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Speakman Neo Polished Chrome Dual Shower Head 2-GPM (7.6-LPM)

20 Reviews
  • Enjoy the power of 688 blissful streams combined, 344 per shower, to easily remove soap from thick hair with our optimized spray strength designed to maintain water pressure and save water
  • Experience a personalized shower selecting from 25-settings, 5 from each shower, including pause plus 4-unique spray patterns of massage, satin, reaction, and rain
  • Our patented reaction spray delivers a powerful, turbine driven full-body massaging spray


Experience the Neo Exhilaration Dual Shower Head transforming your bathroom into a spa with the combination fixed and handheld showers. Immerse yourself in the 688 distinct streams and 25 combined settings when enjoying the fixed and handheld showers simultaneously. The showers boast the patented reaction spray for a truly exceptional and premium shower. The reaction spray delivers a powerful, turbine driven full body spray that is paired with the additional settings of massage, satin, rain and pause. Enjoy the variety of personalizing your shower to meet the current need from gentle satin spray to full coverage drenching rain or a combination of both, this shower will exhilarate your senses. Easily rinse soap from thick hair, soothe your aching muscles or gently wash pets and children. The pause mode will help maintain your temperature setting and conserve water while you lather or shave. The convenience of the personalized shower experience is yours with the Neo Exhilaration Dual Shower Head the 3-in-1 diverter allows the ability to select using one of the shower heads at a time or both together. The handheld will help you maximize in shower mobility and convenience with the included 5 ft hose helping to tackle in shower cleaning, children, or pets.
  • Enjoy the power of 688 blissful streams combined, 344 per shower, to easily remove soap from thick hair with our optimized spray strength designed to maintain water pressure and save water
  • Experience a personalized shower selecting from 25-settings, 5 from each shower, including pause plus 4-unique spray patterns of massage, satin, reaction, and rain
  • Our patented reaction spray delivers a powerful, turbine driven full-body massaging spray
  • Experience more heat our shower heads are designed to generating larger water droplets that retain heat, deliver a premium shower, and save on energy
Weight 3.45 lbs
Dimensions 7.1 × 8.7 × 12.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. JK

    The Speakman Neo Polished Chrome 5 Spray Dual Shower Head was relatively easy and quick to install. Everything we needed was in the box and directions were easy to follow. Install from start to finish took about 20 minutes. We did find it a bit bizarre that the stationary head is the lower one and the handheld is up higher. The biggest downside to this is that the dial is fairly high and difficult for my 4’10” self to reach. Love all the different spray choices and being able to use both heads at the same time! The lower shower head can be moved side to side or up and down a bit to adjust somewhat. Each shower head has it’s own lever for setting the spray of your choice.

  2. jcd302

    Lightweight chrome covered plastic feels cheap. Works fine for what it is, but not worth the money. Time will tell how well it holds up. The knob on the side to change between the head and handheld is easy to use, even with soapy hands. The 5 foot hose is nice for washing the dog. The ability to turn off the spray as one of the settings is nice so you don’t need to turn off the faucet. But you need to rotate thru all the settings if you are at the other end of the sprays.
    The packaging is littered with marketing speak. For example, each head only has 4 settings, but the box label makes it sound like their are 25.
    Now the caddy is in the way, so I am on the lookout for a new one to mount on the back wall of the shower.

  3. Nvwayne

    I loved this shower head. It made my shower go from dull to upgraded in no time. It was easy to install, came with even the plumbing tape. The heads had great water pressure and have adjustable patterns. You can even pick which head to use or even use both at the same time, I was impressed by this when I installed. I’m ready to pick up another for my other shower. Definite improvement over a standard shower. I found the quality to be excellent as well.

  4. Bernie

    The “Speakman – Neo Polished Chrome 5-Spray Dual Shower Head 2-GPM (7.6-LPM)” comes beautifully packaged with simple and easy instructions. All the instructions are on the box plus on a sheet in the box, you can’t go wrong. The finished product has an incredible array of different shower options. Well worth installing this unit.

  5. Briar

    This showerhead combo is a nice upgrade. It is easy to install and comes with everything needed, you just supply an adjustable wrench. Being able to turn off the spay from each shower head is very handy and saves water. The fixed head can be adjusted to the desired angle and the holder for the wand head can also be angled to the desired position to give just the affect you want. The hose for the wand head is long and very flexible so using the massage spray on the bottoms of your feet or your calves is easy. It also looks good, is easy to use, and seems to be well made.

