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Snickers Workwear Snickers Workwear Allround Work Tool Vest – Large

15 Reviews
  • Wide shoulder straps and elastic in the back for comfort and freedom of movement
  • Cordura® 500 reinforced front holster pockets with tool loops for enhanced durability and easy-access angled rear holster pockets
  • Cordura® reinforced breast pockets including knife fastener, easy-access padded mobile phone compartment and detachable ID badge


Snickers tool vest is an everyday must have for excellent tool carrying functionality with plenty of options for practical storage. This tool vest features mesh ventilation at the front to ensure efficient breathability during intense work and reinforced holster/breast pockets with Cordura® for extra durability. Wide adjustable shoulder straps are elastic in the back for smooth comfort, with an ergonomic belt that is also adjustable to reduce pressure on shoulders. Plus, an integrated inside expander makes it possible to wear the tool vest with or without a jacket.
  • Wide shoulder straps and elastic in the back for comfort and freedom of movement
  • Cordura® 500 reinforced front holster pockets with tool loops for enhanced durability and easy-access angled rear holster pockets
  • Cordura® reinforced breast pockets including knife fastener, easy-access padded mobile phone compartment and detachable ID badge
  • Integrated inside expander means the tool vest can be easily expanded and worn over a winter jacket
  • Adjustable ergonomic belt takes pressure off the shoulders
  • Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, 2X
Weight 2.05 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 25 × 0.75 in

Latest reviews

  1. MidwestCloud

    This is one very well-built work vest – tough and breathable. I’ve already worn it to a couple sites and fits my tools and fittings well. The adjustable shoulder and extended panel (hidden underneath) for bigger people like myself makes this the perfect fit, even if I’m wearing a jacket underneath. Made from good quality materials, this vest feels like it will last, which is what I’m counting on. It also has plenty of pockets and loops. The Velcro on the front pockets are perfect for your cell and small tool sets.

  2. Charger68

    This vest has so many pockets that you’re sure to fit all the small tools you need. It adjusts both height-wise and width-wise. The back has scretchable bands for suspension when walking which reduces wear on the back. There is mesh which not only reduces overall weight but helps your skin breathe on hot summer days. It fits me like a glove and the belt is strong; also a good place to catch someone if needed. The only down-side is there is no place to put a hammer other than front and center. I like that there is another zipper which is tucked behind and gives you another 2 or 3 inches of mobility; whether you are large or just have more layers on. -A very neat feature! Of course it looks nice too, like a modified tactical vest.

  3. TomD

    Perfect for the busy workman, carpenter, electrician or plumber. Opened it up and found plenty of pockets that could hold all kinds of of tools, nails, screws, and anything else.
    It was a little tight at first but found that pulling loose 2 small Velcro straps gives you another 2 1/2” to 3 inches more which was quite clever. Nail and screw pouches have in the rear.
    The quality is obvious and is very light weight.
    If I had one concern it would be that someone could load up the numerous pockets to the point the weight could become very heavy. Otherwise I wish I had one when I was on the road servicing furniture where I could load up the vest with specific tools.

  4. DJ

    I like this vest better than my toolbelt. It has more pockets places to hold tools than you probably need. With my belt, it would get heavy and start to pull down, the vest secured to you snug, but breathable and spreads everything out where you’re not having one area pull on you and another area lighter and pulling away. Drill on my hip, screwdrivers in breast pocket, pencils on the zipper, players near waistline, nuts, bolts, screws, wire nuts in the many pockets near waist. You can put more in this than a toolbelt and keep working without stopping.

  5. Kytrader

    This Snickers Tool Vest is so well made and versatile. It has 2 sets of front zippers so it will expand if you are wearing a jacket. The shoulders expand also. It was too cold for outside fence work today so I used it with 2 small woodworking projects in my shop. It easily carried my phone, tape measure, writing pad, and pencil and there was so much room left for other things. It makes a great “go” vest where I can pre -stock it with essentials like markers, tape measure, paper and pen, etc. and then just grab it with my bigger tools such as circular saw, drill, hammer, etc. The pockets are nice and deep for hardware or screws. The velcro is strong and the vest looks quite professional.

  6. HandymanFrank

    Used it again this weekend, I swapped out 14 high bay lights to LED, and this vest was a great tool to hold all the items I needed to have on me, Love that my pants don’t get all the weight and I have to keep pulling them up. Had vest on for over 5 hours, and I not once felt it was uncomfortable. had over tools in pockets plus electrical connectors ( Old and New ). Love the adjustment I am able to do to it. Only wished it had a Drill pocket. But I hung my drill on the belt and all worked out great. With over 10 pounds of weigh in tools and stuff, by it being a vest all weight is distributed on your shoulders and it’s allot better to handle than on your pants. Feels very comfy. from what I had read, they keep improving these by customer reviews. Stay safe!!

