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TrimmerPlus BC720 Brush Cutter Attachment

20 Reviews
  • Easily convert your CRAFTSMAN, Troybilt, Remington, and other attachment capable trimmers into a brush cutter
  • This machine’s steel blades give it the power to slice through heavy brush
  • 8-in cutting swath with 4-tip steel brush blade with cutoff guard to slice through heavy brush


Part of the TrimmerPlus attachment system, the BC720 brush cutter attachment is compatible with CRAFTSMAN, Troybilt, Remington, and other attachment capable string trimmers from major brands. The 4-tooth steel brush blade cuts through heavy vegetation and weeds with ease, while the pro-style straight shaft design helps you trim in hard to reach places.
  • Easily convert your CRAFTSMAN, Troybilt, Remington, and other attachment capable trimmers into a brush cutter
  • This machine’s steel blades give it the power to slice through heavy brush
  • 8-in cutting swath with 4-tip steel brush blade with cutoff guard to slice through heavy brush
  • J-handle and shoulder strap for ease of use and control
  • Premium die-cast gearbox
  • Backed by a 2-year limited warranty
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 8 × 36 in

Latest reviews

  1. Tom

    I’ve had a John Deere straight shaft “grass trimmer/brush cutter” for 30 years, which finally gave out. The brush blade was an 80 tooth blade.

    I finally bought a Husky trimmer with the 2 piece shaft. I was pleased with how the “brush attachment” went together, but disappointed in the results. It seemed to get tangled in the brush. It wasn’t “cutting” in a “smooth pass”, it was kind of “whacking” the brush. In a photo below, you can see how ragged the stubs were. Most any tool made for cutting is “sharp”, unlike the original blade.

    I bought a 56 tooth carbide, Renegade brush blade. This did a much better job! Also, I felt it was less labor and much easier on the equipment … less “thudding” and real “cutting” of the brush.

    I don’t know what to make of the “finger”, which sticks out of the front of the shroud. It tends to snag on the uncut brush … if there are more than one in a clump. It may get removed, after further evaluation.
    The little “push button” breaking: The hand knob must be tightened, after insertion of the attachment! This will snug the 2 shafts together. The push button is only for indexing the head.

  2. Scott

    Was amazed at the quality of material and construction, especially for the price. I have an unruly section in my yard full of ivy and every variety of weed know to man, not to mention maple and oak saplings. A regular string trimmer just couldn’t do it all so I decided to give this product a shot. I have a Troy Bilt TB22 cutter. Frankly, it does exactly what it supposed to do. Problem was me, not as young as I sometimes think I am. The added weight and climbing around my rocky out cropping’s proved to be just too much for this Senior Citizen. All said and done I would recommend this product to all my “younger” friends.

  3. Ken

    We have 1/4 acre of uncontrolled bamboo in the backyard of one of our properties. Previously, it was cleared using a machette and backbreaking. labor. It took 3-4 long weekends to get it cleared. With this machine, I can do it by myself in a weekend with no mechanical. Able to tear right through 1 inch bamboo stalks and cut through similarly sized mesquite trees. It has made a significant difference in my approach to a hated task…I did purchase theTroy-Bilt JumpStart Electric Engine Starter because the starter pull string disengaged from the wheel making it impossible to start. Otherwise a very powerful experience and I recommend it highly.

  4. Steve

    Behind my house is 60 acres of pasture. When I bought the house there were trees and brush along the back fence. My wife told me we were going to clean it out to help cut down on the critters that sneak in from the field. I of course said yes dear. I stopped in at to see if they had anything that would help with the brush removal since there were a bunch of vines with thorns. I saw this and thought lets give it a try, BEST $$ I have spent in a while. It easily attached to my 80 volt trimmer and cut thru the stuff like it wasn’t there. It went thru some thumb size tree sprouts with no issues. Simple to attach and remove. Just very happy with it. Hope this helps!

  5. Big O

    Loved it it took me 2 hours to cut brush that was 3 to 4 feet high

  6. JWorkman

    Buying this attachment is definitely changing my property. Ive had it for a few hours and im having a blast! Even if you just have a small patch of brush that needs pruning, this tool will save your back and your hands. Ive gotten over $80 worth of work done in 2 hours. Must have attachment! Photos are before and after.

  7. SmokeDog

    We have been using this in full industrial service for over 5 years on a Husquvarna powerhead. We are industrial electrical/millwright contractors and use it to clear overgrown transformer lines and cut tree branches away form commo and power lines. We have had zero point no problems with it once we put an adapter on it so we can use the economy grade Irwin circular saw blades on it (From the tool department)

    Check the video of the Trimmer plus in action.

  8. Ian

    After several years of running circular saw blades on my weed eater, I finally broke down and bought one of these because the last attachment head burnt out. I immediately change the brush blade out for the usual circular saw blade. After dulling out 2 circular saw blades, I finally put the brush blade back on that it came with and I can honestly say that I was impressed. The more brush I cut, it almost seemed to get sharper. The brush blades work far better than the circular saw blades, however the construction quality is not the greatest. This is definitely not going to hold up for 6 months or more of land clearing.

  9. jhc1980

    Place an 8” aftermarket circular blade on this thing and destroy brush. Watch your ankles though.

  10. Jeff

    Terrible experience, metal is so soft it basically bends at connection point, very disappointed

  11. Jim-Hill

    I finally had a chance to use this cutter. It was cutting very tall weeds, approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch in diameter, and doing very well. Moved in to some tall Johnson grass that wrapped around the blade head and the torque from the motor ripped out the push pin that keeps it all aligned. The cutter head now spins freely and will not cut anything. I cannot find the part number to replace the push pin. The tube with pin is about $36.00 plus shipping, total around $45.00. Entire item is $69.00. The pin probably costs the factory about 2 cents to make and install. Cannot install a bolt because the shaft is in the way. Useless to me now. Would give it 5 stars if not for the 2 cent push pin.

