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Umbra 13.54-in W x 16.57-in L x 5.87-in H Plastic Dish Rack and Drip Tray

15 Reviews
  • Holds 15 plates, has utensil storage, a movable stemware holder, and a side tray suitable for a variety of items
  • Stemware holder allows wine glasses to hang-dry to pristine condition
  • Dual position drainage spout prevents water from pooling inside the caddy


This dish rack is made of molded plastic and has a stainless-steel frame making it both durable and easy to clean. Holster has a 15-plate capacity, utensil storage, movable stemware holder, a multi-purpose side tray and dual position drain spot. With soft, curved lines, this low profile, molded plastic caddy is a modern but approachable piece for everyday kitchen use.
  • Holds 15 plates, has utensil storage, a movable stemware holder, and a side tray suitable for a variety of items
  • Stemware holder allows wine glasses to hang-dry to pristine condition
  • Dual position drainage spout prevents water from pooling inside the caddy
  • Durable and easy to wash and wipe down
Weight 4.4 lbs
Dimensions 17.32 × 14.41 × 6.54 in

Latest reviews

  1. CGallo

    Holster Dish Rack, looks very chic, modern and elegant.
    It provides more than enough space to fit more than just dishes and utensils. They have two added attachments for bottles and more space for (I feel) glasses. Really nice touch.

    I, also, like the drainer addition, really nice to see the water that falls from dishes exiting into the sink. Nice.

    The utensil holder is nice, but we had to place a cup in it to provide a better hold for the utensils. The cup fit perfectly.

    Overall, I would recommend this! This is made very well, the materials used feel of high quality and thought was placed when constructing this product!

  2. sm314

    I live in a fairly small home and making the most of my counterspace has always been an issue for me. This dish rack has totally changed the way my kitchen works for the better. It takes up minimal space on my counter but does so much in such a small space. The wine glass hangers are probably my favorite part. What a great use of space and far more effective in dryiing than my usual “speedily run a towel over it” method. It’s amazing just how much can fit in this tray. I kept adding and adding to it but it never seemed full. Beyond all of the space and the specialized compartments, what I also loved about this was the slanted drain underneath that feeds seamlessly to my sink. I was used to dumping out trays of leftover dish water or wringing out towels that had become soaked with the leftover water. No more. This product takes out a whole step from the dish washing process and I’m the most grateful for that. Beyond the functionality, this is just a cool-looking piece. It looks expensive and sleek – two words I would have never previously associated with a dish drying rack. Overall, I couldn’t recommend this enough.

  3. Jealee

    It’s the perfect size, shape and holds up well. Came with no instructions at all, but they weren’t needed. It was so easy to put together and completed in less than 5 minutes. The extra dry cup was used for all our reusable straws which was perfect! The drain is adjustable to be able to move to a better location for convenience. It worked well for drying plates and pots and pans. The side cup is awesome too it has slits for kitchen knives stand up which I appreciate because most dont have accommodations for knives. The wine cup attachment isnt that useful since we dont own wine cups but have figured out different ways to utilize these features. I love this product.

  4. Art86

    I can not say i was very pleased with the look of this dish rack while first unboxing. The clumsy plastic attachments did not convey quality and the dull charcoal color made me think this was gonna be an eye sore next to dirty dishes. I have owned it for about a month and it is growing on me it does function very well with the plastics i unload in it before the drying cycle of the dish washer. Of the two attachments the knife one i use and the wine glass one would never work and i threw it away immediately. I can say that this is a lot bigger than my last dish rack and drains very well i give it five stars because it works very well and i believe will last a long long time.

  5. CalifRef

    Where was this dish rack when I got married 40 years ago?!? And I’m a male, and we’ve had a dishwasher most of the time!

    This little (in comparison to others) is better designed and more functional than any other I’ve seen. It just WORKS… and stays out of your way. With the multiple configurations you can setup, and change in seconds, it will fit in any environment. And it’s built to last. RECOMMENDED!

  6. Corpusdad

    I’ve had a few different types of these over the years. This one has been my favorite. It works great and you can tell that it was well thought through. The spaces are just right for a variety of dishes. I love the wine glass dryer rack and the slight angle which drains the dripping water bak into the sink. It’s not too big and not too small and it’s built sturdy. Well done.

  7. Chrisarpin8912

    Wow this dish rack blew my old cheap one out of the water. It has a nice slick look to it and pairs well with modern kitchens. Is your other or you a wine drinker? Well perfect it has a wine glass holder. It has nice rounded corner and a gr was at drain system. Dont wait buy this today and you wont regret it.

  8. tsalk221

    This dishrack was packaged well when it arrived. Simple assembly with easy to follow instructions. Excellent quality plastic and the trough at the bottom to direct water into the sink is an excellent idea! Super happy with this and would highly recommend it.

  9. AmandaAck

    Love this dish rack it’s so easy to use and helps me from using my dishwasher. It’s a nice color and very convient to me. I highly recommend this product. I use everyday with my dishes. Love it and highly recommend.

  10. Suse

    The low profile keeps the counter-top looking so less cluttered traditional racks. It also accommodates a surprising amount of dishes, pans and glasses at one time.

  11. LinnieH

    When you have an open space kitchen it really looks as good as a dishrack can and I love how self-contained it is. My daughter is getting the same one.

  12. Laurelete

    Love the design, colors etc. Only the plastic was not strong. I received two different racks, both were broken.

  13. Ali jaber

    It’s the perfect dish rack ever best quality and very practical

  14. CMac

    Perfect in The Kitchen -ease of use and aesthetically pleasing

  15. Skip K.

    Well made – wine glass holder too small and could mount better

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