  7. Dive

    This vest holds more than a belt and distributes that weight over your shoulders. There are so many pockets I can’t imagine ever needing to fill them all (better to have too many than too little). I keep several full with the essentials (tape measure, box cutter, wax pencil and sharpie, etc) and fill the others temporarily as needed for the job. There are some loops that I use for hammer and hanging hooks but I’d like those a little bigger (I don’t think they’re made for what I’m using them for). The material is very durable condura, and I’ve hung a lot from them with no tearing issues. I’m 6’2″/190lbs/42″ chest and the large fits me great, but the vest also has plenty of adjustment and I expect it will fit _much_ larger people. I love this vest and expect it to last me many years and projects!

  8. My2cents

    This vest will help show that you have a method to your madness. After a couple of weeks, I already see its usefulness. I find it ideal for maintenance, finish work, and shopwork. There are many ways to customize the fit so that it becomes an extension of your body.

    The fabric is superbly durable. The mesh sections remind me of a high school football, summertime, practice jersey. The shoulder straps are strong and can fold over (secured with large Velcro pads) to adjust the vest for different torso lengths. The yoke of the vest is connected to the back mesh with two wide elastic strips. The belt is adjustable to spread the weight, keep the mass close to the body and available to hook other attachments on. The front zipper also has a built-in extension to give you a little extra space to allow for layered clothing.

    It comfortably holds an incredible weight (if you choose to carry it around with you.) There are more pockets than I plan on filling and they are placed in many accessible locations. The pockets are large, smartly sectioned and angled for convenient access. The upper pockets are secure at the top and loosely restrained at the bottom. This allows you to put heavy items in them and maintain movement.

    This is a well thought out vest. When starting out, its benefit is most understandable by undertaking task-based activities where you need a lot of different items and a tool bag is less convenient. For example, mounting something while standing on a ladder. Once you start using a vest, it becomes a go-to tool for your projects.

    Other observations:
    The mid-chest pockets expansion fold offers additional locations to store pencils.
    The upper chest cellphone pocket is padded.
    The arm holes dip low to avoid the wet sweat area.

  9. bettywit

    Wow, this vest is amazing. It has so many pockets of different sizes. It also has two hammer loops. I wore this to work, it is comfortable and it made my job a lot easier. I like that it has wide velcro straps for your shoulders that are adjustable. There is mesh in the front and back of the vest so it’s not causing me to sweat. This has a zippered front with belt. It’s made very well and with a thicker material. This is machine washable and air dry. I’m so happy that I picked this vest out. My only complaint is I wish it has some kind of fluorescent stripes so it’s more visible.

  10. John C

    This tool vest was a lot heavier than I expected when it arrived. This is in no way a negative because the sturdiness is a reflection of the durability of the product. It is designed to be a wearable tool bag that is convenient to equip with the tools for a specific purpose before you take on a particular task. I used it to be prepared for any breakdowns in my capacity as a support team for my Shriner little cars in a recent parade, but luckily I was not needed!
    Day to day use on a job site is not a good use for this unless you have a very specific subset of skills.

  11. Jazz476

    I am 6’3 and this vest fits perfect. It is really nice for things like framing or drywall where you don’t want to keep going up or down a ladder. There are lots of pockets that you can close so that things don’t fall out.

  12. TappyMan

    This vest is very sturdy and well made. There are very many pockets to hold a variety of tools. One of the features that I find nice is there is an extra flap on one side of the zipper that when opened extends the size for people like me with a little bit bigger belly. I think the company should include a paper showing the many features. It does have a padded cell phone pocket as well as the many various other places to hold just about every tool you could think of.

  13. Joefire

    I loaded all the tools shown in the photo into this vest, and there was still lots more room for more. You are only limited by how much weight you can carry comfortably. I also use this work vest as a fishing vest. I can hold all my weights, hooks, lures, etc. with no problems when wading in water.

  14. Builderman

    So I have been wearing this for a while now, and I think I really like it. Now I don’t believe it’s for everybody but for certain things like electrical work I think it’s great.
    I’ve never liked the way that tool belts pull your pants down so this being a vest makes that problem obsolete. I also like the amount of pockets there are on it,. I’m not sure how useful all of them are particularly the ones on the left side in the back considering I’m right-handed but it has come in handy a couple times for different size screws while I’m working on a ladder or moving around a lot.
    There’s only really two complaints that I have, one is there is no hammer sling on it. I’m not sure why there should be but there’s not.
    My second complaint is the zipper It works good but you do have to be careful not to cross zip it even though it’s pretty good sized and bulky for me being a man that actual zipper connects on the wrong side. All of my coats, all of my sweatshirts, they all connect into the zipper from the left side this connects from the right side which is a little awkward for me, but definitely not a deal breaker.

  15. Crash

    This Tool Vest is feature-packed.
    Durable material should resist wear and last a long time, but not heavy or uncomfortable. Adjustable for a wide range of body sizes and can be expanded to wear over a coat in cold weather.
    More pockets and pouches to put tools and small parts in than any normal person might need on the job. I’ll never be able to remember which pocket I put everything in.

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