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Sun Joe 2030 PSI 1.76-Gallon Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer

30 Reviews
  • Ideal for a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks the patio, porch, deck, fence, garage, car, boat, siding, driveway, windows and more
  • 360, easy-glide wheels for maximum maneuverability
  • Powerful motor generates a maximum of 2030 PSI (at initial discharge per CSA internal pressure testing) and 1.76 GPM (with nozzle open at minimum pressure)


You name it, you aim it, grime is gone!® Make your cleaning chores more mobile with the perfectly portable go anywhere pressure washer from Sun Joe. With a compact, lightweight design and sturdy swivel wheels, you’ll be able to clean anywhere around your home with less hassle as you roll from one project to the next! Equipped with a peak-performance 14.5-amp motor, this portable powerhouse blasts up to 1.76 GPM (with nozzle open at minimum pressure) to quickly eliminate greasy residue from concrete, heavy mildew stains, oil stains, caked-on mud, and other stubborn gunk and grime. The convenient onboard, 27 fl oz detergent tank is tank perfect for transporting your favorite soapy solution when waging war on your toughest cleaning tasks. With its 360º rotating wheels, this dirt-decimating dynamo provides maximum maneuverability, and the included extension wand makes accessing tight spaces — such as beneath decks, behind gutters or between the hedges and house — a breeze!
  • Ideal for a variety of outdoor cleaning tasks the patio, porch, deck, fence, garage, car, boat, siding, driveway, windows and more
  • 360, easy-glide wheels for maximum maneuverability
  • Powerful motor generates a maximum of 2030 PSI (at initial discharge per CSA internal pressure testing) and 1.76 GPM (with nozzle open at minimum pressure)
  • 5 Quick-connect spray tips (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º and soap) tackle light, medium and heavy -duty cleaning tasks
Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12.6 × 14.6 in

Latest reviews

  1. Iggy

    works great – easy to use, has enough power for my needs – could hold more soap

  2. Terise

    Easy to put together, easy to use, great price. Love what this did to my fence!

  3. nmd1230

    I had an electric pressure washer a couple of years ago and I was not impressed. Reading the reviews of this one, I figured I had to give it a try. The first thing I realized as I was putting it together was that the nozzles were made principally from brass. The other machine I had used plastic nozzles which didn’t last long at all.. While I haven’t had this one very long, I have used it a couple of times – once to wash my car and once to clean the side of the house. In both cases. it worked as well as could be expected. The house was really a mess on the north side but the Sun Joe made short work of it. By comparison, the other machine I had didn’t do the job itself – I had to do some scrubbing anyway!

    I recommend this to anyone looking for a reasonably price machine that will do what it says. As the weather gets warmer, I intend to do my deck and I am certain that it won’t let me down.

  4. ecovelli

    I have other electric and gas pressure washers to compare this model to. Some of the electric models use proprietary accessories and aren’t powerful enough for others. Gas models are more powerful, but require regular maintenance, fresh fuel and are noisy. For small jobs like using a foam cannon on the car, this pressure washer is absolutely perfect. First, it’s a real pressure washer, unlike the others. Second, its very small and quiet and has auto turn off. Third, it works with all the regular quick connects and accessories. Bonus, I had no leaks. The only small complaint is that I wish the power cord could also disconnect for easier storage, but thats more of a feature request.

  5. mmmm

    Did not like how difficult it was to get the hoses (various) screwed together. All of them. And the water connection leaked a lot no matter how tight you made it. After finishing the job could not get pressure hose unscrewed from the body nor could I get the gun disassemble for storage. Very weird. I’m going to return. Too much trouble.

  6. 1234

    Good enough to remove imbedded dirt from pavers to patio tiles, they’re not disgusting any more… Well priced for the quality of the equipment.

  7. mongoose

    1st day i cleaned my 45 ft long driveway. i’m handicapped,sat in a roll-a-lator chair, pulled the pressure washer right behind me with no problems. day 2…cleaned the front porch where my cats eat, (actually, cats, racoons which are very messy, opossums and some birds need i say what birds leave behind). the sun joe knocked it out in short order. the 3rd day i washed the car. it was the fastest car wash i’d ever done even when both my legs and hands worked. all that said i did cheat by using the sun joe foam cannon and a 100 foot sun joe hose that doesn’t snag or kink. thanks sun joe !!!

  8. tobytyler

    I purchased this unit to use mainly for the easy mobility. I have a standup unit as well that I have moved to the lanai so that I don’t have to keep dragging it back there from the garage. I really like this unit and would highly recommend it along with all the other products I’ve purchased from Sun Joe.

  9. BarryC

    Purchased this unit two weeks ago and absolutely love it, well worth the price. I cleaned my wood deck (20+ years old) that was caked with dirt, algae, grime, etc. It looks like new wood! Used the high pressure setting, no soap. It even removed the old red stain in most areas that I had applied 17 years ago, LOL! The wife couldn’t believe it. I’ve also used it on our vinyl siding, did a great job. I also pressure washed our covered cement porch and side walks, almost looks like new, aside from the usual wear and tear. No issues with set up, very easy, and quick, no leaking what so ever. The connectors seem pretty solid, don’t anticipate any issues. Be sure to read the instructions, very simple to follow.

