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Sun Joe 18-in 5 Reel Lawn Mower

25 Reviews
  • Best use: medium lawns
  • 5 Steel blades
  • Cutting width: 18-in


No messy gas; just an easy-to-use, lightweight, maneuverable and economical push reel mower. The Sun Joe MJ501M reel mower with grass catcher handles tough turf with ease and provides a quiet, eco-friendly solution for any lawn. The MJ501M comes with a handy rear collection bag to help keep your yard nice and tidy. Powered by you, the Sun Joe MJ501M has an 18-inch wide cutting path and a 9 position height adjustment lever. Tailor cutting heights up to 2.44-inch so you are in complete control of your grass. The mower’s dual wheel design and sharp harden steel blades ensures accuracy and cutting efficiency. The Sun Joe comes with a 2-year full warranty.
  • Best use: medium lawns
  • 5 Steel blades
  • Cutting width: 18-in
  • Tailor cutting heights up to 2.44-in deep
  • 6.6 gallon grass catcher capacity
  • 9 Position manual height adjustment
  • Compact design and easy to assemble
  • Comfortable foam grip
Weight 34 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24.6 × 50.4 in

Latest reviews

  1. Lynne

    I recently purchased my first home (a townhouse) which has both small front and back yards. I decided to care for them myself as it gets me outside and is good exercise. I selected this mower and I am very happy with it. My local assembled it for me. It is sturdy and does a nice job. My only criticism is that it is a bit on the heavy side (I have to lift it to carry it up my front steps to the front yard) but it is not difficult to push along when mowing (assuming that you do not allow the grass to grow too high). I mow every weekend and have not had any difficulty with it. The basket that catches the clippings is handy and easy to pop on and off to empty it.

  2. TBone

    It’s not a power mower, the blades are in a row so it can push down blades instead of suck them up, so you get things knocked over instead of cut off. If the ground is uneven it takes a bit more thought to get it cut evenly, and the cuttings tend to fly off away from the catcher, all true. HOWEVER it cuts GREAT, easy to take care of and will last a lot longer with way less maintenance. It can provide an excellent little workout, leaves no exhaust fumes, it’s really quiet and the lawn looks great after you mow. Maybe not ideal for larger lawns, but perfect for my small one. I’ve gotten tired of repair/replacement costs of my power mower and this is a wonderful alternative.

  3. Hondo58

    Modern technology for a timeless mower. Blades are sharp, easy to push, grass catcher is a nice bonus if you need it. Assembles in minutes and you are off and mowing. No noise, no pollution and stores in very little space.

  4. Swinters

    I have a VERY steep hill in my front yard & bought this mower hoping it would be easier to push/pull down the hill. Unfortunately, my hill is also rather bumpy. Apparently, the way this mower works is that BOTH wheels have to be on the ground AND roll at the same time; every time I hit a bump, it would stop mowing. With the hill experiment a failure, I tried the mower on my flat, less bumpy backyard. Still a no go. It took me longer to mow one strip with this mower than it probably would have to mow the entire backccyard with my old mower. If you have a super smooth, flat, bump-less yard, this mower might work for you. However, if you have hills, bumps, or twigs/branches, which stop the mower immediately, I do not recommend this mower. I returned my the very next day and returned to my old gas powered mower…

  5. bryar

    I needed a small mower to cut grass at the cemetery and this fit the bill. Its does a nice job as long as the grass is short and the sticks are picked up. Other reviewers are correct in saying that if the grass is high it will either stop the mower completely, or the grass will lay down flat. Cutting at least once a week will make using this mower much easier.

  6. Riverotter68

    I thought this mower would be good for exercise and to save money over the long run. There is a HUGE problem with this mower. Any stick you run over, clogs it. A stick the size of a coffee stirrer will get stuck between the blade and the guard. I could not mow for more than a minute without having to stop and remove a stick.
    Granted, the lawn was over grown as we had had a lot of rain and I couldn’t mow for quite a while, but i could not believe how often I had to stop and remove a stick that had stuck. My backyard was easier as there were no sticks.
    If you have trees in your yard, I would NOT recommend this. You have to go through and remove EVERY stick no matter how small from your yard before you mow. If the guard was just a half an inch further away from the blade, this would not be a problem.

  7. Cothrom

    Been quite a few years, gas mowers today don’t seem to hold up anywhere near as well as they did 20 years ago. But, no question this unit does a fine job, you feel it at the end but it always work and works great!

  8. Waitingformyshepherd

    I had a friend put this together Sat night and was cutting grass Sun morn without bothering my neighbors! I DID have the blades set to cut very low and had to set them to the next to the highest setting because my grass had not been cut in about 1 month and I went over my small front yard in about 20 minutes! My back yard is pretty weedy (put out Scotts weed and feed today and I LOVE that stuff too!) and is lot bigger than my front yard and I made about 3 passes through it and the reel mower did wonderful! It’s a keeper and great for single ‘slightly older’ women like me that do NOT want to fool with gas and oil. Also, I DID NOT put the grass catcher on it. I do have to run my foot over the back bar to get that accumulated grass off it every so often but that just gives me an excuse to stop for a min!
    Get this reel mower if you are not into all the gas and oil thing and also if you are a single female and don’t want to depend on someone else to help you! I do recommend taking off or not putting on the grass catcher based on Amazon reviews that I read on this reel mower before I bought it.
    Have a great day and get one of these! You will LOVE it!