  6. Briny

    Item itself is super easy to install. If you have any working knowledge of how to put a shower head up, it’s easily a (1) on difficulty level with the provided instructions. The shower heads have ample volume and power behind them. I put them in the son’s bath and he loves it. The only problem I saw with both heads is that when you change to the different setting(s) the bottom nozzles on each of them seem to ‘weep’. It really doesn’t matter if you are using just one, the other, or both. Other than that, he is really liking them and I intend to try it myself to see if I will purchase for additional baths.

  7. Lisa

    I am officially addicted to showering. I have had the dual shower since I’ve been out on my own a little over 30 years and never have I felt such a duo that can address every part of my body until I’m satisfied. I use the exhilaration mist specifically for my face because never hits my hair, the rain all over my body because it give a great massage while rinsing all of the suds off of my body, the straight stream I use in areas that I don’t want to leave any soap behind. I believe that I add another 10 minutes or so to shower time because with every turn it just feels too good to get out. I suggest this 120% you will too enjoy. Oh and it is Energy Star rated so your bill should not reflect your excessive showering. It was super easy to install, everything that you need is inside the box except the pipe wrench for tightening. Happy showering.

  8. Simon

    These shower heads are great quality. Nice and sturdy and they have a great finish to them too. The box has all you need to install it except for an adjustable wrench. Using the thread tape and gently screwing the connector on by hand until it is almost tight, you only nee to lightly turn it with the wrench until it lines up. The shower head and the extension can be applied in the same way. It literally takes about 5 minutes to put this up. Once attached you have the options of turning on the shower head and the extension or both. With the multiple settings you can adjust each head to give gentle rain to a pulsating water jet. The shower head angle can be easily adjusted to suit each person’s perfect angle. Both my wife and I love this new addition to our house. I have to say my video does not do this justice, but the power of these pulsating jets is great.

  9. TE

    From opening the package to turning on the water in 20 minutes! Packaging is great and compartmentalized. Instructions are very easy to follow and all you need is one adjustable wrench. At first I thought it was made of too light weight material but it went together fine and feels fine. The pressure is well balanced the variety of sprays are great I am very happy with this Speakman shower head and wand.

  10. BONITA

    Awesome, This was very easy to install took about 20 minutes from dismantle to install. I like the fixed head but live the hand held. And what made me the happiest was the rain setting. I love this and would recommend this to anyone looking for a multi use shower head.
    It comes with a hanger but because I’m under 5 ft I puggy it in the shower caddy.

  11. OldGuyDemos

    There’s a lot of bragging on the box; “688 Streams”, “Exhilaration Shower”, “More Heat” and yes.. you can even have an “Immersive Experience”. Be that as it may, I was most interested in the Speakman’s “20 Percent Water Savings” feature. It turns out you can save even more water by turning off the lower head and using the top head on it’s most restrictive setting. But where’s the fun in that? The Exhilaration installs easily. The main valve turns smoothly and the flow controls switch easily. Who knew saving water could be so stylish, efficient and functional!

  12. Joe

    Quality materials, easy to install even comes with plumbing tape. Each shower head has adjustable sprays. Especially like the detachable spray head to rinse off those hard to reach places on my body.. All you need to have on hand is an adjustable wrench to remove previous shower and install new one. Instructions are well documented and easy to read. This is the first multi shower head system that I have used and love the versatility.

  13. Vee

    I got this shower head because it is multi-functional and has some great features. It has a standard shower head with multiple settings as well as a hand-held shower head with the exact same settings.
    It comes with detailed paper instructions as well as an online instruction video. It was very easy to install and even came with the required plumber’s tape.
    Each head has four distinct settings as well as an “off” setting to allow you to save water while soaping up. This gives you a huge number of combinations. It also has a lever on the mounting bracket that allows you to choose one or the other or both shower heads. In addition, both shower heads are fully adjustable to they can be moved up or down as you need.
    A huge plus for my family was how high the hand-held shower head can be positioned when mounted. This is a definite plus for the very tall people who feel like they are always bending down to get a decent shower.
    The only drawback I found was the hand-held shower head only has a five-foot hose. Another foot of hose length would make this just about perfect. I have a senior who uses a shower chair and this just barely reaches, but it does the job.
    I’m very happy with this shower head. It has all the features I need. It works for the very tall, it works for the handicapped senior, and it works for anyone who wants a luxury shower head at a reasonable price.

