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Swann CoreCam™ Wireless Security Camera – 1080p WiFi IP Digital Image Video Camera

22 Reviews
  • 100% Wireless – Up to three months battery life on a single charge
  • 1080p Full HD – Crystal clear video, day or night
  • 2-Way Talk – Greet guests or warn intruders, equipped with a siren


CoreCam™ Security Camera is completely wireless and can operate up to three months on a single charge! It features stunning 1080p Full HD video in a compact modern design and has powerful infrared night vision that kicks in automatically, so you can sleep comfortably. Use indoors or outdoors, and the two-way audio allows you to have a presence at your home while you’re away. True Detect™ Heat and Motion Detection triggers video recording and push notifications, use voice commands via Alexa and Hey Google! CoreCam™ has free storage allowing you to store thousands of clips onto the included 32GB Micro SD card.
  • 100% Wireless – Up to three months battery life on a single charge
  • 1080p Full HD – Crystal clear video, day or night
  • 2-Way Talk – Greet guests or warn intruders, equipped with a siren
  • True Detect™ – Heat and motion detection for reliable alerts with fewer false alarms
Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 4.05 × 7.87 × 8.26 in

Latest reviews

  1. aebn2001

    If you only looking for a camera that sends motion notification and not waiting to deal with running cable, then this type of camera is for you. Just like any battery-operated wireless camera, there are pros and cons to the setup you choose. The pros to this type of cameras are that it simply easy to setup with NO necessary wiring. The cons are no 24hr recording. I guess this should be expected for all battery-operated cameras. Recording 24/7 would just drain the battery. Included with the camera was a 32gb micro-SD card for local recording when motion is detected. It records 15sec clips by default and will continue to record if it still senses motion! There’s a notification Tab within the app, which it gives you a list of all motion triggered. The notification list also shows when the camera has generated a clip. The problem with all these notifications is that there is no screen shot taken when these events are triggered. To me this is pointless. When you click on any of this notification, all it does is open the live cameras feed. The camera goes into standby mode after so many second to conserve and extend the battery life. I had this camera running outdoor for 2 weeks and I’m currently at 68%. It holds up against bad weather well. Another pro to this specific camera is that at least you can set detection zone to lessen false notification. If you open the camera to view the live feed, there a 5 – 10 second delay. This might not sound like a long time, but it feels like forever, especially when all you want to do is just view the feed. The image clarity is ok for 1080p resolution, but it pixelated even without zooming. Swann does offer a monthly/annual subscription that can provide additional premium features like 60-day cloud recording, distinguish motion alert by either Person/Pet/Motion, and receive rich notification. Swann offers a 90 day of free trial. Beside the rich notification, personally, I don’t think the subscription is worth the added cost. Overall, this camera is OK, but I think it could be better! I probably won’t be using this as an outdoor camera, but as an indoor camera in my daughter Playroom where I can check in on her when needed.

  2. Bbjniles

    I have and use a Swann wired camera, and I like it’s performance, so when I saw the CoreCam, and that it was wireless, I couldn’t wait to add it to my collection. And so far, so great!

    The camera came well packaged, everything in perfect, unmarked condition. There is a plastic sheath that covers the most sensitive parts of the camera, so you don’t have to worry about scratches and scrapes affecting performance, and I waited until o had mine in place before I peeled it free.

    Set up was simple and took only a few short minutes. Again, I’m familiar with the product and the accompanying app as a long time Swann user, so it may take you a bit longer. Still, it’s pretty straight forward: download and log into the app, make sure you are connected to the same network you want the camera to use, take a picture of the bar code on the camera itself, give it a handy name (like Front Door), and you’re ready to go.

    Before doing the previous software work, I had charged the camera fully, so I was ready to for the physical install. It comes with a base that can be screwed into any location you want to patrol. There is a bulb at the stall of the neck where the camera will be mounted, and by loosening a nut you can easily position the camera to aim exactly at what you want to keep an eye on.

    The camera comes with a pre-installed 32gb memory card, but you can upgrade if you’d rather keep more history locally. You can also join a Swann online monitoring/video storage subscription if you want more security and a longer history.

    The camera picture is quite sharp, in both daylight and nighttime usage, and the audio capability is solid. You can speak and listen to people near the camera from the app. Too, there is a motion sensor that alerts you when people or animals enter the area, giving you real time viewing and communication capabilities. There are sensitivity settings for the motion detect, so you won’t get alerted needlessly if you prefer. You can also take pictures and record from the live view screen at anytime.

    The camera hasn’t yet needed to be recharged and I’ve used it for a few weeks already, and I think it can last up to 3 months, depending on how often it’s triggered, obviously. A higher trafficked area will use more battery, but if you have it on a seldom used space, you can expect it to last for a very long while.

    And that’s what is great about the CoreCam, you can put it anywhere because it isn’t limited to places near an electrical outlet. This gives you incredible freedom and versatility, no longer at the mercy of long cords and strange angles. That alone makes this camera well worth it.