  9. Chronos69

    I own a gasoline powered lawn mower. My lawn is medium sized that is roughly evenly leveled. Half of the year my gasoline lawn mower is stored away. I needed a mower that I could use as a back up for when my gasoline mower is stored away. With the rotating blades appropriately adjusted along the bedknife the MJ501M cuts very well and evenly. I make sure that the lawn is not too tall and is clear of twigs. The grass catcher does not snap off, it does a good job of catching grass, a small percentage of grass does not land in the grass catcher. The MJ501M is lightweight easy to store and has done a good job of cutting my lawn. The MJ501M reel mower is a great back up mower, it has even drawn interest from some of my neighbors.

  10. SMAC

    Bought this easy-to-assemble reel mower for my small patches of front and back lawns. It is exactly what I need. It is a bit difficult to manage on lumpy lawn surfaces, but at this price point, suits my needs. On the true flat areas, it works like a charm.

  11. Joe

    No gas, no oil, just go. Get a workout and now the lawn. I have a small lot so it takes about 15-20 minutes to cut the grass and I am very pleased with the results.

    I love this product. It is very simple to use and takes me as much time to get it out of the garage and mow half the lawn as it would to get the old gas mower started.

  12. KB

    This is a wonderful mower. I mowed a very large yard, bumpy and uneven, with no difficulty. The blades are very sharp and there are sufficient levels to choose how low to cut the grass. I strongly recommend it.

  13. Bmm

    Bought this for a Christmas gift. It’s a great value plus a workout while using

  14. CarlN

    Was easy to put together. No tools needed. Works well on flat level grass. Only complaint is that the grass catcher on the back kept popping off in the higher grass. It needs to fasten onto the bar better.

  15. Ales

    This mower is quite the workout! But not much more effort than a gas powers push mower. It’s gas and maintenance free. Good deal and no carbon footprint. Also our kids can easily use it, and not do too bad of a job!

  16. Kevin

    I bought this Sun Joe Reel Lawn mower to replace my rechargeable battery operated mower because the manufacturer no longer makes/supplies replacement batteries. It’s a lot lighter in weight and easier in maneuverability than the old one and cuts just as well. It was very easy to assemble out of the package with just a few thumbscrews. Wear some light work gloves while assembling because there may be a few loose burrs that could give you a metal splinter like the one I got. Good for seniors and those who have small to medium sized lawns. The wheels will automatically stop in it’s tracks if a loose stick, mulch or other small object is caught between the blade and the guard… just rake or pick up sticks before or put them in the grass catcher during mowing. I would’ve given it 5 stars if the rear wheels didn’t dig into the lawn and scar the turf when turning in a tight radius. Otherwise it’s money well spent.

  17. Rick

    Worked great in the beginning and then the wheels came loose in a month, fixed them however hard to push, no instructions on how to maintain, any ideas


    I really like how it well it cuts the grass and just lays the clippings down. The grass catcher never really works as well as it should but does show more promise when you cut the grass when its short. I mainly got this so I could get some better exercise and I can say this excels at that!

  19. Lynne

    This is an easy to assemble, easy to adjust and EASY TO PUSH manual lawn mower. I’m very happy that I bought it.

  20. Cgavin5

    I was so elated to tell my lawn service guy that I was going to try cutting my lawn after I picked up this Sun Joe push mower. It was a bit more difficult to push, but after the first cut it was a breeze. Then things began going wrong… First the grass catcher tore in the seam between the side wall and floor of the catcher. Not a big tear so I figured it was a singular defect and would return the mower for replacement. Then while mowing the lawn the right wheel fell off and left a part on the ground. Not knowing where the part belonged I pocketed the part, put the wheel back on as best I could and continued mowing. Finished the lawn, put the lawnmower away to repackage and return to . And that’s where I’m headed. To return this particularly difficult to hold together, poorly constructed piece of Sun Joe. Looks like I’ll be buying the Kobalt 21″ corded electric mower .Wish me luck!

  21. Ellen

    I bought this to use where the large riding mower can’t go. It works as described. Can not use with long grass or on rough surfaces but this was spelled out in the comments. I like the grass catcher. It meets my needs.

  22. LeeA

    Easy to follow instructions to build and use! Pretty much out of the box, with some simple installation and you are ready to go. Depending on the length of your grass, it can literally ne a “walk in the park” with some bagging the grass, or a bit more of a workout but it’s all good! Love the simplicity and satisfaction of mowing your own lawn.

  23. CLFRED

    Product works as described. Makes a nice vet even cut on my Bermuda grass and gives me a good workout. Very easy assembly.

  24. Jman

    This is one of the better reel mower plus I like that it has the bag to catch the grass. Great reel mower

  25. Yvonne

    The blades would not cut the grass. took it back to store and bought something else.

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