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Televes DAT BOSS LR UHF Antenna Yagi Directional Outdoor Hd; Uhf TV Antenna

5 Reviews
  • Reception of UHF signals only, transmitting on RF channels 14-36
  • Elegant cutting edge design built strong to withstand the harshest elements
  • Crystal clear TV reception enabled by T-Force proprietary self-adjusting preamplifier


The DAT BOSS LR UHF is an state of the art long range over the air TV antenna that automatically adapts its gain in real time to optimize the reception of television signals, ensuring the optimum level of signal is delivered at all times. The DAT BOSS LR UHF is able to receive very weak distant signals while at the same time avoiding overload caused by very strong signals. This is a very high gain directional antenna designed to offer stable and high quality reception of UHF signals only (RF channels 14-36) in challenging long-range and fringe receiving scenarios despite continuous changes in weather and transmitting conditions thanks to its exclusive and intelligent built-in TForce amplifier. The Televes proprietary stacked triple boom design ensures market leading raw gain while still maintaining a compact and install friendly form factor. The DAT BOSS LR UHF ships as a compact package including the tools needed for assembly. No additional preamplifier purchase is required as the antenna includes a best-in-class very low-noise TForce preamplifier built in right at the dipole with automatic gain control, plus FM and cellphone signal filtering adapting to any installation situation. A low-consumption UL-listed power supply is included providing two outputs for convenient distribution to additional TV sets. Not only do industry experts rave about the DAT BOSS LR UHF exceptional long range performance and market leading gain but also the unparalleled manufacturing quality using only the finest materials (aluminum, stainless steel, ABS plastic) ensuring years of trouble free operation in the most challenging environments. The DAT BOSS LR UHF is your best option for a long range high gain UHF only antenna with automatic gain control and precise filtering to ensure the best possible reception at all times under the most challenging circumstances
  • Reception of UHF signals only, transmitting on RF channels 14-36
  • Elegant cutting edge design built strong to withstand the harshest elements
  • Crystal clear TV reception enabled by T-Force proprietary self-adjusting preamplifier
  • FM and LTE filtering eliminates radio and cellular phone interference
  • Designed as a compact easy to install product for professionals and consumers alike (75.6 x 22 x 29 in)
  • Unlike most other antennas the preamplifier, power supply and LTE filter are included making DAT BOSS LR UHF your best value for fringe reception
  • Built-in TForce preamplifier continuously analyzes TV signals received by the antenna to provide the optimum gain and delivered signal level at all times. Based on proprietary MMIC technology exclusive to Televes offering unparalleled performance
  • In the event of power failure, the DAT BOSS LR UHF will continue to work in passive mode, bypassing the built-in antenna electronics. The antenna can operate in active (amp turned on) or passive mode (amp turned off)
  • Televes, a world renowned leader of commercial and consumer television solutions with its own research, development and manufacturing facilities provides outstanding quality products to end users and broadcasters
Weight 9.25 lbs
Dimensions 40.25 × 5.5 × 16.75 in

Latest reviews

  1. LaserBeamSC

    I purchased this antenna in late December but got around to installing it a couple of months ago. I have a 50’ tower and my hobby is installing different antennas and observing the results over a period of time. I can say now the DAT BOSS LR is the best antenna I’ve installed and I’ve tried many. I get several TV markets that are 70 (solidly), 80 (solidly) and 90 miles (most every evening, night and morning) along with my locals and that’s not to mention when conditions are right for DXing this incredible antenna is on steroids. On some nights I can receive a station in one market and turn my rotor to another market and get a station on the same RF. With this antenna I have received stations from Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, Baxley, GA, Charlotte, Greensboro, Raleigh and Wilmington and my locals in Florence/ Myrtle Beach. Pretty amazing! My only regret is not installing it sooner. They have THE BEST preamps too! You won’t know until you try.

  2. BigDave

    I have been trying to get channels out of Dayton OH for years now. And I also have been having problems getting channel 25.XX. I live in Northern KY and I live about 55 Miles from the broadcast towers in Dayton. But the problem is I live in a lower heavily wooded area and no clear line of sight throught all the tress and houses. I have tried all the highly recommended antennas from Channel Master, Antenna’s Direct, etc. I have tried 3 different antennas and also tried several mast pre amps. At best I could get 25.10 every now and then on some TV’s but never on others. I could only get Channel 16 out of Dayton sometimes and would have issues with channel 2 also. Another problem is channel 12 locally is Hi VHF.
    Recently I saw a video on the You Tube Channel “Antenna Man” where he recommended Televes antennas. So I went to there website and did some research. I found a long range antenna that was set up for both UHF and Hi-VHF and has a build in preamp with automatic gain control. I bought the Televes DAT Boss Mix LR at

    I installed it and I am now getting 67 channels and on all TV’s in my house and the pictures are strong and clear with no pixilation. This antenna is the real deal, It is also very sturdy and made great. Easy to put together.

  3. TomH

    Antenna designed for UHF only which what I was looking for-use separate VHF-Hi antenna with diplexer. Have a local low power RF channel 14 that was marginal and decided to try this antenna. Found no improvement over an old 4-bay antenna. This antenna had better performance on upper UHF channels.

  4. Rachel

    Got 10 more channels by using this antenna. Transmitters are all 50+ miles away. Highly recommend this antenna for rural households that are located a good distance from transmitters.

  5. AL5j

    I have purchased two of these for use where the transmitters are 50-75 miles distant in hilly East TX loaded with tall pine trees.

    This thing works!

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