  12. DeerHunter

    I picked this up only to clear out areas for my foodplots. I used the attachment when it was to thick for regular weedeater string. I was very impressed. I used it for over an hour and a half and it got the job done fast. It cleared vines and thorn bushes with no problem. I used it on an area 40 yards by 30 yards which was a jungle at first. I would highly recommend this to anyone needing to clear out a jungle like area or needing to get their fence row cut after spraying. Save you back and spend the money.

  13. Jimbo

    I read reviews about this attachment, and although the manufacturer does not recommend that this attachment be used with battery powered string trimmers, there were several users that had success with Kobalt trimmers and this attachment. I bought this attachment two days ago and have used it for 3 to 4 hours of trimming with an 80 volt Kobalt string trimmer since then. It is AWESOME!!! I have used it in heavy cover and it easily cuts through quarter to half inch inch saplings, briars, and weeds. Just make sure that you follow the instructions and do your heavy cutting with the cutter head moving from left to right so that the cutter blade cuts against the “finger” of the cutting head. Great tool at a great price.

  14. Gary

    We purchased the main unit with the weed eater attachment, brush cutter, chain saw and edger attachments. We are currently taking the third drive unit in to exchange. Every time it is used with the edger the engine seals blow out. The chain saw attachment is useless. The brush cutter attachment fell apart at both ends and we needed to buy a new one. At $200 per main unit and close to $100 per attachment it is one of the worst purchases I have ever made. Once you have so much invested in it you can’t just start over with a good system. That said, one more thing fails and I will. I have close to $1000 invested in this Troy Built unit in the past 5 years.

  15. DCM1957

    I had a difficult time getting Craftsman to identify which attachment worked with the Polesaw. They routed me to MTD who gave me a part number. Found it at picked it up and attached it to the power head. Seems to be well built. I left on the loop handle and ADDED the J-handle. This works best for holding the cutter up to cut shrubs which are between knee and shoulder height. I agree that the four blade cutter shakes the unit too much and I’ve ordered a carbide 40 tooth from Forrestor. That should help the situation. Further, the shoulder strap clip, if you pick the unit up to cut above ground level, turns itself over on the triangular shaped loop and then when you rest it back on the strap unhooks itself… Not a good thing!!! A carabiner would be a better clip. Even a dog leash clip would be better than what’s provided.

  16. Matt

    I had a lot of brush I needed to clear, ranging in sizes up to maybe a half inch. This attachment was able to quickly cut through all the items. It can take out smaller items about as fast as you can move it across the ground.

    The included shoulder strap is handy for extended use.

    Watch for kick-back when using it. It’s definitely controllable but be sure to be focused on what you’re doing it when using it (as you should with any power tool)

    Seems to be well-made and looks like it should hold up for quite some time.

  17. Tyler

    I purchased this attachment for my Troybilt tb35ec trimmer so I could clear off a ditch for a client. I was previously using the string trimmer attachment and it was doing great but it used alot of string getting through the harder vegitation. So I purchased the brush cutter and boy did it make quick work of it. Unfourchanitly, it did not mulch the vegitation up like the string trimmer did, and I was left with a ditch full of full lenth grass and other vegitaion. So after using it for 2 minutes,I had to switch back to the string trimmer. I will certainly be using the brushcutter again for areas that dont need to be mulched up. Overall, great product. I always wanted one an this was the perfect time to buy it

  18. Garry

    Works Great! Cleared vines and small saplings quickly.

    Took a few minutes to learn how to use it efficiently,then how well it worked met all of my expectations.

    Cut through small, thumb-sized tree saplings instantly. Also cleared vines without effort. Vines didn’t get tangled in the head like they do with a string trimmer.

    The included ‘J’ handle is stout, a good replacement for the plastic ‘D’ handle that came with the string trimmer.

  19. Phil-Lisa

    I purchased this for my Husqvarna trimmer and it fit perfectly and works better than expected. With just a little practice you can easily cut down 1 inch diameter trees, brush, vines, and briars. I cut a 10 foot wide path 75 foot long through dense overgrowth in 6 hours including clean up and haul away. I didn’t know that a trimmer could be so powerful until I added this attachment. I am already planning my next clean up project. I would recommend this to anyone who needs brush cleared.

  20. RedefiningMyLife

    I bought this product today because I really didn’t have anything that would cut down the brush, briars, vines and heavy growth on my property line. I have never used a weed-eater attachment with a blade before, so I was a little nervous. It did take me several attempts to get the shoulder strap and bar thingie positioned correctly for ease of use, but when I did – WOW! I cut about 30 yards of heavy overgrowth that went up a bank and into a field – about 6 feet wide – where it’s not safe to use a lawn-mower or a tractor. I was extremely pleased with this product’s performance and ease of use – it cut down everything in my way, including several small trees that were 4-5 feet high and maybe 2 inches in diameter. It totally destroyed everything I wanted cut down. I’m tired, but very happy! I am a single mom with a have a 2 acre lot which has not received the attention it deserves in the past few years. I don’t have a great deal of experience when it comes to yard work. I have been very worried about getting this overgrowth cut down and didn’t really know how I was going to accomplish this one my own. I just knew that I needed to improve the way my yard looked and improve the visibility around my home since my house was burglarized. This little gem is going to help me fix all of those issues myself, in addition to giving me a great workout! Thanks for making something that even a novice can operate right out the box! I’m seriously considering some of the other attachments now = this interchangeable system ROCKS!! I also love the fact that the attachments include hangers. It saves on space and makes it very easy to organize my new tools.

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