  10. Jose

    I have used the Sun Joe pressure washer on my sidewalk and driveway and have achieved excellent results. My neighbor borrowed it and complemented me for my purchase.

  11. DianeC

    I love this! Saved me a lot of money doing our decks and teak furniture. Light enough for me to maneuver and easy to store.

  12. Anonymous

    Good quality, works as I had hoped it would. My only complaint so far is the Plug. The GFI is part of the plug. My outdoor outlets all have covers protecting them You will need to use an extension cord. witch kind of defeats the safety feature

  13. Mike

    Overall quality looks good, but the strength of water flow was anticipated to be higher as for claimed nominal 1.76 gpm

  14. JayP

    I’ve only used it once – we’ll see how it holds up. But it was easy to set up and did a great job on my patio.

  15. N Travis

    The only complaint I have about this is that when you pull it it falls on its side.

  16. Kyle77

    I do now and have owned several gas powered units, and all work(ed) great. This is my 1st electric one and purchased it with the idea of quick chores and less hassle than dragging out bigger ones. The caster mounted platform is what sold me and now it’s the go-to unit unless we need to run 2 washers on bigger work. Simply wash and walk, if the path is clear it’s going to track you and keep you washing instead of moving equipment or refueling. Thanks SunJoe!

  17. Green reader

    We love this power washer for home use. Compact and easy to move around and not too loud. Clear directions on how to use. Have not tried the soap dispenser. Only suggestion is better marking for the ON and OFF dial settings. (We wrote in black marker to make them easier to see.) Excellent response and communication when the first machine we received stopped working after one use. Returned it at no cost and they sent us a replacement quickly.

  18. SurprisinglyDisappointed

    4 years of what I would consider light use, and the motor starts running continuously. research indicates a stuck unloader valve. Plenty of examples of how to service/replace. Except the implementation in my SPX3200 does not seem to be removable. I find it very disappointing, even at this price point. I’ll just have to add this consideration to my purchasing decision when shopping for replacements.

  19. MrClean

    …There is NO easy way to store the bulky electrical cord, creating a tangled mess unless it is bundled and somehow secured. Also, the wand must be totally disassembled in order for the unit to be stored in any compact fashion.

  20. Evelyne

    i got my sun joe spx3200 2 days ago and ive cleaned my shed, the siding on my house and it went pretty fast and cleaned all the green was alittle hard to pull thru grassy areas , kept wanting to tip over, needs bigger wheels in the front, and the hose hook up , I dont like , it wont last long , so I will get the brass one, other than that the performance is great , I love it

  21. Jim T

    Definitely top of its class in power.
    2 draw backs. The soap dispenser empties quick, no matter what speed it’s on. There’s no place for the hose and electric cord to wrap up. So you’re unhooking them or dragging them around. But the main thing is it definitely has good power for its class. One more thing, the spray gun found be about 4 inches longer.

  22. SonnyR

    First time used today after initial setup. Easily cleaned the dirt & grime off the concrete driveway. Used the #25 nozzle on high (no soap) and with just water presto! Did some vinyl siding and metal guttering. Again, presto! Still learning how to use the washer and what to clean. Really do like it. Recommend product.

  23. Marie

    I love that this power washer easily follows you where you need to go. The low cents of gravity with 4 wheels is fantastic. For an electric power washer it has great power. I also like the various nozzles rather than a twist end on the wand. It does a good job soaping up items as well.

  24. FLIP

    I purchased the SPX3200 Electric Pressure Washer to do cleaning around the outside of the house. My first project was to clean my driveway pavers. I do have a very large area of pavers. I worked on the driveway for about 2 days (so far) and I cleaned about half of the driveway. To get the pavers clean, I had to keep the nozzle pretty close to the ground so the spray would only span about 3-4 inches. It is still a work in progress. The unit is easy to setup. I would have liked a couple features that are not included on the unit. As you move along with your pressure cleaning, there is nothing to pull the unit along except the hoses (garden or pressure) and the unit is unstable and wants to tip. Another problem I see is the hose connections on the unit seem to be made of aluminum, which may strip out over time and may crack from the pulling of the hoses. I know your suppose to walk back to the unit and lift it up and move it to the next location, but the unit has wheels. It seems like you should be able to pull it along with you.

  25. Long

    I had my camper parked under a walnut tree for about 6 months and it was black from the sap and falling leaves. My Sun Joe blasted it off and I was not even using any type of cleaner, just water pressure. Great product with good pressure! A+.

  26. TL018

    Would have give it 5 Stars if I could remove the soap tank, and a place to hang the power cord. It’s low in noise when it working, have all the different pressure nozzles and two different setting. All in All excellent little green machine

  27. Deeo

    Just received and have already washed two cars. Very easy setup. Easy to pull around and very good pressure. Everything I need it to do. Surprisingly quiet. Would definitely recommend to friends. Great value.

  28. 007pm

    Arrived in perfect condition (packed well). Works as advertised, well made, solid. Really like mobility of the unit. Need to get variable spray nozzle for car washing. Overall great spacer well made.

  29. Alan J

    I would recommend this product. Good for around the house cleaning jobs like removing mildew on patio, sidewalk and driveway. It has multiple spray attachments and is easy to setup and use.

  30. Baltimorebrett

    Very conpact and works great. Though with the hose connection on the top you can’t pull the unit. Might have been better with the normal shaped units. But I might still buy it again

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