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Swiffer Sweep and vac Microfiber Dust Mop

27 Reviews
  • Power-packed vacuum
  • Sweep and vacT starter kit-includes sweeper, replaceable filter, battery charger and eight dry cloths
  • Rechargeable cordless sweeping system


Pick a power-packed vacuum that combines strong suction with Swiffer® dry cloths to dig deep into cracks and crevices. Lightweight, compact vacuum makes cleaning easy. Convenient cordless Sweeper™ is easily rechargeable, whenever you need it. Easy-empty dirt cup means no more messy vacuum bags. A comfortable ergonomic handle enhances the cleaning experience. Sweep + Vac™ Starter Kit—Includes sweeper, replaceable filter, battery charger and eight dry cloths. Tank Capacity: 6 oz; Color(s): Green/Silver; Cleaning Path: 10″; Filter Types: Swiffer® Sweeper Vac™ Filter.
  • Power-packed vacuum
  • Sweep and vacT starter kit-includes sweeper, replaceable filter, battery charger and eight dry cloths
  • Rechargeable cordless sweeping system
  • No vacuum bags needed—easy-empty dirt cup
  • Comfortable, ergonomic grip
  • Uses the same dry sweeping cloths as the Swiffer® Sweeper®
  • Lightweight and compact
Weight 3.87 lbs
Dimensions 19.77 × 7.25 × 4.75 in

Latest reviews

  1. Lifebythesea826

    I just Got the Swiffer Sweeper + Vac Starter Kit. It was very easy to put together. The vac has a rechargeable battery and an adaptor. I love that I don’t have to purchase batteries for it all the time. The whole thing is lightweight and very easy to manuver. The vac itself is powerful enough and just what I needed to pick up the stray cat hairs, dust and crumbs around the house. there is a little dirt cup on the front that tips out for super easy emptying. So far, this swifter sweeper + vac is great for all my hard floors. The normal vacuum kicks the hairs and dust around because of that brush on the bottom. Swifter makes a great product!

  2. abarry424

    I’d highly recommend this Swiffer Sweeper & Vac to anyone looking to quickly and efficiently clean up messes. It was very easy to put together which was great. For me this has been a perfect little vacuum as I live in a small NYC apartment with an adorable but GROSS and untidy English bulldog. It’s so nice to not have to drag out my big vacuum every time after he eats as now I just use this! I’m really impressed with how powerful the unit is and although it comes with a rechargeable battery, after two weeks I haven’t even had to recharge it yet. I’ve attached pictures of before and after using it to show how well it works. Very impressed!

  3. daiquiri

    The Swiffer Sweeper + Vac Kit arrived two days ago. I unpacked it and put it together…it was easy. I then plugged it in for 16 hours…seems long to charge. Couldn’t wait to try it out. Biskit, my yorkie, has a full time job of making confetti and it is all over the place. it’s hard to get up so i tried the Swiffer and it really worked well. Cleaned all the little papers and cleaned the floor as well. those pads pick up a lot. It worked well for about 10 minutes. It was easy to take out the dirt cup and to dump into a waste basket. It’s light weight and has a nice long handle. I like it for when I don’t want to drag out my big vacuum.

  4. PPanda

    The Swiffer Sweeper/Vac was easy to put together. Very clear instructions in both English and Spanish. When putting on the cloth it is similar to the original Swiffer Sweeper. I love that this is a 2 in 1 product! It didn’t take long to charge. You can sweep up dust and fur with the dry cloth and then vacuum up the crumbs and other various debris from the floor. It even worked going over small kitchen rugs. No more having to bend over with a dust pan and brush. Love the ease of emptying the dirt cup. This was exactly what I needed in my kitchen before I use the Swiffer Wet Jet to wash. Thanks Swiffer for another great product!

  5. Stararifical

    Let me start off by saying “WOW”. I wasn’t sure on what to expect from this swiffer sweep & vac. I was intimidated by its size and the thought of using anything other than a traditional broom and vacuum seemed weird, until I used it. I was surprised by its power, flexibility and versatility. It gets into every nook and cranny without breaking your back or hurting your knees. This is especially important to me as I suffer joint pain. I was shocked to see all the dog hairs and dirt on the pads. They stuck on for dear life. I honestly can’t wait to try swiffer’s line of mops. I highly recommend to busy moms who need the job done quickly and efficiently.

