shank router bits
Weight 3.83 lbs
Dimensions 13.19 × 2.8233 × 9.45 in

Latest reviews

  1. Eric

    Love the variety of bits that come with this set. The case itself is decently made. Nothing that will stand up to abuse, but keeping the bits organized and labeled is a nice touch. I’ve used several of the bits thus far, (straight, roundover, cove/bead)and have had no issues. Nice clean cuts, even in harder woods. Indicating sharp edges. I’ve even used the straight bits for some light router planing on an ash live edge slab. Zero issues. I’ve only had the set for a couple months so I can’t speak to longevity yet. These are 1/4” shank bits, so I wouldn’t recommend for heavy use. But for the occasional hobbyist like myself, this is great. Will update if any issues arise.

  2. outlawcustombikes

    I am not a professional wood-worker but am an experienced do-it-yourselfer <<(not sure that is a word ).
    I purchased the Skil 30 piece router bit set along with a Skil router for use in making trim, shelving, etc. while remodeling my home. I have used one bit on well over 1,000 + feet of trim that I have made and it is still cutting great.
    I also like the case that the bits come in. I looks very nice and each section of bits rotates up to the vertical position for easy access.
    Like I said, I’m no expert wood-worker, and have nothing else to compare the product to, but I believe that the price of $99.00 for the 30 bits is a great deal compared to purchasing them individually.

  3. Lewis

    These router bits are great. There is a nice variety to finish most basic router projects. This bit set is a great value for the price considering a single bit typically costs around $15-$20 alone. My only issue is with the packaging. The bits come in a nice display box to keep things neatly organized – Great! However, the bits fit so snugly into their individual holders that it can be impossible to get them out without damaging the box, the bit, or yourself! I with the bits did not fit so tightly in the box. It is a bit of a safety hazard since the cutting blades are so sharp and you have such little grip area on the bits.

  4. riverratinky

    I purchased this set of router bits not because I hoped they would keep an edge but more because they offer a well rounded set of bits and a container to store them all. I know that I will have to replace them sooner than a quality bit but I can do that on a one bit basis and still have my “collection” which I could not have for the price purchased separately. Also even if I did buy them all sperately I would have to mail order them since does not carry that wide an assortment in store.

  5. Ted in Tampa

    I am not a professional wood worker and only use my router a few times a year. I had a few miscelaneous bits and was always trying to make the ones I had fit to the project at hand. I saw this set come up for sale at , and decided to get it. The fit and finish appears good and they have bearing guides. The set came with some extra bearings and in a nice storage case. Overall, I would say that this is a good set of router bits and a good value for the money, but don’t expect to get Katana bits at this price.

  6. AverageWoodworker

    The set includes some essentials for the wood shop. Easy to store case which is always nice. Only wish they provided more variety in type of bit. This set comes with multiples of the same bit just different sizes. Overall a good product.

  7. DavidL

    I bought this set primarily for the laminate bit to cut laminate for a countertop that I was replacing, but I wanted the set so I could have a large collection of bits for future projects for my new router. The bits are very sturdy and I was able to cut all of my countertops without noticing any dulling of the bit. I am very glad that I chose this bit set over buying a single bit.

  8. Knuckles

    The set represents a vast number of routing options but should mention that these are not particularly suitable for extended use with hardwoods. Particularly the 3/4″ bit lasted less than an hour before blunting to become unusable. I returned to to purchase a Bosche replacement (at 10 x the unit cost) and had no further problems. Softwoods will likely pose a lesser problem so provided that the bits stay sharp the $2 per bit value would be impressive.

  9. wrangler

    $50 for 30 quality bits. All carbide…..This was an online sale just before Christmas.

  10. Kat

    30 piece Carbide Tipped Router Bit Set was a great purchase. It comes with pictures to show what angles the bit will cut. Comes In a wood box with a glass cover and handle. Each section rolls out to easily pick which bit to use. Makes it much easier to keep things in place without losing the bits.

  11. jacques976

    I got a set because of the price. I read some of the reviews and would like to add a few comments are these carbide bits as far as I can tell they are there is a insert on each one. The box does not say so but the web site for skil does say so, also says best used in a router table. as with any cutter slow and steady speed is best. it is a good starter set and for trying small projects for real wood working you will have to pay a lot more for bits.

  12. wraith454

    like the title says this is a great starter set you can find out what you like what you dont like how to use them how not to use them and the prices is right just do it

  13. lee

    gret value for the can buy better bits at a lot higer price,but these are very last set of these have lasted several yearsand steyed sharp.

  14. Local customer

    First, the bad part: I had to return the first set of bits I bought, because I noticed that there were 2 of the same bit in the package. The good part: exchanged the bad set for a good set, which I love! I got a fantastic price on these bits (30 bits for about 62 dollars), when, if I had bought them separately, probably would have cost closer to 180 bucks. Lots of good bits in this set, with plenty of them having a bearing for smooth movement along the edge of your workpiece.

  15. Terri

    Good quality and price. I do wood working in my garage on various projects and the bit selection is more than I need.

  16. Dave

    A good deal when purchased on sale. I got mine at 50% off during Black Friday sales. ( mine were $49.95). I have used 3 different bits so far and they seem average. I was cutting soft pine and a piece of Oak plywood, no problems with either species of wood using a Bosch 1617 2.25 HP router. (This is a nice router, also purchased at during Black Friday). The bits made a nice cut. Only time will tell how well they hold their cutting edge.

  17. Tkdkelly

    This kit has almost all the bits I need for basic builds. Can’t beat it for the cost. So far the bits stay sharp and consistent. The storage case is a great bonus.

  18. rascal

    Felt I got good value bits and a great variaty. I would recommend this.

  19. KenSea

    This router bit set has most of the standard bits you need around the shop. The addition of the contour bits is a nice plus. Overall the quality of the tool bits and the variety of bits makes this set a good addition to your router kit.

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