    Because I’m a previous Swann user, I expected to love the CoreCam, and I certainly do. I look forward to adding more Swann cams, and am happy to recommend them, as I do now.

  3. Mvall

    This is a great simple security camera.

    Very easy to install and to program.
    It does not require, power cables or network cables.

    Everything is built in, with Incorporated battery, it is very simple to connect.

    The app is easy to download and configure, all instructions are very straightforward.

    It also have the option to have or not have a payed account and have the claud storage

  4. Hakan71

    So far my experience has been great. Easy install and setup. Nice clear picture. Audio range is pretty impressive (up to 16 ft). Love 2-way talk. Motion sense been working great. My only complaint is viewing angle is only a 100. Micro SD card is included if you wish to save some clips. Great camera for home security purposes. Headed out on vacation with peace of mind.

  5. rl5732

    The Swann CoreCam is a fairly good piece of hardware. If you’re looking for a standalone security camera that doesn’t require another base station, and is wireless, this is something you would consider. It supports 2.4GHz wifi and not 5GHz wifi nor Ethernet. For most people, that is all the connectivity that is needed. It also has 2-way audio, a 1080p camera, and a micro SD card slot. Surprisingly, it comes with a micro SD card already installed, so that it can store video clips. The box comes with a micro USB charging cable, a mounting bracket, and screws with drywall anchors.
    The setup process did not go smoothly for me at the beginning. The first phone I used, the app crashed while setting up the device. I then switched to another phone with a different OS, and it kept getting stuck near the end of the setup process when trying to check device connectivity. I had already verified by SSID and WPA2 passphrase, so I was sure those credentials were correct. I also tried to factory reset, get closer to the wifi router and also tried manually switching wifi networks as needed during the setup process. I did that dozens of times across a night and morning. Finally, I went from 3 feet away from the wifi router, to 3 inches away from the router’s antenna, and also disabled the Private MAC Address setting from my phone’s Advanced Wifi settings, and that finally did the trick.
    Once setup was finished, I quickly updated the camera’s firmware by going into the device settings in the app. Everything after that went so much smoother. I could then mount the camera and try out the motion detection and notifications. I like that it does motion detection with a sensor and can differentiate motion versus people. I also like that it can do push notifications, signaling to me that something happened in front of the camera when I’m away from home. It also lets me see a short clip of what happened.
    The setup process was not the most smooth, but once it’s working, it is not bad.

  6. Kellyopp10

    I received my Swann corecam and was very pleased from the start. It came packaged very well as to protect from and shipping damage. Once opening the box the camera was well protected and offered easy set up instructions to follow. I already have Swann outside cameras and have always been impressed with the quality of the cameras and the picture quality. I am now happy to have this on my cell phone and easy to access for safety. I love that I am able to move this camera around inside my home as needed to capture the area I want to cover. I will also say it is really great for watching the dogs as we are out of the house. This camera is very well made and I look forward to keeping my house safe and secure for many years to come. I would recommend this camera for sure.

  7. Hoss

    This is a good wireless battery operated camera with app access. Set up is pretty easy and it will record short clips when motion is detected. To view the playback from the app, there is a 5-10 second delay in accessing the feed. It comes with a 32gb micro SD card to record clips on. They make a solar panel that you can connect to this in order to not worry about charging it (not part of this kit). Overall a good product at the price point.

  8. Twins Dad

    I bought this camera because I kept getting packages stolen. I got it because it’s WiFi enabled and runs on batteries so I wouldn’t have to run wires to it. The box comes with everything you need to mount it. Except the drill. The only issue I had was trying to get it connected to the wifi router. It was more complicated then it should be for me. But all in all no5 a bad little security camera.

  9. Habib

    Upgraded my CAMB battery camera to the new CoreCam last weekend and was pleasantly surprised with how far Swann have come with the technology.

    Live stream is really quick to load from app and picture quality is brilliant. Battery life seems really good as well, from full charge at installation it has only dropped a few percent. Will easily track to about 4-6 months at this rate.

    Highly recommend if you are looking for a no fuss easy installation product that actually performs what it is supposed to do!

  10. SnappyMike

    Set this unit up in our backyard to keep an eye on our new dog and any unwanted guests who decide to jump over the fence. Especially like the 2-Way Talk feature to discourage Charlie from digging holes or warning strangers to leave our property. The quality of the night vision is really good too. After one month of use, I’d recommend this camera to anyone wanting easy to install and set-up security with some really useful features.

  11. J2022

    I really like this security camera, it’s a nice subtle design, easy to use, and feels solidly made. I like the fact that it comes with a 32gb memory card, so you aren’t forced to join Swann’s monthly plans like so many others. Also you can get build up you system with more cameras and solar panels, so then you don’t even need to recharge it. I had some trouble with the initial pairing of camera and app, so in the end I called the help line (they were very nice and patient) and they figured out that it was my internet password, it has to be only alphanumeric… once I changed the password it was very quick and easy to setup. The app is intuitive, and all the basics you need are right there. I have mine just outside my back door, but under the patio roof, image quality is pretty good (it’s 1080p) and motion sensor picks up just the right amount (doesn’t go crazy when a plant sways in the wind, but will pickup pets). I really like the camera and app but for me the good customer service is a big bonus, I definitely recommend this.