  6. firedancer623

    I have hardwood floors throughout my home, 5 indoor cats and a golden retriever. Before this product came into my hands, I was using my Dyson daily to pick up the hair dropped from my animals. THIS has changed all that. It’s lightweight, it grabs the hair from all the tiny spots under my sofa, along the wall and empties with ease. I love that it’s rechargeable.
    The only thing I that kept me from giving it 5 stars is the suction could be just a tad stronger. I have to repeat areas if there are food crumbs or other larger pieces on the floor, but it’s a minor concern and this product is well worth it if you have hardwood floors and animals, especially!

  7. LauraClark4

    I was just telling my co-worker a few months ago how I wish that there was a broom that had a vacuum attached to it to pick up all the little crumbs on my hardwood floors. This thing is amazing! I have used it almost daily since I received it. It is great for running around the kitchen after cooking and also for things the kids spill on the floor. I was wondering how good of a job the vacuum part would do, but it does amazingly well. It doesn’t pick up big things, but it is great for little crumbs and dog fur. I have told so many people about how great this product is and that they should run to the store to buy one for themselves.

  8. Happybusymom

    I was really surprised and pleased with this product. It reminds me of my favorite vacuum but is so light weight with a nice swivel head. You don’t have to lug around a large vaccum or floor polisher to quickly clean up a mess on a hard wood floor. I love how it is
    rechargeable and comes with its own
    cord. The combination of the sweeping cloth and vacuum cleans up a small mess without damaging a wooden floor. I also love the canister that is very easy to empty. This is also extremely easy to put together. It takes about 1minute. This will clean up a small mess on a wood floor quickly. It is light weight but effective. It is also easy to store.

  9. chirpchirp

    I was absolutely thrilled to use this! I also have a Swiffer WetMop at home that has the cleaner cartridge and special wet clean pads to go with it. The WetMop works great to get the floors clean. As for the Sweeper Vac, I really wanted to love this idea, but the “vac” part of the “Sweeper vac” isn’t very strong and doesn’t suck up a whole lot. It would be much different if Swiffer combined the Wet Mop and Sweeper Vac into one, and made the vac stronger! Then we might have a keeper. I think I’ll go back to using my vacuum on the smooth floor setting to be more effective. It’s good for quick little jobs, but if I’m really wanting to clean, I need something stronger.

  10. Karpediem

    Let’s be honest – Vacuums aren’t that cool. But the Swiffer Sweeper plus Vac is definitely cool. The entire product isn’t much larger than the original swiffer but the added vacuum ensures a quicker clean up process. I hide it behind a door in my apartment and use it to pick up any dirt near the door when people walk in or crumbs around the kitchen. So far, the battery allows for a good amount of use before needing to be recharged but we will see how that holds up. In the end it is a perfect addition to my home cleaning needs. I can easily bring it out to clean up smaller items (dust, hair, crumbs, etc.) and feel as though my apartment is a bit tidier than before. A+.

  11. Mysticfishtales

    Swifter Sweeper + Vac is going to be my new best friend!
    The assembly was a breeze with no loose parts to get confused.
    First charge was less than 6 hrs before the light turned green.
    My entire house is either hardwood or tile so I have no use for a full size vac.
    I have a long haired dog, cat and two kids who provide plenty of messes.
    The white floor tiles in my bathroom are they worse enemy.
    The combo of the Swiffer pad and vac is just the answer!
    Even the little hairs that get pushed to the wall or in the corners disappeared.
    The only thing that could be better is the lenght of operation time between charges.

  12. aneil5706

    I think the Swiffer Sweeper + Vac Starter Kit is a great product. The sweeper + vac is a genius idea.
    I am a mother of 3 and I have used this product so much since I got it. It is great for picking up any crumbs off the floor.
    I have also put my Christmas tree out already and the Sweeper + Vac has been a life saver with picking up the pine needles.
    I honestly can’t say anything bad about this product.
    I would/have recommended this product to all my friends and family.
    I love the fact that it is rechargeable and I do not have to constantly look for batteries. I keep it on the charger to use it when I need it.