  14. Steve S

    This review is for the Speakman Neo Polished Chrome 5-Spray Dual Shower Head 2-GPM (7.6-LPM). Item #4134580Model #VSR-235000-E2

    The unit comes well package but is easy to open and remove. Besides the shower heads, hose and diverter valve there is a small amount of plumber’s tape included. The only tool needed is an 8” or larger adjustable wrench.

    The directions are straight forward and unless you have trouble removing your old shower head it should only take about 15 minutes to replace it with the new Speakman system. The bulk of the parts are made of plastic with a Polish Chrome look. All the parts seem well made and the finish is very nice looking.

    The Speakman shower heads work well. The diverter valve is 3 position and allows you to easily switch from the fix head to the handheld or use both together. At 2 gpm flowrate there is plenty of water to shower with. The handheld unit comes with 5 feet of hose. This makes it handy for bathing small kids and pets in the tube. It’s also nice to use to wash off just your feet and lower half. Both heads have a shut off on them so you can stop the water flow without having to shut the water off at the faucet. With each of the shower heads having five different spray patterns you can focus a different spray pattern for different parts of your body when using both heads at the same time.
    Unless you are looking for a higher quality cast/steel made unit this is a great shower kit for the price.
    Cons -Only comes in polish chrome finish.

    I would recommend buying this.

  15. Mnelsona

    The Speakman – Neo Polished Chrome 5-Spray Dual Shower Head 2-GPM (7.6-LPM) comes with everything needed to install including the plumbers tape. With the two heads is great because you can have 2 different settings on each one! I also love the fact that I can have one in my hand and still be able to stand under the shower of the other 1.. I definitely recommend this product product. I also love the fact that I can have one in my hand and still be able to stand under the shower of the other 1. I definitely recommend this product.

  16. Tester

    This Speakman shower head system comes with very clear, step by step instructions, so it is very easy to install, even for those with limited experience. All items needed for installation are included except for an open end wrench. A length of teflon tape is also included. After installing and re-tightening a couple of connections, it worked beautifully. My only caution for this unit, along with all plumbing related work, is to not over tighten.

    The most important aspect of this shower head is that my wife loves it. It has a much larger and stronger stream than the one that it replaces. It also has many adjustments for different stream patterns. I would recommend it highly for anyone who wants a better shower experience.

  17. Dave

    Very easy to install. If your not handy there is an online tutorial. Plenty of pressure for a water saving device. Love the off position. I do shave in the shower. I imagine it will save quite a bit.I have it mounted on an extended pipe so it works like a rain shower. Also like that I can now rinse down the shower.

  18. EdB

    The Speakman 5-Spray Dual Shower Head, is a nice combination shower head with 4 spray options, plus a 5th option that shuts off the spray on the selected shower head. It also features an easy to use selector on the mounting base allowing you to use either the main shower head, both main shower head and hand-held, or just the hand-held. I found the 4 spray types: the standard message pulsating spray; what they term as a satin spray, which I saw as a nice misting spray; then two types of normal shower sprays, one more focused than the other to all work quite nicely. My late wife would have liked using both the shower head and the hand-held wand (mounted) for rinsing her hair … it does provided plenty of water volume.
    The dual shower head that I installed was a plastic polished chrome option. The look was good and the feel was that of a light weight plastic, like all of the shower heads of this construction. I found the installation to be straight forward, but be advised the installation instructions tell you to have plumbers tape and a crescent wrench available for the installation, neither of which is provided. I found it all mounted easily by hand with the exception of the main shower head. That required a crescent wrench to fully tighten. My first few attempts to get that mounted were frustrating as the shower head kept wanting to cross-thread itself. Given the plastic threads on both the base and the shower head, cross-threading can go “south” very quickly, especially when a crescent wrench is required to fully seat the shower heads O-ring/screen filter into the mounting base. If you are not absolutely sure its screwing on evenly, you can cross threat the shower head using a crescent wrench and not even realize your doing it. Double check.
    Overall, I thought this was a very good combination shower head and liked 3 of the 4 types of sprays it offers. Note: I’ve never liked the message settings on shower heads. I would recommend this combination shower head, just be mindful during the installation.

  19. Migel25

    Installed this shower-head in an ADA bathroom in our house. Loved the dual head feature. It is easy to install and comes with everything, except a wrench. The different spray settings from both shower heads are crazy.

  20. Cal

    This item will assist one with handicapped needs. The water was received well through all phases. Helpful when needed to wash head of hair without standing in this regular tub.

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