  12. Fjrussell

    The Good. I like the fact that the device is fully wireless and waterproof so that it can be mounted pretty much anywhere. It comes with a drywall mounting kit. The device has to be charged fully before first use and will hold a standard charge. Comes with a 32G Micro SD card for storage. The process to register the app to the device is simple in theory
    The Bad it is dependent on 2.4 wireless. I struggled getting the device connected to the App and the device would randomly disconnect. I wouldn’t use for high traffic areas as it will cause the battery to drain my faster.

  13. Bachboys

    I have been using this security camera for a week and I’ve already made up my mind that it’s the best security camera that I have owned. It was very easy to set up and it has so many amazing features such as infrared night vision that kicks in automatically so that you can have peace of mind while in your home or away. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and it also has 2-way audio so that you can communicate. My favorite feature is the heat/montion detection and this detection triggers video recording and push notifications that can be sent straight to your phone. Voice commands via Alexa or Google can also be uses. The picture is crisp and clear and I’m very happy with this camera and plan to purchase additional cameras for my family.

  14. Nacho.tho

    The crime in my area has gotten worse so my family decided it was time to get cameras as a deterrent for potential thieves. My wife and I decided to start with one on the front porch to watch over our deliveries, so I installed it by the front door. It was an easy installation but the application and getting it on wifi was a little more difficult. After getting it online it has worked like a charm. The picture is pretty clear, and I like that it records for that day in case we have to go back and watch video.

  15. Louise122

    Purchased the Core Cam for my home as there was a lot of reported burglaries in my area recently. As a single mum I needed something easy to set up & very user friendly!
    I was recommended Core Cam & it’s been an absolute breeze to set up. Immediately started getting notifications to my phone & my Apple Watch which is great as I can’t always be looking at my phone.

    I’ll need to pick up some more cameras for around the house so I know what brand I’ll be going back too!

  16. James from Mentone

    Have the new Core Cam and was surprised how easy it was to setup for my parents place. Once I scanned the QR code I was connected on their home wifi after a couple of minutes. I have setup the device so my parents can access it all from the android app on mum’s phone. Dad has IOS also have it running on his device too. Dad’s happy since when mum hears a noise outside they can just pull up the video on their phone instead of sending dad outside at 2am in his underwear

  17. Alejandro

    Pleasantly surprised by this camera. The video quality is actually pretty good, the picture quality is very clear and being able to talk through the camera is a bonus. Excellent sound quality on the speaker. Mic works very well so, for good home security, theses wifi cameras with a few motion detectors can keep you informed and alerted for a very good price. So far I am pleased with everything about this camera.

  18. Not my first rodeo

    Set up took only a couple of minutes. Maneuverability is brilliant to obtain the perfect angle of viewing.
    Image quality is on point for a wireless 1080p camera.
    Still testing the battery life, I think 6 weeks recharge is a fair call, especially in its current position of a high traffic area and having no limitations on detection settings via the app.
    Motion detection mask is a great feature in the app to block out the movement of trees or shrubs in view if warranted.
    One of the best features with Swann is not having to pay for a subscription to view your alerts, I’ve been burnt by this with other brands previously.
    There is also the added backup of a 32g micro SD card storing footage.
    The 2-way talk is impressively crystal clear and siren is loud enough to scare away undesirables and get the attention of your neighbours.
    Wireless simplicity and quality affordability sums it up.

  19. Jay1317

    I have a few brands of cameras around my house , my pool and yard area . I have also paid three times more than what this camera cost and the picture is not as clear as this camera . Im very impressed with the picture quality , function and the easiness of control . Easy setup , easy use . Great pictures . Not much more you could ask from a camera. . Highly recommended camera .

  20. rosss

    I was hesitating at first thinking this small device can’t do the job! I was super wrong, The Core Cam from Swann turned out to be one of the best cams i have ever owned. It is easy to install and setup through the app, with superior performance and the quality and coverage was amazing. I will be installing more in my backyard. Every house must own a CoreCam for extra security

  21. JasonA

    This camera is 100% wireless! That is probably the best feature! No wires and the battery lasts up to 3 months!! It is 1080p HD quality for really clear pictures. There is a 2 way talk system that helps when someone is at your door. Easy to record with and has heat and motion sensing alerts. This is a fantastic camera to have at your door!

  22. srulyny

    Great security camera was that is very easy to use and connect.
    No need to hard wire it as the battery last forever.
    Popped in memory card and you are good to go.
    2 way audio is a added bonus.
    Package comes with everything you need (even security stickers)

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