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Swann Indoor/Outdoor 1-Camera Wireless Battery-operated Stick Up Cam Micro Sd (Included) Internet Cloud-based Security Camera System

15 Reviews
  • Battery-powered with solar panel to charge
  • 1080p HD quality
  • Wide 180 degree viewing angle reduces blind spots


This 1080P wire-free solar powered smart rechargeable security camera installs in minutes. With free face recognition you can add up to 10 faces to trigger recording and push notifications. Set and forget to save video clips to secure cloud (for 7 days rolling) and local back up (for 2 days), with the ability to expand that to 60 days cloud recording if needed. Best of all, if your Internet or power goes down, recording continues and is backed up to the cloud later. Truly reliable security with True Detect, heat from people and cars triggers push notifications and video recording. The camera has a microphone and speaker. Talk back with people near the camera. Scare off intruders or ask the deliveryman to hide the package somewhere safe. Enjoy hands-free security using voice commands. Stream video from your camera via the Google assistant and chrome cast, Google home hub, or via Alexa devices with a screen, such as echo spot, echo show or 4K fire TV. Built to withstand rain, snow and heat, all year round. The ultra wide 180 degree field of view covers broad areas, so that you can have fewer cameras around your property, bringing down the cost of home security.
  • Battery-powered with solar panel to charge
  • 1080p HD quality
  • Wide 180 degree viewing angle reduces blind spots
  • 2-Way audio to greet guests or warn intruders
  • Go hands-free with Google assistant or Alexa
  • Secure cloud and internal off line back-up
  • 2 Way audio – microphone and speaker
  • True Detect™ thermal/heat-sensing
Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 8.54 × 10.94 × 8.93 in

Latest reviews

  1. Mommy of 4 girls

    I have been using Swan wireless security camera for about a week now and I beyond thrilled with the amazing views and security the Swan wireless camera has given my family and I. We have just one camera, and with something’s I read I was worried the battery wouldn’t last long, But NO, I charged this and used it for 4 days and 5th day I just charged it to be safe. This camera has the most clearest view at night and during the day. I have it set up for motion and person detected. It works like a charm. The website has everything there that it has picked up, along with any sound being made. An a plus feature that I love. You have the choice to watch Livestream which I’ll say is about 3-4 seconds delayed. Overall, for being my first security wireless camera, the swan app has been a blessing and the cameras has made me feel so much better to be in my home and way safer. I have children and this puts a sense of security for all of us. I’d recommend without a doubt.

  2. One4luvee

    We installed this SwannSecurity Camera a couple weeks ago.. We have discovered a renewed sense of security having it! The camera was very easy to setup. The App was very helpful in getting it up and running. I absolutely love the features to be able to watch live views and recorded as well. The area that it covers is very wide and the clarity of the camera was great too. I have already recommended this system to many of our friends.

  3. ridiculous

    Sadly this is made so that if you need to replace your modem/router and have wifi info to update you must drag out a ladder or call your installer to take unit down and pair with new wifi info. Do not buy this and install if you think you may, ever in your life, need to upgrade/replace modem/router.

  4. LotusFlower739

    I was so excited to try Swann’s Wireless 1080p Security Camera. It was so easy to install on the back of my house so now we have that secured. I then downloaded the app which is okay. I will say that the batteries have to be recharged often so I will be getting solar panel to alleviate the constant charging – which I had hoped we didn’t need to do. We love the “talk back” feature – we use it with our dogs! And we love to see how clear the video is! This camera has many great features – we are happy with it.

  5. NinaM

    The images up close are fairly sharped and battery life hasn’t been too bad of an issue. While the camera says that it records up to 25 ft, but I found the farther distance seems a little bit blurry. I like the app, but it was harder to set up since I am not a techy person. However, it was fairly easy for my husband to set up. The lens is fisheyed, so be prepared for that when looking at the images. I feel safer in the house knowing I have eyes outside to access through the camera app.

  6. Anonymous

    I received this and I installed it right in front of my doorstep and on top so I can easily view who comes in and out and I often receive packages at my doorstep. I currently live in a normal neighborhood and i been hearing my neighbors telling me they get their deliveries stolen so im always worry for myself too. Now that i got this wireless camera, I dont have to worry no more and it is very easy to install too. I would definately recommend this product

  7. Ggww

    I have had this camera for about a month now and let me say it has great features the lens has a perfectly clear picture and it has the best motion censors that record all movements it fits perfectly indoors or outdoors great night and day vision and the app is easy to use with easy instructions for installation I recommend this product for a clear great camera that provides you with the protection you need for your property.

  8. Mwatts712

    I am over the moon thrilled with this Swann wireless 1080p security camera. We have a fenced in yard but that doesn’t mean I feel safe. Since receiving the Swann security camera we installed it so we can see our backyard. I know how a safe feeling with this security camera. The camera was easy to install. Best feature is that it is wireless. The picture quality is great. I will be obtaining another one for the front of my house.

  9. traccey26

    If you are looking for a wireless security camera, this is the one you should buy! The 1080p camera shows video in a crystal clear picture! The camera is easy to charge and you can keep track of your camera and home while away with the app on your phone. It was easy to assemble and install and the camera itself is sturdy and made with durable products that make me feel like I have the best in security cameras!

  10. Richardh

    Looking for an over priced faux camera? Look no further, this useless piece of garbage is just a faux camera at best. Stays connected to wifi for 10 minutes then said disconnected. Been trying for months over and over again and same thing. I have six of them and not a single one will stay connected. When it does connect it doesn’t even record. Literally the only time ive needed them to work they let me down.


    The camera is very well made. It’s very sturdy and made of good material.
    It’s excellent for indoor or outdoor use.
    Video and audio reception is outstanding.
    However, it has a very short Wi-Fi range, of about 15-20 feet from your router.
    There are glitches in the software that makes it difficult to initially connect to your router and loading to your computer.

  12. Towneys

    The chargers work great; cameras not so much. They don’t seem to pick up on alot of activity and by the time they start recording, person has already left area. Many times movements have been missed completely.

  13. JoeM

    I was really surprised how high quality it is. Not a cheap plastic camera. The battery that holds it to the base is SUPER strong. Picture quality is great and the app is easy to use.

  14. EnforcerMan

    Fantastic camera. Love the built-in siren and two way communication ability. Also has night vision which is a huge plus as I have this facing outside my front door.

  15. JackIII

    I have had nothing but trouble right from the start

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