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Sun Joe Steel Anvil Hand Pruner with Finger-positioning Handle

24 Reviews
  • 3.6-Volt, 2000 mAh cordless rechargeable power pruner
  • Easily trim green wood, branches, twigs, and stems to help plants thrive
  • Up to 750 cuts per charge


Sun Joe takes the ache out of one of gardening’s most repetitive tasks. Prune your way to a greener yard and garden with Sun Joe PJ3600C 3.6-Volt cordless pruner. Proper pruning encourages plants to thrive, and is key to maintaining, healthy flowering plants and fruit trees. Ideal for green wood, woody stems, twigs and branches up to 1/2-inch, Sun Joe’s cordless pruner provides a clean, precise cut to allow your plant to heal, while eliminating the stress and strain associated with squeezing conventional manual pruners. Cutting is as simple as squeezing the trigger, and when fully charged the cordless pruner provides up to 750 cuts on a single charge. An ergonomic handle provides a secure, comfortable grip, a built-in safety switch prevents accidental cuts, and dual onboard LEDs put a little light on the trimming task for enhanced visibility indoors. Give your green thumb a helping hand, and go with Joe® – for perfectly pruned plants!
  • 3.6-Volt, 2000 mAh cordless rechargeable power pruner
  • Easily trim green wood, branches, twigs, and stems to help plants thrive
  • Up to 750 cuts per charge
  • Trims branches up to 0.5 inches thick in less than 0.6 seconds
  • Ideal for maintaining healthy, flowering plants and fruit trees
  • Safety features include dual onboard LED lights and a safety switch to prevent accidental cuts
  • Rapid charge in approximately 65 minutes
Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 12.05 × 6.2 × 2.4 in

Latest reviews

  1. TiredSue

    I’m only 52 years old but, I have several medical, physical disabilities. I have severe psoriatic arthritis and trigeminal neuralgia. I LOVE to garden but my body doesn’t comply. I decided to look for adaptive products to get me back out there. This pruner is absofreakinlutely amazing !!!!!! I just used my small amount of energy to cut some huge, nasty vines and weeds that were invading my garden. The pruners did ALL of the work for me !! I really cannot say enough about how helpful these are.

  2. Betner

    This tool is the perfect answer to all those crape myrtle branches that grow like crazy and must be trimmed back every year! Like any electric or battery driven appliance, all you have to do is take care of it and keep it charged and it will last a long time. My wife is over 70 and uses it for a hour or so every day and poof! all those branches were gone… and without complaints from her. That alone was worth the price! We like the product very much and certainly recommend it to others!

  3. rockycan

    Only had the pruner for a day, after charging it gave it a try. It took care of the branches with no problems to start out with. But after about 20 minutes of using the blade came loose and stopped working. I had to loosen the nut rest set the top blade then it started working again. Not sure why hopefully I tighten the nut enough so it won’t happen again. Also, it’s a little slow, but that just the way it works I guess. My wife with weak hands loved it.

  4. Marion

    These pruners have been geared so they can easily cut what they advertise , are light weight & have rapid recovery . They appear to be beveled on both sides of the blade–about 23 degrees on one side and 15 on the other. The battery lasts for a whole pruning session. All Snow Joe products I’ve bought have out performed all other brands.
    I’d like to write a review on my favorite: Snow Joe leaf vacuum / blower.

  5. Surprised Joe

    Have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. With a hand pruner I’m good for 15 minutes. This pruner a life saver. Can work with it for hours. After a year and a half it just would not work. I had not register the pruner when new, had not saved sales slip and could not prove when or where I bought it. Called customer service and was put on hold for say 15 minutes so I figured I just might as well throw it away and buy another. Then the music stopped “JR” came on and after asking my name told me straight away he was going to take care of me. “JR” got my address and telephone number and e-mail address. Advised he would send a new one immediately and expect it in a day or two at no charge. He e-mailed me a confirmation “ticket” number Warranty Order number and a prepaid UPS address label. E-mail advised to put old one in box new one came in. Now, that is the way to treat a customer.

  6. Big Kid

    I would have given 4.5 stars if possible. Two concerns. The instructions say to only leave on charge for 65 minted) I think that was the time). Hard to keep track of 65 minutes. The other issue was that I had to keep the blade at 90 degrees to the brand or it twisted and did not cut. If kept the blades ar 90 degrees, cut well. Saved a lot of time and effort, glad I bought it.

  7. babinni

    this is one of the first times ive been prompted to write a review this fast. Bought this a couple of months ago and took it out yesterday for a spin, Disappointing. has three stops and whirring before it actually cuts, so you wait quite a while. I can trim branches faster with a manual clipper / pruner. Save your money.

  8. WarrenG

    I was very impressed by the ease and safety features of this product! Makes pruning much less tiring and a whole lot faster! I will be spreading the news about this Power Pruner! I will also purchse others for members of my family!

  9. Kay G

    As an older lady doing the yard work my hands get so sore trimming the new shoots on my trees and bushes. I used my new clippers and they are a dream come true. What took me days, now takes me hours! So thankful for these!!!!

  10. Ellizabeth

    Very helpful, but it has to be held carefully at a right angle to cut half-inch twigs, or its “beak” will pop off. Even so, I wouldn’t try it on half-inch hardwoods such as cedar or juniper. Great for smaller twigs.

  11. Wishbone

    Easy to use. I developed trigger finger(this is when your middle index finger becomes locked in curled position) cutting branches around the yard. Now I can cut the branches with no effort at all.

  12. Rsm61

    Gave this to my mother as an early Mothers day gift. She loves it. She can’t squeeze the manual pruners anymore, so this has been great for her. Got it on sale, which makes it all even better.

  13. Steve er

    Very NICE. This pruner is light and cuts more twigs than I thought I wanted too. I was even able to enjoy the rest of my day looking at my trees and shrubs without sore forearms. Very NICE.

  14. Captain92

    The battery charger doesn’t work. I cannot recharge it after the initial charge has gone. Haven’t had time to contact Sun Joe yet. My problem. But from what I did with it, it worked well.

  15. SHER


  16. HL Meng

    Blade was loose (couldn’t lock to position with the dial turning back to unlock position gradually), and blade broken after three-month use and no replacement part available.

  17. Kay G

    Hand saving! These cut like “butter”. Cutting suckers from my many bushes is now a breeze, I am very impressed! Thanks for making this product!

  18. monapet

    I trimmed a lot of branches on my two tree’s that partially froze out 2 year’s ago. I was so helpful for me instead of hand held pruners.

  19. CCCC

    Works great. I use it every day on pecan trees, rose bushes, dead heading flowers and more. Wish someone would design a holster for it.

  20. Pitbull Mike

    Great product! Very easy to use, Especially if you have trouble using your hand for medical reasons, Highly recommend this product

  21. Nulf

    Excellent for routine maintenance of usual shrubs and plants. Prevents hand fatigue and has adequate work time per charge

  22. Jerry T

    Excellent product, goes through many cuttings without needing charge. Cut branches as big as my small finger with ease.

  23. BarryH

    Used it for the first time yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. It cut through large roots without a problem.

  24. LACKJC

    I am very please with this clipper. It is lighweight and very easy to use. Makes gardening a lot easier.

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