  13. amycathe76

    I have 2 boys, ages 5 and 8, and a Siberian Husky that sheds nonstop. Our main living areas are laminate wood floors. The Swiffer sweeper + vac works great for quick clean ups. It comes packaged in a few pieces that snap together easily and is very lightweight . I like that it charges with a cord rather than being battery operated. It is easy for my children (and husband!!!) to use. Great for quick daily clean ups, but for us a vacuum and mop are still necessary for weekly heavier cleaning. At a recent get together it was great to be able to grab this quick rather than lug out a heavy full size vacuum.

  14. Mk3softball

    I was impressed by this mini vacuum! The thing that I hate most about sweeping the kitchen floor is when I make a pile of the dirt or crumbs and someone walks throughy pile… the great thing about this swifter sweep and vac is, there is no pile!!! The swifter vacuums the pile up as it goes, it was a quick and easy way to sweep the floor! The great thing about this was, the swifter fit perfectly under the heaters where the dog hair likes to collect and it picked it up easily.
    The only con that I had about this is the small container that catches the dirt or crumbs. This just makes me empty the container more frequently. But overall I was impressed with the swifter sweep and vac!

  15. ElaineRose

    Being a mother of 2 little ones (a crawler and a toddler who likes to run around bare foot), I found the Swiffer Sweeper and Vac Starter kit such a blessing! We recently changed our floors in our house from carpet to laminate, and with dogs running though the house, normal foot traffic and food/drink spills, I never really knew how dirty our floors were until I used the Swiffer Sweeper and Vac Starter Kit! We even sweep our floors regularly but the Swiffer Sweeper still picked up dirt that we missed. It definitely compliments the cleaning that we regularly do on the floors, and I was amazed with the ease of using it. I plan on using it daily to keep the floors clean for my babies.

  16. KyleeHines

    I truly loved this swiffer vac. We have hardwood floors in our kitchen and I normally would go through the whole process of sweep first then mop the floors. With this swiffer vac you can do everything in one full sweep. I also love the fact that it is very lightweight, easy to charge, and easy to grab on the go. What use to take 5 steps now is just one. The pads are very easy to change in and out and the vac portion is easy to empty. The only downside to these things are that that vac cup that holds everything that is sucked up is kind of small and that swiffer pads can get expensive having to change them out every other use. Overall I think this is a great product for quick messes.

  17. csugiharto

    We have a central vacuum. For small spill and dirt it is very tideous to drag the hose to vacuum the mess. And when my young kids make the mess, really difficult to ask them to clean up without doing the vacuuming myself. This Swiffer Sweeper and Vac Starter kit is perfect. I can vacuum and sweep the mess easily and most importantly my kids took it upon themselves to clean up their messes just because they want to use the swiffer vac… I wonder if they purposely make the mess so they can use the vacuum.

    The other thing I like, the battery is last long enough before I have to charge it again. Love it.

  18. Keira15

    I have never used swifter products cause I was always doubtful of them. When I got my Swiffer Sweeper+Vac Starter Kit I must say I was very, very impressed with it. We have hard wood floor and tile in our home… This vac and sweeper is amazing… Its lightweight for one which is awesome and it gets the job done very well. I always had to sweep with the broom and bend down with the duster to get all the crumbs after my girls eat there dinner or when our doggie leaves his hair. But not no more I love it!!! It has made my job easier now I don’t mind sweeping the house with my swiffer sweeper and vac!!!!

  19. janje123

    Questions I would ask before I bought this product:

    Does it pickup dog hair and dog food? Absolutely! This works great on pet hair and kibble. It picked up hair I didn’t even see.

    Does it work on carpets or rugs? No – I used it on tile and hardwood.

    Does the charge last long? I didn’t have a problem using it in my kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and activity room on a charge.

    Overall this appears to be a great little machine. It was easy to setup and charge. Using it was very easy and straightforward. It doesn’t take up much storage space so it would be good for apartments and condos as well.

    The only reason I’m giving 4 stars is because I would like to see a reusable pad for the machine.

  20. freeverse

    I know this isn’t the target audience that Swiffer is going for but I LOVE that my kids can use this to do their rooms, the kitchen, living room and bathrooms and they think it’s FUN! I had my 8 year old and 3 year old fighting over who gets to use it and that puts me in Mommy heaven! It’s simple enough to empty, charge, and refill for my 3 year old to use and the red light and the green light make it work like a charm for them to know what to do. It also works really, really well! My only complaint is that it doesn’t stay charged and useable very long at a time. What I would really love is that instead of it having a dry wipe, put a wet wipe on it and then you can vacuum and mop at once.

