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Southwire 10 Amp 600-Volt Digital Cat Iii Multimeter

19 Reviews
  • Bluetooth technology – record, save, share readings, control meter at a safe distance, free Southwire’s MApp” mobile app
  • True RMS – higher accuracy on AC circuits
  • Low Z – eliminates false readings from ghost voltage


This Bluetooth® enabled multimeter in combination with Southwire’s Mapp™ mobile app allows you to view, record, and share readings on your smart phone. With True RMS and Low Z readings, a rugged waterproof and dust proof housing, and built-in flashlight, this compact multimeter can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Bluetooth technology – record, save, share readings, control meter at a safe distance, free Southwire’s MApp” mobile app
  • True RMS – higher accuracy on AC circuits
  • Low Z – eliminates false readings from ghost voltage
  • IP67 WATERPROOF/DUST TIGHT – for use in demanding environments (dry the meter thoroughly before use)
  • Added MaintenancePRO – powerful built-in work light
  • Backlit display – 4000 count with bar graph
  • Safety rating – CAT lll 600V, UL LISTED
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in

Latest reviews

  1. Awerrmann

    This multi meter has everything. The readings I took were all accurate and it was easy to get to the one you want. The features like the back lit screen and the flash light make it great. The ip rating gives me peace of mind that it won’t get ruined from dust and water. The battery could be a little easier to replace. The Bluetooth feature is cool but it seems a little gimmicky. It doesn’t do anything that I have found that you can do without your phone. If you need to see the reading but can’t see the meter it would be useful. Overall very nice though.

  2. Chris569

    If you are needing a meter for simple things, want to play with Bluetooth, this is nice… but this is not best for the pro! I had problems greatting a good reading, no case or bag to carry in, and no Amp probe… my readings wouldn’t stay steady… in fact, this isn’t made for A/C very well, just D/C… the manual tells you to keep A/C readings short (10 sec I think) and 5 min apart! That isn’t good for pro use, period!

  3. BluesPwr1009

    I have been using this meter for some time and I have found it to be highly reliable, accurate, and a great addition to my tool bag. The bluetooth feature is great for remote monitoring and stable. The only things I wish were available were test leads with alligator clips, and an average reading instead of RMS. RMS is not always useful and can sometimes lead to damaged equipment.

  4. polarisman

    This meter is awesome. The Bluetooth that connects to your phone is the awesome, it’s so fast to display what the meter or reading. I use this all the time for troubleshooting, now I can leave my meter and walk over the day the light switch then see if the circuit energizes, it’s very durable and haven’t had any issue an with it.

  5. Smak3

    This keeps track of all my different levels around the house and really keeps me up-to-date. I love the fact they Incorporated Bluetooth on this because honestly I’ve been asking for years that a multimeter should include one. This is just the ultimate gadget for any type of do-it-yourselfer.

  6. Bird

    I use this meter almost daily great product easy to use the Bluetooth feature is the best you can test live circuit from across the room. I use the temperature probe and Bluetooth at home in the smoker I can monitor the temperature inside

  7. Ingar503

    I found ways to use this on a daily basis and it makes things so much easier that Bluetooth is included. I get a lot more test done with this than I’ve done with any multimeter in the past. This is how simple this product is to use

  8. JDragon62

    This meter is very robust and can deal with almost any job site condition, the Bluetooth connectivity makes it like an extra set of hands when working on appliances. My only issue is the 10 amp limitation.

  9. Bigfish

    I brought this meter a month ago and I’m so glad I did. Very easy to use, I compared with he high end meter getting the same reading. I will no longer buy the high end meters.

  10. Icarus_XI

    Flashlight built in is great! The app is neat, I can definitely see some use for it. I don’t think the Engineers missed even a single detail when designing this thing.

  11. Andre

    What more can I say! Bluetooth meter! I can test hot and not be around for results! Less chance of me or someone else getting arc flash!

  12. Bert

    Got this about a month ago. Works great. Had a few problems with it connection to Bluetooth, but has been great

  13. Aglad

    Use it mostly as an ohm meter but it works very well. Needs a spot to hold 1 probe for voltage testing

  14. donniewood24

    A good item to have if you are doing residential electrical work to keep everyone around you safe.

  15. Jcres

    Works great. Love the bluetooth functionality of this. Seems to be accurate on readings.

  16. Foley

    All around meter! I use my every where. Really like the flashlight feature

  17. Moncayoruben69

    Nice features, especially the bluetooth. Heavy duty construction.

  18. jpl00878

    Love it the only thing I wish I is that it worked with Android

  19. GMG46

    I received this multimeter and have been using it for about a month and I gotta say I really like it. Lots of features built it. I use it as my bench testing meter. It sure is nice having a built in flashlight. The backlit screen option is very bright making it easy to read. The rubber case has a quality fit and finish to it, & feels solid and tough. Dropped it from on top of an 8 foot ladder and the case absorbed the impact very well. The thermometer is nice feature that you don’t see often even though rarely used but good to have. My only negative is that I noticed the meter is slow to develop a reading once the leads make contact. Example: When trying to measure voltage in a kitchen counter top receptacle, once leads are in the device and touching energized parts, it takes longer than liked for a number to show up on display. But seeing as there are so many other great aspects and this is my bench tester it is easy to overlook that aspect. The greatest feature is by far the Bluetooth capability. It is nice to be able to leave the meter in place at device to be tested location and placing myself safely away at a disconnect or lets say an hvac thermostat and being able to use my smart phone to monitor the readings, Just an absolutely fantastic feature. I highly recommend this meter to anyone that is the market for a durable meter with a bunch of great features.

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