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Swann Swann Smart Home Alarm Kit

7 Reviews
  • Easy installation – install anywhere – battery powered, compact and weatherproof
  • No hub required
  • Quick response – push notifications on your phone in less than 8-seconds from event


Attach Motion Sensors and Window Door Sensors where you want and need to detect events. The Swann Security App will notify you of movement involving heat and motion from people and/or pets. Use Swann’s sensors to monitor entrances, thoroughfares, spaces requiring authorized entry, anywhere beyond your line of sight to detect motion, movements and much more. Swann’s Alarm System can be integrated into a complete security system with your Swann Security IP Cams, or DVR and NVR systems – all managed on the Swann Security App. Add your Cams and Smart Sensors to the Indoor Siren for an audible and visible alarm. This is a powerful deterrent for intruders.
  • Easy installation – install anywhere – battery powered, compact and weatherproof
  • No hub required
  • Quick response – push notifications on your phone in less than 8-seconds from event
  • Smart integration ready – the sensors can also send alerts to Google and Alexa devices
  • Easy setup – simple connection to Wi-Fi network
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 8 in

Latest reviews

  1. ernest0504

    Have been using this for a week now, the instructions is easy to follow and easy to put on. I put it on the back door and some windows we have at front. The only thing I wish to change is the plastic material they use, it seems very thin and am afraid it might break easily, but all in all, it works nicely and will keep your house safe.

  2. Tdav71

    Swann makes great security systems and the additional siren and alert kit works well. The motion sensors and window/door sensors provide an extra layer of protection to our home. A great way to protect your family from any unwanted guest.

  3. Neilio

    So I really didn’t have the money far a huge home security system, and for that matter I live in a codon and didn’t feel it was necessary. So when I cam across the Swann it was exactly what I was looking for. It was very easy to set up on my windows and sliding glass door. The alarm works great and when I tried it out, it startled even me. I love the app and it’s easy to use. I feel more at ease know I have this set up now.

  4. Jeff231

    I got this last month because there have been some house break-ins in our area and it was very easy to install. Instructions are straightforward and the app is easy to use and I also got the leak sensor so it’s all monitored in same app. The siren is good and I like that the volume is adjustable and it connects to the Wi-Fi easily. Love this new addition for my home security.

  5. Christina H

    This is a great product that pairs extremely well with the alert sensor. It is easy to set up and pair to each other. With multiple tests before fully installing to my house I can safely say that it is a very good product for motion detection.

  6. Dadofmany

    I was happy with how simple this product was to setup. It installed easily and was pretty easy to understand. I had no real issues and it seems to be working just fine as advertised. It gives you an added sense of security.

  7. Alarm

    I recently received this Swann home security alert kit and I’m glad I did! I live in a downtown of a major city, so sometimes security can be an issue. Having this product installed gives me piece of mind!

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