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Speakman Neo Polished Chrome Dual Shower Head 2.5-GPM (9.5-LPM)

10 Reviews
  • Optimized spray strength from 114 power streams easily removes soap from thick hair while designed to maintain water pressure and save water
  • Features infinite spray settings while the unique spray patterns of invigorate, immerse, massage and any personalized blend in between
  • Designed to generating larger water droplets that retain heat, deliver a premium shower, and saves on energy


The Speakman Neo Anystream® Dual Shower Head delivers an immersive experience from the perfectly balanced coverage of 114 water streams (57 per shower), 3-distinct spray settings on each or any combination in between. Escape with the convenience of a two-in-1 shower featuring a fixed and handheld shower. The Anystream® 360-degree spray technology offers infinite adjustability for a personalized shower from either the fixed or handheld shower. The diverter provides an easy alternation from fixed to handheld shower to allow for use of both or one at a time. The added convenience of alternating between the two can help meet the daily needs of the entire family. The sleek design will compliment any modern space.
  • Optimized spray strength from 114 power streams easily removes soap from thick hair while designed to maintain water pressure and save water
  • Features infinite spray settings while the unique spray patterns of invigorate, immerse, massage and any personalized blend in between
  • Designed to generating larger water droplets that retain heat, deliver a premium shower, and saves on energy
  • Quick and easy installation, compatible with U.S. standard plumbing systems and shower arms
  • Includes the 3-way diverter handle, mounting bracket, 60-inch metal hose and thread tape
Weight 3.55 lbs
Dimensions 6.4 × 8.9 × 12.8 in

Latest reviews

  1. Tigerseye71

    This shower head is a dream.
    Easy to install. Directions are clear and easy to understand.
    The water pressure is perfect, with one head or both on, makes no difference.
    The large head is adjustable wich makes this combo perfect for any one. Love the ability to run both or just one or the other.
    With all the Spray pattern combinations, each person can choose thier favorite.
    The wand is handy for cleaning/rinsing the shower when it’s time to attack soap scum. Also works for washing your pet if needed.
    No leaks noticed. Very happy with this shower addition!
    Quality product, easy to install, unique design, great features, easy to use. 5 stars!

  2. Grandpop

    Only takes about 10 minutes to install! Fancy looking chrome finish. You can operate either shower head you choose or both at the same time! The hand held unit is attached with a 5 foot matching hose allowing you to rinse all the hard to reach areas. (What a convenient feature) Using both shower heads at the same time would be a great benefit when giving your pet a shower. There is an infinite choice of sprays to choose from including my favorite, the massage, this really relaxes sore muscles.

  3. NeedaGoodOne

    I have taken 2 showers with this and there will not be a third. You will waste more water trying to get clean. Read the box carefully it can be misleading. Infinite settings let’s be honest, there is only 2 setting per head either spray or massage. And the ability to blend those together. Sure both heads on at the same time but forget that the flow rate is so poor even with the internal 2.5 gal flow restriction removed. And yes I have very good water pressure. i honestly believe who ever gets one of these will be very disappointed in the quality and performance

  4. Jlampert99

    This dual shower head features a 4 and a 5.5 inch diameter spraying head and with a max flow of 2.5 gallons per minute. The unique design allows you to use both shower heads at the same time whereas others that I have tired only allows use of one at a time.
    There are a few things that prevented a 5 star rating. This product is on the California prop 65 list so therefore is contains some sort of toxic material or coating. The other issue is that the shower head piece is plastic whereas the rest of it is metal.
    Now for the has 2.5 gallon perminute flow with 3 featured spray setting patterns of ” invigorate, immerse, massage and any personalized blend in between.” It is chrome with a stainless steel hose and any stream technology.

  5. Steve

    Has a tremendous amount of settings, so far I have found 38 combinations but they say they say there is a lot more. You have the ability to use both heads. You can use the wand by itself. You can use shower head by itself, heads are very big, it is light weight. Does not look very durable but we will be. I put in guest bath so we will see how it hood up. The hookup holds the wand also. As you can see in the picture it comes with plumbing tape, use it or it will leak. Overall a pretty good shower set. Would recommend for a secondary bath. Does come with a very nice hose that is extremely flexible, definite plus.

  6. CDL75

    We have had dual shower heads before and they never had good water pressure. I was hesitant about this Speakman shower head but decided to give it a try. I am pleasantly surprised but the powerful water stream this shower head produces. Whether I’m using one or two heads at the same time the pressure stays consistent and strong.
    The shower head itself looks very modern and matches our other bathroom hardware. It’s easy to switch from different spray patterns and from head to head. Installation took 5 minutes with a pair of channel locks. I was happy that it also came with plumbers tape for the pipe threads. One less trip to the garage during installation. Great functionality, looks and pressure. Nothing bad to say about this shower head.

  7. Moondancers

    The shower head installed easy and came with all parts. Looks great in the shower. I do wish it had a little larger head but it works just fine. The stainless steel polish looks great and goes with most decor.

  8. piercekl

    A nice chrome dual head shower with various settings ! Easy to install and use! The hand held shower spray is easy to handle with a flexible hose! that is adequate in length!

  9. Nifty1

    Product packaged well, very nice looking and well designed for a small to average sized stand up shower. Likely need longer hose on handheld shower for tub/shower and wider showers. Seems to have some nice shower combinations upon install test, but I know to wait until my wife uses and approves. LOL

  10. Javahead

    I already had a shower head with a fixed head and a handheld head. The one I already had has an adjustable bar for height of handheld portion, and the switch to convert from one head to another was in a convenient place. This Speakman head does NOT have those features. The diverter switch is up above where the fixed head is. The handheld head on a hose has to be slipped in the mount a certain way or it will not stay. When you change to different spray settings there is not a click to know you have it in just the right spot for optimal spray. The pros are that for an all plastic (no metal) shower head, it is fairly attractive and has a sleek design. The spray of water seems good. Installation was easy with only an adjustable wrench, I was surprised that tape was even included. It is in the small plastic bag and looks like an anti-theft device. It would be easy to miss in the box. If you are looking for a decent shower head this is an average one. If you are looking for a great double shower head and need one that can reach to bathe your large dogs in the tub, I would keep looking.

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