  21. Illinibri92

    We have dark wood floors throughout our entire home. The one bad thing about dark floors is that it shows every crumb that hits the floor. Especially in the kitchen. One of the problems with just using a swiffer or rag to wipe up kitchen crumbs is that it is difficult to get everything to wipe up. Always seems to be residual particles that can still be seen. Now that we are using this Swiffer Sweeper, the floor gets wiped clean and the vacuum sucks up everything. We are really glad we have this little baby in our pantry to grab quickly when ever we need to do a quick clean up in the kitchen.

  22. spadgett

    Assembling the Swiffer Sweeper+Vac Starter Kit was quick and easy. The fact that is was a simple pop into place and click made it a no brainer. You could even asseble it without directions. Adding the pad for the swiffer was a breeze as well. A simple push of the button and the sweeper turns on. It was very lightweight, easy to push and the rotating head/top allowed me to get into corners and under items easily. I was amazed at the amount of lint/hair and actual items accumulated by both the pad and in the vacuum “catch” compartment. I thought I had clean floors, but boy was I wrong!!!!

  23. LAchickadee

    I’ve used swifter products in the past and didn’t know they made a sweeper vac until I was able to try this one! We have light colored laminate floors that fortunately don’t show a lot of dirt so I didn’t know what to expect from it.. It took about 5 minutes to vacuum all of my floors and I was simply amazed at what I picked up! All the crumbs and little bits of things that I dread sweeping were effortlessly vacuumed up. As a pet owner I really loved that the swifter dry cloth attracted all of the pet hair it encountered. It’s highly satisfying to throw a dirty swiffer pad in the garbage and empty out the vacuum chamber… the floors looked and felt cleaner and it didn’t take very long at all!

  24. Siris629

    I absolutely love the Swiffer sweeper & vac. It is amazing for my hard wood floors. It cut my sweeping/ vacuum time in half! it picks up all the dirt- big and little, pet hair and dust in one step. Its exactly what I’ve been looking for!! It is SO convenient and compact. I keep it plugged in the laundry room and its ready whenever I need it. My house is fairly large and I can do the entire downstairs before I need to empty the canister (which is a big plus!) Its powerful to pull pet hair out from under the furniture and is not very noisy. Definitely replacing my broom and dustpan!!!

  25. rachperz

    This Swiffer Sweeper & Vac was quick and easy to put together. It comes with a rechargeable battery, so you’ll need to charge it for a few hours before first use. Attach a Swiffer cloth and you’re ready to go! I’ve used in my kitchen and bathroom and it picks up everything except leaves. Dog hair, dust bunnies and small particles are vacuumed up or picked up by the cloth. I like the dual action of this sweeper. The only downfall is that it is a little loud, similar to any hand-held vacuum. I’ve also used this in my pets crate to pick up pet hair. It’s easy to maneuver into corners as well. I really like this sweeper vacuum! And the size is so easy to store in my broom closet. Highly recommended.

  26. keparfait

    I love this Swiffer and it is really far better than what I have expected. I have a dog and 3 kids so my floors are pretty much always a mess. This Swiffer really does come in handy. The vacuum does work better than I had expected. I use this Swiffer a couple times a week and I am loving it. I have a cordless vac from another brand but the Swiffer in my opinion has been better. It cleans closer to the walls and corners than my old sweeper vac, and that is a major plus. It has made cleaning so much easier for small everyday jobs. Beats having to take out the old broom and dustpan everyday.

  27. RHawk555

    The Swiffer Sweep+Vac is a stick vacuum that is used like a dust mop with a vacuum attached. It’s rechargeable battery powered and is used on hard floors like wood and tile. We have three Chinese Pug dogs that shed continuously throughout the year. The Swiffer Sweep+Vac does a great job of picking up the pug fur. It’s very light weight and very easy to use. The mop/vacuum head swivels to make it easy to get to tight places. It comes with dust pads that you attach to the mop head. My only complaint is that the dirt container is somewhat small so that it has to be emptied frequently.

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